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Eighth Generation

87. ???? John POINDEXTER died circa 1772 in Orange County, North Carolina.

This person will not be found in this family anywhere else. This is speculation and not to be taken as fact. It is a working hypothesis. I believe that this John "could have been" a son of Thomas Poindexter and Sarah Veale.

Reasons I have placed him here are:
1. There is no definitive set of children of Thomas Poindexter and Sarah Veale, who is very possibly a daughter of a John Veale and sister of a Bond Veale. Thomas left no will and may have distributed all his property prior to his death.
2. It seems unusual for Thomas not to have a son named John, since that was likely his father-in-law's given name, as well as the name of his brother and uncle.
3. Thomas and Sarah were married many years and both were still living as late as 1777 in Louisa Co VA. It is likely they had more than five children.
4. Capt. Thomas Poindexter, son of Thomas and Sarah also removed to North Carolina - to Surry Co. One of his sons, Thomas, married an Elizabeth Lovill/Lovell about 1797 in Surry Co, and his daughter Sarah married James Lovill in 1807, Surry, hinting at a prolonged relationship with the Lovell family.
5. The sons of this John who have distinctive names, Chapman and Lovell, appear in Halifax Co VA at the same time as the family of Bond Veale Poindexter Jr. - Bond could have been their first cousin. One of the sons of John, Chapman, served in the Revolution from Louisa Co, and stated he was born in Louisa Co, placing his father as being a resident of Louisa Co. Bond Veale Jr. and Chapman both moved on to Tennessee.
6. The other John Poindexters found in Louisa Co at the time Chapman was born, 1760, have been properly accounted for.
7. The surname Lovell will be connected with the family of Capt. Thomas Poindexter in Surry Co NC; it is possible that the wife of this John was either a Lovell or her mother was since they named a son "Lovell".
8. Chapman Poindexter had a close relationship with the Via [sometimes seen as Viah or Vier] family from Louisa/Albemarle Counties and Micajah Via lived in Halifax Co at the same time as Chapman Poindexter - the two men were involved in a lawsuit in 1803 in Albemarle, although they gave their testimony in Halifax. Chapman Poindexter had received a power of attorney to sell lands for the Via family. The Fredricksville Parish Vestry book shows a processioning dated 28 Sep 1752 in which Robert Via was present for part of the processionings and Thomas Poindexter was present to view John Poindexter's line - indicating the two families probably had been acquainted for some years.
9. A Lovell Poindexter also was acquainted with the Via family from Albemarle Co. 1 Oct 1800, Halifax Co, Lovell Poindexter was bondsman for the marriage of William (x) Smith to Elizabeth "Vier", who stated she was of the age of 21. This would seem to be too early a record for the Lovell found later who was born approximately 1793.

There is a will of a John Poindexter recorded in Orange Co NC in 1772. His sons appear later in Halifax Co VA along with Bond Veale [Bondaville] Poindexter Jr. and family. Some have placed these sons as actually being sons of Bondaville Sr which seems unlikely given the existence of this will. The name Chapman Poindexter seems to be rather exclusive, as does Lovel Poindexter - both could have been family surnames.

Some believe that perhaps John "Stray" Poindexter, also unplaced in the family (but very likely a son of Bond Veale Poindexter, is the John named in the will. This doesn't work out.

Orange Co NC Will Book A, p.127
John Poindexter bequeathed all goods and chattles, real and personal to be divided equally between his wife and children. Elizabeth was his wife. Children listed as William, eldest son, John, Lovel, Chapman, Thomas and Francis Poindexter. James McCan and John Hart, both of Orange Co to be executors. 23 Oct 1772. Signed with his mark.
Wit: Abraham (x) Whittiker, Nelly (x) Reily, Elizabeth (x) Tate.

Elizabeth [POINDEXTER] was born (date unknown).

Was her surname Lovell? Or perhaps Chapman? In at least one database she's shown as Elizabeth Douglas and they are shown as parents of the John "Stray" Poindexter who married Kerr and was raised in Surry Co NC. Since that John was born after death of this John in Orange Co, that connection would not be possible.

???? John POINDEXTER and Elizabeth [POINDEXTER] had the following children:



William POINDEXTER was born (date unknown).

The will of John Poindexter stated his eldest son was William.



John POINDEXTER was born (date unknown).



Lovel POINDEXTER was born (date unknown).

A Lovel Poindexter is Albemarle Co VA tax list 1787. I believe he must be this man, mentioned in the will of John Poindexter in 1772. It is notable that Chapman Poindexter is found in Albemarle Co at the same time and he did state in his pension application his residence in Albemarle.

Chapman Poindexter served as power of attorney for some of the Via family from Albemarle Co after he had moved to Halifax. A Lovell Poindexter in Halifax, also was acquainted with the Via family from Albemarle Co. 1 Oct 1800, Halifax Co, Lovell Poindexter was bondsman fro the marriage of William (x) Smith to Elizabeth Vier, who stated she was of the age of 21. This would seem to be too early a record for the Lovell found later who was born approximately 1793.

A Lovel Poindexter also appears in the marriage records in Halifax Co VA - if he is the same man from the will he would have been well into middle-age. He had been assumed to be the same by some; he has been placed him as a son of Bond Veale Poindexter which seems unlikely since the earlier Lovel belongs in a different place. I believe he is instead a younger Lovel Poindexter, possibly a son of the Lovel named in the Orange Co NC will, or one of his brothers, perhaps Chapman. The younger Lovel is shown married to Martha Hardrick, 1 Mar 1821; Mary Hardrick provided bond and was probably her mother.

There is only one Lovel, or anyone of similar name, found in the following censuses. The age is consistent enough to believe he is the younger Lovell Poindexter.

The 1830 Halifax Co Va Census has been semi-alphabetized. A "Lovern" Poindexter is age 30-40 and has in his household, 2 females under age 5, 2 females age 5-10 and a female age 30-40. Listed next to him is a Mary Poindexter with two ladies age 40-50 in her household. She might be Lovel's mother.

In 1840, the younger Lovel was still in Halifax, this time as Lovell Poindexter with a male age 5-10 and a male age 30-40. There was a female under 5, one age 5-10, a female 10-15, and a female age 30-40. He was in the Southern District of Halifax, as was "Bondy" Poindexter, age 50-60.

By 1850, Lovell Poindexter was in the southern District of Patrick Co, VA, household 536. He gave his age as 57. There was a Charity age 27 and several Nelson children, Rachel Nelson 16, William 14, Nancy 12, and James 6. Also in the household was Edward Poindexter age 3 and a Poindexter male, not yet named, age 7 months. Possibly Lovell had taken a much younger wife, Charity Nelson, and was providing for her siblings as well.






Thomas POINDEXTER was born circa 1765.

Certainly Chapman Poindexter lived in Halifax Co VA. The earliest Poindexter marriage recorded in Halifax is that Thomas Poindexter married Susanna [surname unreadable] on 23 Mar 1789. Richard Packer was bondsman. Chapman appears to have had a brother named Thomas as in their father's will - my best estimate is that Thomas probably would have been about 25 or 26 years old in 1789. The birth shown here is based on that estimate.
On 17 Dec 1823, Susan Poindexter married John Clay; the bride's mother given as Susan Poindexter, indicating that no father was living.
This couple - Thomas and Susan/Susannah could have been the parents of several of the other Poindexters who married about this time in Halifax.



Francis POINDEXTER was born (date unknown).

A Francis Poindexter was named in John's will. There are both males and females who carry this name in the Poindexter family and often no difference was noted in the spelling of the feminine as "Frances". A Francis Poindexter may have married 7 Mar 1812 in Surry Co NC to Polly Bowman.