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Tenth Generation

391. William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER62,299,300 was born on 8 November 1811 in Surry County, North Carolina.2,275 He served in the military in 1862 at Co. C, 11th Texas Cavalry, Young's Regt in Civil War. He died on 24 September 1870 at the age of 58 in Grayson County, Texas.2 William was buried in White Mound Cemetery, Tom Bean, Grayson County, Texas.

Married (1) Sarah Gist, daughter of Henry D. Gist of Monroe Co KY; she was half Cherokee. (2) Mary P. Glidewell in Monroe Co. (3) Mrs. Susannah (Savage) Edge, born in MO in 1826 - married in 1857 & divorced soon after their marriage. (4) Mrs. Emmaline (Walker) Barnard on 18 Dec 1858. (5) Mrs. Serena P. M. (Williamson) Evans on 20 Dec 1865.

Micajah is on a muster roll of the Black Hawk War in Illinois; Zadock W., William & Royal Flynn are all shown as members of the Company of Allen F. Lindsey, most from Morgan Co, the Spy Battalion, 3rd Brigade, Illinois Mounted Volunteers, called into service 16 May 1832. Royal was a Corporal, the other Flynns were Privates. Isaac R. Bennet, husband of Mary Jones, daughter of Claybourn Jones, was 2nd Lt of the unit; he lost 1 Sorrel mare by forced marching.
Bennet's brother-in-law Usel Meeker, married to Isaac's wife's sister, Alla Jones, was another private in this unit. Meeker was one of only three men from Sangamon Co, IL.
Micajah Poindexter was listed as a Private from Morgan County, with the note, "Sick in tent. 1 horse Rendered unfit for service."
Note signed Alen F. Lindsey: This company organized 4th day of Jun 1832. Took up line of march for head Quarters 9th day June 1832 mustered into service 19th day of June 1832. Eight days Rations for Seventeen men have Been drawn for traveling purposes 16th Aug 1832.
The Black Hawk War 1831-1832, Vol I, Illinois Volunteers; compiled and edited by Ellen M. Whitney, Illinois State Historical Library, Vol. XXXV, Springfield, 1970.

Found in 1850 Monroe Co Census, p.392, Household #331, with 2nd wife Mary, his two sons by the first wife, and 7 of the children with Mary Glidewell.
Lived next door to his sister Elizabeth and her husband Saml. Smith and family.
Micajah was age 38, Mary 36. Benjamin 15, Archy 13, Robert 10, Narcissa 8, James 7, George 5, Gideon 4, Joseph 2, and Abraham age 6 months.
Later when descendants of Benjamin and Arch [the two boys said born to Sarah Gist], applied for enrollment in the Mississippi Choctaw rolls, they said their mother was Mary P. Poindexter. All applicants were denied because the Indian blood was said to have come from Rebecca Flynn Poindexter their grandmother. She of course could not be found on Choctaw rolls [she wasn't Indian], nor was their any evidence she had lived in Mississippi or Alabama [and she never had]. One of the descendants testified that nothing was known of Micajah's whereabouts when he was about age 16 to 24. It is possible that he did marry Sarah Gist, or perhaps lived with her, and these two sons who would have been very young, always believed, or considered, Mary was their mother. If that is so, however, how was the marriage to Sarah Gist ever proved in the family histories?

"Cage" moved to Grayson Co TX 1850/51.

Enlisted 28 Oct 1858 in the Texas Rangers under the command of James Bourland; discharged 28 Jan 1859. Served in Co. C 11th Texas Cavalry, Young's Regt in the Confederate Army. Was honorably discharged with a Certificate of Disability for bowel ulceration and chronic diarrhea.

1860 Census. Grayson Co TX, P.O. Sherman
M. Poindexter, age 43, farmer, b. NC. Emily, 21, b. KY
B. S. [male], age 27, teamster, b. KY
R. M. [male], age 21, teamster, b. KY
Jas. W., age 17, b. KY
G. A.,[male] age 15, b. KY
A. T. Poindexter, [male] age 23, was living with Henry Gist, age 34, and family, working as a farm hand.

1870 Census. P.O. Kentucky Town, Prec No. 4, Grayson, TX, Hh 258
M. Poindexter, age 54, Farmer, b. NC
Serena, 30, b. MO
Harriett Evans, 10, b. TX
Julia Poindexter, 10, b. TX
Charles, 4, b. TX
Rebecca, 6 months, b. TX

Micajah is buried at White Mound Cemetery, Grayson Co TX.

He has a military stone placed Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK.
CSA - Co. C, 11th Texas Cavalry

William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Sarah GIST were married about 1834. Sarah GIST301 was born (date unknown).

Sarah Gist was half-blood Cherokee, the daughter of Henry D. Gist.

She is often seen as a daughter of "Sequoyah", Henry Gist, but something is wrong with that, as the Cherokee called Sequoyah who developed the Cherokee alphabet was named George Gist. I don't know that he had a wife or children. He never lived in an area where a daughter would be likely to cross paths with Micajah Poindexter.

Sequoyah was the son of Nathaniel Gist, brother of Christopher Gist, who was aide to George Washington. He was also known by his English name, George Gist. Sequoyah's mother was Utwut-tes of the Paint clan called. Sequoyah and his wife had three daughters, no sons.
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William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Sarah GIST had the following children:



Benjamin Speer POINDEXTER.



Archibald Thomas POINDEXTER301,302 was born on 23 March 1837.301 He died on 29 December 1932 at the age of 95 in Clay County, Tennessee.301

Arch married (1) Permelia Nevins on 11 Jan 1862. After her death he married Maria Emmaline Thomas Watson on 24 Aug 1881. The children were all born in Clay Co TN or Monroe Co KY. Arch went to TX to join his father, but eventually returned to Clay Co. He served in Co C, 9th (Young's) TX Infantry as a Private, CSA. It is said that he moved to Howe TX [Grayson Co] with the first wife. She died and he returned to TN leaving the children with relatives in Texas. He remarried and raised another family in TN; the two families were never united.

As Arch Thomas some of his children applied for Enrollment in the Five Civilized Tribes; however they applied as Mississippi Choctaw and were rejected. An entire group of descendants of both Arch & Benjamin and their half siblings applied. Both Benjamin & Archibald or their descendants, gave their mother as Mary P. Poindexter, not Sarah Gist. They claimed their Indian relationship through Rebecca Flynn, their grandmother. Not only was she not found on any of the Choctaw roles [she certainly was not even Indian] but they could not prove she had ever lived in Mississippi or Alabama [and she never had].

1870 Jackson Co TN
Arch T. Poindexter, age 33, b. TN. Amelia age 33, b. TN. Samuel T. age 7, b. KY. Erastus age 4, b. KY, James M. age 2, b. TN

1910 Cumberland Co KY, Speers Precinct, Sheet 9b, Hh 167
Arch T. Poindexter, age 73, married twice, last time for 20 yrs., place of birth "unknown"
Mariah, wife, age 55, married once for 20 yrs., born KY
George T., son, 22, b. TN. Bula E., dau, 20, b. TN. Carrie M., dau, 17, b. KY.
Ralph R., son, 15, b. KY. Leslie F., son 14, b. KY. Lee B. [Bedford Lee], age 8, b. KY

1920 Clay Co, TN, Sheet 8A, p.80, 4th Dist north of the Obey River, Hh 127
Archie T. Poindexter, age 82, b. TN, father & mother b. KY [so was Archie]
Mariah E., wife, age 62, b. TN
Leslie F., son, age 21. Bedford L., son, age 19.

1930 Clay Co TN, Sheet 3A, p.151, 4th Dist north of the Obey River, Hh 46
Ray Poindexter, age 34, married at age 23, b. KY, father b. TN, mother b. KY [probably his parents were born opposite states]
Maud, wife, age 26, married at 15. Fred, son, age 9. Sulie, dau, 8. Clayton, son, age 4 and some months [unreadable], Raymond, son, age 2 and 4/12.
Archie T., father, age 93, Age at first marriage, 21.
Mariah E., mother, age 74, married first at age 24.

Archie and Marie are buried Rock Springs Cemetery, Celina, Clay Co, TN. She was born 16 Oct 1857, died 7 May 1936.

These are two sons of the second family:
William Richardson Poindexter, b. 25 Jun 1882, d. 29 Dec 1963, was a son of Archibald Thomas and Maria Watson. He married Myrtie Watson and they lived all their lives in Monroe Co KY. He is the Bill Poindexter who was interviewed for the oral history book, THE SAGA OF COE RIDGE.

George Thomas Poindexter, b. 1 Mar 1888, d. 20 Jan 1968, married Nancy Katherine Kerr. She was b. 21 May 1886, d. 12 May 1958. They were the grandparents of Nealon Agee who updates the POINDEXTER FAMILY HISTORY, first written by Dorothy Knox Brown.

William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Mary P. GLIDEWELL were married about 1838. Mary P. GLIDEWELL301 was born about 1814 in Kentucky.

Of the sons of Micajah and Mary Glidewell, Gideon was killed in the Civil War. Two other sons died of measles near Colbert OK, also while serving in the War. Another son called "Jesse" [Joseph?] was killed when departing a neighbor's house.

William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Mary P. GLIDEWELL had the following children:



Robert M. POINDEXTER301 was born in 1839 in Monroe County, Kentucky.

There are at least four Robert M. Poindexters. There is a marriage for one of them to Martha Thompson in Clay Co TN on 16 Aug 1877. Supposedly Robert M. died in the Civil War, but service records show he was discharged and still living at the end of the War. He may have moved back to TN with his half-brother Arch.



Narcissa E. POINDEXTER301 was born on 23 November 1841 in Monroe County, Kentucky.62 She died on 12 October 1868 at the age of 26.62

Narcissa is the great grandmother of Dorothy Knox Brown who compiled the Poindexter book. Narcissa married David Jackson Harrell on 15 Aug 1858. He was born 26 Aug 1827; died 31 Jan 1890. They are buried White Mound Cemetery, Grayson Co TX.



James W. POINDEXTER was born in 1843 in Monroe County, Kentucky.301



George POINDEXTER was born in 1845 in Monroe County, Kentucky.301



Gideon A. POINDEXTER301 was born in 1845 in Monroe County, Kentucky.

Gideon died in the Civil War.



Joseph POINDEXTER was born in 1848 in Monroe County, Kentucky.301



Abraham POINDEXTER was born in 1850 in Monroe County, Kentucky.301



John H. POINDEXTER62,301 was born on 31 March 1851 in Monroe County, Kentucky. He died in 1882 at the age of 31 in Grayson County, Texas.

He was living with his oldest half-brother in 1870. His father had married for the 5th time and had young children.
1870 Census. P.O. Kentucky Town, Prec. 4, Grayson, TX, Hh 255
B. S. Poindexter, 35, Farmer, b. KY
Amanda, 20, b. TN
Mary J., age 1, b. TX
Jane Collins, 10, Black, servant, b. TX
J. H. Poindexter, 18, b. KY

John H. and William Anders Poindexter were twins. Why their births are indicated a day apart, I'm not sure.
John and his wife Metta V. Murphy are buried White Mound Cemetery, Grayson Co TX. Metta was born 1859, died 1898; they were married 29 Nov 1880 in Grayson Co.
Three children: Isaac Quintin, Johnny Anna Laura, and William Anders Poindexter.



William Anders POINDEXTER301,303 was born on 1 April 1851 in Monroe County, Kentucky. He died on 13 May 1929 at the age of 78 in New Mexico.

William married Nancy Jim "Nannie" Whitlock. They were married 22 Jun 1882, Wise Co, TX.

1900 Census. Justice Prec. 1, Montague Co, TX, Hh 297
William A. Poindexter, b. Apr 1851, age 49, married 18 yr., b. KY, father b. NC, mother b. KY
Nancy J., wife, b. Feb 1863, age 37, 7 children, all living, b. TN as were her parents.
Mary E., dau, b. May 1883, age 17 [children all born in Texas]
Joseph L, son, b. Dec 1884, age 15
John H. son, Jan 1887, age 13
James R., son, Jan 1889, age 11
Susie W., dau, Apr 1891, age 9
Edith M., dau, Mar 1893, age 7
David W., son, Jun 1897, age 2

In 1920, David was the only child at home in Montague Co with his parents.

Numbers of descendants of Micajah Poindexter filed together under the claim of William A. Poindexter, Case 4170, Mississippi Choctaw Indians, in an attempt to be registered on the Indian Rolls.
25 Nov 1901, William A. [Anders] Poindexter, Case 4170, was filed, followed by the rest of the family. William was then age 50 and lived at Nocona, [Montague Co]TX. He was born in Monroe Co, KY and had moved to Grayson Co, TX in 1852 where he lived until 1878. He then lived in Wise Co, TX for four years, and then Parker Co for eleven years. His father was Micajah Poindexter, his mother Mary P. Poindexter, and they are both dead. They were married about 1835 in Monroe Co KY. He's not sure he can get a record because the court house in Monroe Co burned up. His wife was Nannie J. Poindexter; they were married 22 Jun 1882 in Wise Co, TX He has six unmarried children to make application for: Joseph L. age 17, John H. age 14, James R. age 12, Susie W. age 10, Edith M. age 8, David W. age 4. He makes application under the Mississippi Choctaws, his grandmother Rebecca Poindexter, maiden name Rebecca Flynn. He cannot say whether she ever was enrolled, or ever lived in Mississippi or Alabama. He first said none of his relatives had previously applied, then he states that he does have a niece named Annie Campbell.

On the same day, Mary E. Shackelford, age 18, daughter of William A., also applied, Case 4171. Her husband was Clarence D. Shackelford. She was born in Parker Co, TX and also lived at Nocona. Her parents were William A. and Nancy J. Poindexter.
This accounts for all the children of William & Nannie except for the youngest, Minnie, born 1902 and died 1904.

William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Susannah SAVAGE EDGE were married in 1857.301 Susannah SAVAGE EDGE301 was born in 1826 in Missouri.

William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Susannah SAVAGE EDGE had the following children:



Mary Alice POINDEXTER301 was born on 3 November 1857 in Grayson County, Texas. She died on 16 March 1936 at the age of 78 in Portales, New Mexico.

Mary Alice was married twice; there were no children.

William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Emmaline WALKER BARNARD were married on 18 December 1858 in Grayson County, Texas.301 Emmaline WALKER BARNARD was born in 1839 in Kentucky.

William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Emmaline WALKER BARNARD had the following children:



Julia A. POINDEXTER301 was born about 1860.

Julia was listed as age 14 in the 1870 Grayson Co census, but as 20 in 1880. The latter would be correct. She married John Sooter.

In 1880, Julia was living with the widow of William Archibald "Arche" Poindexter in Dade Co, MO. The Poindexter book states she lived with maternal relatives, but that is an error.

"Inlia" is said to have been listed in Micajah's estate papers as living in Missouri in Sep 1870. I'm sure the name was misread and should have been Julia.

William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Serena P. M. WILLIAMSON were married on 20 December 1865 in Grayson County, Texas.301 Serena P. M. WILLIAMSON was born in 1839 in Missouri.

William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER and Serena P. M. WILLIAMSON had the following children:



Charles W. POINDEXTER was born in 1866 in Grayson County, Texas.301



Mary\Rebecca Susan POINDEXTER301 was born in December 1869 in Grayson County, Texas.301

Said to be living in Missouri in Sep 1870. Referred to estate papers as both Rebecca Susan and Mary Susan.