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Ninth Generation

178. Ann Radford POINDEXTER63 was born on 18 December 1760 in Goochland County, Virginia.60 She was baptized on 31 January 1761 in Goochland County, Virginia.124 She died on 31 July 1835 at the age of 74 in North Carolina.63

Ann is said to have hidden notes in her petticoats from her mother concerning the British troops and taken them across enemy lines. Her mother was recognized as a DAR Patriot. However, actual proof of these episodes has long since been lost and no one can join DAR on Elizabeth Pledge Poindexter without representing new proof.

9 Nov 1799
Know all men by these presents that I Thomas Poindexter of the County of Surry & State of North Carolina, for the natural love and affection that I have for my Daughter Anna Radford Scott and her husband Daniel Scott & for & in the consideration of five shillings to me in hand paid by the said Daniel Scott the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, Have given granted bargained & sold & by these presents do give grant bargain and sell unto the said Daniel Scott one certain Negro girl named Phillis aged near twelve years, which Negro Phillis is now & has been in the possession of said Daniel Scott some time which said Negro Phillis I do hereby warrant the title to be good unto the said Daniel Scott him his heirs and addigns forever & to be free & clear of and from all manner of incomberances whatsoever; And I the said Thomas Poindexter do hereby oblige myself to warrant and defend the title of said Negro girl Phillis to be good unto the said Daniel Scott him his heirs and assigns forever against me my heirs and assigns and against all and every person or persons whatsoever. In testimony whereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal this ninth day of November AD 1799.
Signed: Thos. Poindexter
Test. Alexander Kerr
Valentine C. Martin, Jurat
Surry County February Session 1800. The execution of the above Bill of sale from Thomas Poindexter to Anna Radford Scott and her husband Daniel Scott was duly proven in open Court by the oath of Valentine C. Martin, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded at large.
Done accordingly, etc. JoWilliams CC
Surry Co, NC, Wills 1783-1792, Vol. 2, p.53

Ann Radford POINDEXTER and Daniel SCOTT were married on 13 February 1780 in North Carolina.60,111 Daniel SCOTT177,178, son of Daniel SCOTT and Anna RANDOLPH, was born in 1756.177 He died on 3 July 1824 at the age of 68.177

Veteran of the Revolution. Enlisted in Jan of 1777 in Powhatan Co, VA in Capt Baytop's Co., Col. William Heth's Virginia Regiment. After serving a year, he enlisted for three years and was in the Battle of Monmouth and paid at Valley Forge. He saw service in Capt Charles Fleming's Co of the 7th Virginia Regt. He was granted a soldier's pension in 1819, Surry Co NC.

27 Nov 1790, Daniel Scott purchased 640 acres on the Old Sycamore Ford Road, which was the main road between Bethania and Wilkesboro NC. He bought the land from his father-in-law, Thomas Poindexter and was the tract located in the east bend of the Yadkin River and granted to Thomas Poindexter by the State of North Carolina, 13 Oct 1783. Their home was called the "Red house". Apparently it was painted red and the original builder's name was Redd and he had built gun ports in the wall. The house was used as a refuge during Indian raids. The river bottoms were subject to flooding and the road was relocated.

Additional information about the Redd House came from the Poindexter message board.
Posted 14 Jan 2011 by Alton Hill:
I have heard of the "REDD House", which was not named after it's color "Red", but for the person who initially built and lived in the house. It was then the home of Captain Daniel Scott, who married one of Captain Thomas Poindexter and Elizabeth "Betty" Pledge Poindexter's daughters, Ann Radford Poindexter. Captain Daniel Scott was also an acclaimed officer in the American Revolution.
The "Redd House" sat on the opposite end of the Yadkin River, from where the Tavern was located, even farther northeast than Cpt.Thomas' house. Daniel Scott prided himself with having the largest number of fish traps of anyone whose house was along the Yadkin River, so he was buried down from his house to the banks of the Yadkin River, "so he could watch over his fish traps", his wife Ann Radford Poindexter proclaimed.

VOL K&L 1803-1808
Deed Book K, p.379 7 Feb 1805 Thomas Poindexter to William Apperson. 6.7.6. 10 acres in Surry Co part of his Whealin tract adj Floyd's old corner & Nowlin's old line. Wit: Job Martin, Daniel (X) Scott. Proved Feb Term by Scott.

In the pension records, on 13 Feb 1822, living in Daniel's home were Anny about age 60 and a daughter Melinda, age 12. All the other children had left home and were self-supporting.

Through the years Daniel & Ann sold some of their property - the majority of it to her brother Robert Alexander Poindexter. They were buried near the Red House.

Ann Radford POINDEXTER and Daniel SCOTT had the following children:



Jane Malinda/Matilda SCOTT (private).



Thomas Poindexter SCOTT (private).



Francis "Frank" SCOTT.



John M. SCOTT (private).



Robert Randolph SCOTT.



Daniel Wentworth SCOTT.



Elizabeth Pledge "Betsy" SCOTT (private).



Mary Poindexter "Polly" SCOTT (private).



Ann Radford "Nancy" SCOTT.