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Fifth Generation

27. Thomas Wentworth Pledge POINDEXTER61,62,63 was born on 3 January 1771 in Goochland County, Virginia.34 He was baptized on 5 November 1771.27 He died in 1838 at the age of 67 in Macon County, North Carolina.

Name was Thomas Wentworth in "The Douglas Register". Name given as Thomas Willing/Willin Pledge Poindexter and called "Pledge" during settlement of father's estate. Descendants who applied for enrollment with the Cherokee Indians also referred to him as Pledge Poindexter.
This couple seems to be the progenitors of Richard Elliot, through a son Francis. Pettitt book says there were three sons and several daughters but only lists a son Thomas Pledge (1800-1873) and daughter Mary who married George N. Hughes in 1832.
Individuals who purchased land in Cherokee Co NC in 1838 as a result of the removal of the Cherokees to OK: Francis Poindexter (Dist 9 & 12) 556 acres for $517; Thomas W. P. Poindexter (Dist 8 & 11), 697 acres for $627

Date of birth found in Poindexter Descendants Association, INc. "Newsletter"; Vol XVIII, Number 4, Oct 1999., p.17.

Samuel Martin was Bondsman, for the marriage to Elizabeth Lovill.

1800 Census, Surry Co NC
Listed as Pledge Poindexter [His father Thomas was still living]. 2m under 10, 1m 16-26. 1f 16-26.

Surry Co NC Court Minutes 1796-1800
Vol II
Agnes M. Wells & Iris M. Harvey 1991
Wed 12 Feb 1800
p.187 Thomas Flynn vs. Edward Lovill.. Jury impannelled and sworn; find for defendant.
Pledge Poindexter, wit for pltff proves 30m and 1 day Edward Lovill was probably Pledge's father-in-law.

1810 Census, Surry Co NC
Thomas W. Poindexter. 2m under 10, 2m 10-16, 1m 26-45. 2f under 10, 1f 16-26.

Surry Co NC Overseers of Roads 1807-1833
Agnes M. Wells & Carol L. Snow 1991
p.24 Feb Term 1816 Thos. W P Poindexter overseer of road from Lovill's Ore Road to Yellow Bank Ford on Mitchells River

The Poindexter books says that about 1838, Pledge went out to the Indians and was buried on the reservation in Macon, now Cherokee Co, NC. He did purchase land there along with his son Francis. Descendants later tried to enroll in the Cherokee Nation but were denied for lack of proof.
It would seem to me that the Poindexters profited from the Indian removal - another indication they were not themselves part Cherokee in spite of the claims of descendants.

Thomas Wentworth Pledge POINDEXTER and Elizabeth LOVILL were married on 23 November 1797 in Surry County, North Carolina.23,34,48 Elizabeth LOVILL was born in 1779.56 She died in 1817 at the age of 38.56

A PDA Lineage Chart gives the date of death of Elizabeth Lovell as 1877. PDA Newsletter Vol. XX, No. 1, Jan 2001.

She was the daughter of Edward Lovell and Mary Carmichael.

Thomas Wentworth Pledge POINDEXTER and Elizabeth LOVILL had the following children:



Edward Lovell POINDEXTER64 was born circa 1798 in Surry County, North Carolina. He died before 1836 at the age of 38.

Edward married Judith Barber, 13 Jun 1826. She married second to John Brewer, 1838, Blount Co, TN
Children were Sarah Ann who married Thomas Pledge Pettitt, a cousin, son of William Pettitt and Jane Ridings , daughter of Mary Wentworth Poindexter; Thomas J.; Virginia who married John Marion Paris,; Carolina "Caroline"; and John S. Poindexter.



Thomas William Pledge POINDEXTER Jr64 was born on 10 December 1800 in Surry County, North Carolina. He died in 1873 at the age of 73 in Macon County, North Carolina.

Thomas married 25 May 1823, Surry Co NC to Sarah Nance who died about 1880 in Macon Co, NC.



Francis Pledge POINDEXTER65 was born circa 1802 in Surry County, North Carolina. He died after 1880 at the age of 78.

Francis married 22 Jul 1820, Surry Co NC to Nancy Sherrill, daughter of George Sherrill & Rutha Wilson. Francis purchased land in Cherokee Co NC in 1383. He participated in the removal of the Cherokee Indians in 1838, NC Regt, Company L, Macon Co Volunteers.
Just the fact that one of the early Poindexters was involved in the Cherokee removal would lead one to believe he had no indication he was of Cherokee blood as so many of the descendants would later attempt to claim.



Evan James POINDEXTER (private).



Rebecca Carmichael POINDEXTER (private).



Elizabeth Pledge POINDEXTER66 was born on 14 February 1810 in North Carolina. She died in 1868 at the age of 58.

Elizabeth married 24 May 1834, Macon Co NC to Edward "Neddy" Delozier. They are said buried in Swain Co, now Cherokee Co NC.

Guion Miller appointed Special Commissioner to oversee the enrollment of the Eastern Cherokees, made his report, in reference to “The Eastern Cherokees vs. The United States” in the Court of Claims, No. 23214.
NARA Roll M685; found on
Vol 1., p.66. Claim of Sarah A. Mashburn, of Andrews, NC, Application #664. Rejected.
Sarah claimed through Edward Delozier,Alsey Fields, Alsey Spears, Elizabeth Delozier need Poindexter, Pledge [William Pledge] Poindexter, and his mother Betty Pledge Poindexter. Part of her claim through the Deloziers was through Edward Delozier born Blount Co, TN about 1800 and his mother Alsey Delozier nee Fields, who claimed to have been 1/4 blood Cherokee and her mother Alsey Spears. None of these persons had ever enrolled, although they were reported living in Cherokee country in both 1835 and 1851. There were other applications on this line with similar statements. Sarah lived in Andrews, NC and had for 18-20 years. They moved to Swain Co a few years before the war when she was a child, from Cherokee Co. Her father Edward Delozier died just after the Civil War in Swain Co; 1879. His mother said to be 1/4 Cherokee. Edward Delozier married a Poindexter named Elisabeth, daughter of Pledge Poindexter. This claim brings her case into the large group claiming through Chief Donohoo. There are four classes of these: first through Elizabeth “Betty” Pledge Poindexter; second those through Frank Pledge; third those claiming through John Ayers; and fourth those claiming through Junalusky. These four are alleged to have been the children of an earlier Betty Pledge, said to be the daughter of Chief Donohoo. There are 800 to 1000 applications, representing probably 1500 individuals claiming through these lines. The statements are conflicting, but Chief Donohoo was born in Virginia, near or on the James River, about 1700 and he married a white woman named Mary Wentworth – they had a daughter given the name of Elisabeth or Betty who married William “Bill” Pledge. They had children Elizabeth, the younger, and Frank Pledge. Elizabeth the elder, either before or after her marriage to Pledge, had sons John Ayers and Junalusky. The lines of Betty and Frank Pledge are fairly described, the lines of Ayers and Junaluskly, less so.
My Note: Given where the Deloziers lived, it is quite possible Sarah Mashburn had a legitimate claim through that family. However, once her claim became a part of those claiming through Elizabeth Pledge Poindexter, it’s likely the Delozier line was not a factor.



Mary P. POINDEXTER64 was born on 11 April 1812 in Macon County, North Carolina. She died on 21 March 1876 at the age of 63.

Mary married 30 May 1832, Macon Co NC, to George Nesbitt Hughes, son of John Hughes & Margaret Dickey.

She is buried First UMC Cemetery, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC



Richard POINDEXTER (private).



Harriet A. H. POINDEXTER67 was born circa 1817.

Although the Poindexter book states Harriet was born about 1821, it also states that her mother died in 1817 - I have moved her date back appropriately although it's also possible that death date is in error.