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Seventh Generation

34. Susanna POINDEXTER was born on 6 February 1696/7 in New Kent County, Virginia.2,24 She died in 1741 at the age of 44 in New Kent County, Virginia.

Two children are known - sons, John and William.

Louisa Co DB A, p.225
27May 1746  John Snead of Hanover to Thomas Poindexter of Louisa.  for 30#'s.  Tract in Louisa joining a parcel taken up by John Poindexter on the southwest side of the Piney Mountain begin at Poindexters corner pine; along his line. Sd land granted to John Snead by patent dated 16 Jun 1745.  400 acres. Signed:  John Snead.  Wit: Chas Bickley, William Tait, George Thomson

In the Louisa Co VA Minute or Court Order Book, 1760-1764, John Snead seems to have sued C. Poindexter [Christian "Kitty", the widow], Thomas Poindexter [her son], and Robert Anderson [her son-in-law] as Executors of John Poindexter, Dec'd. 13 Jul 1762. [Presumably in right of his wife Susanna concerning her mother's estate.]

Susanna POINDEXTER and John SNEAD were married.29,56 John SNEAD died in 1782 in Hanover County, Virginia.

William Sneed (b.1721), son of John and Susannah
(Poindexter) Sneed settled in Amelia County, Virginia
where he is found in county records. This William
Sneed married Elizabeth BICKLEY (b.1719), daughter of
Joseph and Sarah Bickley of King William County,
Virginia. Their youngest child, Robert Sharp Sneed,
was born January 23, 1760.

A person can easily be mistaken in assuming Robert
Sharp Sneed would be the son of William Sneed and
Catherine Sharp, but he was not. William Sneed and
Catherine Sharp's son, Robert, was born in 1755
according to the Douglas Register. William Sneed and
Elizabeth Bickley's son, Robert Sharp Sneed, was born
January 23, 1760.

Much of the information on the family of William and
Elizabeth (Bickley) Sneed is found in their Bible,
owned by a descendant and copied in 1941.

William Sneed son of John & Susannah Sneed
Born May 12th 1721 in Hanover County

Elizabeth Sneed Wife of William Sneed
Daughter of Joseph & Sarah Bickley
Born December 12th 1719 in King William County

Susannah Poindexter Sneed
Daughter of William & Elizabeth Sneed
Born February 7th 1748

John Bickley Sneed
Son of William & Elizabeth Sneed
Born August 12th 1751

Sarah Shelton Sneed
Daughter of William & Elizabeth Sneed
Born July 6th 1753

William Joseph Sneed
Son of William & Elizabeth Sneed
Born September 15th 1755

Elizabeth Bickley Sneed
Daughter of William & Elizabeth Sneed
Born October 12th 1757

Robert Sharp Sneed
Son of William & Elizabeth Sneed
Born January 23rd 1760

So, there were two William Sneeds.

1. William Sneed m. Catherine Sharp. They had a son,
Robert, born 1755. Nothing more known.

2. William Sneed (b.1721), son of John and Susannah
(Poindexter) Sneed. He married Elizabeth Bickley
(b.1719), daughter of Joseph Bickley of King William
County, Virginia and lived in Amelia County, Virginia.
Their youngest son, Robert Sharp Sneed (b.1760), was a
veteran of the Revolutionary War and settled in Wake
County, North Carolina about 1790.

I do not know the origin of Robert Sharp Sneed's
middle name, but it apears to be entirely

Catherine, a daughter of Robert Sharpe of Henrico County, married a Snead and is mentioned in Sharpe's will of 5 Jun 1772.

She married WILLIAM SNEAD 6 Apr 1748 in Goochland Co., VA. However, this was NOT the son of John Snead and Susanna Poindexter.

The following is confusing as it confirms Catherine Sharpe's place in the family. However it does NOT agree with William's brother being John who married Jane Winn, nor does it mention that the apparent father - John Snead had married Susanna Poindexter. I suspect Snead families have been confused and confabulated.

A history of the Snead family begins with John Snead.He had four sons -- Henry (eldest; d. abt 1729 leaving a son Charles), William (bap 1690, St Peter's Par; had son William jr), John (who obtained a patent in 1745 at Piney Mountain), and Samuel.

Henry was not survived by his son Charles, or only briefly, because by 1732 William was living on the tract formerly owned by his father.He was still there in 1755.

Until 1739, William's younger brother John owned adjoining land which William bought from him for William's sons.John obtained a patent in 1745 on Piney Mountain, which he later sold. [Louisa Co. DB A, p 225]He had two sons -- John and William--who settled in Goochland Co.

John married Sarah Woodram in 1763 and had sons Benjamin and Claiborne and a daughter Elizabeth. [Douglas Register, pp 298, 44]

William married Catherine Sharp and had two daughters-- Catherine, b. 1748, and Martha, b. 1750 -- and a son Robert, born in 1754. [Douglas Register (register of St. James Northam Parish in Goochland County, VA), Jones, ed., p. 66.]

[Information obtained from The Sneads of Goochland, pp 106-07]

Susanna POINDEXTER and John SNEAD had the following children:



William SNEAD was born on 12 May 1721 in Hanover County, Virginia. He died in 1790 at the age of 69 in Amelia County, Virginia.