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Ninth Generation

188. John "Stray" POINDEXTER was born in 1776. He died in 1829 at the age of 53.

From: Kim Spangrude <>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 09:31:05 -0600
I am a direct descendant of John "Stray" Poindexter and can tell
you what I know about him. He was my 4X great grandfather, born 1776
and died 1829. He was married Sept. 18, 1799 in [Surry Co] North Carolina to
Mary "Polly" Kerr. She was born 1779 and died 1850. John "Stray"
Poindexter was probably born in Louisa County, Virginia to Bond Veale
Poindexter, mother was Susanna(?). Here are some notes I have that were
on the Poindexter list serve in the past:
"Thomas Henderson Poindexter was the son of John "Stray" Poindexter.
John was raised by his uncle, Capt. Thomas Poindexter (that third Thomas I was
having trouble with earlier today and whose line I come down, twice) An
orphan bond has been located that shows Capt. Thomas Poindexter accepted
guardianship of John "Stray" Poindexter. We believe Stray was a nickname his
uncle gave him,because he was the "Stray" child in the family. This is only
conjecture though.
Since Bond Veale Poindexter, John's father, was still alive, it has
taken a long time and a lot of work to connect John with his father. What
appears to have happened is John's mother died. Bond Veale Poindexter remarried
and moved to Tennessee, not necessarily in that order. He left John in the
care of his (Bond Veale's) brother, Thomas. Either John was not interested in
moving to Tennessee with his father or maybe Bond Veale had intended to establish
himself and then send for John. Whatever the case may be, John remained in North
Carolina. That would have been the reason for the Orphan's Bond that proves
Capt. Thomas accepted guardianship of John "Stray" Poindexter.
John“Stray” Poindexter moved to Yadkin County, NC with Captain
Thomas Poindexter who was his uncle."

There is a very puzzling Guardian Bond, dated 14 Dec 1795, Louisa Co, VA indicating John Poindexter as being an orphan of Bond V. Poindexter. Since Bond Veale Poindexter married a 2nd time in 1800 and sired a son by Rachel in 1807, it seems difficult to call said John his orphan. It has been thought perhaps he was declared an "orphan" for court purposes as an heir of his mother. And this is possible if his grandfather on his mother's side had left something specifically to her to be passed down. Thomas Poindexter [thought to be Thomas of Surry] was named as guardian of John, orphan of Bond V. Poindexter. James Poindexter was security [No one seems to know who this James was.]

There's a record dated 5 Sep 1808 from Surry Co NC that John Poindexter was ordered to be jailed "until the end of the term". And the book goes on to state that John was raised by his cousin Thomas W. P. Poindexter and most often associated with him. Thomas W. P. was a son of Thomas & Elizabeth Pledge of Surry Co. There's quite a bit in the book about the children of this John. His wife was Mary Polly Kerr, daughter of Alexander Kerr Sr. They married Surry Co NC 18 Sep 1799. This John is the one often called John "Stray" Poindexter because he's been so difficult to identify.

Faye Moran & Elizabeth Harris have a
website of Poindexter descendants:
This shows John "Stray" Poindexter as having 4 siblings:

Children of Bond Veale Poindexter and 1) Susanna:
• Gabriele Poindexter m. Micha White;
• Mary "Polly" Poindexter m. John Berges;
• "Stray" John Poindexter (1776-1829) m. Mary "Polly" Kerr
(1779-1850), d/o Alexander Kerr, Sr. and Rebecca Gourley;
• Bond Veale (Bondaville) Poindexter m. Margaret McKannon;
• Betsey Poindexter m. John Crabtree;
NOTE: Bond Veale Poindexter moved to Tenn after the death of his first
wife. His son "Stray" John Poindexter moved to Yadkin Co., NC with
Captain Thomas Poindexter who was his uncle and his guardian.

Children of "Stray" and Mary 'Polly' Kerr are shown as:
• Archibald Tyrell Poindexter m. (1800-1865) m. Matilda Overby;
• Thomas Henderson Poindexter (1801-1869) m. Elizabeth Vest
• Elizabeth "Betsy" Poindexter (1803-1873) Did not marry
• John L. Poindexter (1806-1866) m. Mariah Mills
• Alexander "Alex" Poindexter (1808-1894) m. Sarah P. Douglas
• Rebecca Kerr "Becky" Poindexter (1812-1866) m. Andrew "Andy" Douglas
• William P. Poindexter (1813-1844) m. Phebe Farrington Dezern - a widow
• Richard R. Poindexter (1815 ­1896) m. Bathsheba "Sheba" White
• Peter A. Poindexter (1820-1891) m. Sarah Rebecca "Sally" Hauser, d/o
Joel Hauser and Margaretha Elizabeth Hauser
• Phebe Poindexter (1822-?) [Note: Some say she was a twin of Peter.]
• Simeon Poindexter (1828*-1894) m. Nancy Ann Woodlief [*Note:
Simeon's gravestone shows b 19 May 1819 - d 2 Jan 1894; Nancy's
gravestone shows b 4 July 1828 - d 21 Nov 1912] Buried Douglas Cemetery where her parents are buried.

John (Stray) Poindexter is on an 1812 Surry Co NC Tax List with only one poll, no land - along with several sons of Capt. Thomas _ John G., Robert, Archibald, Thomas W. P., a daughter Dorothy, and widow Elizabeth Poindexter.

John Stray and Mary are buried in the Douglas Cemetery near East Bend NC, said to have originally been the Poindexter Family Cemetery, near their home.

John "Stray" POINDEXTER and Mary KERR were married. Mary KERR died circa 1847.

Mary's parents believed to be Alexander and Rebecca Kerr. Alexander's father was an earlier Alexander said to have immigrated in 1716 on the ship Elizabeth & Anne and was a silversmith in Williamsburg. [I have not confirmed]

John "Stray" POINDEXTER and Mary KERR had the following children:



Thomas Henderson POINDEXTER.