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Tenth Generation

383. DOROTHY AMOS POINDEXTER276 was born on 24 September 1805 in Surry County, North Carolina.15,277 She died on 24 November 1846 at the age of 41 in Pulaski County, Missouri.166,277

Found Dorothy's middle name in St. Francois Co MO Deed Book B, p.158. 13 Apr 1837. Richard Jones and Dorothy Amos Jones his wife sold their property in Murphy's Settlement of St. Francois Co.

Died at Dry Fork near the present town of Rolla, now in Phelps County.

DOROTHY AMOS POINDEXTER and Rev. RICHARD JONES were married about 1821 in Monroe County, Kentucky.278 Rev. RICHARD JONES166,279,280,281,282,283,284,285, son of CLAYBORN JONES and ELIZABETH GILES, was born on 16 November 1803 in Madison County, Kentucky.15,277 He served in the military in 1832 at Capt. Abraham Lincoln's Company, 4th Regiment of Whiteside's Brigade, Mounted Volunteers, Illinois Militia in Black Hawk War. He died on 13 March 1853 at the age of 49 in Pulaski County, Missouri.15,277,282

Born, possibly Monroe County, KY

In Monroe Co KY in 1820, on the same page of the census as Archibald Poindexter, father of Dorothy can be found Claybourn, Fleming, and William Jones. Fleming is on the same page as Pointdexter in Tompkinsville in 1830 with a Lemuel two pages away. Dorothy & Richard use Clayborne, Fleming, and William in naming their children.

The Casstevens book has a particular date of July 7, 1821, for the marriage of Dorothy Poindexter and Richard Jones - I've not seen it elsewhere and no reference cited.

1824 Morgan Co IL Voter List has Richard Jones in Indian Creek Precinct; his brother-in-law Isaac R. Bennett is also there. "Caleb" Jones in Center Precinct, was this possibly Claybourn Jones?

1830 Morgan Co IL Census, p.62. Richard Jones with 2m -5 [Claybourne & Thomas]; 1m 20-30 [Richard]; 1f -5 [Ally]; 2f 5-10 [Rebekah & Elizabeth]; 1f 20-30 [Dorothy]

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Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database
Richard Jones, Sangamon Co, E2NE of S10 T16N R07W Purchased 20 Oct 1830

Richard Jones served as a private and color bearer in Capt. Abraham Lincoln's Company, 4th Regitment of Whiteside's Brigade, Mounted Volunteers of the Illinois Militia. He entered service 21 Apr 1832 at Richland, Illinois, and was mustered out at the mouth of Fox River, 27 May 1832. He was promoted to color bearer on May 2nd. Black Hawk War.

Came to Missouri by late 1833.
St. Francois DB A, p.551
21 Dec 1833 Thomas E. Burnham to Richard Jones, all of St. Francois. $400. Land in Murphy's Settlement on waters of River of St. Francois purchased by Isaac Burnham dec'd of William Murphy Senr dec'd. Begin ...John Murphy's line, South to side of William Murphy's old line. Signed: Thomas E. Burnham. Rec. 20 May 1834.
DB B, p.159
13 Apr 1837 Richard Jones and Dorothy Amos Jones his wife to Jepthat D. Bradley of Scott Co KY for $700. Tract in St. Francois Co in Murphy's Settlement on waters of St. Francois River purchased by Isaac Burnham dec'd of Wm Murphy Senr dec'd. Begin at oak on John Murphy's line ...stake side of Wm Murphy's old line. Signed: Richard Jones, Dorothy Amos Jones. Rec. 13 Apr 1837.

Marriages performed by Richard Jones, ordained minister of United Baptist Order, in St. Francois County MO:
p.2 22 Jun 1836 Daniel Williams & Sally Jones
p.10 6 Mar 1837 Hudson Davis & Elizabeth Brewin
p.20 31 Oct 1838 William A. McFarland & Elizabeth H. Vance
p.30 12 Jul 1840 Edward ?Butler and Mary J. ?Slam [too faded to read]
p.35 19 Nov 1840 Isaac N. Bradford of Pulaski Co. & Frances Mary Vance
16 Dec 1840 Jess. J. McFarland & Sarah Jane Vance

1840 St. Genevieve Co MO Census has a Richard Jones with 2m -5 [Francis & Robert]; 2 m 10-15 [Claybourne & Thomas F.]; 1m 30-40 [Richard]; 3f 5-10 [Ally, Sarah, & Polly]; 3f 30-40 [no doubt error - one is Dorothy], Elizabeth age 16, baby Lucy age 2 may have died young, Rebecca was married but could have been counted - likely Richard's family]
1850 Pulaski Co MO - Richard Jones age 46, merchant worth $1500, born KY; wife Hannah L. age 36 b. TN; Thomas F. age 22 b. IL; Polly J., age 16 b. MO as were remaining children; Robert age 13; Richard age 10; Zadock W. P. age 7; Dorothy age 5. All children were Dorothy's.

From Goodspeed. History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps & Den Counties, MO. "The next one [second marriage record in Dent Co] records the marriage of John B. Harrison of Miller Co, and Martha Hyer of Dent, by Richard Jones, an elder of the Old School Baptist Church."

Married second time to Hannah, surname unknown. [Date based on death of first wife]

Will dated 16 Feb 1853.
Know all whom it may concern that I, Richard Jones, being in my right mind, and in fear of the Lord, witness since of my soon having to depart this life do on this sixteenth day of February in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fifty three, make this as my last will and testiment as follows, to wit: I do first will and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Hannah, my mansion house and farm attached thereto as long as she lives and remains my widow, and I do further will that she have six or eight head of milk cows as she thinks best to choose. And that she have as many slaughter hogs as shall be necessary for own use and the family and her ___ and further that she have five head of horses for the use of the family and herself to work and farm with. And I do further will that all of my remaining portions of my personal property estate be sold at twelve months credit at public sale to the highest bidder except my beef cattle that I am now feeding. I wish them to be taken and sold in the St. Louis market as soon as circumstance will admit, all except seven or eight of them which request to be kept and fed untill they get in good market ____ and then to be taken and sold at St. Louis and proceeds of my cattle as well as the proceeds of my other personal property be applied first to the payment of my just debts, secondly, that the remainder of the proceeds be equally divided among all my legal heirs, except that the four oldest children, to wit: Rebecca P. Elizabeth, Claybourn, and T. F. Jones, shall be subject to a deduction of fifty dollars each of their part of legacy for property already received. And I do further will that at the execution of the will in ____time to wit the death or marriage of my said widow, that the land and other property be sold and an equal distribution of the proceeds be made among all my legal heirs. And I do appoint T. F. Jones as my executor to carry into effect this, my last will and testament, all of which I do declare to be my last will and testiment in the testimony whereof I here unto set my hand and seal, this day and year above written.
Signed: Richard Jones
Witnesses: W. C. York, Napoleon Wilson

[Died in Pulaski County MO - the part that became Phelps Co] Buried in Hawkins/Jones Cemetery, Arlington, MO.

Letter from granddaughter Lula Bertha (Jones) Pauley to Marlene Jones, [about 1971] stated the following.
"Your great-great grandfather was Richard Jones and his wifes name was Poindexter. ... They lived in Newburg, Missouri. He had a general store and a mill in Newburg and a farm. ... He was a Baptist minister and had three sons and town daughters that I heard my father speak of..... Grandfather and Grandmother both passed on when my father was a little boy and his oldest sister, took him and his youngest sister to raise. She married Uncle Murphy Brown.... Her husband had been dead a long time when I seen her ....She was a widow and lived at Rocky Comfort, McDonald Co MO. I never remember her speaking of but one girl of hers. She married Tom Comstock, part Indian, and a wealthy man."

DOROTHY AMOS POINDEXTER and Rev. RICHARD JONES had the following children:






Elizabeth JONES.



Claybourne JONES.



Thomas Fleming JONES.



Ally M. JONES282 was born on 15 April 1830 in Missouri.277

Died between 1840 and 1850.



Sarah JONES282 was born on 29 January 1832 in Missouri.277,279

Died between 1840 and 1850.



Polly J. JONES.



Francis M. JONES282 was born on 8 May 1835.277 He died before 1840 at the age of 5.282

Died between 1830 and 1840.



Robert JONES.



Lucy Avon JONES was born on 7 October 1838 in Missouri.277,279 She died before 1840 at the age of 2.282

Lucy's middle name may be Amos like her mother's, instead of Avon.



Richard Polk JONES.



Zadoc Wright JONES.



Dorothy A. JONES.