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Ninth Generation

168. Chapman POINDEXTER was born in 1760 in Louisa County, Virginia. He died on 21 May 1851 at the age of 91 in Mooresburg, Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Chapman Poindexter has not been placed in the Poindexter family. There are a number of Poindexter marriages in Halifax Co VA, including his. Some online databases have assumed he was a son of Bondaville Poindexter II, but this doesn't work out very well. I found a reference online to a will that seems to provide parents and siblings that make more sense - I believe there is an intervening generation that has been missed. Several Poindexters were in Louisa Co VA about the time of Chapman's birth. I think one possibility is that he is a grandson of Thomas & Sarah Veale Poindexter; perhaps through a previously unidentified son, which would make Chapman a first cousin to Bond Veale II. Chapman also appears with a middle name of David - I think this highly unlikely and that it originated with an attempt to meld his records with that of a David Poindexter who was in North Carolina, later Tennessee, who has also been impossible to place in the Poindexter family. Some refer to multiple Chapman Poindexters, but what I find all can easily be applied to one man without conflict.

Orange Co NC Will Book A, p.127
John Poindexter bequeathed all goods and chattles, real and personal to be divided equally between his wife and children. Elizabeth was his wife. Children listed as William, eldest son, John, Lovel, Chapman, Thomas and Francis Poindexter. James McCan and John Hart, both of Orange Co to be executors. 23 Oct 1772. Signed with his mark.
Wit: Abraham (x) Whittiker, Nelly (x) Reily, Elizabeth (x) Tate.

A Lovel Poindexter also appears in the marriage records in Halifax Co VA - if he is the same man from the will he would have been well into middle-age. The fact that no sons were given the duty of executor, would lead me to believe that most of these children, if not all, had not yet reached their majority. The Pension application of Chapman indicates that he was born in 1760 and would have been about age 12 in 1772. However, he says he was born in Louisa Co and entered the Revolution from there - the will in Orange Co NC would seem to be from an interim residence of the family not noted by Chapman. It is of course possible that the family relocated to North Carolina, the father dying soon after, then returned to Louisa Co or Albemarle Co after the death of the husband and father.

Chapman Poindexter is on tax lists in Albemarle from 1786-1790 and on a Halifax Co VA tax list in 1800. Lovel Poindexter was also on the tax list in Albemarle, 1787.

The following said to be in the Albemarle Co records:
15 Aug 1799. WB 1, p.148 [Should this have been part of the following in Deed Book 1, not a Will Book? Since the page is the same?] Power of attorney from Micajah Via of Halifax Co VA to sell 100 acres on the Rivanna River adjoining land owned by William Via. Given to Via by his grandfather's will.
3 Sep 1799, DB 1, p.148 [ Albemarle Co?] Chapman Poindexter of Halifax Co to Thomas C. Fletcher of Albemarle Co. For sum of 100#'s current money of Virginia. Tract belonging to Micajah Via for which Chapman has power of attorney to dispose and sell. Said power of attorney annexed to a deed from Poindexter to Phillip Day dated 15 aug last. Tract of 100 acres on the Rivanna River adjoining lands of John Baber, Joseph Hackley and William Via and given to said Micajah Via by the will of his grandfather as will appear in the records of Albemarle Co. Signed: Chapman Poindexter Wit: Philip Day, W. Robertson, Nelson Barksdale, Charles Goodman, Rowland Goodman.
Superior court at Charlottesville, 15 apr 1802. Proved by witnesses.
3 Nov 1801, DB 13, p.586 [Halifax or Albemarle?] William Via & Chapman Poindexter of Halifax VA to John Birckhead Junr of Albemarle. For $200. Tract in Albemarle: James River, corner of Thos. Fletcher; Robinson's; Hackley's line; corner to Barksdale and Hackley; bend of the river. 112 1/2 acres. Signed: Wm (x) Via and Chapman (x) Poindexter
Wit: John D. Grymes, Francis Birckhead, Richard Birckhead
Albemarle City, Court the 1 Feb 1802. Proved by oaths of the three witnesses.

In March 1803, Thomas C. Fletcher filed suit in Chancery, Albemarle Co, concerning his title to the 100 acres which Micajah Via had sold by power of attorney to Chapman Poindexter. I suspect from some of the testimony that Fletcher had not yet paid all he owed, as he states 10#'s was paid at the time of the sale and two separate bond of 45#'s were payable at distant periods. Fletcher claims the power of attorney was not legal. Among the papers is a bond to Chapman Poindexter for 114.5.2 which indicates to me Chapman has not been paid the full amount. Testimony sent from Chapman Poindexter and Micajah Via from Halifax indicates that the power of attorney was issued and the sale carried out in all good faith will full awareness of Thomas Fletcher. A new deed was written, 24 Dec 1803, recorded 2 Jan 1804. It restates that Micajah Via did on 15 Aug 1799 execute power of attorney to Chapman Poindexter and that Thomas C. Fletcher became the purchaser of the 100 acres on 9 Sep 1799. Signed by Micajah (x) Via and Chapman (x) Poindexter. Proved in Albemarle Court on 26 Dec 1803 by the witnesses William Hudson, William Cole, and Marbell Camden.

There are two marriages recorded in Halifax Co, VA for Chapman Poindexter; however he surely had an even earlier marriage given his age.
7 Oct 1799. Chapman married Betsy Johnson, John Johnson bondsman [Chapman would have been 39 years old - late for a first marriage]
5 Jul 1816. Chapman to Elizabeth Black; Wiles Whittemore, bondsman. This marriage may have been to a young widow, Elizabeth Runnels/Reynolds, and it may have taken place in 1815, rather than 1816.
Halifax County Virginia Marriage Bonds 1753-1854; Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, Jul 1937. [Transcription has errors.]
Other Poindexter marriages in Halifax suggest that perhaps Chapman had several children by an earlier marriage. Born in 1760, even if he married after his Revolutionary service, he could have had several children born before the marriage to Betsy Johnson. Many of these marriages have been attributed to rather imaginary siblings of Chapmen, but it seems unlikely that so many middle-aged men and women would be marrying, when they could have been in the next generation and marrying in their early 20's.

I think it likely that that this marriage is a daughter of Chapman Poindexter, born of an earlier marriage. Halifax Co VA. Polly Poindexter married John Bayes, or Beges, 11 Nov 1806; Chapman Poindexter was bondsman. Or Polly could have been his niece, daughter of one of his brothers.

Halifax Co VA Plea Book 22
p.165   Dec Court 1803   Indenture between Micajah Viah & Chapman Poindexter to Thomas C. Fletcher, proved by witnesses and ordered recorded.
Same page:
Ordered John ?Poindexter, John Black, Charles Slaughter, John Marshall & Daniel Marshall or any three to examine account current of Henry Dillon, late guardian of John Echols, orphan of Jeremiah Echols with the said orphans' estate and make report.
[Note: This film is very light; the handwriting very small. I cannot be sure of the Poindexter named John, but it certainly appeared to be "Poindexter"]

The 1810 census for Halifax Co VA has been lost. In 1820 there was Bond Poindexter and a Lucy Poindexter in Halifax. Many of the censuses for Tennessee for 1820 are missing as well.

1830 Census, Grainger Co, TN:
Chapman Poindexter: 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 60-70 [Chapman, born 1760]; 1f under 5, 1f 5-10, and 1f age 30-40 [Elizabeth born about 1796]
John Poindexter: 1m under 5, 1m 5-10, 1m age 30-40; 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 40-50
If this John is a son, he was born prior to the marriage to Betsy Johnson - another reason to suspect Chapman had an earlier marriage.
There was also a Thomas Poindexter living in Hawkins Co TN by 1830 - he seems to be the same Thomas that will still be there when Chapman moves to Hawkins Co prior to 1850. Thomas was age 40-50 and had a rather large family. Also in Hawkins Co on the same page was a John Poindexter, age 70-80 with a lady of the same age - I wonder if this was the John that was supposed to have testified for Chapman as a Revolutionary soldier. He could even have been the John named along with Chapman and Lovel in the will in Orange Co NC, 1772.

Revolutionary Pension Application.
23 Aug 1832, Grainger Co TN
Chapman stated he was born in Louisa Co VA and entered the service from there. He later lived in Albemarle [for about 8 years], Halifax, and Henry Counties in Virginia, he then moved to Tennessee, living in Hawkins County for about a year and moving to Grainger where he lived at the time he applied for his pension.
He was age 72 at the time.
He was a private in the Virginia Line. He entered the service under Capt John Sanders, in Louisa Co VA and was marched to Richmond. He was transferred several times, serving under different officers. He was marched to Cheraw Hills in the Peedee [South Carolina] and then back to the Halifax Courthouse, serving under Gen. Green. He was in the battle of Guilford Courthouse and was at the Troublesome Iron Works. They were marched to Deep River and to Campden [Camden] and then to Ninety Six where Gen. Green laid seige to the British. Chapman was wounded and taken prisoner and taken to the British fort. When the British left the fort, he was parolled. He had entered the service in Oct of 1780 and was parolled on 9 Jul 1781. He had enrolled for eighteen months. He had affadavits from officers he had served under and they had previously been filed.

1840 Census. Grainger Co TN
Chapman Poindexter
1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 80-90. 1f -5, 1f 10-15, 2f 20-30, 1f 40-50
Listed as Pensioner, Chapman Poindexter, age 81

1850 Census. Hawkins Co TN, Dist 12, Hh 57
Chapman Poindexter, age 90, b. NC
Elizabeth, age 52, b. TN
James 23 and Susan 18, both born TN
Also in District 12, Hh 12
Thomas & Mary Poindexter, both age 60. He is said born in Virginia, the rest of the family born in Tennesse. George 30, Emaline 18 and Robert 15.
Hh 68 is a James Poindexter, age 32; his wife Perlina age 23, and son Robert age 1.

Chapman POINDEXTER and ??? [POINDEXTER] were married. ??? [POINDEXTER] was born (date unknown).

I believe Chapman was married to an earlier unknown wife and had older children. There is every indication he may have had children who were old enough to marry in Halifax Co, and he seems to live near at least one older son in Hawkins Co TN in his old age.

Betsy JOHNSON (private).

Chapman POINDEXTER and Betsy JOHNSON had the following children:



Watson Gentry POINDEXTER was born circa 1803. He died in 1848 at the age of 45 in Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho.

Watson is the only child ever suggested to be that of Betsy Johnson and Bond Poindexter. He married Judith S. Dodson, 5 Aug 1823, Halifax Co, VA. She was apparently a young widow as her father is listed as David Boyd. I find it most peculiar that he is said to have died in Idaho in 1845 [or 1848] - Idaho did not even become a state until 1890 and there are indications online that some of the grandchildren were born in Missouri. Some of his sons did apparently eventually end up in Montana and Oregon.

Children are said to be:
Marcellus, b. 1824
Romulus, b. 1826
Thomas Watson, b. 27 Mar 1829
Philip Henry, b. 5 Sep 1831
Virginia, b. 1833
George W. , b. 3 Oct 1836
John C., b. 29 May 1842

That Watson died prior to 1850 seems likely. Found in the 3rd Ward of the city of St. Louis in 1850, Hh 1090
Judith Poindexter, age 47, b. Virginia
Philip H. , age 19, b. VA, working as a clerk
Virginia, age 16, b. VA
George W. [no age given]
John Poindexter, age 14, b. MO
Judith seems to be running a boarding house, because the following were all listed at the same residence:
Fanny Johnson, age 14, b. MO
Ezekiel Adams, 26, bricklayer, b. SC, Caroline Adams, 20, b. GA, Mary age 1, b. SC
John Brend, age 22, bricklayer, b. SC
John Tedlin, 25, bricklayer, b. MD
Enoch Primm, 19, carpenter, b. Illinois
William Murphey, age 20, carpenter, b. Illinois
Oliver Whisett, 21, carpenter, b. VA
Susan Magavin, 17, b. Canada
Rosa Detwiler, 12, b. Germany
John Carlton, 26, carpenter, b. NY
Hughland Majors, 23, carpenter, b. PA
Benjamin Triplett, 36, carpenter, b. KY
James Wagner, 40, carpenter, b. PA

Any confirmation of the family has been difficult through census records.

1850, Holt Co, MO
R. I. Poindexter, age 24, b. Virginia, merchant - may be Romulus Poindexter
Elizabeth 21. James, age 11 months.

I did find Thomas Watson Poindexter in Canyon City, Grant Co, Oregon in 1870
T. W. Poindexter, age 41, county clerk, b. Virginia
Margaret, age 30, b. Missouri
Philip E. 8, b. CA. Thos. W. 6 and Joseph 1, both born in Oregon

And in Beaverhead Valley, Montana Territoy in 1870 was
Phil Poindexter, age 38, b. VA, stock raiser
Emily, 24, b. MO, and Fannie age 2 months, marked as born in Missouri, but it was likely Montana Territory
Living with him was Virginia Johnson, age 36, a school teacher, b. VA, surely his sister and her children: Philip, 17, works on ranch; Jane 11, and Georgie 4, female - all born in Missouri
Jane Sale, age 61, b. VA also lives with the family

1880, Beaverhead Co, Montana, Hh 182
Philip Poindexter, 47, stock raiser, b. VA, parents b. VA
Mary, wife, age 37, b. MO [apparently a second wife]
Fannie, 10, dau, b. MO [she must have been brought to Montana as a wee babe!]
Henry, 7, son, b. Montana as were his little sisters
Emma, 4, dau
Virginia, 2, dau
Mary Dunn, age 20, servant, b. Missouri
Chester Weld, age 25, labor, b. in Maine

Chapman POINDEXTER and Elizabeth RUNNELS were married on 18 July 1815 in Virginia. Elizabeth RUNNELS was born about 1796.

On 6 Nov 1854, in Hawkins Co TN, when applying for her widow's pension, Elizabeth gave her age as 57. 1 Nov 1855, when filing another deposition, she stated her age as 70 years. The 1860 census says she was 65; 1870 that she was 73. Obviously, she was not sure, and since she married Chapman 1815, or 1816, any of these are plausible.

Elizabeth said her maiden name was Runnells and that she married Chapman on 18 Jul 1815, in Virginia, and she has no written record. What is peculiar is that in Halifax Co VA, there is a marriage record of Chapman Poindexter to Elizabeth Black, transcribed with the date 15 Jul 1816; Wiles Whittemore was bondsman. This marriage date is also after the birth of the first child as given in a Bible record in the application. The transcription of the Halifax marriage records has other errors and it's possible if the original record can be found the year might well be 1815. There may also be an earlier marriage of Black to Elizabeth Runnels/Reynolds.

The first four children's births were recorded in a family record, included in Chapman's Pension file. It is on the back of a Bible page. They were said to have been written in the record by a John Poindexter. Chapman stated when he applied for his pension the second time in 1846, that a John Poindexter had testified for him earlier, but was now dead. I found no such testimony. Both Chapman and Elizabeth Poindexter signed their applications with their mark. Perhaps their son John is the one who recorded the births.

1860 Census. Hawkins Co TN, Mooresburg P.O.
Joseph Gill, age 20/30. Susan Gill, age 27. Terresa, age 1 [female]
Elizabeth Poindexter, age 65, b. NC
William Poindexter, age 11, b. Tennessee
Living next door:
Martha Poindexter, age 22/33, b. TN, widow farm
John T. Poindexter, age 3
John Poindexter, age 60, b. TN
Matilda, age 58, b. TN
Solomon Northern, age 21, b. NC

1870 Census. Hawkins Co TN, p.161, Hh 90
Joseph Gill, age 44, b. TN, working stone quarry
Susan, age 36, b. TN
Teresa A. age 12, Elizabeth E. age 8, Samuel 4, Martha A. age 1; all b. TN
Elizabeth Poindexter, age 73, b. VA
Still in Mooresburg:
Martha Poindexter, age 35, John F. age 12, Laura age 8.
John age 75, Matilda age 56. All b. TN

Chapman POINDEXTER and Elizabeth RUNNELS had the following children:



Talton POINDEXTER was born on 2 June 1816.



Sarah POINDEXTER was born on 20 December 1817.



John M. POINDEXTER was born on 16 May 1819.



William POINDEXTER was born on 2 April 1823.



James POINDEXTER was born in 1827 in Tennessee.176



Susan POINDEXTER was born in 1832 in Tennessee.176