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Tenth Generation

339. Jane Frances "Jennie" POINDEXTER111,259 was born on 7 November 1789.181,258 She died on 17 April 1873 at the age of 83.181

Jane and Anne were said to be twins - yet I've seen different birthdates for them. They married brothers, Jacob and Peter Clingman.

Ormon Kimbrough, bondsman. Bond dated 10 Aug 1811, for marriage to Jacob.

Jane Frances "Jennie" POINDEXTER and Jacob CLINGMAN were married on 13 August 1811 in Surry County, North Carolina.166,258 Jacob CLINGMAN, son of Alexander CLINGMAN and Elizabeth KIZOR\KAISER, was born on 30 November 1786.258 He died on 8 May 1817 at the age of 30.258

From the Surry Co NC book of Inventories, Bonds, etc. dated 1809-1818 and digitized on
Inventory of the book accounts of the Estate of William Moreland deceased revealed that he was the town's blacksmith. I just happened on the page and noticed that one of those owing Moreland for "smith's work" was Jacob Clingman, 1815 and 1816.
Lay off one years allowance to Jane Clingman wife and relict of Jacob Clingman, dec'd. Alloted her 120#'s bacon, 62#'s coffee, 125#'s sugar, 2#'s Allspice, 4#'s pepper, cow & calf, portk head of hogs, 62 bushels corn, 25 bushels, wheat, 425 weight of beef, 2 1/2 bushels salt, garden of greens, 4 #'s green tea. 8 Nov 1817. signed: John Welch, JP, Saml S. Davis, Wm. D. Kelly, Joshua Creson.
Nov Term 1817. Foregoing allowance to Jane Clingman for one years support was returned and recorded. JoWilliams, CC

Inventory and sale of the Estate of Jacob Clinman deceased commenced September 5, 1817.
Peter Clingman, apparently his brother, was the main purchaser. He may have been doing so for the benefit of the widow. Items included furniture, books, a cow and calf, bedsteads, cuboard and chest, looking glass and a Negro woman and child [$585]. He also bought a cutting machine with patent rights for Surry County.
Elizabeth Clingman purchased a flax wheel and cotton
Thomas M. Poindexter bought 1/5 part of Negro Boston for $120, and a horse.
Henry P. Poindexter, Administrator.
Nov Term 1817. Inventory was returned and recorded.
Notes due the Estate of Jacob Clingman were listed. Most were small amounts, $5 or less - the only family member I noted was Francis A. Poindexter who owed $1.50. Joseph Patterson did own a note for $35. This accounting was also returned to the Nov Term 1817 and recorded.

Jane Frances "Jennie" POINDEXTER and Jacob CLINGMAN had the following children:



Brig. Gen. Thomas Lanier CLINGMAN was born on 27 July 1812 in Huntsville, Yadkin County, North Carolina.179 He died on 3 November 1897 at the age of 85 in Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina.179



Dr. John Patillo CLINGMAN179,263 was born on 24 May 1814. He died on 1 December 1894 at the age of 80.

John Patillo Clingman married Camilla Ann Cash. They had nine children.
Mary Elizabeth, b. 28 Oct 1848, died 1854.
Jane Augusta, b. 8 Mar 1851, d. 1937
Thomas Lanier, b. 7 Ma 1856, d. 1931, married Bell F. Naylor
Dr. John Jarratt, b. 4 Jan 1863, d. 1924, married Cora L. Hackett
Francis Cash, b. 9 Mar 1859, d. 1924, married Lelia Cuthrell
Richard Puryear, b. 9 Jan 1865, d. 1928, married (1) Edna Ward, and (2) Vetra Brock
William Patillo, b. 25 Jul 1868, d. 1906 in Texas, married Alma Tucker
Harriet Bates, b. 2 Apr 1862, d. 18 Oct 1862.
August Bates, b. 2 Aug 1863, d. 28 Feb 1864.

J. J. Clingman, presumably Dr. John Jarratt Clingman, applied to the Dawes Commission, 21 Aug 1896, Yadkin Co. He stated that Thomas & Bettie Pledge Poindexter had a son Francis whose daughter Jane had married Jacob Clingman. Their son, Jno. P. Clingman, deceased, was the father of: J. J., Jane A., Thos. L., F. C., R. P. and W. P. Clingman.
J. J. Clingman listed his children: M.P., Jennie, Camilla, Hugh & Harry.
He listed the children of Thomas L. Clingman: Augustus, Bettie, William, Camilla, Maude & Rebecca.
And the children of R. P. Clingman: Burton & Annie.

1900 Census. Forbush Twp, Yadkin Co, NC, Hh 185
John J. Clingman, b. July 1853, age 46, married 19 years, physician
Cora L., wife, b. Jan 1863, age 37, has had 9 children, 7 are living.
Mary P., dau, b. Dec 1883, age 16. Jennie P., b. Nov 1885, age 14. Camilla C., dau, b. Sep 1887, age 12.
Hugh H., son, b. Nov 1892, age 7. Henry L., son, b. Sep 1894, age 5. Elizabeth, dau, b. Oct 1897, age 2.
Richard P., son, b. Oct 1889, age 7 months.

1900 Census. Farmington Precinct, Davie Co, NC, Hh 185
Thomas Clingman, b. May 1856, age 44, married 20 years, farmer
Belle, wife, b. Dec 1861, age 38, has had 8 children, 7 are living
Gus, son, b. Jun 1882, age 17. Bettie, dau, b. Nov 1884, age 15. William, son, b. Aug 1887, age 12.
Camilla, dau, b. Apr 1890, age 10. Maud, dau, b. Mar 1892, age 8. Rebecca, dau, b. Apr 1885, age 5.
Sam, b. Sep 1897, age 2.

1900 Census. Salem City, Winston Twp, Forsyth Co, NC Hh 218
R. P. Clingman, b. Jan 1865, age 35, married 13 years, bookkeeper
Edna, wife, b. Nov 1869, age 30, has had 3 children, 2 are living.
John B., son, b. Mar 1888, age 12. Annie, dau, b. Apr 1896, age 4.

Also in Farmington, Davie Co, Hh 134, 1900, was the brother Francis:
Frank Clingman, b. Mar 1858, age 42, married 17 years
Lelia, wife, b. Apr 1866, age 37, no children

Found in Tyler Co, Texas in 1900, Hh 175 [indexed as "N.P."]
W. P. Clingman, b. Jul 1869, age 30, married 1 year. Born NC, father b. NC, mother b. Florida, saw filer
Ella N., wife, b. Feb 1872, age 28, no children. Born TX, father & mother, b. MS [apparently a 2nd wife]



Elizabeth Ann CLINGMAN179 was born (date unknown).

Elizabeth Ann, b. 21 Feb 1816, married circa 1835, Richard Clausel Puryear. She died 9 Feb 1850. Puryear was a judge and represented Surry Co in the 33rd & 34th Congresses, 1853-1855.
1850 Census. Surry Co NC
Richard C. Puryear, age 49, b. VA., farmer [Elizabeth already deceased]
Jane A., age 19. Sarah E., age 11. Henry S., 9. Elizabeth C., age 5, Richard C., age 2, Thomas L. age 1.
Thomas Patterson, age 25, laborer

J. A. Kerr and Bettie P. Gibson applied together, 20 Aug 1896 in Yadkin Co. T. W. Poindexter was the JP who took their statement. They applied through Betty Pledge Poindexter's son Francis. Francis's daughter Jane married Jacob Clingman and they had children Thomas L. Clingman, John P. Clingman, deceased, and Elizabeth A. Clingman, deceased. Elizabeth A. Clingman had then married R. C. Puryear and had the following children: J. A. [Jane Amanda], S. E. [Sarah Ellen], H. S. [Henry Shephard], Bettie P. [actually Elizabeth Clingman Puryear], R. C. [Richard Clausel Jr.]and Thomas L. [Lanier] Puryear. J. A. Puryear married John M. [Marshall] Kerr. S. E. Puryear married I. A. [Isaac Augustus] Jarratt and had children R. C. [Richard Clausell], Harriett, and A. H. [Augustus Henry] Jarratt. Bettie Puryear married James C. Gibson and E. C. [Elizabeth], W. H. [William Henry], R. P. [Richard Puryear], J. M. [Jennie Marshall] and E. P. [Edmund] Gibson.
I could not find the Kerrs.
1900 Census. Forbush, Yadkin Co, NC Hh 88
Ellen P. Jarrett, b. Mar 1839, age 61, widowed, 3 children
Richard C., son, b. Jan 1870, age 30, farm labor. Harriett, dau, b. Mar 1874, age 26.
Augustus H., son, b. Jul 1878, age 21, school teacher. Jane Clingman, niece, b. May 1861, age 49
1900 Census. Johns River, Cabarrus Co, NC Hh 856 [the enumerator gave only partial data]
James C. Gibson, age 59, married 23 years, Cashier, Savings Bank
Elizabeth P., wife, age 55, 6 children, 5 are living [Edmund died young]
Elizabeth C., dau, age 22. William H., son, age 20, cotton mill. Richard P., son, age 18, cotton mill. Jenny M., dau, age 17. Ellen P., dau, age 13.



Jacob Alexander CLINGMAN179 was born (date unknown).