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Ninth Generation

179. Francis Anderson POINDEXTER179,180 was born on 9 December 1764 in Goochland County, Virginia.60 He was baptized on 17 February 1765.124 He died on 21 March 1802 at the age of 37 in Granville County, North Carolina.60,63,179

Francis was a Captain in Robert Lanier's company during the Revolution; he then married Lanier's widow.

SURRY CO NC DEEDS; DB C; Mrs. W. O. Absher, Mrs. Robert K Hayes
p.411 14 Mar 1785 Thomas Poindexter sold 300 acres to William Phillips. Francis Poindexter was a witness.
p.460 14 Feb 1787 Thomas Pettit to Zachariah Martin for £500. S side Yadkin. Wit: William Hughlett, Francis Poindexter, Martin Armstrong, Jr.

SURRY CO NC DEEDS; DB D; Mrs. W. O. Absher, Mrs. Robert K Hayes
p.19-20 9 Aug 1788 Joseph Williams, Francis Poindexter & wife Jane, Executors of Estate of Robert Lanier dec'd to Alexander Douglas. [Robt Lanier by bond dated 21 Nov 1783 obligated to make deed to sd Douglas & failed to do so] 85 acres adj Sate & Lankaster. Signed: Joseph Williams, Francis Poindexter, Jane Poindexter. Wit: Henry Pattilo, Wm Thornton.
p.437 28 Sep 1789 John McBride sold 180 acres to John Truitt for £100. Wit: Francis Poindexter & Philip Howard.

ABSTRACTS OF LAND ENTRYS: SURRY CO NC 1784-1795; Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 1988
#363 Warrant issd. 5 Aug 1789 Henry Speer entered 100 acres on Yadkin. Borders Lancer's corner of land he purchased of Abraham Creson below mouth of Deep Crk, Abraham Creson's old deed land, land Francis Poindexter lives on, Kimbrough & Edward Young. Includes Shallow fork on Yadkin.

SURRY CO NC DEEDS; DB F; Mrs. W. O. Absher, Mrs. Robert K Hayes
p.104 5 Feb 1794 Charles Smith sold 216 acres to Stephen K. Smith for £100. West side Renfroes Creek, N fork Arrarat River. Wit: Wm Hughlett, Fra. Poindexter

Surry Co NC Court Minutes 1796-1800
Vol II
Agnes M. Wells & Iris M. Harvey 1991
Thur 14 Nov 1799
p.175 Following person appt as jurors at the next county court:
Francis Poindexter, Isaiah Coe, Meshack Franklin, Geo. Pettitt, David Poindexter, David Riggs, etc.

1800, Surry Co NC
Francis Poindexter. 3m under 10; 1m 26-45; 2f 10-16, 1f 26-45.

Surry Co NC Deed Abstracts 1800-1803 Vol. I
Carol Leonard Snow 1995
Bk I,, p.203 John S. West Esq, Marshal to Francis Poindexter for $501. 972 acres Executuion agst heirs & devisees of Robert Lanier. This parcel on Yadkin, both sides Shallowford Rd, begin poplar on Allen's Br. Adj Joseph Williams, Peter Mock, Orman Kimbrough, Hamilton, Thorton, & Colvard. Includes: Batter's Tract, 380 acres. Cane Brake Tract of 542 a; and one other of 50a including an island called “The Fishing Island” Francis Poindexter highest bidder. Proved Aug Term 1801.

Surry Co NC County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
Vol III, 1801-1804
Iris M. Harvey & Agnes M. Wells 1992
Tues 11 May 1802
p.62 Admin on estate of Francis Poindexter dec'd granted to Jane Poindexter, widow & relict who entered into bond with Orman Kimbrough security in the amount of 3000#. Admr qualified according to law and ordered that letters issue. Ordered that an order of sale issue.

Capt Francis Poindexter is buried in the Clingman Cemetery, Shallow Ford Crossing, Yadkin Co [now Forsyth] NC along with his wife Jane and her first husband Robert Lanier.

Francis Anderson POINDEXTER and Jane PATTILO were married on 26 May 1786 in Surry County, North Carolina.60,63 Jane PATTILO179, daughter of Henry Littleton PATTILO and Mary "Milly" ANDERSON, was born on 30 May 1760 in Hanover County, Virginia.179,181 She died on 8 January 1826 at the age of 65 in Surry County, North Carolina.181

Jane Patillo was first married to Robert Lanier. The Laniers were neighbors of Francis Poindexter's father. Apparently Robert Lanier died with debts. See later:

Estimated marriage date for Jane & Robert. Jane had three children by Robert Lanier but only Thomas Lanier, MD, in known.

p.118; Deed Book H, p.353 6 Jun 1800
John Sence West, Marshall for Dist of NC sold to Joseph Williams, Esq, of Surry Co NC as highest bidder, for $6 per each 100 acres, the lands of Robert Lanier. There was an execution from the Circuit Court for the sum of $6,335.90 in favor of Archebald and John Hamilton against the following: Thomas Lanier, Elizabeth H. Lanier, Francis Poindexter & Jane his wife.
[Jane married Francis Poindexter in 1786 - Thomas and Elizabeth are likely her children by Robert Lanier. They would be the heirs of Robert Lanier.]
There were 5 parcels of land described in the deed from the Entries of Surry Co. All marked in the margin of the Entry Book as granted.
#874 500 acres both sides Douglas's Branch, waters of Little Yadkin including vacant lands bounded by Gideon Wright, Frederick Miller, Robert Walker & Martin Armstrong. Entered 6 Nov 1778
#1314 100 acres on Stewart's Branch bet lands of Joseph Miller & William Bolejack, joining George Hauser's entry & Michael Carver's improved on Hauser's Road. 21 Jan 1779
#1603 350 acres adj Joseph Bolejack, Joseph Miller, Harmon Stultz's. 12 May 1779
#2194 640 acres bet lines of Andrew Speer, thomas Colson, James Burk, & John Speer to include all vacant land within. Made between 30 Dec 1779 and 11 Jan 1780.
#48 100 acres bet David Hudspeth, John Sater, & his own land on waters of Reed Creek. 13 Mar 1784.
Robert Williams & Alex Tate were witnesses to the above deed. It was proved by Robt Williams and ordered registered at the 1800 Aug Term of Surry Co Court. Jo. Williams, CC
[At the price of $6 per 100 acres, the amount paid for this 1690 acres did not come anywhere near covering the debt. The total paid was $101.40. Looks like the County Court Clerk got himself a bargain!]

Surry Co NC Deed Abstracts 1800-1803 Vol. I
Carol Leonard Snow 1995
Bk I, p.434 11 May 1802 Jane Poindexter, Executrix & Joseph William, Exr by will of Robert Lanier, dec'd, late of Surry to William Thornton. $632.50 5,060 acres including the following tracts: 640a #354; 640a #355; 640a #358; 2,000a #359; 640a #360; 500a #361 All to Robert Lanier, dated 8 Jun 1797
Wit: Orman Kimbrough, Isaac McCaman, Polly Poindexter. Proven May Session 1802 by oath of Isaac McCaman.

From The Colonial and State Records of North Carolina", William L. Saunders and Walter Clark, compilers (Raleigh: various publishers, 1886-1914)
21:831 Senate journal, 3 Dec 1790: Received from the House of Commons a memorial of Jane Pindexter, executrix, and Joseph Williams, executor of Robert Lanier.
21:862 Senate journal, Wed. 15 Dec 1790. The committee to whom the memorial of Jane Pindexter & Joseph Williams, was referred, beg leave to report. That from the information of the Comptroller, it appears that it is impossible to raise and support any charge in behalf of the public against the estate of the late Robert Lanier, Treasurer of the Salisbury district, for the utmost industry has been ineffectually used to collect from the Clerks of the different counties of said district their assessments, during the period in which Mr. Lanier acted.
21:865 Senate journal, 15 Dec 1790. Received from the House of Commons the report of the committee on the petition of the executors of Robert Lanier, dec'd. endorsed "Concurred with".

1820 Census, Surry Co NC, p.334
Jane Poindexter. 2m under age 10. 1f over age 45.
She would appear to have grandchildren living with her. Her three grown sons appear on the same page in the census which appears to be the District of Capt. T. Poindexter.

Jane Patillo Lanier Poindexter is buried at the Clingman Cemetery, Shallow Ford Crossing, Yadkin Co [now Forsyth] NC.

Francis Anderson POINDEXTER and Jane PATTILO had the following children:



Anne Patillo POINDEXTER.



Jane Frances "Jennie" POINDEXTER.



Dr. Henry Patillo POINDEXTER111 was born on 10 April 1792.182 He died on 9 February 1854 at the age of 61 in Hempstead County, Arkansas.182
Henry & Sarah Paup were married 7/10/1811 Brunswick Co, VA.

From the Surry Co NC book of Inventories, Bonds, etc. dated 1809-1818 and digitized on
Inventory of the book accounts of the Estate of William Moreland deceased revealed that he was the town's blacksmith. I just happened on the page and noticed that one of those owing Moreland for "smith's work" was Henry P. Poindexter for work done, 1814, 1815, 1816.
20 Jan 1817. We, Henry, Francis and Thomas Poindexter, certify that we have received the sum of one thousand, three hundred and sixty dollars seventy four cents from Peter Clingman our Guardian, It being in full of our interest in the Estate of Francis and Thomas Poindexter, decd. Signed: H. P. Poindexter. Fra.A. Poindexter. Thomas W. Poindexter
Court Term 1817. The receipt from Henry P Poindexter, Francis A Poindexter and Thomas W Poindexter was acknowledged by Henry P. Poindexter and proved by him as to the two others and ordered Recorded. JoWilliams, CC

1820 Census. Surry Co NC
Henry Poindexter. 1m 26-45 and 1f 26-45.

1830 Census. Surry Co, NC
Henry P. Poindexter: 1m 30-40. 1f 30-40.

1840 Census. Surry Co, NC
Henry P. Poindexter: 1m 40-50. 1f 10-15, 1f 40-50. [the 10-15 year old female may be ward Jane Long, see later]

I could never find Henry in Arkansas in 1850, yet a Newspaper Article from the Arkansas Gazette listed as State Senator, from Hempstead & Pike Counties: Henry P. Poindexter, dated 30 Aug 1850.

Henry moved to Arkansas where he died. He was a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives from Surry Co 1818-1820, and in 1840 was in the Senate. [Manual of North Carolina found on Google Books confirms his state government service] His wife was Sarah Paup. They had two daughters [? I am not at all sure that Henry and Sarah had children of their own. I believe they were childless.]

Henry P. Poindexter is buried Pioneer Cemetery, Hempstead Co, AR
Birth: Apr. 10, 1792
North Carolina, USA
Death: Feb. 10, 1854
Arkansas, USA
Inscription: Born in NC; Died in Ark.
He seems to be the only Poindexter buried in that cemetery

I did find a case from the Supreme Court of Arkansas, Reports of Cases at Law and in Equity, Argued & Determined in the Supreme Court of Arkansas, at the January, May, and October Terms, 1859. L. E. Barber, Reporter. Volume XX. Published at Little Rock, 1859, Johnson & Yerkes, State Printers.
Ferguson et al. vs. Williamson et al.
The case was a Appeal from Hempstead Circuit Court in Chancery. It had to do with a verbal promise of Henry P. Poindexter, concerning property. The lawyer for the appellant, stated that "It would be inequitable to deprive Poindexter of his legal advantage, when he has paid a larger amount than either of the complainants and an amount greatly beyond the value of the land purchased, and to which he held the legal title."
Original bill was filed by Thomas Williamson & John B. Sandefur, in Hempstead Circuit Court, against Elijah Ferguson and Thomas H. W. Maddux, as executors of Henry P. Poindexter, deceased. On 18 Aug 1848, Elijah Robins obtained a judgement against the President & Trustees of the Washington Male & Female Seminary for $800. An execution was issued levied on building materials of the corporation and a delivery bond executed by Henry P. Poindexter, as President of the Board of Trustees, with John W. Cocke, Henry P. Poindexter, James Gibson, Thomas Williamson, and John B. Sandefur as securities. The bond was forfeited. A lot of land of seven acres belonging to the corporation was sold at public sale, 5 Nov 1849, purchased by Henry P. Poindexter for $10 who received the deed, acknowledged and recorded.
The bill charges that previous to the sale, Poindexter, Williamson & Sandefur, agreed between themselves to pay the debt to Robins and that Poindexter should bid in the land for the use and benefit of himself and the complainants. Poindexter paid his portion, as well as that of Williamson; Sandefur paid the residue.
9 Feb 1854, Poindexter died, leaving Ferguson & Maddux as his executors. Poindexter did not in his lifetime make a deed to either of the complainants, nor had his executors done so as they should have done.
The defendants aver that Poindexter purchased the land for his own benefit. Depositions were taken.
S. T. Sanders. Stated the land was worth $500. Concurred by other witnesses. There was some understanding that the land should be bid for the benefit of the institution and persons were induced not to bid for the land at the sale.
C. B. Mitchell. Understood that the land was bought by Poindexter for benefit of the school
Wm. W. Anderson. He was induced not to bid for the land by some of the trustees.
G. D. Royston. Was present at the sale. Poindexter told him he purchased the land for the benefit of himself and the other persons who had paid the debt to Robins and intended to hold it for their benefit. If the corporation paid back the money, the land would by reconveyed to it. Royston declined bidding after conversing with Poindexter.
J. D. Trimble. Some of the trustees held an informal meeting before the sale and it was agreed that Poindexter should purchase the land for the benefit of himself and the others bound with him for payment of the debt, as an indemnity, and none of the other persons should bid against him. it was understood that Poindexter should purchase and hold the land for the benefit of the institution should it be able to discharge its debt, and if, not, hold it for the mutual benefit of himself and the others bound for payment of the debt. Poindexter was present at the meeting and he thinks the complainants were also present.
Depositions showed that the trustees had abandoned the building of the institution.
The court ordered the complainants to amend their bill to make the trustees of the school and the widow, legatees. Mrs. Poindexter adopted the answer filed.
On final hearing the court decreed that the land should be sold for the benefit and reimbursement of the persons who paid the debt to Robins.
Maddux, one of the executors, had died. Ferguson, the surviving executor and Mrs. Poindexter appealed. The Decree of the Circuit court was just and was upheld.

Posted Poindexter Family Genalogy Forum, 26 Jan 2008.
On Fri, Feb 11, 1834,in the Court Minutes of Surry Co., N.C. Henry P. Poindexter was appointed Guardian of 4 children. (see below) I am a descendant of one of these LONG orphans, and would like to know if anyone has any information about what happened after this event. All of the LONG children remained in N.C., but Henry P. Poindexter apparently did not.
“Anthony Long, Guardian to Tho Long, Jane Long, Jno Long, and Wm Long, came into court and resigned his said guardianship, whereupon the court upon motion appointed Henry P. Poindexter, Guardian to said children to wit, Tho Long, Jane Long, Jno Long, and Wm Long who entered into bond with N(icholas) L Williams & Elias Turner as securitys in the sum of $10,000 the justices were Jos Williams, Wm C Bird and Micajah Oglesby, C B Tucker, & E Parker. Fee paid.”
(NOTE: Elias Turner was maternal grandfather of these four LONG orphans. Guardian may have been Dr. Henry Patillo Poindexter, b. 4/10/1792 Surry Co, NC, m. bef 1820 Sarah Paup, was on 1820 census in Surry Co, said to have moved to TN., then AR. )

2 August 2010
RE: Your posting of Descendants of John Pledge

Henry Patillo POINDEXTER, Dr. b: 10 Apr 1792 , Surry, N.C. d: 10 Feb 1854 Old Washington, Hempstead, AR. Burial: Pioneer Cemetery, Old Washington, Hempstead, AR.
.. +Sarah PAUP b: Abt. 1793 , Brunswick, VA. m: 10 Jul 1811 , Brunswick, VA.

I am not a descendant of Dr. Henry Patillo Poindexter, but have a lingering question about him : Henry was made Guardian 2/11/1834 in Surry Co, NC of Thos Long (age 14), Jno Long (age 11), Jane Long age (9) & Wm Long (age 7). They were children of John Long (deceased) & Elizabeth Davie Turner. Guardianship of the LONG children had been awarded four years previously to the children's Uncle Anthony Long, but for some reason , Anthony relinquished his guardianship. So, in 1834 Henry took over. My question: Does anyone know if Henry & Sarah raised all four to adulthood ?

Henry Patillo POINDEXTER, Dr. b: 10 Apr 1792 , Surry, N.C. d: 10 Feb 1854 Old Washington, Hempstead, AR. Burial: Pioneer Cemetery
.. +Sarah PAUP b: Abt. 1793 , Brunswick, VA. m: 10 Jul 1811 , Brunswick, VA.

NOTE: Did Henry migrate to Hempstead Co., AR. with the John Paup party from Brunswick Co, VA. in late 1835. One in that party was employed by Edward B. Hicks, attorney of BC, to purchase and manage property in Arkansas prior to it becoming a State.
If you should find any further info about the questions above, I would appreciate being advised. Thank you

William H. Smith, Lenoir, NC

Jane Long, b. 11/29/1825 could have been the 10-15 year old in the household of Henry in 1840. However, then Jane m. 5/16/1843, Surry Co, NC to James L. Blackwell (merchant in Statesville, NC) and had 10 children. Her brothers must have stayed either with other LONG relatives, or on their own, in Huntsville, Yadkin Co, NC, instead of making the trek to Arkansas. They remained in Surry Co, NC for the rest of their lives. The oldest brother, Thomas, would have been 20 in 1940, and did not marry until age 29, so he may have felt responsibility for his siblings.

From Poindexter Message Board and mail list, 28 Apr 2013:
Old letter dated December 28, 1844 by Dr. Henry Patillo Poindexter in Spring Hill, Arkansas and sent to Tyre Glen in Red Plains, Surry County, North Carolina.
Addressed to Tyre Glen, Esqr., Post Master, Red Plains, Surry County, North Carolina
Spring Hill
December 28th 1844
Dear Sir,
I received your letter by last mail and noticed the contents, I had for some time previous intended writing to you whenever I had anything worth your attention to communicate. And first as to the business on which you addressed me I can give you no additional information on the Armstrong matter not before communicated. The agreement took place in Gilman's Room and it seems to me he would recollect it by his attention being called to the subject. Speak with Mr. Jarratt. He was also present and is interested in the settlement. I certainly wish you to contest the matter with Stipe. He acknowledged the account to Thomas Long sometime before I warranted him as also to myself each article and after I brought suit he admitted he got all the articles in the account before Isaac Church and Solomon Conrad, Esqr.
When I first called on him, he said after looking over the account he remembered getting all the articles but had done some hauling to Fayetteville and back for P___ & Clingman before I became interested in the store but supposed it would make no difference if he took it up in our store as Frank was interested in h____. I told him if he would get and acknowledge that the firm of P____ & Clingman owed him that amount, I would take it and receipt him and he set a day by which he would settle with them and come and see me but the day passed by without his doing so. I then brought a warrant which was returned at Brookstown. He again put off the trial on the same plea of a settlement with Pur____ & Clingman but agreed that Squire Sol Conrad should take the warrant & account and a set day we would appear and habe the matter disposed of. THe evening before I received a letter from him asking farther time and setting a day next week. I accordingly attended at the time. He did not. I handed his letter to Squire Conrad showing him that day had been set by Stipe and he entered the judgement. Stipe having at the first as mentioned before acknowledged the account but plead the ____.
Some time after the judgement, I was present in Huntsville when Stipe & Frank examined the Book of Pur___ & Clingman and Stipe had a credit for the very hauling he had claimed and was still, if I recollect right, some behind with them -- at least they owed him nothing which both Pur___ & Frank had previously told me was the case, I suppose he must have sworn hard to get it in Court, but if he has given security as I expect, he has I think you can fix it on him.
As regards the agreement with Frank to have the Negro case to Poindexter & Bayden, I am well satisfied. Frank can hardly expect for me to take a note for the Negroes when he recollects the amount of money I have had to pay for the concern and must know to what inconvenience I have been subjected and that funds at present are of considerable importance, more than perhaps will ever be the case hereafter. I therefore decline his offer. I am fully satisfied as I have always expected to be with the arrangements you have made with mu business and wish you to continue to manage it as if it was your own. I shall certainly be glad to receive whatever may be due as soon as it can be collected and still wish the land sold as soon as possible and prompt pay will be more acceptable even at a sacrifice that a larger sum at long time.
I am pleased with this country as far as I have yet been enabled to examine it. I had intended to give you as full a description of it as I could but as my sheet is full, must defer it to some future time. My health is as good or better than usual. My wife's much better. All the family well, and the neighborhood generally healthy.
Remind me to friends. I have some there I shall never forget. And accept for yourself & Mrs. Glen the best wishes of myself & wife.
H. P. Poindexter



Francis Anderson POINDEXTER Jr..



Thomas William POINDEXTER.