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Tenth Generation

218. William Green POINDEXTER224 died in 1819 in Goochland County, Virginia.75

William was a judge. He married Jane Quarles. They have seven children listed in the Poindexter book. One of these - a Sarah "Sally" Poindexter is said in the book to have married a Thomas Johnson, 1803, Louisa Co. Such a marriage record does exist but it cannot be their daughter. Their daughter may well have married another Johnson, a Thomas William Johnson, about 1825. It's obvious that there were two couples of similar name.

The Index to the Compiled Service Records of the War of 1812 is on William G. Poindexter was Pay Master for the 7th Regt (Gray's) Virginia Militia.

I cannot identify the following Sarah Bowles. John, Knight, and Bartlett are usually seen as brothers, and Charles Knight Bowles, a son of John, but their father is not consistent in online databases. A Susannah Bowles married William Hughes, 10 Apr 1775 or 79, St. James Northam, Goochland Co, VA, according to The Douglas Register. They may have had a son of the same name. J. Haden is undoubtedly the same Joseph Haden who witnessed the Will of Knight Bowles. William G. Poindexter would be William Green Poindexter, son of Rev. John Poindexter.

Will Book 2,Pg 139
Fluvanna to wit:
In obedience to an order of the Worshipful Court of Fluvanna, We(the undersigned have examined the Accts. Of Wm. Hughes, Serv. Adm. Of the estate of Sarah Bowels, dec’d(on Oath) and find it to fairly Stated as within will appear. It is also further stated by the said Adm. That there is a Bond belonging to sd. Estate, given by Wm. Roysler/Royster dec’d. on the 3rd of Jany 1803 on demand for 611#.5”6 which was delivered to Wm. G.Poindexter, Atty. At Law, to bring suit on, as appears also by a recd. From sd. Atty. For sd. Bond, which belongs to the Legatees of Sarah Bowles, dec’d. & that he this? Adm. Has no claim in it, further than his part as a Legatee in sd. Estate, if it ever should be recovered & collected. Certified under our hands this 17th day of July 1813.
J. Haden
Abra. Venable
John Holland

William Hughes Serv. Adm. of Sarah Bowles Dec’d. in acct with said estate.

Money rec’d from John Bowles of Bond 32#9”
Interest 7 months 1#2”10 1/4

Pg 140
Money Rec’d from Knight Bowles….30#
Balance yet due from Knight Bowles…3#15”7
Money Rec’d from Bartlett Bowles…. 6”
Money Rec’d from Anderson Bryant……..3”
Money Rec’d from Tarlton Rice…………..11”7
Money Rec’d from Stephen Farrar…………12”

By sundry Tickets to the Clk of Goochland, the Clk of the Gen. Court
To Wm. G. Poindextor, Atty at Law……2#2”9
By cash paid Charles Knight Bowles….4#
By cash yet due Charles Knight Bowles…..4#+
Midwifes fee….12”
By Tickets due the Clk of Fluvanna for order, and report of Administration….6”
By expenses and trouble attending to the administration of sd. Estate….3#12”

At a Court of monthly session held for Fluvanna County on Monday the 26 day of July 1813. This Account and Report of the Settlement of the Adm. Of the Estate of Sarah Bowles, dec’d by William Hughes, Serv. Adm. Was this day returned and ordered to be recorded.

Here is a transcription of his very detailed will.
LDS Microfilm #0031662
Goochland DB 24, p.124 William G. Poindexter
I William G. Poindexter of the County of Goochland do make and ordain this my
last will and testament as follows.
First. It is my will and desire that all my debts be paid in such manner as may be
found best to comport with the intent of my estate.
Item. I lend to my beloved wife Jane all my estate of every description during her widowhood
to be held by her as a common stock to be applied to the maintainance of the family and
education of my children in such manner as my said wife may think best subject however
to such control of my executors as may hereafter be vested in them. But if my said
wife should marry she is then to have one third of my estate during her life and the re-
mainder is immediately upon the happening of such event to equally divided amongst
all my children or the lineal descendants of such as may be dead, this devise is to be
carried into effect by a sale of my lands and all the rest of my estate except negroes,
and by my executors investing one third of the proceeds in a trade of land as they may
think best for the use of my said wife during her life, which together with her one
third of my negroes are after her death, to be equally divided as above amongst my
children. The other two thirds of my estate in case my wife should marry as above will
be equally divided between my children as above directed
But it is my desire if during the widowhood of my wife my children should grow up &
stand in need of advancement she shall make them such advancements as she can taking
always into view the ability of my estate to advance the others – so as to do equal justice
to my children.
From the late changes made in my landed property selling on long credit upon
payment of interest and by purchasing upon prompt payments together with the expenses
incurred in settling a plantation out of repair I am considerably indebted to sundry of
my friends for money which I have found it necessary to borrow and to others on
other considerations. And as these of whom I have borrowed have loaned with the two-
fold view of accommodating me and having their principal money returned and
of recovering the interest annually – I must therefore rely on the same friendship which
dictated the loans for a continuance of them upon receiving their interest annually, so
long as their interests will admit of it, and those of my estate require it.
If my Executors find it necessary for the payment of my debts, I hereby authorize them
to make sale of the land upon which I live and with a part of the proceeds to purchase
in Louisa or Spotsylvania a smaller tract for the use of my family. In fact my
intended executors are men on whom I have the most unlimited confidence and if
they or either of them should act I vest in them or either of them if only one should
act unlimited discretion in the management & settlement of my affairs – but this
discretion and all other discretionary power herein before vested in my executors are intended to be personal. And upon their death or refusal to act all discretionary powers
vested in my executors are to cease.
And whereas I have had various transactions to a larger amount with my Brother
which have been rather loosely managed from the confidence subsisting between
us I hereby Authorise my sd brother to close those matters himself as he thinks right without
proof being required of him. Then there will be but little to lose, we having settled our
accounts except some open entries in my accounts and some few recent transactions. I
appoint my affectionate and much loved brother & brother in Law Nicholas J. Poindexter
of Louisa and John Quarles of Spotsylvania my executors
. I desire that they may not
be required to give security upon qualifying. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my seal this 27th day of August 1814.
Codicil to the foregoing will. I give to my wife all my books except my law library which
I wish to be sold. I also give my Gold watch with its appendages to my said wife in
fee simple. Signed & sealed on the date above.
Wil:G:Poindexter Seal
Decr 19th 1818. Codicil to the foregoing will. I give to my beloved wife in fee simple
my negro woman Mary. It is my will and desire that my executors make sale of my
lands purchased of James D. Shelton lying in Louisa and Goochland upon such
payments as they may think best. And convey the same to the purchaser or purchasers
It is also my desire that they sell and convey in like manner four hundred and
Eighteen acres of the land I lately purchased of Neil McCaule reserving 168 thereof
as laid off by a dotted line made by Charles Atthisson upon a plot of sd land
of record in Goochland office. The proceeds to be a fund with such others as my
estate may afford, for the payment of my debts. As I have since the writing my
original will had considerable dealings with my brother Nicholas which are not
closed I hereby conrim and enlarge the power given him to settle our accounts himself
desiring him to do it without delay. Having add to my brother Nicholas the land in
Goochland County purchased by me from Joseph Pleasants representatives, and not
having conveyed the same .. I hereby desire the same to my brother in law John Quarles
as trustee for the special purpose of conveying the same to my said brother
Nicholas with warranty according to our agreement in the hands of my brother
Thomas Poindexter
. I should now make the ________but it cannot be
made properly without a survey no could I be certain of making the warranty correctly
without a view of the agreement. Signed & sealed on the date forefixed hereto
Decr 22nd 1818 Further codicil to this will. I expressly direct my executors
that they are not under any circumstance to let an endorser or security for me
suffer any trouble or cost on my account. Signed & sealed the date above forefixed hereto.
W. G. Poindexter
At a Quarterly Sessions Court held for Goochland County at the courthouse on Monday
the 16th day of Aug 1819. Proved by oaths of Richard Morris Jr., John S. Fleming & Garrett M. Quarles to wholly written by William G. Poindexter dec'd and ordered recorded. Then Nicholas J. Poindexter & John Quarles qualified as executors without given security. Teste W. Miller, CGC

William Green POINDEXTER and Jane QUARLES were married. Jane QUARLES died on 29 June 1854 in Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi.75

William Green POINDEXTER and Jane QUARLES had the following children:



Sarah Quarles "Sally" POINDEXTER was born circa 1804 in Virginia.

The Poindexters book show that the daughter of William Green & Jane Quarles Poindexter married a Thomas Johnson - but they have the marriage date all wrong. There were two Thomas Johnsons that married Sarah Poindexters, this one would be the younger.

Thomas W. Johnson married Sarah Q. Poindexter, 1 Jun 1825, Greenbrier Co VA.

Children are said to have been James P. Johnson, b. ca 1826; William Hunter Johnson, b. 1828, who married (1) Lou McGehee and (2) Harriet Perkins; George P. Johnson, b. 1831; Vivian, b. 1835, Helen b. 1837; Sarah, b. 1839; Thomas Chapman Johnson, b. 1843, d. 1916, married Olive Bond.

1850 Census. Harrison Co VA [which would become West Virginia in 1863], Dist 22, Hh 574
Thomas W. Johnson, age 53. Sarah Johnson age 46
Frances 15 [Vivian?], Helen 13, Sarah 11, Chapman, age 7.