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Fifth Generation

13. Jacob POINGDESTRE8 was christened on 2 May 1624 in Church of St. Saviour, Isle of Jersey.9 He died before August 1675.

Jacob had children Jean/John, Marie, and Thomas. There is a property record on Jersey when he [George] deeded all his remaining property on Jersey to his "cousins" Jean and Marie, children of his brother Jacob.

Also from the Jersey Land Registry, Book 24, p.106
18 Aug 1674 Master George Poingdestre, younger son of the late Thomas Poingdestre and of Mistress Elizabeth Effard, his wife, still living, have determined to make his habitation in Virginia has wavred before his departure from this island to recognise and thank Jean Poingdestre and Marie Poingdestre his sister, children of the late Master Jacob Poingdestre his brother with what everything that he or his heirs may have or could claim in this island.
In consideration of the affection and goodwill which he bears towards them and for good reasons moving unto him he has quit ceded his heirs to the said Jean ...and Marie Poingdestre, present and acceptance, half & half and to their heirs, by way of a gift between me living all and such share, part and portion of inheritance entirely and generally without exception of reservation upon the death of the said Mistress Elizabeth Effard, his mother, so that neither he nor his hers may claim or demand anything from it; it being seen that he leaves it absolutely to said nephew and niece to be divided half & half between them according to what is found at the time of the said death, to the favour we offering and accomplishing thereof the said George Poingdestre obliges himself, for him and heirs according to the contents of the foregoing. I do swear. Signed: George Poingdestre

Records in Jersey indicate John, son of Jacob was born in 1651 and Thomas in 1654.

There remains a possibility that Thomas, son of Jacob, was the Thomas found in Virginia and was George Poindexter I's nephew and not his son. It is also possible that Thomas, son of Jacob, died as a child and was therefore not part of the above gift. Another possible situation is that the nephew Thomas was coming to the colonies with his uncle.

Jacob POINGDESTRE had the following children:



John POINGDESTRE was born in 1651 in Isle of Jersey.



Thomas POINGDESTRE was born in 1654 in Isle of Jersey.



Marie POINGDESTRE was born (date unknown).