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Eleventh Generation

569. Elizabeth JONES was born on 11 September 1824 in Illinois.280,282 She died before 1865 at the age of 41.

Elizabeth JONES and John REED were married on 7 May 1839 in Madison County, Missouri.282,285 John REED174,285,349,350, son of William REED and Melinda [REED], was born in June 1813 in Kentucky.209,350 He died after 1900 at the age of 87 in Madison County, Missouri.350

John Reed gave the month and date of his birth in 1900 as Jun 1813. Various other years are suggested by the census records. A descendant has said his parents were William and Melinda Reed.

I found the following for John Reed in St. Francois Co:
4/10/1843 SESW 1/4 of S17 T35 R5 40 acres
3/1/1848 SWSW 1/4 of S17 T35 R5 40 acres
2/1/1849 SWSE 1/4 of S17 T35 R5 40 acres
I have a St. Francois Co map and Section 17, Township 35, Range 5, is definitely where Doe Run is located - the location where is said to have settled.

Found in St. Francois Co MO census in 1850 & 1860.
1850: John Reed, age 38, b. KY. Elizabeth age 25, b. Illinois. Wm. R. age 6, Susan age 5, Valentine age 3, Polly J. age 2, James age 1, and Noah age 4 months. Noah will not appear in the next census.
John's parents were also in St. Francois Co in 1850:
William Reed, age 62, b. NC.
Melinda, age 60, b. SC
Polly age 33, b. KY and James age 21, b. MO and
next door is believed to be John's brother, Noah.
Noah Reed, age 29 b. MO
Elizabeth, age 21 b. MO
and Charity, age 2

1860: Area Exclusive of Libery Twp: John Reed age 45, b. KY. Elizabeth age 35, b. KY [error]. Wm Reed age 15, Susan R. age 13, Nancy J. age 12 [probably should be Mary J.], Valentine age 11, James E. age 10, Caroline age 7, John P. age 5, Thomas F. age 4, Alla, age 3, and Elizabeth age 2.
His father was also still living in St. Francois Co.
William Reed was by then age 72, b. NC, Melinda age 70, b. SC, Mary age 43, b. KY and living with them was James B. Matkin, farmer, age 54, b. SC and LaFayette age 13, born in Missouri.
Noah was living in Madison Co by 1860 - with wife Elizabeth and children Charity, 12, Rebecca A. 9, William T. 6, Mary M. 3 and John P, age 7 months.

A John Reed signed a pledge of allegiance to the U. S. Government, stating he would never take up arms against said Government. 18 Jan 1862. He was living in St. Francois Co, MO. Was age 48, Height 5' 9", Eyes Grey, Hair Grey. This man did sign with his signature - a copy of an indenture of Reed's, 19 Jan 1894 was signed by his "mark". It is conceivable by 1894, he didn't write well enough to sign his own name anymore.

In the Armengol papers there is a note from another Reed researcher that states John Reed came to the area of Doe Run, St. Francois Co for land grants and he owned much of Doe Run. He traded this property for land in the Marble Creek/Black Mountain area of Madison Co. John Reed donated land for the Black Mountain Cemetery and may be buried there. Perhaps the following is when John obtained the land in Madison:

20 Aug 1863 Noah Reed & Elizabeth C. Reed of Madison Co [Noah, b. abt 1821 was a brother of John Reed. Their parents were William & Melinda Reed. Noah was married to Elizabeth C. Welborn about 1847 in St. Francois County.] to John Reed of St. Francois Co for $800. Tract in Madison Co: The NE 1/4 and East half of NW 1/4 of Section 17. The NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 and the South half of the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 8. Both in Twp 32 North, range 5 East. Containing in all 300 acres.. Singed: Noah Reed, Elizabeth C. Reed. Elizabeth relinquished dower before Kinchen Pippin, JP, on 21 Aug 1863.
Filed for record 18 Apr 1864 and recorded 27 Apr 1864.
DB 1, p.516 [Madison or St. Francois Co?]
This tract was later left to Theodore Russell Reed, son of John and his 2nd wife Malissa.

Noah Reed had the following patents in Madison Co:
3/10/1857 NE Section 17 total of 200 acres
1/1/1859 E 1/2 SE, Section 8 80 acres
9/1/1859 SE NW Section 17 40 acres
This would seem to total 320 acres, rather than 300, but probably basically the same land.

Email from Marlene Jones to Paul Barker on 21 Sep 2002. Date of marriage of John Reed to Malissa J. Pickett given as 18 Jun 1866; St. Francois County?
The Reed family has the marriage as 4 Jun 1865, Madison Co MO.

In 1870, the family was in Liberty Twp of Madison Co MO and John had a new wife, Malissa J. Noah was not listed but he would be about 20 - he's said to still have been in St. Francois County, but that was probably Noah, brother of John Reed instead.
Interestingly his brother Noah was back in St. Francois Co, Pendleton Twp [Doe Run], so perhaps they did "trade" property.
John Reed gave his age as 57 in 1870. Malissa J. age age 27. John P 17, Valentine 24, James E. 21, Thomas F. 15, Alice age 14, Harriett E. age 13, Martha M. age 9. Then Leroy R. age 3, probably first child born to Malissa & John.

The state census of 1876 for Madison Co showed John Reed as age -45 - but he wasn't that young. Jane F. was 21-45. Children under 10 were Leroy, Theodore, C. A. F. [Albert] and Lanso [Alonzo].

1880. Liberty Twp, Madison Co MO. John Reed, age 66, b. KY. His father born in NC; his mother born in KY. Jane Reed, wife, age 36, born MO, both parents born in East TN. There were 4 sons - Leroy, Theodore, Albert & Alonzo.

19 Jan 1894. John and Jane Reed his wife of Madison Co MO to Theodore Reed for $50. SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 and the North half of said quarter of Section 17, Twp 32, Ran 5 East.
And the NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 and the North half of said 1/4 of Section 17, Twp 32, Range 5 East.

Over a period of several years, the children/grandchildren of John Reed signed over their claims to the property which John and Jane had sold to Theodore.
Children of John and his first wife Elizabeth Jones signed on 13 Jun 1902 - James E. Reed and wife Sarah, John P. Reed and wife Matilda, Benjamin F. Arnett and wife Harriett [Reed]. Mary Jane "Polly" Reed Young who married Joshua M. Young was deceased and her children signed over their claim: Rev. William Thomas Young & wife Minerva signed on 13 Jun 1902; Samuel W. King & wife Clarinda [Young] signed 7 Jan 1905; Noah Young and wife Litha signed 12 Oct 1907. Susan Reed who had married George H. Young was also deceased and her sons signed releases: 1 Jul 1902, John W. Young and wife Eura, 8 Jul 1902, Charles Young and wife Alice, and on 7 Jan 1904, William H. Young. Thomas F. Reed, son of John & Elizabeth was deceased leaving the following children who signed released in Mountain Home, Baxter, AR, on 30 Aug 1902 - John H. P. Reed, Elisha Reed, Russell Reed and wife M. Reed. The daughter of Thomas F. was Ellie - she and her husband DAvid P. Watson signed their release in Ozark County, MO on 8 Oct 1903. Charles Freeman and wife M. C. [Caroline M. Reed] signed a release on 19 Dec 1903 in Madison County, Texas. This does not account for all the children of John & Elizabeth Jones Reed, but is apparently all the releases found.
The children of John and Malissa Jane Picket Reed who signed releases in June of 1902 to their brother Theodore were: Elisha Boarer and wife Martha [Reed]; James A. Sillivan and wife Sina [Reed]; Albert C. Reed and wife Ida [Jett] Reed; Leroy R. Reed, and Alonzo Reed and wife Kittie [Bailey] Reed.

In 1900, John and Jane were still in Madison Co. John was age 86, born Jun of 1813. Jane was age "35" but this had been marked over.. Jane is on the next page next to the household of Theodore - it appears her age, date of birth may have been confused with his. Had 8 children, 7 still living.

Elizabeth JONES and John REED had the following children:



William R. REED was born in 1843 in Missouri.209

This doesn't seem quite right for William, but some of his siblings were living in Iron Co at this time.
In 1900 a William R. "Read" was the enumerator for Iron Twp, Iron Co, MO. He counted himself as household 284, b. Jan 1848, age 52, married 26 years. Born in Iowa, father b. Tennessee, mother b. Missouri. A retail merchant. Living with him was wife Lucy R., b. Sep 1844, age 55, b. MO, no children.



Susan R. REED was born in 1845 in Missouri.209 She died on 2 May 1877 at the age of 32 in Madison County, Missouri.350

John M. Cloud & Susan R. Reed were married 26 Jun 1862 by William Crawford, Minister, St. Francois Co MO.

Both George and Susan said to be buried Liberty Cemetery, Iron County, MO



Valentine REED350 was born in December 1847 in Missouri.209,350 He died after 1900 at the age of 53.350

Valentine Read/Real, born 1847. Enlisted in the Confederate Missouri State Guard, 1861, Company B. 4th Regt. Served 6 months under Capt Zimmerman; discharged 26 Dec 1861, New Madrid. Also on Enrollment list Jul 1865 of Madison Co for Company C, Missouri Militia. Description: 5 ft. 7 in. Black hair, dark, fair complexion, Single, a farmer. Based on Valentine's birth as Dec 1847, these would both appear to be his records.

The 1876 State Census enumerated Valentine Reed as age 21-45. Martha 18-21. They were next to James Wood and wife Ally. Ally was Alla Jones, aunt to Valentine's mother, Elizabeth. James & Ally raised Martha who may have been James' granddaughter.

3 Oct 1877 Valentine Reed and wife Martha L. Reed sold to James E. Reed [Valentine's younger brother] the SE 1/4 of Section 17, Twp 32, Range 5, containing 160 acres, for $300. Liberty Twp. [This land would have been located near that of their father's.]

1880 Madison Co Census:
Valentine Reed, age 33 [b. 1847], MO. Martha L. age 31, [b. 1859], MO. John age 2, [b. 1878] in AR. Thomas J. Jordan, age 10 also living with them.

10 Mar 1883. Democrat-Standard Newspaper, p.6.
A Murder - In which a young man kills his father-in-law. Full particulars.
In the southern part of this county, Monday, was one of those family broils, which resulted in the death of old man Woods.
It seems that Woods and his wife had parted about one year ago, and that she went to live with Reed, her son-in-law. There had been existing since that time between Reed and the old man, hard feelings, which culminated in the death of Woods.
Monday morning Woods went to Reed's and hid out behind the meat house. The dog discovered him there and gave the alarm. When Woods' wife went out to see what was the cause of the disturbance, and finding that it was her husband, rushed for the house. He folowed and went into the house behind her with a double barreled shot gun in his hands, both barrels cocked, and remarked to Reed that he had him now. Whereupon, Reed's wife seized Woods' gun, Reed secured his gun in the meantime, which Woods caught, but finally released, and tried to secure his own gun from the woman's clutches. While he was thus engaged Reed shot him in the right side, killing him instantly. Thus ended a family feud. Reed was brought to town Tuesday.
[The paper had the relationships slightly wrong. James Wood had raised Martha, but he wasn't her father - he was either her grandfather or an adopted father. There follows more details concerning Alla Jones. Martha doesn't seem to be any blood kin to Ally, but possibly a granddaughter of James Woods that was raised by James & Ally as their daughter.]

Alla Jones was a younger sister to the Rev. Richard Jones; therefore an aunt to Elizabeth Jones Reed, mother of Valentine. Alla Jones was born about 1811 or so in Kentucky - the censuses aren't clear at all about her age but this is about right considering where she fits in her family. She married Usel Meeker in 1827 in Sangamon Co, Illinois. After Usel Meeker died, Alla married James Wood on 20 Jul 1858 in St. Francois Co.

Here is the census history which is important to try and understand the relationships.

1830 Census, Sangamon Co IL, p.152, Line 16:
Usel Meeker: 1m age 20-30 and 1f age 15-20 [Alla would have been about age 19)
Usel was enumerated immediately following Elisabeth Jones.
[We've never figured out why Elisabeth Giles Jones was enumerated without Clayborn in this census. Certainly he was living - perhaps he was away. But the family members fit the profile of their family and Clayborn isn't found elsewhere in 1830.]

1840 Census, Madison Co MO. 1 male under 5; 1 male 26-45. 1 female 20-30.
[this would seem to be son John Meeker, born about 1838, Usel, and Alla - no daughters in this household]

1850 Census. Union Twp, Ste. Genevieve Co MO; p.247. Usel Meeker, age 35, farmer born in Ohio. Alle age 29 born KY and John age 12, born IL. Also in the household was John Hughes age 20, Laborer, born in TN.

In 1858, Alla/Ally married James Wood.

1860 In Concord, Washington Co MO. p.44, Dwelling 271
James Wood, age 45, b. Penn. Occupation is Collier
Ally age 44, b. KY
Elizabeth Smith age 27, b. MO
James Smith, 8, b. MO
Mary Smith, 5, b. MO
Martha Smith, 1, b. MO
Samuel Bull, age 30, Collier, b. Ohio
Oliver Hale, agee 2, Collier, b. Missouri
Hiram Wilson, age 22, Collier, b. Ohio
[This seems to be Martha Smith, born 1858, who married Valentine Reed. Elizabeth Smith would seem to be a young widow with children. James & Ally were both a few years older than this census would indicate, based on other records. Ally didn't have a daughter when Elizabeth was born about 1833. So she would seem to be a married daughter of James' Woods. That makes Martha his granddaughter.]

1870 Census. Concord Twp, Washington Co MO p.2, Dwelling 9
James Wood, age 58, b. NY Farmer
Alley, age 55, b. KY
Martha Smith, age 11, b. MO
Wm Reaves, age 8, b. MO

The 1876 State Census for Madison Co states that Ally was born about 1810 in Kentucky; James was the same age, born in New York.

1880 Census, Liberty Twp, Madison Co MO p.81, Dwelling 21
Ally was listed as age 70, b. KY as were both parents.
James appears to be "90" in 1880 census - but the 9 could be a weird 7 written in haste. Born New York, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born Maryland.

Ally Wood wrote her will on 22 Feb 1892, leaving all her personal affects to Valentine Reed and Martha L. Reed. Her will was filed for Probate on 31 Jul 1897, Recorded in Book 2, p.282, Madison Co MO.

1900 Census, Madison Co MO, Liberty Twp
Val Reed, 53, b. Dec 1846, MO. father b. KY; mother b. Illinois
Martha L. Reed, 41, b. Feb 1857. Married 26 years. 8 children, 6 living.
Wm T. Reed, 19, b. Apr 1881
Richard M., 14, b. Jan 1886
Noah B., 11, b. Dec 1888
Manda M., age 7, b. Jan 1893
Oscar, age 5, b. Jan 1895.



Mary Jane "Polly" REED209,350 was born on 5 March 1848.209,350 She died on 24 September 1874 at the age of 26 in Iron County, Missouri.350

Listed as Nancy J. in 1860 Census; a year older than Valentine, but this was no doubt an error.

Polly is buried in the Liberty Polk Baptist Church Cemetery, Iron County, MO



Rev. James Ellis REED350 was born on 27 January 1849 in St. Francois County, Missouri.209,350 He died on 23 December 1930 at the age of 81 in Annapolis, Iron County, Missouri.350

James served in the Civil War. On 1 May 1864 he enlisted with Company D, 68th Regt., Missouri Militia Volunteers, State Home Guard as a private - he used his own horse and equipment. He was discharged on 15 Aug 1864 and that same day, at age 16, en enlisted in the Union State Home Guard, Company H, 47th Regt., Millouis Volunteer Infantry. He was again a private, under Capt. Pinkney L. Powers. He received his discharge 29 Mar 1865 at Benton Barracks in St. Louis. He was in the battle at Pilot Knob. He had measles while he was in the War which effected his lungs and he received a disability pension from 1915 until his death. The US Veterans Bureau paid $100 toward his burial expenses.

3 Oct 1877. Valentine Reed and Martha L. Reed his wife sold to James E. Reed for $300.00 the following tracts in Madison Co MO. All the SE 1/4 of Section 17, T32, R5, 160 acres. [This was in the same Township as the land of John Reed, father of Valentine & James.]
On the same day Valentine declared the deed to be his and Martha relinquished her dower rights before William M. Matkin, JP.
Deed was filed for record on 22 Jan 1878.

In James Reed's Civil War record, he stated that he lived in Baxter County, AR from 1878 until 1880.

1880 Census, Madison Co MO, Liberty Twp
James E. Reed, age 31, b. MO as were both his parents. Sarah J. Reed, age 25.
Mary Elizabeth, age 4. James Millard McClard, 23, single & a boarder, worked on the farm.

On 7 Sep 1889, at age 40, he was ordained as a minister. In 1891, James & Valentine were delegates that organized the North Liberty Association at Mt. Pisgah Church in Wayne County, MO. He was involved in organizing the Black Mountain General Baptist Church, then located where the current Black Mountain Cemetery is. The church was organized on 14 Jun 1886 with 24 charter members. His wife and daughters, Mary Elizabeth, Anna Mae, Victoria, and were among the charter members. James served as the first Pastor of the church.

1900 Census, Madison Co MO, Liberty Twp
Ellis J. Reed, age 51, b. Jan 1849, Farmer. Sarah J., age 44, b. Aug 1855. Married 30 years. 12 children, 5 living.
Stella O., age 13, b. Apr 1887 and Gertrude age 4, b. Sep 1895.

1910 Census, Madison Co MO, Liberty Twp
Jas. E. Reed, age 61. Sarah Jane, age 55. Married 40 years. 5 living children.
Gertrude age 13 and Alice age 10.
Also living with them were Alice Hefer, granddaughter, age 4, and Clarence Hefner, grandson age one month.

1920 Census, Iron Co MO, Union Twp
James E. Reed, age 70, Miniter. Sarah J. age 65.

Rev. James, his wife, and daughters Oney & Alice are all buried at White Cemetery in Minimum, Iron County, MO.



Noah REED was born in 1850 in Missouri.209

4 months old at Census date. Probably died as infant. Not listed in 1860 Census.



John Penn REED350,351 was born in September 1852 in St. Francois County, Missouri.174,209,350 He died in 1909 at the age of 57 in Iron County, Missouri.350

John married (1) Meoma Nancy Dover on 3 Sep 1876, Christian County, MO. She was the daughter of Thomas Dover & Lucinda Kasinger, and was born in Arkansas, died between 1889 and 1895. John married (2) Mary Matilda Young, on 30 Jan 1895 in Iron County MO. Mary was the daughter of Andrew Young & Nancy Couch, and was born 28 Dec 1876 in Madison Co and died 14 Jan 1965 in Des Arc, MO.

Another marriage to Maria Elizabeth Young, sometime after 1898, is possibly a different man.

1880 Census, Baxter Co AR
T. J. Dover & Lucinda and their younger children were next door. John's family in household 48 is listed as:
Reed, John P. age 26, Farmer, b. MO. His father b. KY, his mother b. IL
Oma age 18, b. Missouri. Her father b. AR, nothing given for birth of mother.
Millie C. age 3, daughter, b. AR
Charles A., age 2 months, b. month of Mar, son, b. AR

The French Mills School tax list for 13 May 1898 shows that John P. Reed paid tax for Charles age 18, Almeda 14, Sarah 11 and Limme age 9.

1900 Census, Madison County, Libery Twp, MO
John P. Reed, 46, b. Sep 1853 MO and Mary M, 23, b. Dec 1876, MO. Married 5 years. 2 children, 2 living.
Martha R. age 4, b. Nov 1895, and Dosia E. age 1, b. Feb 1898 - children of Mary Matilda
Charles A., age 20, b. Mar 1880, Sarah F. age 13, b. Mar 1887, and Linnie E. age 10, b. Oct 1889 would all have been children of Meoma. All the children were born in MO.

Mary M. Young Reed is buried Mountain View Cemetery, DesArc, MO. No stone for John.



Malinda Caroline REED350 was born in 1853 in Missouri.209 She died after 1901 at the age of 48.350
19 Dec 1903 Charles Freeman and wife Caroline M. Freeman released all interest in the property of John Reed, her father, Signed in Madison Co, TX

Note from a descendant, September 2014, states that she was Melinda Carolina (or Caroline Melinda) and was first married to Robert Gregory, about 1870. They had three children, the youngest, Ida Bell - before Gregory's death. About 1877, she married C. W. Freeman. She should be in Arkansas census in 1880, but moved to Oklahoma about 1890. The Freemans moved on to Texas but Ida and her brother Willie stayed in Oklahoma. Caroline died 1912; buried Martin Cemetery, Nowata Co, OK.

Madison Co MO marriage records - digitized on Ancestry.
I, the undersigned Justice of the Peace within and for Madison County in the state of Missouri, Certify that I did on the 17th day of September 1871, solemnize the rites of matrimony between Robert Gregory and Caroline Sutton, both of Madison.
Given under my hand this 14th day of Oct 1871, John Shoemaker, Justice Peace

Then there appeared to be an earlier record for Matilda Caroline Reed to Nathaniel Sutton on Sep 1864, Madison Co - this one too light to read. Hard to believe this would be Caroline, daughter of John Reed and Elizabeth Jones who was born in 1853. No images are on FamilySearch, but the same marriage is. Caroline was not living with her father and stepmother in 1870.

In 1870, there was no Nathaniel or Caroline Sutton in Madison Co, but there was a Malinda Sutton, age 26, living in the following Inmond household:
Nathaniel Inmond, 63. Elizabeth 61. Sonia, 42. Lisander C. 22, John 19.
This would give her a birth year of about 1844 - not the 1850's and would be more consistent with the marriages. However in 1880, M. C. Freeman, wife of C. W. was 28, or born about 1852.

Another digital image: State of Missouri, County of Madison
I hereby certify that I united in Marriage Mr. Charles Freeman and Mrs. Caroline Gregory on the 13th of April 1877, in said county and State. William M. Mathins, JP

1880 Census. Matney Twp, Baxter Co, AR, Hh 82
C. W. Freeman, age 27, Minister, b. Ohio
M. C., 28, wife, b. MO
W. T., age 8, son (he would be a Gregory, but marked as Freeman), b. MO
Ida B., 5, dau (also a Gregory child), b. MO
Constant, age 1, daughter, b. Ark.

1900 Census. Justice Prec 6, Hood Co, TX, Hh 71
Charles W. Freeman, b. Aug 1853, age 46, married 23 years, b. Ohio, farmer
Malinda C., wife, b. Apr 1851, age 49, 10 children - 9 are living, b. MO
Earnest, son, b. Jul 1883, 16, b. MO
Fenton, son, b. Oct 1885, 14, b. MO
Frances V., dau, b. Nov 1887, 12, b. MO
Mary L, dau, b. Nov 1887, 12, b. MO
Even, son, b. May 1890, 10, b. IT

Cannot find in 1910
Fenton Freeman had moved to Watson, Nowata, OK by 1910
He and his wife Maggie say they have been married 8 months - they have a son, age 2, whose name seems to be Oleta. Maggie was born OK, her father born in Georgia, her mother in Missouri.
Maggie is listed as 1/4 Cherokee as her father was Cherokee, the son as 1/8. She received an allotment in 1905 but is not living on it. She lives in a civilized dwelling

She haas a marker in Martin Cemetery, Nowata Co, OK
"Malinda C. wife of C. W. Freeman died July Jul 28 1912, age 52 years"
Hers is the only Freeman grave, but her son William Gregory is buried there:
William T. Gregory, b. 13 Oct 1871, d. 24 Jul 1950.
His wife was Martha Thomas Coker, called "Mattie"
Also buried Martin Cemetery is William & Mattie's son Lee Victor, daughter Mary who died in 1950, and a son Roy who was born and died in 1913

1900 Census. Indian Territoy, Cherokee, Twp 25 N Range 16 E, Hh 15
William Gregory, b. Oct 1872, age 27, married 5 years, b. MO, parents b. AR, farmer
Mattie T., wife, b. May 1874, 21, 2 children, b. IT, parents b. AR
Lee V., son, b. Jun 1896, age 4, b. IT
Mary M., dau, b. Feb 1899, age 1, b. IT
Special Inquiries Relating to Indians
Mattie T. Gregory is Cherokee, her father Cherokke, 1/32. She is not living in polygamy and has received no allotment. She lives in a fixed dwelling.
Lee and Mary are listed as Cherokee, mother, 1/64

1910 Census. Snow Creek, Nowata Co, OK, Hh 43
William T. Gregory, 36, married 15 years, b. MO, father's birth place unknown, mother b. MO, Farmer
Mattie T., wife, Indian, age 30, 7 children - 5 living, b. OK, parents b. AR
Lee V., son, 14, Charles T., son, 9. Ida M., dau, 5. Lewis, son, 3. Kitherene, dau, 11 months
Under Special Inquiries for Indians:
Mattie and the eldest son, Lee, are marked as Cherokee. Her father was Cherokee and of course Lee's mother is the one that is Cherokee. She is marked as 1/32 Indian, Lee as 1/64. She received a land allotment in 1904 - she is living on the land in a "civilized" dwelling.
Note: if Mattie is 1/32 Indian, it would be her 3rd great grandparent that was full blood.



Thomas F. REED350 was born in 1855 in Missouri.174,209 He died before 1887 at the age of 32.350

Thomas' middle name may be Fleming.



Alice REED was born in 1856 in Missouri.174,209



Harriet Elizabeth REED350 was born on 25 November 1856 in St. Francois County, Missouri.174,209,350 She died on 15 January 1935 at the age of 78 in Madison County, Missouri. She was buried in Little Vine Cemetery, Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri.

Find A Grave Memorial# 52927271
Birth: Nov. 25, 1854
Madison County
Missouri, USA
Death: Jan. 15, 1935
Madison County
Missouri, USA

Wife of Frank Arnett,Daughter of John Reed
Elizabeth Arnett was born in St. Francois County November 24, 1855 and departed this life this life January 15, 1935 at the age of 80 years, one month and 21 days.
She was united in marriage to Benjamin Franklin Arnett February 6, 1873. To this union thirteen children were born: Lottie Arnett and Maggie Webb of St. Louis; Minnie Inman of Ironton; Frances Betty, Rosa Young and Tom of Minimum; Lawrence and Ella Jackson of this place are living.
The husband and five children preceded her in death.
She leaves 38 grandchildren, 30 great grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Martha Burr of Bonne Terre, three half brothers, Theodora and Roy Reed of Minimum, Alfred Reed of Detroit, Mich.
She united in marriage with the General Baptist Church at Black Mountain when a girl and lived a true and faithful Christian to the end. Among the last words she said were "I hate to leave you, but I hope to meet you all in Heaven. Do not grieve for me."
She was laid to rest in the Little Vine Cemetery. Besides the relatives she leaves a large number of sorrowing friends.

Missouri Death Certificate 2040: Elizabeth Arnett, widow of Frank Arnet, died 15 Jan 1935 of cancer of the colon. She was born 25 Nov 1854. Her father listed as John Reed. Lottie Arnett of St. Louis was the informant and didn't know Elizabeth's mother.



Martha M. REED350 was born in 1861 in Missouri.174 She died after 1935 at the age of 74.350

Martha married Elisha Boarer/Boares.

The name was actually Burr - I believe census enumerators had trouble with his British accent.
Married 9 Oct 1875, Madison Co, MO.

1880 Census. Arcadia Twp, Iron Co, MO, Hh 121
Elisha "Boarer, age24, b. England as were his parents
Martha M. 16, wife
Milla, 3, dau
Margaret, age 4 months, b. Jan 1880, dau
Living in Hh 120 was
Thomas Boarer, age 59 and wife Matilda, age 59, b. England and quite possibly Elisha's parents

1900 Census, Iron Township, Iron Co, Mo, Hh 26
NOTE: William R. Read was the enumerator
Elisha Burr, b. Sept. 1854,age 45, married 22 years, b. England
Martha, wife, b. Mar 1859, age 41, 9 children - 8 are living, b. MO
Thomas, son, b. Sep 1882, 17.
Elsie, son, b. May 1884, age 16 [Elza]
Laura, dau, b. Jan 1887, 13
Lula, dau, b. Jul 1889, 11
Bert, son, b. Nov 1891, 8
Hattie, dau, b. Jun 1894, 5
William, son, b. Oct 1896, age 3

1920 Census. St. Francois MO, Hh 944
Elisha Burr, age 65, came to Americ 1861, Naturalized, b. England
Martha M., 66, b. MO.

The obituary of her sister Harriet Elizabeth Reed Arnett, mentions that Martha Burr was the only living sister, January, 1935.