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Tenth Generation

338. Anne Patillo POINDEXTER111 was born on 4 November 1787.123,258 She died on 15 January 1819 at the age of 31.258,259

Anne and Jane were said to be twins - yet they have different birth dates.... The tradition is that also married twins [the weddings were five years apart], but records seem to indicate that Peter and Jacob Clingman were probably not twins either.

Married Peter Clingman

Anne Patillo POINDEXTER and Peter CLINGMAN were married on 14 January 1806.258 Peter CLINGMAN, son of Alexander CLINGMAN and Elizabeth KIZOR\KAISER, was born about 1780.258 He died in 1845 at the age of 65.258

Anne Patillo POINDEXTER and Peter CLINGMAN had the following children:



Dr. Alexander Brandon CLINGMAN260 was born on 22 November 1806 in Huntsville, Yadkin County, North Carolina. He died on 18 September 1881 at the age of 74 in Glenwood, Clark County, Arkansas.

Alexander married his first cousin, 8 Sep 1829, Surry Co NC, Ann Martha Clingman, daughter of Michael and ____ Kizzee Clingman. They lived in Tennessee and moved to Clark Co AR about 1832-35.

Many descendants of this family made application for enrollment with the Cherokees; they were rejected.
A faded application, much unreadable, was signed by W. H. Olds, and Jas. E. Baker, 20 Aug 1896, in Amity, Clark Co, Arkansas. It lists a granddaughter of Dr. A. B. Clingman, Mary J. Garner, and daughters as Susan E. Howell, Emily A. Hill, and Gracie Grenada Garner.
[Dr. Clingman was a son of Anne P. Poindexter Clingman, daughter of Francis, who was a son of Betty Pledge & Thomas Poindexter]
The Poindexter book, p.370, shows that Mary Jane Robinson Garner was a daughter of Dr. Clingman's daughter Elizabeth who married (1) John B. Robinson; her daughters were Susan who married Elias N. Howell, Emily who married Dennis B. Hill, Gracie who married William Waldrum. Mary Jane also had sons Peter, Arthur, John B. R., Jesse Claude, and Robert Garner; they may also be listed but unreadable.

Another daughter of Dr. Clingman was Jane Poindexter Clingman who married Dr. Alfred Jones. She also applied 14 Aug 1896, Clark Co AR, for herself, her sister Mattie M. Strickland and Mattie's daughter, Amy Strickland. [The Poindexter book says that one source gives Mattie's husband as a "House" but this is obviously not true unless Mattie married a second time]
Living in Arkadelphia, Caddo Twp, Clark Co, AR, Hh 236:
Mattie Strickland, b. Dec 1855, age 44, Wd, had 2 children, 1 living, b. AR, father b. NC, milliner [made hats]
Amy, dau, b. Oct 1888, age 14 [either the year of her birth or her age is wrong]
In Amity, Clark Co, AR, Hh 45
Jane P. Jones, b. Feb 1837, age 63, Wd, had 14 ch, 11 are living, b. AR, father b. NC, milliner
Mattie Chandler, dau, b. Jul 1870, age 29, married 3 years, 2 children, 1 living
Herbert Chandler, son [of Mattie], b. May 1898, age 2, b. IN, father b. LA, mother b. AR
[Mattie later had other children with her husband William Hamilton Chandler]



Francis Poindexter "Frank" CLINGMAN261 was born on 19 February 1811 in Huntsville, Yadkin County, North Carolina. He died on 17 November 1871 at the age of 60 in Burnt Corn, Conecuh County, Alabama.

Francis married, Apr 1837 in Morgan Co, AL to Apphia Rose, daughter of Francis Rose. No children are listed in the Poindexter book.

In 1896, one of the surviving children of Francis Poindexter Clingman made application to the Dawes Commission. Minnie S [or Amanda] Fountain of Conecuh Co, Al stated she and her brother Joseph W. Clingman were the only surviving children of Francis P. Clingman. Francis was the brother of Dr. A. B. Clingman, late of Clark Co, AR. Minnie stated that Francis Poindexter Clingman was born 19 Feb 1811 in Huntsville, NC, the son of Ann P. Clingman who was born 25 Nov 1787 [this date differs a few days from other citations of Ann's birth] and married Peter Clingman 14 Jan 1806.
Minnie also applied for her children, Hugh age 16, Mary L. 14, and Francis S. age 8.
1900 Census, Twp 6, Conecuh Co, AL, Hh 76:
Dr. H. Fountain, b. Apr 1847, age 53, married 22 years, b. AL, parents b. SC, farmer & Physician
Minnie, wife, b. Dec. 1850, age 49, had 4 children, 3 are living, b. AL, parents b. NC
H. C., son, b. Jan 1880, age 20. Mary L., dau, b. Feb 1882, age 18, Francis S., son, b. Oct 1888, age 11.

I found Joseph W. Clingman
1900 Census, Pennington Twp, Bradley Co, Arkansas, Hh 226
Joseph W. Clingman, b. Sept 1855, age 44, married 18 years, b. AL, parents b. NC, carpenter
Abbie J., wife, b. Apr 1864, age 36, 7 children, 6 are living, b. AR, father b. AL, mother b. TN
Roselle, E. L, dau, b. Jul 1882, age 17, b. AR. Frank A., son, b. Dec 1887, age 16, b. AR
Willie B., dau, b. Feb 1887, age 13, b. Louisiana
Harry W., son, b. May 1892, age 8, b. AR
John W., son, b Oct 1895, age 4, b. Indian Territory
Arthur A., son, b. Dec 1900, age 5 mo, b. AR [census was taken 21 Jun 1900 - Arthur obviously born in 1899]
To me it seems notable that Joseph, who had obviously lived in Indian Territory near the time [1896] all the Poindexters made application to the Dawes Commission, did not himself apply. Perhaps knowing first hand what Oklahoma was like, he wasn't interested in the Cherokee lands. Or maybe he was better informed as to the requirements.



Dr. Henry Patillo CLINGMAN261,262 was born on 4 April 1813 in Huntsville, Yadkin County, North Carolina. He died on 7 June 1906 at the age of 93.

Henry married, 1836, to Mrs. Emily Meer Magee Nixon, widow of Dr. Samuel Nixon of Shreveport, LA. Henry served with the U.S. Army during the Seminole and Cherokee Wars and was with the expedition that moved the Cherokees to Oklahoma, the Trail of Tears, in 1838. He graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Medicine.

His daughter Ida Clingman Humphrey applied to the Dawes Commission as a Cherokee descendant. This seems most odd given that her father aided in the removal. The Poindexters all were pretty much agreed that none of their family had ever lived as Indians, and had always lived as whites. The claims only arose when money or land was involved.