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Seventh Generation

33. John POINDEXTER21,28,45,46,47 was born on 9 November 1696 in Hanover County, Virginia.2,8 He died on 22 May 1753 at the age of 56 in Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, Virginia.2,8,48

The birthdate of this John has been repeatedly stated as 1703 which comes from the lawsuit of Sneed vs. Poindexter, 1765, Louisa Co. The date is apparently based on assumptions. Records show that John was a property owner by 1719, which implies he was at least 21 by that date, or possibly born before 1697. Deeds of John's stepfather, James Brechin, give Brechin's land as adjacent to the Widow Crawford in 1711, 1715, then in 1719 the adjacent property is listed as John Poindexter's rather than the Widow Crawford. John's mother Sarah received land from her father David in 1691, clearly a consideration in her marriage to Thomas Poindexter. Several of the children could have been born before 1700. I'm not sure where the exact date of John's birth has come from and suspect it is not accurate. Another indication he was the eldest son of Sarah Crawford Poindexter Brechin is that he was named first among her four sons in her will, followed by the listing of her daughters - a very traditional way of listing children in wills in that time period.

John got the unfortunate task of settling the estate of his stepfather, the Rev. James Brechin. A task that might well fall to the eldest son of Brechin's widow. The Westmoreland court records have at least some two dozen lawsuits filed for debts of the Rev. Understandable why the widow and others did not want to be executors. One wonders what he owed John for him to quality as the one to whom Brechin owed the most. Again this administration was granted in 1722 - it certainly could not have been granted to a man born in 1703!
Westmoreland Co VA Orders 1721-1724
F. Edward Wright 2007
p.43 28 Mar 1722 LW&T of Rev. James Brechin clk dec presented in Court Febry last by Sarah his relict and one of his extrs who made oath thereto. Proved by oaths of two of witnesses and admitted to record; probate referr'd. Sarah Brechin, George Turbervile & Thomas Sorrell, exrs in the will nominated in open court refuse to undertake the burthen. On motion of John Poindexter [greatest creditor to sd dec'd estate] - certificate is granted for Letters of Administration. Youell Watkins, John Awbrey, Own Brinnon & Thomas Nickolls assmed securities. Youll Watkins, Francis Attwell, Wm Chandler & John Awbrey or any three to appraise sd estate in money and make report.

CAVALIERS & PIONEERS; Vol III, p.350 [probably this John]
Charles Chiswell patented 4975 acres in Hanover Co on both sides of Contrary River & Franks Run, South side of Northanna. Adj Col Nicholas Meriwether, Benjamin Brown, Mrs. Barbary Winston, John Poindexter, Ambrose Joshua Smith & Capt William Fleming; on Elk Creek, to Capt Carr's line. 28 Sep 1728.
p.359 27 Sep 1729 John Poindexter patented 1000 acres in Hanover Co adj. Mr. Joseph Powell, Benj Brown & Mrs. Barbary Winston, by a glaid of Elk Creek.
Vol IV
p.47 21 Aug 1734. John Aylett of King William patented 2400 acres in Hanover on branches of Golden Mine Crk by the Mountain Tract. Adj. Col. Meriwether, Mr. John Poindexter & Col. Symes. PB 15, p.273 [Matthew Jouett lived in same area- see his notes.]
p.68 27 Feb 1734 John Poindexter. 400 acres Hanover Co both sides Golden Mine Crk adj Col. Nicholas Meriwether & Capt. Humphrey Hill. PB 15, p.451
p.164 20 Jul 1738 John Poindexter. 400 acres Hanover on Southwest side of Poindexter's alias Piney Mountain, both sides Poindexter's Crk. adj. Poindexter & Webb. PB 18, p.31
p.165 20 Jul 1738 John Poindexter. 400 acres Hanover, SW side Poindexter's alias Piney Mountain & both sides Poindexter's Crk on North, North branch, North fork of James adj. Dalton & Webb PB 18, p.32

Louisa Co Va Deed Books
DB 1, p.6 John Poindexter, along with John Carr was security for Joseph Bickley, appointed as Sheriff. In the amount of 1000 #'s sterling. 12 Dec 1742
Here are some of John's neighbors:
p.68   9 May 1743  William Monkus to Wm Kendrick of Hanover.  20#s  400 acres. Begin Charles Smith's corner; Christopher Smith's line; Mr. John Poindexter's corner by the side of a Valley; Benjamin Brown's line; Ambrose Joshua Smith's corner; Charles Smith's line to the beginning. Signed:  William (x) Monkus.  wit: Thos. Prestwood Jun.  Anne (o)White.  Wm. White
p.170 23 Feb 1744 John Poindexter to William Lucas Junr of Orange Co. 400 acres both sides of Poindexter's Crk, Mr. Webb's corner on ridge bet the River & Crk. Part of tract of 800 acres Granted to Poindexter in two separate patents on 22 Jul 1738. Signed: John Poindexter. Acknowledged by Poindexter 26 Feb 1744.
DB 1, p.250 18 Sep 1746 John Poindexter, gentleman, to Hugh Currin of Spotsylvania, blacksmith. 200 acres on branches of Contrary River, Chiswell's line, corner of Chiswell & Brown. Signed: John Poindexter.
Wit: Robert. Anderson, A. J. Smith. 23 Sep 1746 Ack. Christiane, wife, relinquished dower.
Louisa Co DB B, p. 109   28 Sep 1756  Hugh Currin & Mary his wife to John Darracott of Hanover Co.  25#'s.200 acres.  Conveyed to Currin by John Poindexter 18 Sep 1746.  Chiswells line; Browns line.  Ack same day. Mary privately examined.
Louisa Co VA deed Books A & B 1742-1759, Abstracted & compiled by Rosalie Edith Davis
Also read on LDS Microfilm, #0032201

VA biographical Encyclopedia, Vol IV states that John left a will admitted to record 29 May 1753. Widow, Christiana was executrix. Sons named: Thomas, John, William, Richard, Joseph, and daughters. One of the bequests was 200 acres on Golden Mine Creek & a slave named Leander to son William - later William and wife Margaret deeded 100 acres of land on Goldmine Creek to John Poindexter. In 1771, William Poindexter of Trinity Parish was listed as owning a slave Leander. Solid evidence that William who married Margaret was a son of John and Christian. Poindexter.
John is mentioned as living in the parish vestry book for the last time on 29 Nov 1752; at the the next meeting on 27 Jan 1753, he is mentioned as deceased; hence he died between these two dates.

Louisa Co WB 1, p.27 John Poindexter. Dated _______1750. Rec. 22 May 1753. Wife: Christian Poindexter. Sons: Thomas, John, William, Richard, Joseph. Dau: Ann, Sarah, Frances Anderson. Last five Wm, Richd Jos, Ann & Sarah. John – 200 acres on Gold Mine Crk, Son Wm, 200 acres Gold Mine Crk. Sons Richard & Joseph, 400 acres N fork of James. Land on Contrary River except 100 acres where John Sharrot now lives, which I desire executors make him a right to.
Exrs: Wife Christian. Sons Thomas Poindexter & Robert Anderson. Signed: John Poindexter
Wit: James Overton, Griffith Dickason, Mary Overton

Louisa Co DB D 1/2
p.466  Received of Christian Poindexter & Robert Anderson, Executors of John Poindexter Deceased ten Negro slaves to wit, five males named Robin, Frank, Dick, Jerry & Henry, also five females, to wit, Dinah, Milley, Mary, Judah, and Phillis which said Slaves were Settled on me as Heir intail to the said John Poindexter by an Act of the General Assembly for that particular purpose, made and provided.  Given under my hand this Eight day of March 1773.
Thomas Poindexter
Acknowledged by Thos. Poindexter, Gent.  Mar 8 1773  John Nelson, clerk

John, the son of Thomas and Sarah Crawford Poindexter, had a son Thomas P. who married Lucy Jones, and their 7th son, George, born in 1779 was Governor of Mississippi and a U. S. Senator. (Susanna's college friend, Martha Scott Poindexter from Mississippi is very likely descended from this line which would make them distant, very distant, cousins.

John POINDEXTER and Christian "Kitty" GISSAGE\GORSUCH were married about 1727.2,49 Christian "Kitty" GISSAGE\GORSUCH50, daughter of Richard G. GISSAGE\GORSUCH and Sarah SHELTON, was born on 2 October 1702.8,51 She died in May 1779 at the age of 76 in Louisa County, Virginia.8,29,51

WB 2, p.358 Will of Christian Poindexter. Children: John, William, Joseph, Richard, Frances Anderson, Anne Slaughter, Sarah Trion. Gson: William Poindexter Jr. Frances Anderson is dead – her part to her children; also to dec'd son Richard's two daus, Christian & Feby. Exr: John, William & Joseph Poindexter. 25 Jun 1778. signed: Christian Poindexter.
Wit: Jno Slaughter, Sally A. Biggers, Elizabeth Poindexter, Ann G. Poindexter, William White. Rec. 14 Jun 1779

John POINDEXTER and Christian "Kitty" GISSAGE\GORSUCH had the following children:












Anne Elizabeth POINDEXTER.









Richard POINDEXTER52,53,54 was born about 1738.55 He died before May 1775 at the age of 37.55

Richard is said to have married Betty "Triton" but it is likely she was Betty Irion as Richard's sister Sarah married Philip Irion. This unusual surname is often misread and misspelled.

p.48 Louisa Co WB 2, p.289 Bond of Jos. Poindexter, adm of est of Richard Poindexter. Security John Poindexter. 13 May 1775. Signed: Joseph Poindexter, John Poindexter

12 Jul 1779. Bond of John Poindexter & John Nelson. John Poindexter, Gentleman, guardian to Christan G. Poindexter, orphan of Richard Poindexter, dec'd.

MAGAZINE OF VIRGINIA GENALOGY, VOL.36, No. 2 ; Spring 1998 "French & Indian War Land Bounty Certificates" by Barbara Vines Little; pp.151-166
Richard Poindexter of Louisa Co. Certificate #250. 12 Oct 1779
By the oaths of Capt John Poindexter & Capt Joseph Fox that Richard Poindexter, Brother to the sd John, enlisted as a soldier under Capt Joseph Fox. And the said John Poindexter as Guardian to one of the coheirs, declared on Oath that he believed his said Brother, Richard, in his Life time, never Located or sold his right to the same to any person.

Richard had two children mentioned in his mother's will - Christian and Feby.