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Ninth Generation

183. Elizabeth Carolina Pledge POINDEXTER was born about 1772 in Surry County, North Carolina.60

Elizabeth signed the petition to settle her father's estate, 14 Aug 1807, as Elizabeth C. McCamam. She is often seen as Elizabeth Pledge Poindexter in publications. Isaac McCamam also signed.

Marriage to Thomas Evans in 1787, : Bondsman: William Poindexter, Henry Pattillo

STOKES CO NC RECORD OF DEEDS, VOL. 1 1787-1793; Mrs. W. O. Absher & Mrs. Robert K. Hayes.
p.192 20 Nov 1791 Elizabeth Evans, Execx. & John Armstrong & William Poindexter, Exrs. of Thomas Evans dec'd sell to Charles Gereard for £40 - 228 acres in Davidson Co, N aide Cumberland R, Lumseys fork, waters of Gaspers, adj. John Kirkindall. Granted by the State to Thomas Evans, dec'd on 13 Dec 1790. Signed: Elizabeth Evans, Jno Armstrong, William Poindexter. Wit: Jesse Lesler, John Kerr.

Poindexter Family History, p.473 has the following children for Elizabeth Pledge Poindexter & Isaac McCammon:
1. Margaret b. ca 1800, d. before 1850, married 7 Dec 1824, Surry Co NC Francis P. Pettitt, son of George & Martha Milner Poindexter Pettitt, her first cousin. They moved to McMinn Co TN about 1834 - other members of the Pettitt family made the same move. There is a whole page about Margaret and her descendants.
2. Martha [no other information]
3. Elizabeth Carolina [went to McMinn Co with her sister Margaret] She married Edmund Roberts.
I have also seen there that might have been a son. Margaret's name is sometimes given as Margaret Martha Milner Pettitt, which if so, would indicate there wasn't likely a second daughter named Martha, but perhaps only one daughter with both names.

There was a cemetery in McMinn Co named the McCammon-Pettitt Cemetery where some of these family members are buried - it is said to have been moved and/or destroyed.
McCammon-Pettitt Cemetery data online. No notations whether or not any of the graves are adjacent - they are listed alphabetically. There were other McCammons and Pettit/Pettits in other cemeteries, but these are the only ones listed in McCammon-Pettitt
MCCAMMON ISAAC 1760 7-11-1841
MCCAMMON ELIZABETH CAROLINE 1802 [birth year given only]
MCCAMMON MARY D. 1815 [birth year only]
ROBERTS ELIZABETH C. PETTITT 8-28-1829 5-29-1863
ROBERTS EDMUND 1-18-1822 1/18/1908

I have seen an article from a Tennessee history book claiming that Elizabeth C. that married Edmund Roberts was a daughter of Isaac McCammon & Elizabeth Poindexter - it is obvious from the cemetery records that she was instead a grandaughter, likely a daughter of Margaret & Francis Pettitt.

Excerpts from notes on Margaret:
Sometime prior to 1841, Isaac McCammon, then a widower, moved from North Carolina and lived alternately with his daughters Martha Pettitt & Elizabeth McCammon [who remained single]. Isaac McCammon said to be buried in the above cemetery, no death date given in these notes.
"A flintlock gun that Isaac McCammon carried in the Rev. war was in the possession of Wm. Thos. Roberts" [a grandson of Martha Pettitt]

Unfortunately there is zip about the origins of Isaac McCammon. Elizabeth C. Poindexter is usually seen with the birth year of ca 1773, but that would make her only 14 at her marriage - possibly she was a few years older. If Isaac really fought in the Revolution he would have had to have been some years older than she was.

I checked the Revolutionary pensions on Heritage Quest - the only Isaac of similar surname was an Isaac McCamont who fought and applied for his pension from Pennsylvania and was still living in Pennsylvania. I even searched on the given name Isaac and found nothing that could have been the man.

Isaac & Elizabeth Poindexter had no sons listed in the book and possibly were not even married as early as 1795 since their daughter Margaret was born about 1800. There would exist a remote possibility that Isaac had an earlier marriage. The following census info does indicate sons & possibly even a daughter that might not have been Elizabeth's....

Here is pertinent Census info. There were no other McCammon families in Surry for the early years. I always run the Census info to check the veracity of other information and it does fit except that Isaac had joined his daughters in Tennessee by 1840 or he went with them in the first place.

1800, Salisbury, Surry Co NC
Isaac McCammond: 2 males under age 10, 1 male 26-45. There is a mark that could be a smeared ditto or the number 1 in the column for a female age 10-16. 1 female age 26-45 [probably Elizabeth Poindexter]

1810, Surry Co NC
Isaac McKamons: 1 male 10-16 [apparently one of the male children did not survive], 1 male over 45. [this makes Isaac born prior to 1765, so he may very well have been old enough to have fought in the Rev]
1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 26-45

1820, Surry Co NC, Capt. John G. Poindexter's District
Isaac McCammon: 1 male under 10, 1 male 16-26, 1 male over 45. 3 females 10-16, 1 female 16-26, 1 female over 45

1830, Surry Co NC
Isaac McCammon: 1 male age 60-70. 1 female age 20-30, 1 female age 30-40. [A second wife may have died.]
Thomas E. McCammon: 1 male age 30-40 [this could be the male who was 10-16 in 1810 and 16-26 in 1820]
1 female under 5, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30.
Francis P. Pettit: 1 male 20-30, 1 male 30-40. 2 females under 5, 1 female age 20-30 [Margaret McCammon]

No McCammons in Surry Co in 1840.
In McMinn Co TN
E. McCammon. 1 female age 30-40, 1 female age 40-50 [One of these apparently Elizabeth Carolina. No older male in her household.]
And on the same page was:
F. P. Pettit: 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 40-50 [Francis P.] 1 male age 70-80 [would be Isaac I think]. 2 females 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 40-50.

Now the 1840 census did list Pensioners of the earlier wars and Isaac McCammon was not there - so if he did fight in the Revolution, he apparently never applied.

In 1850, in McMinn, I found:
Betsy McCammon. age 48, born in NC.
But living in her household is the following:
Mary, age 35, born in NC - no other surname given [this could be the other female found in 1830 & 1840 - the age isn't quite right]
Caroline ?Pobn.? age 21, born in NC - this abbreviation in her name was indexed as Robert [Roberts?] but that's not what it looks like to me. It would appear to be a surname but I can't really turn it into either Pettitt or Poindexter. Just have no clues, but there is another individual following.
Emanel [Edmund?], age 28, no surname, also born NC. He would appear to be named Emanuel & if the enumerator followed the usual practice, his surname would be the same a Caroline's - if that was a surname. This enumerator did not make use of ditto marks.

Frank Pettit was there - apparently wife Margaret McCammon now deceased. He was age 53, born NC, as expected.
Margaret 23, Milner [female] 18, both born in NC
George 16, Francis [female] 14, Kenedy 12, Thomas 7 - all born in Tennessee and placing their arrival prior to 1834.

The following was found as a possibility for Isaac, but the connection is doubtful:
Register of MARRIAGES AND BAPTISMS Kept by the REV. TRAUGOTT FREDERICK ILLING in connection with The Churches of St. Peter's (Lutheran) Middletown, and Caernarvon, (Episcopal) Lancaster County, Penn'a Harrisburg Harrisburg Publishing Company 1891 MARRIAGES BY REV. MR. ILLING
May 29. ISAAC McCAMANT of Brandywine township, Chester county, and MARGARET ______, of Salisbury township, Lancaster county, first, second and third times in Caernarvon, the 27th May; married at MR. REESE's. Received £2. 5s., hard money.

The following is definitely not the Isaac McCammon who married Elizabeth Poindexter and brings into question the marriage record in Pennsylvania, although the two men must have been about the same age.
Among the Revolutionary soldiers of Centre county were Philip Barnhart. who died April 3, 1843; Lawrence Bathurst; Nicholas Bressler, died in April ]843; Isaac Broom, wounded at Germantown; John C. Colby, a deserter from the Hessians; Jacob Duck, died in 1836; Peter-Fleck, Peter Florey, of Haines township; Jacob Fliescher, Ludwig Friedley, John Glantz, Garrison, of Spring; Henry Herring, William Hinton, of Boggs, who died in 1839, aged Ninety-one years; Christopher Keatley, of Potter township; William Kelly, John Kitchen, Daniel Koons, David Lamb, died April 19, 1837, and who was with Arnold at Quebec; Mungo Lindsay, of Col. Miles' regiment; William Mason, of Spring township; John McClean, of Potter; Jacob Miller, of Walker; Henry McEwen, of Potter, who was also at Quebec; Alexander McWilliams; Isaac McCamant, of Ferguson; John F. Ream, Even Russel, Adam Sunday, Valentine Stober; Nicholas Schnell, of Potter, Nicholas Shanefelt, of Harris; William Taylor; Joseph Vaughn, of Half-Moon; David Wilson, of Bald Eagle; Joseph White, of Boggs; Neal Welsh, of Half-Moon. Robert Young, of Walker, of Lowon's company at Boston, in August, 1175; also James Dougherty, who was made a prisoner at Quebec, and afterwards served in Washington's Life-Guards until the end of the war.

There was an Isaac McCamant living in Lackawannock, Mercer Co PA in 1830 the Census and he was 70-80 years old. There was also an Isaac McCammon living in Salisbury, Lancaster Co PA, age 50-60. In 1810, there were at least three Isaacs of various McCammon spellings living in PA
An Isaac McCamont is also listed as a Revolutionary Pensioner from Pennsylvania in 1835 - he was aged 79 when his pension began in 1831, and he was listed as from Ferguson.
Source Information: Pennsylvania Pensioners, 1835 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 1998. Original data: United States Senate. Report from the Secretary

Elizabeth Carolina Pledge POINDEXTER and Thomas EVANS were married on 14 July 1787.60,166 Thomas EVANS died before September 1790.

JOSEPH WINSTON HIS ENTRY BOOK, SURRY CO NC, LAND ENTRIES; 1778-1781 by Agnes M. Wells, Virginia G. Phillips, Carol J. Leonard; 1987
p.45/496 Thomas Evins entered 100 acres on one of branches of Little Yadkin beg above Bethany Hains Junr, including improvement whereon George Sizemore lives. 12 Aug 1778.

8 Sep 1790 Last will & Testament of Thomas Evans proved by Thomas & Elizabeth Poindexter. Elizabeth Evans, relict. John Armstrong & William Poindexter, Executors.

Elizabeth Carolina Pledge POINDEXTER and Isaac MCCAMMON were married about 1798.111 Isaac MCCAMMON111 was born in 1760. He died on 11 July 1841 at the age of 81 in McMinn County, Tennessee.

Surry Co NC Deed Abstracts 1800-1803 Vol. I
Carol Leonard Snow 1995
Bk I, p.434 11 May 1802 Jane Poindexter, Executrix & Joseph William, Exr by will of Robert Lanier, dec'd, late of Surry to William Thornton. $632.50 5,060 acres including the following tracts: 640a #354; 640a #355; 640a #358; 2,000a #359; 640a #360; 500a #361 All to Robert Lanier, dated 8 Jun 1797
Wit: Orman Kimbrough, Isaac McCaman, Polly Poindexter. Proven May Session 1802 by oath of Isaac McCaman.

Isaac McCammon made a purchase at the estate sale of Elizabeth Poindexter in 1816.
From the Surry Co NC book of Inventories, Bonds, etc. dated 1809-1818 and digitized on
An account of the property sold of the Estate of Elizabeth Poindexter deceased by William Poindexter and Robert A. Poindexter, the 7th and 8th of June 1816.
Isaac McCammon bought a plow, 5 bars of iron, a cupboard, a scythe. £18.7
August Term 1816. Sale of the Estate of Elizabeth Poindexter deceased was returned and ordered recorded. Jo.Williams, CC

Isaac was buried in the McCammon-Pettitt Cemetery, Riceville, McMinn Co. This cemetery no longer exists - there is a monument in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Athens, McMinn Co, TN. He is noted as having been a Soldier of the Revolution.
Names on the marker which says they were interred in the McCammon-Pettitt Cemetery
Isaac McCammon c. 1760 - 11 Jul 1841
Mary D. McCammon b. 1815
Elizabeth Carolina McCammon b. 1802
Margaret McCammon Pettitt 1800 - c 1850
Francis P. Pettitt 1797- March 1852
Elizabeth Carolina Pettitt Roberts 28 Aug 1829 - 29 May 1863
Edmund Roberts 18 Jan 1822 - 18 Jan 1908
Martha Milner Roberts Rogers 8 Aug 1852 - 16 Sept 1884 With Infant Twins
Infant Daughter of W. T. & Helen Hutsell Roberts 4 Nov 1887 - 6 Nov 1887
Martha Milner Pettitt Wallace 24 Dec 1831 - 2 Mar 1919
Jesse Burdine Wallace 23 Jul 1834 - 20 Jun 1917. Pvt Co K, 59th Tenn Infantry C.S.A.
Infant Wallace
Infant Pettitt

Elizabeth Carolina Pledge POINDEXTER and Isaac MCCAMMON had the following children:



Margaret A. MCCAMMON.



Elizabeth Carolina MCCAMMON was born in 1802.