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Seventh Generation

26. George POINDEXTER III23,32 was born about 1683 in Middle Plantation, New Kent County, Virginia.2 He died on 12 March 1716 at the age of 33 in New Kent County, Virginia.2,24

There has been much conflict and discussion re the three George Poindexters. The PDA study group, after extensively studying the photocopies of the original St. Peters Parish records, have concluded that this George died some 20 years before his father. Many researchers have assumed that the death in 1716 was the father, not the son, but this does not seem to be the case. Records concerning George 3rd's brother Jacob indicate the George died in 1716, not their father.

His wife is listed as Mary in Pettit book; Sarah in the EPARC Poindexter online database. The parish records indicate that Jacob cohabitated with his widowed sister-in-law, Sarah Poindexter, and the death of George in 1716 seems to be the only candidate.

The only child of George baptized at St. Peter's was Mary and no wife was listed.

George POINDEXTER III and Sarah [POINDEXTER] were married.20 Sarah [POINDEXTER]13,24 was born (date unknown).

Records of St. Peter's Parish show that in 1726, Jacob Poindexter had been cohabiting with his brother's widow since 1718-1719. Only one male Poindexter's death has been recorded near this time - that of George who died in 1716. A Mrs. Sarah Poindexter named a child Julius Caesar in 1719 and received mysterious services for a year afterward. Evidently Sarah was the 3rd George's widow; Julius Caesar an illegitmate child, likely a child of Jacob. Either Jacob and Sarah married or were accepted as common law man and wife, as Henry was shown born to Jacob AND Sarah in 1726.
Found in an Appendices to the Vestry Book of St. Peter's Parish is a letter to London, dated 7 Feb 1725/26, in which one of the complaints reads as follows,
"There's in this parish, one Jacob Poindexter who has, in a seeming marry'd relation, lived with his Brother's widow above 7 years and has several Children by her"

George POINDEXTER III and Sarah [POINDEXTER] had the following children: