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Fifth Generation

33. Robert Alexander POINDEXTER was born on 14 July 1788 in Surry County, North Carolina.34 He died on 5 April 1842 at the age of 53 in Yadkin County, North Carolina.23,34

Robert had 17 children by his two wives.

Benjamin Pettit was bondsman for the marriage of Robert & Miriam Flynn.
Charlotte Pettit, widow of Benjamin Pettit who was was bondsman for Robert A.'s first marriage was his 2nd wife. Bondsman for this marriage was Thomas Apperson.

Surry Co NC Overseers of Roads 1807-1833
Agnes M. Wells & Carol L. Snow 1991
p.11 Nov Term 1809 Robert Poindexter in room of Isaac Davis from Crossroad to Dill's Creek

1810, Surry Co NC
Robert Poindexter. 1m 16-26, 1f under 10, 1f 16-26.

1820, Surry Co NC, Capt. John G. Poindexter's District
Robert Poindexter. 3m under 10. 1m 26-45. 4f under 10, 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45

Robert is buried in Poindexter Cemetery, near the Yadkins River, Bailey Bottoms, Yadkin County, along with both of his wives.

Robert Alexander POINDEXTER and Miriam FLYNN were married on 27 September 1806 in Surry County, North Carolina.23,34,48 Miriam FLYNN, daughter of LAUGHLIN FLYNN and ELIZABETH WRIGHT, was born on 6 February 1786 in Surry County, North Carolina.101 She died on 26 November 1818 at the age of 32 in Surry County, North Carolina.101

Exact date of death found in Poindexter Descendants Association, Inc. "Newsletter"; Vol XVIII, Number 4, Oct 1999., p.17.

Robert Alexander POINDEXTER and Miriam FLYNN had the following children:



Thomas POINDEXTER was born on 5 May 1807 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 He died on 18 May 1807 at the age of 0 in Surry County, North Carolina.102



Ann A. "Nancy" POINDEXTER102 was born on 1 April 1809 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 She died on 14 November 1881 at the age of 72.102

Married William Hartgrave 10 Aug 1839. He was born 31 Jan 1818, died 21 Oct 1905.

A daughter of Ann and William Hartgrave, Bettie A. Martin, applied to the Dawes Commission, 22 Aug 1896, for enrollment as a Cherokee through Betty Pledge Poindexter. She also listed her children: Victoria C. Johnson married to T. R. Johnson, Cornelia A. married to E.M. Windsor, and Stella F., and Ethel B. unmarried.
1900 Census. East Bend, Yadkin Co, NC, Hh 223
Doctor [his given name, not profession] A. Martin, b. Mar 1836, age 64, married 33 years, b. NC
Bettie A., b. Apr 1846, age 54, lists she had 1 child, 1 living, but that's the daughter still at home, she may have misunderstood the question. I did not find Victoria or Cornelia in the census.
Ethel B., dau, b. Jun 1889, age 10.
Winston Twp, Forsyth Co NC, Hh 5
Thomas R. Johnson, b. May 1863, age 37, married 14 yr, b. NC
Victoria E., wife, b. Apr 1868, age 32, 3 children, 2 living, b. NC
McKenzial, son, b. Dec 1889, age 10. Georgia M., dau, b. Jan 1893, age 7.

Ann is buried East Bend Baptist Church Cemetery, East Bend, Yadkin, NC.



Elizabeth Caroline POINDEXTER102 was born on 14 November 1810 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 She died on 16 January 1864 at the age of 53 in Surry County, North Carolina.102

Married John Hauser.

An article, #305, from The Heritage of Surry County, NC, Vol. I -1983, submitted by Mrs. Lola H. Hauser relates an interesting story. John Hauser was the third child of Adam Hauser Sr and his wife Margaret Binkley. Adam lived on 350 acres of land on the Yadkin River that had been formerly owned by Hezekiah Wright (Giery Reit in Moravian record), brother to Gideon Wright. In 1780, Hezekiah was accused of being a Tory, severely and mercilessly beaten and shot as he stood in the doorway of his house.

My records show that on 24 Sep 1800, the sons of Hezekiah Wright, Gideon & Durlin, then living in Madison Co, KY, sold to George Hauser for $100, 350 acres on the south side of the Yadin River below the Yellowbank Ford, and adjacent Thomas Poindexter's line, among others. The tract had been granted to them as heirs of Hezekiah Wright on 5 Dec 1798. On 13 Dec 1802, George Hauser sold the same tract to Adam Hauser.

Elizabeth is buried Hauser-Sawyers Cemetery, Shoals, Surry Co, NC

John married a second time, 26 Jul 1866, Stokes Co NC to Maria Susanna Kreeger.
1880 Census, Surry Co NC, Pilot Twp, Hh 292
John Hauser, age 73, b. NC, parents b. NC
Mary S. 68, wife, b. NC
Thomas 25, son
Charlotte 22, son's wife
William 4 gson
Luther R. 2, gson

Hauser, John [Male] b. 5 MAY 1807 NC - d. 21 APR 1886 NC + Poindexter, Elizabeth Carolina [Female] b. 14 NOV 1810 NC - d. 16 JAN 1864 NC - Marriage: 27 OCT 1829 Surry Co, NC

Hauser, Archibald Pledge [Male]
Hauser, Margaret Ann Miriam [Female] b. 1831 Surry Co, NC
Hauser, Robert Alexander [Male] b. 29 APR 1833 Surry Co, NC - d. 15 NOV 1901 Surry Co, NC + Wolff, Julia A. [Female] b. 4 NOV 1839 - d. 8 DEC 1884 Forsyth Co, NC - Marriage: 31 OCT 1858 Forsyth Co, NC + Long, Eliza A. [Female] b. 1 DEC 1844 Stokes Co, NC - d. 16 NOV 1928 Old Richmond, Surry Co, NC - Marriage: ABT 1885
Hauser, Virgil William [Male] b. 1842 Surry Co, NC
Hauser, John Wright [Male] b. 1847 Surry Co, NC
Hauser, Martha Elizabeth [Female] b. 1851 Surry Co, NC
Hauser, Thomas Poindexter [Male] b. 18 OCT 1854 Surry Co, NC - d. 27 FEB 1911 Surry Co, NC + Kreeger, Charlotte Virginia [Female] b. 3 FEB 1858 Forsyth Co, NC - d. 30 DEC 1941 Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co, NC - Marriage: 30 DEC 1875 Yadkin Twp, Stokes Co, NC

Parents of John Hauser
Binkele, Margaretha [Female] b. 28 NOV 1780 NC - d. AFT 1860
+ Hauser, Adam [Male] b. 20 MAR 1775 NC - d. 1821 Yadkin Co, NC - Marriage: 15 OCT 1801 Surry Co, NC



Francis A. POINDEXTER102 was born on 5 February 1813 in Surry County, North Carolina.102

Married Patience Sprinkle, Stokes County on 14 Dec 1843. Will dated 1 Aug 1844.



Rebecca POINDEXTER102 was born on 11 March 1815 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 She died in March 1892 at the age of 77.102

Married (1) Austin Truelove 25 May 1836, Surry Co as his second wife; she married (2) Jacob Jester. Buried with Jacob in Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery, Westfield, Hamilton Co, IN. Moved to IN in 1859.

An account of the family in The Heritage of Yadkin Co, states that she was married three times - that the second husband was Francis Apperson, Jester being the third.

The Poindexter book has only the two marriages.



Martha Milner "Patty" POINDEXTER102 was born on 29 September 1816 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 She died on 22 July 1872 at the age of 55 in Rockford, Surry County, North Carolina.102

Married Henry C. Bray 27 Jan 1834, Surry Co NC.



Archibald Pledge POINDEXTER102 was born on 13 July 1818 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 He died on 23 October 1870 at the age of 52.102 He was buried in Poindexter Cemetery, Yadkin County, North Carolina.

Married Elizabeth Ann Ward. Lived in Yadkin Co NC.
Archibald is buried Poindexter Cemetery, near Yadkin River, Bailey Bottoms, Yadkin Co
His stone reads 1818-1870 and spells his name as Archiball.
Elizabeth is buried at the Enon Baptist Church Cemetery near East Bend, 1823-1912
He married (2) Melinda Spease and (3) Betsy Long.

His son William W. Poindexter applied for Cherokee enrollment, the Dawes Commission, 24 Aug 1896. William also applied for his children: Lula, Lillie, Wiley, Henry, & Charley.
1900 Census. Forbush Twp, Yadkin Co, NC, Hh 73
William W. Poindexter, b. Mar 1849, age 51, married 28 years, b. NC
Addie W., wife, b. Feb 1854, age 56, has had 6 children, 4 are living., b. NC
Laura L., dau, b. Mar 1875, age 25. William H., son, b. Oct 1879, age 20.
Charley C., son, b. Oct 1886, age 13.
Ruby M. Simpson, gdau, b. Oct 1897, age 2.
The Poindexter book shows that Lula Poindexter married 1895 to Wm Hartman Simpson, she died of typhoid, 29 Nov 1898 - Ruby her only child. Wiley was gone from home and married in Dec of 1900.

Another son, Hiram P. Poindexter, applied on the same day as William. He listed only one child, Carrie who was unmarried. Hiram was in the next household in the 1900 census.
Forbush Twp, Yadkin Co, NC, Hh 74
Hiram P. Poindexter, b. Jan 1859, age 41, married 21 years.
Alice M., wife, b. Apr 1857, age 43.
They had a housekeeper, E. Phillips, age 25.
Carrie had married William Taylor, and they lived in Hh 75
William H. Taylor, b. Jan 1873, age 27, married 2 years
Carrie L., b. Mar 1879, age 21, 1 child
Hiram A., son, b. Jul 1898, age 1.

Daughters Augusta A. Jones and Mary E. Turner applied together on 22 Aug 1896, Yadkin Co. They said their father was A. Pledge Poindexter, son of Robert Poindexter
Augusta A. had married J. S. Jones and had children: Wm A., M. Alma, Elizabeth, J. Lanier, Maud, and Gladys Jones
Mary E. had married J. A. Turner and had children: Adelbert F., Avery E., Eva B., Richard A., R. F., M. Lula, and E. Pledge Turner
1900 Census. Little Yadkin Twp, Yadkin Co NC, Hh 81
Joseph S. Jones, b. Dec 1845, age 54, married 29 years, farmer
August, wife, b. Dec 1852, age 47, 8 children, 6 living
William A., son, b. Sep 1871, age 28. Alma, dau, b. Jun 1876, age 23.
Elizabeth, dau, b. Jun 1878, age 21. Lanier, son, b. Aug.1886, age 13.
Maud, dau, b. Oct 1888, age 11. Gladys, dau, b. Jan 1892, age 8
Also in Little Yadkin Twp, Hh 19
John A. Turner, b. Feb 1846, age 54, married 24 years, farmer
Mary E., wife, b. Mar 1857, age 43, married 21 years, 8 children, all living
Eva B., dau, b. Dec 1882, age 17. Richard, son, b. Apr 1885, age 15.
Robert F., son, b. Jun 1888, age 11. Mary L., dau, b. Dec 1892, age 7.
Ester P. [Pledge], dau, b. Dec 1895, age 4. Lillian, dau, b. Jan 1899, age 1

Robert Alexander POINDEXTER and Charlott MARTIN were married on 12 May 1819 in Surry County, North Carolina.23,48 Charlott MARTIN, daughter of Valentine Clarkson MARTIN and Elizabeth DALTON, was born on 5 May 1795 in Stokes County, North Carolina. She died on 9 March 1865 at the age of 69 in Yadkin County, North Carolina.

Date of birth found in Poindexter Descendants Association, INc. "Newsletter"; Vol XVIII, Number 4, Oct 1999., p.18.

Poindexter Descendants Association, Inc. "Newsletter"; Vol XVIII, Number 4, Oct 1999., p.18; says Charlotte Pettit was widowed by the War of 1812. The family had moved to Eastern TN far from family. Charlotte's 12 year old brother lived with them. It is said after she was widowed she rode a mule 200 miles back to her home in NC with her baby Benjamin in her arms and her little brother riding behind her. Robert Alexander Poindexter had recently lost his wife and had seven children from 9 years to 2 months and they were married on the very day he proposed.

Date of death found in Poindexter Descendants Association, INc. "Newsletter"; Vol XVIII, Number 4, Oct 1999., p.17, as 9 Mar 1866. Her grave marker is in the Poindexter cemetery on the Yadkin River and gives her date of death as 1 Mar 1865. The photo of her marker shows it is very worn.

Robert Alexander POINDEXTER and Charlott MARTIN had the following children:



Miriam POINDEXTER was born on 23 May 1820 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 She died on 1 March 1827 at the age of 6.102



Robert Alexander Peter Clingman " R. C." POINDEXTER102 was born on 11 December 1821 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 He died on 28 August 1885 at the age of 63.102 He was buried in Macedonia Cemetery, East Bend, Yadkin, North Carolina.

Married Martha J. Ward in Surry Co who was a sister to Elizabeth Ward who married Archibald Pledge Poindexter. Martha and Elizabeth were daughters of Wiley and Mary Smith Ward.
Martha was born 27 May 1829, died 9 Dec 1900, East Bend, Yadkin, NC.

S. W. Poindexter, a son of Robert C. Poindexter, son of Robert Alexander, applied 24 Aug 1896 to the Dawes Commission for Cherokee enrollment. He also declared his children: Bettie, John, Mamie, Agnes, Kate, Cleveland, Ada, Paul, and Willie. This was Samuel Ward Poindexter, b. 15 Jul 1851, who married Sarah Milner Smitherman.
1900 Census. East Bend Twp, Yadkin Co, NC, Hh 67
Samuel W. Poindexter, b. Jul 1851, age 48, married 25 years, farmer
Sarah, M. wife, b. Mar 1852, age 48, has had 8 children, 7 are living
Agnes, dau, b. Jan 1877, age 23, Dressmaker. Catherine L, dau, b. May 1879, age 21
Cleveland, son, b. Apr 1882, age 18. Ada W., dau, b. Oct 1883, age 16.
Paul M., son, b. Feb 1888, age 12. Willie, son, b. Mar 1890, age 10.
Eugenia N., dau, b. Apr 1898, age 2.
[Daughter Bettie is said to have died in 1895, which would have been prior to S. W.'s application above. John Robert no doubt on his own. Mamie married in 1901; strange that she was not living at home in 1900.]

Mattie J. Benbow applied 22 August 1896 as a granddaughter of Robert Poindexter. She was a daughter of his son Robert C. Poindexter. She was married to William E. Benbow and had the following children: Laura O., Thomas J., Eugene Clinton, Robert Poindexter, Charles F., Mattie White, and Lester W. Benbow.
1900 Census. East Bend, Yadkin Co NC Hh 25
William E. Benbow, b. Nov 1851, age 48, married 22 years
Mattie J., wife, b. Jun 1860, age 39, she said she had 10 children, 1 living - actually 1 had died since 9 are listed living with them; 2 of the children born since her attempt to enroll.
Laura O., dau, b. Oct 1878, age 21. John T., son, b. Dec 1881, age 18, Clinton E., son, b. Oct 1883, age 16. Robert A., son, b. Mar 1886, age 14. Charlie F., son, b. Feb 1888, age 12. Mattie W., dau, b. Dec 1889, age 10. Lester W., son, b. Aug 1892, age 7. Edith M., dau, b. Apr 1897, age 3. and Edgar V., son, b. Feb 1900, age 3 months.

Robert M. Poindexter of East Bend, applied 26 Aug 1896. He was unmarried. He was a son of Robert C. Poindexter, son of Robert Alexander Poindexter.



Mary Wentworth POINDEXTER102 was born on 27 March 1824 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 She died before 1861 at the age of 37.102

Married Thomas Baxter Stimpson. After her death, Thomas married (2) Nancy Elizabeth Mathews.

1860 Census. Yadkin, NC, Hh 555
Thos. B. Stempson, 45, Tanner
Mary W., 33
Ann, 15, Robert A., 12,. Rachael O. 10. - all born in Virginia
Carry P. 8. Thomas 6. Peter H., 4 - born in North Carolina

1870 Census. East Bend, Yadkin, NC
John Poindexter, 44, Farmer
Julia, 39
Thomas Stimson, 10, Laborer

Thomas H. Stimpson applied to the Dawes Commission for Cherokee enrollment, 20 Aug 1896. He was a son of Mary Wentworth Poindexter who had intermarried with T. B. Stimpson, and a grandson of Robert Alexander Poindexter. This man did not list his children although he had many.
1900 Census. East Bend, Yadkin Co NC, Hh 354
Thomas H. Stemson, b. Aug 1859, age 40, m. 21 years, farmer
Martha A., wife, b. Mar 1863, age 38, 11 children, 8 are living
Minnie D., dau, b. Dec 1880, age 19. Marvin R., son, b. Aug 1882, age 17
Thomas G., son, b. Apr 1884, age 16, Martha M., dau, b. Apr 1884, age 16 [twins]
Julia M., dau, b. Mar 1892, age 8. Annie R. O., dau, b. Mar 1894, age 6
Esther, dau, b. Apr 1900, age 1 month
1910 Census. East Bend, Yadkin Co NC, Hh 242
Thomas H. Stimpson, age 50, married 1 time for 31 years, farmer
Martha A., wife, age 48, 11 children, 8 are living, b. NC
Thomas J., son, age 26, Julia, dau, 19. Rebecca O., dau, 17, Esther T., dau, age 9
1920 Census. Maysville, Buckingham Co, VA, Hh 24
Thomas H. Stimpson, age 60, b. NC, Minister
Martha A., wife, age 57, b. NC
Esther T., dau, age 19, b. NC
1930 Census. Maysville, Buckingham Co, VA, Hh 134
Thomas H. Stimpson, age 70, first married at age 19, b. NC, clergyman
Ann R., wife, age 70, first married at age 20, b. VA

Sallie A. Martin applied 22 Aug 1896 in Yadkin Co. She listed her siblings and their children in her application. Only unmarried underage children were supposed to be listed. Married children were to apply on their own. Sallie even included a deceased brother - perhaps she was just citing family members. In naming her children with their children, she did not list all of them. Brother, Thomas H. applied on his own but didn't even list his children.
Robert A. Poindexter was the father of Martha Wentworth Poindexter who married T. B. [Thomas Baxter] Stimpson. Their children: Sallie A., R. R. [either Robert or Rebecca], R. O. [Rachel O.], C. J. [Charlotte Jane], S. T. [Solomon Thomas], P.H. [Pleasant H. - died 1878] and Thomas. [Rev. Thomas H.]
Sallie Stimpson married J. G. Martin and their children are W. H., Mary, Blanche, John G., and Sallie Martin.
C. J. Stimpson married W. L. Kelly and their children are: Mary C., H. W. Kelly
S. T. Stimpson was the father of Daisy and Harvy Stimpson
W. H. Martin is the father of W. G., G. G., and Evelyn Martin
I could never Sallie, her family or her married son W. H. - I did find her brothers Solomon, Robert, and sister Charlotte. There is little about Sallie in the Poindexter book - she's listed as Ann Stimpson, born about 1845.
1900 Census. Vienna, Forsyth Co, NC, Hh 166
Solomon T.Stimpson, b. Apr 1854, age 46, married 23 years, farmer
Emily J., wife, b. Sep 1849, age 50, had 2 children both living
Martha Shore, age 60, boarder.
Hh 122
Robert A. Stimpson, b. b. Nov 1846, age 53, married 31 years, farmer
Nancy R., wife, b. Nov 1846, age 53, 9 children, 7 are living
Sallie, dau, b. Apr 1878, age 22. Mamie, dau, b. Feb 1882, age 18
David, son, b. Apr 1884, age 16. Lizzie, dau, b. Apr 1886, age 14.
Liberty Twp, Yadkin Co, NC, Hh 21
William L. Kelley, b. Oct 1855, age 44, married 20 years, farmer
Charlotte C., wife, b. Sep 1855, age 44, had 3 children, 2 living
Marry C., dau, b. Feb 1885, age 15. Hemons W., son, b. Oct 1894, age 5
Milas Brandon, boarder, Black, age 20.



Samuel David Lafayette POINDEXTER was born on 17 January 1826 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 He died in 1845 at the age of 19.102



Sarah Radford POINDEXTER102 was born on 9 October 1827 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 She died on 31 December 1899 at the age of 72 in Rockport, Hot Spring County, Arkansas.

Married Martin Baker 12 Nov 1844 in Surry Co. Family moved to Malvern, AR. She died in Hot Spring Co and is buried Rockport Cemetery, Malvern, Hot Spring Co, AR.



John A. H. POINDEXTER102 was born on 17 May 1829 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 He served in the military in 1862–1865 at Company F, 28th Regt. NC in Civil War. He died on 9 July 1912 at the age of 83.102

Married Julia Ann Caroline Speas 18 Dec 1853. Served in Civil War as 2nd Lt. - Company F, 28th Regt. NC Troops; wounded and captured; released 17 Jun 1865. They had no children.

1870 Census. East Bend, Yadkin, NC
John Poindexter, 44, Farmer
Julia, 39
Thomas Stimson, 10, Laborer

John's brother Pleasant Poindexter included his name along with the long list of Pleasant's children and grandchildren when he submitted his application to the Dawes Commission, 19 Aug 1896.

1900 Census, East Bend, Yadkin Co, NC Hh 275
John H. Poindexter, b. May 1829, age 71, married 47 years, b. NC
Julia A. C., wife, b. Apr 1831, age 69, no children, b. NC

Buried Macedonia Cemetery, East Bend, Yadkin Co, NC

Civil War Service Record on
John H. Poindexter, Pvt, Co F, 28th Regt NC Infantry (State Troops)
Enlisted Jun 18, 1861 at East Bend by Capt Jno N Kingman for 12 months [later extended to War]
Electid & Commissioned 2nd Lt. on the 18 day of June 1861 (Resigned) Resignation accepted this 5 Sep 1861.
By May of 1862, J. H. Poindexter was listed as a Corporal in Co. F.
Poindexter was on a Register of Chimborzao Hospital, No. 2, Richmond, for a flesh wound of the hand. Admitted on 3 Jul 1862 and returned to duty the next day.
Appointed 5 Sgt. 10 Jul 1862.
The Nov-Dec 1862 Muster Card states that he was absent - At home with leave
Honor Roll - Promoted to 4 Sgt 16 Jul 1862. [I believe this was an error and it was either 1863 or 1864] Entered service at Yadkin Co, age 32, as a volunteer

[Note: I believe he was being assigned to the hospital corps - not wounded]
The first notice of his assigned hospital duty seems to be 19 Feb 1863.
Apr 24, 1863, Poindexter was ordered to report to Surg. P. E. Hines in charge of G.H. at Petersburg, Va. for assignment to duty.
A Register of the Receiving and Wayside Hopital, General Hopital No. 9 in Richmond has the name of John H. Poindexter. He was transferred to Gen. Elzey's Office 25 Feb 1863.
A card from the Medical Director's Office, Richmond, notes that Poindexter was listed at the hospital at Camp Winder, Detailed by Gen. Lee. No date but another card was dated 27 Aug 1864, and gave a place as Highpoint, N.C. He issued a passport, on of those to furloughed or transferred men, for the Hospital at Camp Winder, Richmond, for the week ending 27 Aug 1864.
Nov-Dec 1864, John was absent. Detailed on Surgeon Certificate at Gordonville VA - he continued at the duty Jan-Feb 1865
Listed on the Register of the Invalid Corps, as of 9 Nov 1864 at Gordonsville, VA. Assignment to Duty S.O.287 To Comdt. of Port, 3 Dec 1864

Prisoners of War - J. H. Poindexter, Serft, Co F, 28 Regt. At Point Lookout, MD. Arrived City Point VA, 17 Apr 1865. Captured at Burksville on April 6th. Released June 17, 1865.
He took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States at Point Lookout, on June 17, 1865. His residence was Yadkin Co NC; his complexion dark, hair black, eyes hazel, height 5'10"

This is apparently a different John from Yadkin Co. He was discharged almost immediately - no reason given.
U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles
Name: John A Poindexter
Residence: Yadkin County, North Carolina
Occupation: Farmer
Age at enlistment: 24
Enlistment Date: 5 Mar 1862
Rank at enlistment: Private
Enlistment Place: Yadkin County, NC
State Served: North Carolina
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Enlisted in Company A, North Carolina 54th Infantry Regiment on 26 May 1862.
Mustered out on 27 May 1862.
Birth Date: abt 1838
Sources: North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster

Service Record on
John A. Poindexter, Pvt, Capt Anderson Ellis' Company (Holtsburg Guards), 54 Regt North Carolina Infantry (State Troops)
Mustered into service at Camp Mangum, 26 May 1862
Born Yadkin NC. Age 24, Farmer, 5'8"
Enrolled for active service by H. P. Lovell, Yadkin Co, 3 May 1862
Signed the oath of allegiance to the State of North Carolina
He was on the Muster Roll May 26 to June 30, 1862, but a note says:
Discharged by order of Gov. Clark, May 27th - a second note gives the date 1 Jun 1862.
This company subsequently became Company A, 54th Regt.



Thomas C. M. POINDEXTER102 was born on 15 May 1831 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 He served in the military in 1861–1862 at Company F, 28th Regt. NC in Civil War. He died Died during Civil War on 10 July 1862 at the age of 31 in Richmond, Virginia.102

Married Margaret D. Wooten. Served in Company F, 28th Regt. NC Troops during the Civil War. Died in a Richmond hospital of typhoid while serving in the War.

U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles
Name: Thomas C M Poindexter
Residence: Yadkin County, North Carolina
Age at enlistment: 30
Enlistment Date: 18 Jun 1861
Rank at enlistment: Sergeant
Enlistment Place: Yadkin County, NC
State Served: North Carolina
Survived the War?: No
Service Record: Enlisted in Company F, North Carolina 28th Infantry Regiment on 18 Jun 1861.
Promoted to Full Priv on 30 Mar 1862.
Mustered out on 10 Jul 1862 at Richmond, VA.
Birth Date: abt 1831
Sources: North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster

Service Record on
Thomas c. M. Poindexter, Sgt. Company F, 28 Regt NC Infantry (State Troops)
Muster Roll 18 Jun - 31 Oct 1861
Enlisted 18 Jun at East Bend by Capt. J. H. Kingman for 12 months - extended to 3 years
Muster Roll for Nov & Dec, 1861, lists Thomas as on picket duty
Muster Roll for July 1 to Oct 31, 1862 has the following note:
Died near Richmond 10 Jul 1862
Roll of Honor card states in entered the service, Yadkin Co, 18 Jun 1861, age 30, as a volunteer. Died July 10, 1862; In Hospital.
Register of those killed in battle, or who died of wounds or disease. Deceased July 10, 1826, Richmond, VA Ty. Fever

There is a memorial page on FindAGrave, stating he is buried Macedonia Cemetery, East Bend, Yadkin, NC. That is extremely unlikely since he died in Richmond, VA. There might be a memorial marker, but his body was not likely brought home.



Susan Hughes POINDEXTER102 was born on 22 May 1833 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 She died on 7 November 1901 at the age of 68.102

Married John Hiram Johnson 25 Aug 1859, Yadkin Co NC.

Susan H. Johnson, applied 20 Aug 1896 in Yadkin Co. She stated she was a daughter of Robert Poindexter and had married J. H. Johnson. Her children were John Hiram, Mattie, Charlie H. and Archie C. Johnson. This was a daughter of Robert Poindexter's second wife, Charlotte Martin Pettitt, and she married John Hiram Johnson, 1859.
1900 Census. East Bend, Yadkin Co, NC Hh 39
John H. Johnson, b. Oct 1830, age 69, married 41 years.
Susan H., wife, b. Mar 1833, age 67, had 5 children, 4 are living.
John H. Jr., son, b. Jun 1863, age 36, married 3 years.
Mary, dau-in-law, b. Oct 1887, age 22, has had 3 children, 2 are living
John H., gson, b. Sep 1897, age 2. Susan P., gdau, b. Mar 1900, age 2 months.
I note again that a person is applying for their adult married children - the Poindexter book indicates she had another son, Lee Elrod Johnson, but gives no date of death. If there was such a son, he must be the one who had died. It is obvious to me that many of these Poindexter descendants did not really seem to understand the application process.



William George Washington POINDEXTER102 was born on 2 August 1835 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 He served in the military in 1862–1864 at Company I, 6th Infantry Regiment NC in Civil War. He died Died during Civil War on 3 July 1864 at the age of 28 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.102

Married Judetta Varner. She appears as "Lizette" Poindexter in the 1860 Yadkin Co census. William was killed during the Civil War. His is buried Hollywood Cemetery (military cemetery - among the Gettysburg Dead) Richmond City, Virginia.

American Civil War Soldiers
Name: William G. Poindexter
Enlistment Date: 15 Sep 1862
Enlistment Place: Yadkin County, North Carolina
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: North Carolina
Service Record: Transferred Company G, 28th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 18 Mar 1862.
Enlisted as a Private on 15 September 1862 at the age of 28.
Enlisted in Company I, 6th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 15 Sep 1862.
Transferred out of Company I, 6th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 18 Mar 1863.

Note: In another place he was listed as William G. W. Poindexter with much of the same information.

Service Record on
William G. W. Poindexter, Pvt, Compsny G, 28th Regt NC Infantry (State Troops)
Muster Roll for Sept & Oct, 1862; Enlisted 18 Sep 1862, at Yadkin Co by Avery for the duration of the War.
Killed in action at Gettysburg, Pa. 3 Jul 1864
Roll of Honor. [those killed or died of disease] Entered service, Yadkin Co, Sept 18, 1862, age 29, as a conscript.
[there are a couple of cards place in this file with the name U. C. Poindexter who also died at Gettsyburg; same company, but different date]
Register of those killed of died of disease: W. G. W. Poindexter, Co. G, 28th Regt NC, died July 3, 1864. Killed at Gettysburg, Pa.

There is a letter in the file
Final Statement of W. G. W. Poindexter deceased a private of Company G 28th regiment N.C. Troops. Said W. G. W. Poindexter wos home in Yadkin county of North Carolina, was enlisted by Avery in Yadkin NC on the 18th day of September 1862 to serve for the was and was killed in action at Gettisburg Pa. 3rd Jul 1863. He was last paid by Captain D. A. Parker, Quartermaster to include the 30th day of April 1863 and is entitled to pay there from to the 3rd day of July 1863, at which time he was killed.
He is not entitled to any Bounty.
He is entitled to fifty (50) dollars communtation for clothing not drawn in line
He is indebted to the Confederate States nothing.
His personal effects were left in the Camps hands
Given near Petersburg VA this 1st day of December 1864.
I hereby certify that the above final statement is correct in every particular
G. W. McCawley, Capt.
Camp, Co. G 28th Regt. NCT



Pleasant Henderson POINDEXTER102 was born on 7 March 1837 in Surry County, North Carolina.102 He died on 18 May 1913 at the age of 76.102

Married Temperance Ann Bagwell 7 Mar 1861.

His Civil War service record from
Pleasant H. Poindexter, Pvt, Co G, 28th Regt NC Infantry (State Troops)
Enlisted 18 Sept 1862, Yadkin Co, by Avery for the duration of the War.
He was at Chimborzao Hospital No. 3, Richmond 18 Jul to 17 Aug 1863 when returned to duty. Disease listed as : GSW [gun shot wound], Back
P. H. Poindexter was on a receipt Roll at the Gen. Hosp, Camp Winder, Richmond, VA, 16 Sept 1864.
List of Prisoners of War belonging to the Army of Northern Virginia, who have been this day surrendered by Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA, commanding said Army, to Lt.Genl. U.S. Grant, commanding Armies of the United States. Paroled at Appomattox Court House, 9 Apr 1865. P. H. Poindexter, Pvt. Co. G, 28 Regiment

In the file is a letter:
Date: 1863 The Confederate States To Private P. H. Poindexter
For commutation of rations on furlough from Sept 14th to Oct 1st. 16 days at 33 cts per
day. $4.95. Absent on leave of indulgence.
I certify that the above account is correct that the commutation was made on my order and was necessary for the _____ it being impracticable to take rations in kind.
Received at camp near Liberty Mills, Va. Dec 17 1863 from Thos. _____ Capt, acting ___ four dollars and 95 cts in full of the above amount. Signed: P. H. Poindexter

1880 Census. East Bend, Yadkin Co, NC, Hh 222
P. H. Poindexter, age 43, farmer. Temperance, age 39, wife.
Charlotte E., 18, dau. Mary E., 16, dau. Florence V., age 14, dau. Lu B., 11, dau. Lilly B., 11, dau.
Osco V., age 9, son. John T., age 7. W. C., age 5, son. Pleasant H., age 3, son. Robert E., 1, son.

Pleasant Poindexter seems to have been one of the instigators of the mass applications to prove Poindexter relationship to the Cherokees. He even wrote an account of the Poindexters to include the story that Bettie Pledge was the daughter of Elizabeth Wentworth & William "Bill" Pledge, Elizabeth in turn being the daughter of Chief Donahoo, a Cherokee, and a white woman named Mary Wentworth. [Unfortunately this story based on the said Donahoo being in North Carolina at the same time the Pledge family was still in Virginia, precludes any such relationship.]
He applied for his brother John and for himself and all his children and grandchildren. I count at least 28 persons. His appearance to testify was on 20 Aug 1896. He stated he was a son of Robert A. Poindexter and a grandson of Bettie Pledge. Here is the list he gave of his children and grandchildren.
Charle Bet married T. A. Kerly and had Verna/Vince, Chloe, Charlotte, Abbie, Ruby, and Lydia
Ellen m. W. T. Holt and has a daughter Myrtle
Florence Poindexter had daughters Mattie & Virginia Poindexter
Loula married W. H. Speas and has Lillie, Mamie, Blanche, Allie, and Josephine
Lillie married J. C. Conrad and had Loula, Laura, Lillian, and Pleasant
Oscar, unmarried.
Other children: Tillie, Clingman, Pleasant, and Nettie.
All claims were refused; there was inadequate proof. As I read the stories, there were way too many impossible connections - dates and locations - and way too many inconsistencies in the stories for them to have any validity.

1900 Census. East Bend, Yadkin Co, NC Hh 373
Pleasant H. Poindexter, b. Mar 1837, age 63, married 39 years
Temperance A., wife, b. Aug 1841, 58, 15 children, 10 are living
Oscar V., son, b. Aug 1871, age 28. Pleasant H. Jr., son, b. Nov 1877, age 22.
Nettie E., dau, b. Apr 1881, age 19. Florence V., granddau, ?? 1889, age 11.

Sugar Loaf Twp, Alexander Co, NC Hh 24
Thos. A. Kerley, b. Jan 1850, age 50, married 18 years. Charlotte E., wife, b. Feb 1862, age 38, has had 11 children, 8 are living.
Lottie, dau, b. Apr 1888, age 12. Abbie P. dau, b. Aug. 1891, age 8. Opal Cote, dau, b. Sep 1894, age 5. Lydia Grace, dau, b.Sep 1895, age 4. Artie Sue, dau, b. Jan 1897, age 3.
Florence, dau, b. Dec 1899, age 1.

Old Richmond Twp, Forsyth Co NC Hh 253
William T. Holt. [Ellen Poindexter had died and William was remarried.] b. Apr 1854, age 46, married 10 years. Rachel L., wife, b. Jun 1864, age 30; has had 5 children, 3 are living.
Myrtle B., dau, b. Sept 1886, age 13. [the only Poindexter descendant]
Waldo D., son, b. Feb 1891, age 9. Allen b., son, b. Feb 1894, age 6. Sallie, dau, b. Mar 1898, age 2.

Enumerated just before her father in 1900, would appear to be his daughter Florence, Hh 372
Florence V. Truelove, b. Sept 1866, age 33. Married two years. Had 3 children, all are living.
Osco B., son, b. Dec 1898, age 1.
Her daughter Virginia Poindexter [Florence V.] appears to be living with her grandparents, age 11. She was supposed to have another daughter, Mattie. She did not marry Thomas W. Truelove until 1897 - were there two older girls born out of wedlock or had she been married earlier to a Poindexter cousin?

Old Town Twp, Forsyth Co, NC Hh 263
William H. Spease, b. Mar 1853, age 47, married 13 years.
Loula B., wife, b. Jun 1869, age 30, had 7 children
Lillie L., dau, b. Sep 1889, age 10. Mary L., dau, b. Aug 1891, age 8. Blanch H., dau, b. Nov 1892, age 7.
Abbie, dau, Nov 1894, age 5. Rachel I., dau, b. May 1896, age 4. John B., son, b. Jun 1898, age 1.
William H., son, b. Jul 1899, age 10 months.

East Bend, Yadkin Co, NC Hh 344
John O. Conrad, b. Nov 1862, age 37, married 11 years
Lilly B., wife, b. Jun 1869, age 30, 4 children
Lou A., dau, b. Apr 1890, age 10. Laura O., dau, b. Mar 1893, age 7
Pleasant H., son, b. Jul 1896, age 3. Lillian H., dau, b. Jul 1896, age 3 [so Lilly who was a twin herself, had twins...]

Buried Macedonia Cemetery, East Bend, Yadkin Co.
Born: 7 Mar 1837
Died: May 1913