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Fifth Generation

32. Sarah Redford "Sally" POINDEXTER was born on 6 April 1784 in Surry County, North Carolina.34 She died on 13 April 1862 at the age of 78 in Grassy Creek, Surry County, North Carolina.97

Samuel Martin, bondsman, for the marriage of Sally & James.

1850 Census. Pilot, Surry Co., Hh 65
James Lovill, age 69. Sally R. 66. J. A. age 21 [male]

1860 Census. Rockford, Surry Co, NC, Hh 249
James Lovill, age 80, farmer. Sarah R., age 76
Jas. A. 30. Elizabeth 26. Augusta 20. M. Rose, age 17
W. W. age 7, Sarah C. age 5
[Obviously some of the younger children are grandchildren. Elizabeth probably the wife of James, but they aren't old enough to have Augusta and Rose and both young ladies are too young to be children of Sarah R.]

In 1850 in Surry Co, there was a household headed by Eliza Lovell, apparently a widow. She had James H. age 12, Augusta age 10, Margaret R. age 8, and Sarah M. age 6. Eliza could be the widow of Sarah & James' oldest son Thomas as he is the only one who has not otherwise been given a wife and I've seen no death date for him.

Sarah Redford "Sally" POINDEXTER and James LOVILL were married on 3 June 1807 in Surry County, North Carolina.6,23,34 James LOVILL, son of Edward LOVILL, was born in 1780 in North Carolina.97 He died in Centerville, Reynolds County, Missouri.97

James was a son of Edward Lovill.

When Edward Lovill died in 1816, he had minor children, born to a second wife. James was guardian for minor Jane Lovill, his half-sister.
From the Surry Co NC book of Inventories, Bonds, etc. dated 1809-1818 and digitized on
9 Aug 1817. We agreeable to your order settle with Jiles H. Coe, Guardian of Armstead F. Lovill. Edward Lovill Guardian of Thursa Lovill. William Lovill Guardian of Sarah Lovill. Joseph Lovill Guardian of Thomas J. Lovill. James Lovill Guardian of Jane Lovill. Charles Coe Guardian of Mehala Lovill. William Uptegrove Guardian of Rebecca Lovill. and we find on examination that the above named Guardians have not as yet received any property of other effects of their several wards. Before us: Edward Sweatt, JP. Thomas Douglass, JP John A. McGehe, JP
Report returned and recorded. Aug Term 1817.

Sarah Redford "Sally" POINDEXTER and James LOVILL had the following children:



Thomas P. LOVILL (private).



Edward F. "Ned" LOVILL98,99 was born on 19 February 1810. He died in 1881 at the age of 71. He was buried in Centerview Cemetery, Johnson County, Missouri.

Ms. Cassstevens says Ned Lovill married his cousin, Ann Radford Scott, daughter of Daniel & Ann Radford Poindexter. Casstevens also givea her a birth year of 1770, some 10 years before her parents were even married. Ned Lovill himself was born 1810. The problem is that records indicate Daniel Scott's daughter Nancy Ann Radford Scott, married Bennett Apperson, 1820, and then Samuel Hauser. Obvisouly there are serious errors.

The Poindexter Descendant Association has in their database that Ned Lovill married Mary G. "Polly" Scott, daughter of Robert Randolph Scott, and granddaughter of Daniel & Ann Radford Poindexter Scott. This Polly Scott was born 31 Dec 1825 and married 2 Oct 1864, Surry Co, NC to Edward "Ned" Lovell. This works out so much better.

Unfortunately the error is perpetuated in many places on the Internet - I have seen a Nancy Ann Polly Scott, born 1760, married to Edward Lovells in three different generations. Most of the databases are completely and hopelessly tangled with impossible birth and marriage dates and extra wives. Some show poor Ned married to two different daughters of Daniel & Ann Radford Poindexter Scott - to their daughter Mary who was married to a Hall and to Nancy who was married first to Apperson and then Hauser. Edward "Ned" Lovell born in 1810 has also been confused with his grandfather Edward Lovell, born about 1775, and the grandfather has been given the same Scott wife as Ned. Crazy.

It is also true that there was still another E. F. Lovill living in Surry Co. He was age 18 in 1860, or born about 1842, living in the household of Wm. R. and Eliza Lovill, and apparently their son. William R. was the older brother of this Edward F. "Ned" so the 18-year-old was Ned's nephew. A marriage record in 1864 certainly could be that of the nephew, but the bride would have been several years older than he.

1850 Census. Pilot, Surry Co, NC, Hh 66, next door to his parents, James and Sarah.
E. F. Lovill, age 40
Ruth, age 35 [In none of the online databases is there a wife Ruth! She was Ruth Barr per the death certificates of Thomas & James.]
Thomas P. age 2. James W. age 11 months

1860 Census. Stokes Co, NC, P.O. Danbury, Hh 636
E. F. Lovil, age 50.
Thomas 12. James 11. Alverda 7. Sallie age 6.
Note: it is true that he was widowed and the marriage record of 1864 could be his and later censuses show that he did indeed have a wife Mary in 1870.

What is puzzling is that I cannot find any family in 1870 or 1880 that would resemble the family of Ned Lovill as seen in the databases. Supposedly he had children with Mary G. Scott - daughter Becky b. 1865, David b. 1867, Glenn b. 1869 and Edward F. Jr., b. 1871. The following census records indicate he had NO children by Mary - or if he did, none survived to be in a census.

What I did find in 1870 is the following, which I definitely believe is Ned's family:
Madison Twp, Kingsville P.O., Johnson Co, Missouri, Hh 609
Edward Lovell, age 60 [b. 1810] born in North Carolina
Mary, age 45 [b. 1825] born in North Carolina
Thomas D., age 22, b. in NC
Jos. W., age 21 [although it looks more like "Jos", it is probably Jas. for James], b. NC
Elizabeth age 16 [would seem to be the daughter called Sally in 1860], b. NC
George Brown, age 24, works on farm
Wm Hendrick, 21, works on farm [both farm hands also marked as born in NC]
Note: there do not seem to be any children by Mary. This is also the same county in Missouri where Ned's brother William is living.

1880 Census. Madison Twp, Johnson Co, MO, Hh 145
E. F. Lovill, age 70, b. NC as was everyone in the household. The entire household was also marked as unable to read and write.
Mary J. age 55, wife
Thos. P. 30, son
Jas.W. 28, son
Sallie A. E. 24, daughter
Wm Rowland, age 27, laborer

There are graves in Centerview Cemetery, Johnson Co, MO. I believe names have been confused. There is both a Thomas P. Lovell and an Edward Lovell shown with the dates 1848-1927. [I wonder if one of these should have been James, b. 1849, d. 1929]. Then there is a Thomas Lovell with dates 1810-1881 - this should, of course, be Edward's grave. Mary Lovell is there with the dates 1827-1884. Lula Kinyoun Lovell, 1865-1934 is also buried in Centerview- her death certificate says her husband was Jerry Lovell, born NC. Edward's brother William did have a son Jeremiah, born about 1860 - I suspect Lula is his widow. She was a school teacher; died of ovarian cancer.

Thomas P. Lovell has Missouri Death Certificate #35755.. He died in Washington Township, Vernon Co, MO on 5 Nov 1927. He was still single. His date of birth given as 13 Jan 1848; he was 79 years 9 months 22 days old. A farmer. He was born in North Carolina. His father's name given as Edward F. Lovell, b. NC; his mother as Ruth Barr, b. NC. He died of cerebral hemorrhage and senility and was buried Centerview Cemetery. the Hospital Records were used for the data.

I also found the Missouri Death Certificate # 18640 for James Lovell. He died in Odessa, Lafayette Co, and was said to be single. He was born 14 Jul 1850 [I think it was really 1849 since he was 11 months old in the 1850 census.] He died on 13 May 1929, age 78 years 9 months, 29 days. A Retired Farmer, born in NC. His father was E. F. Lovell, b. NC; his mother was Ruth Barr, b. NC. Frank Moerians of Holden Mo was the informant. James was being operated on for enlarged prostate when he died of "acute dilation of the heart. He also had nephritis. He is said to have been removed to Centerview MO for burial on May 15th.



William Radford LOVILL98 was born on 5 April 1813 in Surry County, North Carolina. He died on 9 February 1908 at the age of 94 in Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri.

William moved from North Carolina to Johnson Co, MO about 1866. He was an officer in the CSA. [I have been unable to find any record of her service.] He married Eliza Green Reaves.

1860 Census. Bundy's Dist, Surry Co, NC, Hh 222
Wm R Lovill, age 47, b. NC as was the entire family, farmer. Eliza, age 41
Henry 22. Sarah E. 19. E. F. 18 [male]. M.C. 16 [male], Mary R. 14, Nancy 12, Rufus 10, Eliza 6, Charley 3.

1870 Census. Columbus Twp, Johnson Co MO, Hh 19
William R. Lovell, age 59, b. NC as was the entire family, Farmer
Eliza J., age 50.
Micajah 25. Nancy P. 23, Rufus J. 21. Charles 12. Jerimia A. 10. Robert Lee 6.
Dick Lovell, age 14, Black.

1880 Census. Washington, Vernon Co, MO, Hh 129
W. R. Lovill, age 67, physician E. G., 60 [female]
C. P., age 22, son. Jeremiah A. 19, son. R.L. 16, son.
A. E. 14, granddaughter. E. E. 10, granddaughter. E. C. 7, granddaughter.

1900 Census. Henry, Vernon Co, MO, Hh 138
Nancy Howard, b. Feb 1848, age 52, wd, married 32 years, had 3 children, all are living, she and both parents b. NC
James Howard, son, b. Oct 1869, age 30, age 30, b. MO, parents both born NC
William Lovell, father, b. Apr 1813, age 87, wd, born NC as were his parents
Charles B. Lovell, brother, b. Sept 1857, age 42, born NC

Buried Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada, Vernon Co, MO

Here is testimony of a daughter to the Guion Miller Commision, circa 1908.
Mary R. Marion, was 63, lived in Surry Co. She was related to the Poindexters through her father, his mother being Sally R. Poindexter, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Pledge Poindexter. My father died a month ago at age 95 and he told me Betty Pledge Poindexter's father was William Pledge. The wife of William Pledge was Betty Donahoo and her father was Donahoo, a Cherokee Indian Chief who lived in his last home in Yadkin. [We think he did.] My father never got money from the Indians except when he worked as a doctor among the Western Cherokee at Vinita, Indian Territory. He practiced there for about 10 years beginning in 1867. The Cherokee offered tribal rights if he would stay; he moved to Missouri and died there. Sally R. Poindexter was born 6 Apr 1784.
Mary's father was obviously William Radford Lovill, son of Sarah R. Poindexter who married James Lovill. Sarah was a daughter of Thomas & Betty. William R. Lovill was a officer in the CSA. The Poindexter book says he moved from Surry Co to Johnson Co MO about 1866, Mary would have been then about age 20 - apparently she did not go with the family to Missouri. She married first a Freeman, 2nd Lewis M. Marion, about 1908.



Mary Jane LOVILL was born in 1827. She died in 1834 at the age of 7 in Missouri. She was buried in Centerview Cemetery, Johnson County, Missouri.



James Alexander LOVILL100 was born on 4 April 1829 in Surry County, North Carolina. He died on 18 September 1861 at the age of 32 in Manassas {City] Virginia.

James married Elizabeth "Betty" Franklin about 1852. Said to have died at the Battle of Manassas during the Civil War - he was age 36. Betty died about 1868 (she was born in 1832). Only one son, Walter Wiley Lovill, b. 1853, grew to manhood.

Walter was born 20 Sep 1853, Surry, NC and died there 18 Jun 1927. He married Martha Jones. Walter is buried Antioch Bapt Church Cemetery, Mount Airy, Surry, NC.

A FindAGrave memorial has his name as James Archibald Lovill. There is no picture of a monument but he is said to be buried in the Franklin-Freeman-Lovill Cemetery, Mount Airy, Surry, NC.

1860 Census. Rockford, Surry Co, NC, Hh 249
James Lovill, age 80, farmer. Sarah R., age 76
Jas. A. 30. Elizabeth 26. Augusta 20. M. Rose, age 17
W. W. age 7, Sarah C. age 5
[Augusta & Rose were nieces of James] - database of civil war records
American Civil War Soldiers
Name: James Lovell
Residence: Surry County, North Carolina
Enlistment Date: 5 Jun 1861
Enlistment Place: Surry County, North Carolina
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: North Carolina
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 5 June 1861 at the age of 32.
Enlisted in Company I, 21st Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 5 Jun 1861.
Died of disease Company I, 21st Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 18 Sep 1861 at Manassas, VA.

The Battle of Manassas is also known as Bull Run - the First battle took place 1 Jul 1861 so James survived the battle only to died of disease.



Nancy LOVILL (private).



Sally LOVILL (private).