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Fifth Generation

31. ARCHIBALD PLEDGE POINDEXTER23,77,78,79 was born about 1780 in Surry County, North Carolina.19 He served in the military in 1812 at 2nd Co. detached 2nd Regt, Surry Co, NC in War of 1812.23 He died before 1842 at the age of 62 in Monroe County, Kentucky.8,18,23,77

Surry Co NC Deed Abstracts G&H 1795-1800I
Carol Leonard Snow 1995
DB H, p.353 [ca 1797-98] Jonathan Sprinkle & Archa Poindexter witness deed of Benjamin Hutchens to Thomas Hutchens 39a South Fork Forbushes Crk on Orebank Road along the road to pine at Scott's Path. Ack by Benj Hutchens

Married Rebecca Flynn.
Bondsman: J. G. Poindexter. (Probably John George, brother of Archibald) Copy of bond has signatures only, text never filled in. Arche Poindexter to Rebecker Flinn September 12, 1800. Witness: J. G. Poindexter. Test: Jno. Williams

1800 Census, Surry Co NC, p.681. Archab. Poindexter 1m 16-26, 1f under 10, 1 f 16-26.

The PDA database also shows a daughter Belinda, born ca 1818 - perhaps she did not survive since nothing else is known about her. Note: she is in family files, has having married Daniel H. Combs.

Surry Co NC County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
Vol III, 1801-1804
Iris M. Harvey & Agnes M. Wells 1992
Wed 10 Feb 1801
p.4 Bill of sale from Thomas Poindexter to Geo. Pettit proved on oath of Archebald Poindexter and ordered recorded.

1810 Census, Surry Co NC, p.673
Arcabald Poindexter. 3m under 10 [only Archibald & William known to have been born before 1810], 1m 26-45 [Archibald himself]. 2f under 10 [Dorothy & Elizabeth], 1f 10-16 [unknown], 1f 26-45 [Rebecca]
There seem to be two extra children living with the family.

Served War of 1812. 2nd Co. detached 2nd Surry Regt., 8th Regt. N.C.
On is the Register book "Records of Men Enlisted in the U.S. Army Prior to the Peace Establishment May 17, 1815".
Entry 197 is Archibald Arche Poindexter, Pvt. 21st Reg. under Capt. Jas. H. Campbell. He was 5'9" tall, dark hair, dark eyes, dark complexion, age 31. A Blacksmith by trade. Born at McMinville, Surry Co NC. He enlisted 20 Jun 1814 at McMinville, W. Tenn. under Lt. Woodward in June; it appears his enlistment was to expire June 19 1819, five years of service. The Remarks that accompany these entries are almost all abbreviations, meanings obscure to say the least. Seems to be almost a quarterly report similar to the service cards showing whether or not a soldier was present and paid. I can find that on most occasions he was "present". He was Transferred to a detachment of Infantry Dec 23, 1815. He was doing duty as an artillerist at one point. He was Discharged at Ft. Gadsden Jun 19/19 [1819?], term expired, see pending case.

Moved to Monroe County KY before 1820. There is also a James Poindexter present in that county.

Other families are known to have come to the Cumberland/Monroe Co area - Jesse Scott, John Coe [1811], some of the Flynns.

9 Feb 1813 Overton Co TN Archibald Poindexter of Cumberland Co KY bought 136 acres from Samson Williams of Jackson Co TN. $100. In Overton Co; begin at mulberry on the state line. Rec. Sep Term 1814, Overton Co TN DB C, p.248

p.213 1820 Monroe Co Census: Arche Poindexter. 1m under 10 [John T.], 2m 10-16 [Micajah & William]; 1m 18-26 [Archibald Thomas]; 1m 26-45 [Archie]; 2f -10; [ Malinda & Meriam] 2f 10-16 [Elizabeth & Dorothy]; 1f 16-26 [?]; 1f 26-45 [Rebecca] Close neighbors include Loflin Flin and Claybourne Jones.

19 Aug 1827 Overton Co TN Archibald Poindexter of Monroe Co KY bought 100 acres from Samson Williams for a valuable consideration and $5. Land in Overton Co TN on waters of Kettle Creek, begin on State line, with State line; corner to said Poindexter.
Overton DB F, p.376

p.400 1830 Monroe Co KY Census. A. Pointdexter. 2m 10-15 [John & Zadock]; 1m 15-20 [Micajah]; 1m 40-50 [Archie]; 1f 40-50 [Rebecca]. A young Poindexter (Initial R? - young Archibald?) is two households away - he and a female both are 20-29; no children.

1830 Tithables as published in TRACES, published by the SoCentral KY Hist & Gen Society:
Archibald Poindexter 100
James Poindexter 100

KY Land Office Warrant #5762
Thos. B. Monroe for 1449 acres due in consideration of unsatisfied Warrant #4790 - 21 May 1821
17 Aug 1821 - Surveyed 100 acres for Ben Maxey & 1097 ½ acres for S. Wilson, S.M.C.
On Back Tho. B. Monroe. 1,449 Acres Exchanged Warrant #5762
Application 15 Jun 1821 - Saml Wilson SMC
50 acres assigned to Thomas Bishop 3 Apr 1822. Signed: Saml. Wilson
50 acres assigned to Arche Poindexter 30 Apr 1822. Signed: Saml. Wilson
50 acres to Daniel Murley 6 May 1822. Signed: Saml. Wilson
100 acres assigned to B. C. Maxey 4 Jul 1821. Signed: T.B.Monroe
150 acres assigned to Saml Wilson. Thompskinsville 25 Apr 1822 Signed: Jos. G. Hardin
Surveyed for Arche Poindexter assignee of Samuel Wilson, Assinee of Jos. G. Hardin, Assignee of Thomas B. Monroe ...50 acres in Monroe County. South Fork of Kittle Creek ...Begin on north side of Creek in the State Line ...down the creek the line of sd Poindexter thence with his line. Surveyed 1 May 1822. Saml. Wilson S.M.C.
John Martin & Thomas Jones C.C.& H.K. Arche Poindexter
[Sketch shows property to be shaped like an L]
John Adair, Esq. Governor. Warrant #5762 is granted to Arche Poindexter assee of Samuel Wilson, assee of Joseph G. Hardin who was assee of Thomas B. Monroe. 50 acres. [Same description as survey] 3 Dec 1822.
[NOTES: Thomas Jones doesn't show up in the Census until 1830 (age 20-29) so likely a young neighbor helping with the survey. Found only one possible location on present day map for this land: Smith Creek which flows into Kettle Creek could be called a "South Fork" of Kettle, as it flows SW out of Kettle, down into Clay Co TN and then back up and briefly along the KY-TN state line just inside the division of Monroe and Cumberland Counties. There is a "north side of the creek in the state line". Arche already owned other lands prior to this survey.]

Kentucky Land Warrant #7261
To Christo. Cheatham. 50 acres.
Satisfied in full for Arche Poindexter 4 Feb 1822. Saml. Wilson SMG 5 Nov 1821
On back: Christo. Chatham 50 acres #7261 Application Jan 28 1822.
Assigned unto James W. Taylor 28 Jan 1822. Signed: C. Cheatham
I assign the within unto Arche Poindexter this 31st of Jan 1822. J. W. Taylor
Surveyed for Arche Poindexter Assignee of James W. Taylor assignee of C. Cheatham. 50 acres in Monroe Co. KY Land Warrant #7261. 50 acres. Begin ...corner to said Poindexter. [no permanent landmarks in description] Surveyed Feb 5, 1922. Saml. Wilson SMC
John Coe & Wm. Barry C.C. & H.K. A. Poindexter M.
On back: Recd. 5 December 1827
[Sketch shows rectangular shaped tract]
Joseph Desha, Esq. Governor. KY Land Office Warrant #7261 ..50 acres unto Arche Poindexter assee of James W. Taylor assee of C. Cheatham. County of Monroe. ...sugar tree corner to said Poindexter. 5 June 1828.
[NOTES: John Coe's daughter Fannie married Arche Poindexter's oldest son Archibald Thomas Poindexter. William Berry is two households away from Arche Poindexter in 1820 Census. This tract fits neatly into the parcel warranted by Thomas B. Monroe.and is surrounded by it on two sides. But Arche may have owned property prior to this one, too, as it touches a corner of his.]

KY Land Warrant #8450
100 Acres to James Armstrong 14 May 1822 50 acres satisfd. M. M. Foster R half
Satisfied in full 19 Jun 1822. Saml Wilson SMC
On back: J. Armstrong 100 Acres Warrant #8450
Application June 3 1822. Saml Wilson SMC
50 acres to William Jones and 50 acres to Archey Poindexter Jun 17 1822 James Armstrong.
Survey for Arche Poindexter assignee of James Armstrong 50 acres in Monroe County. KY Land Warrant #840 on the waters of Kittle Creek. Begin ....corner to Moses Davis 50 acres survey and in the line of said Davis 200 acre survey ...corner to Davis 200 acre survey and in the line of his 25 acre survey ...with another of his lines. Surveyed June 19, 1822. Saml Wilson SMC
James Armstrong, William Jones C.C. & H.K. Moses Davis M.
[Sketch of survey reveals irregular shape]
Warrant in Regest. Office with a Survey in the name of William Jones. S. Wilson
On Back: Recd. 5 Dec 1827.
Jos. Desha, Esq. Governor. KY Land Warrant #8450 granted unto Arche Poindexter assee of James Armstrong ....50 acres by survey dated 17 Jun 1822 in Monroe on water of Kettle Creek. [Same description, bounded by Davis seemingly on several sides] 5 Jun 1828.
[NOTES: Moses Davis is the household immediately above that of Arche Poindexter in the 1820 Monroe Co Census. William Jones is a few households away.]

KY Land Warrant #8352
100 acres to Lemuel Stockton 26 Apr 1822 Satisfied May 15, 1822. Saml Wilson SMC
On back: Lemuel Stockton 100 acres Warrant #8352 Application May 13, 1822
I assign the within Warrant to Daniel Murly Junr. 14 May 1822. Lemuel Stockton
I assign fifty acres to John Coe 15 May 1822. Daniel (hisXmark) Murly Junr.
I assign fifty acres to James Armstrong 15 May 1822. Daniel (hisXmark) Murly
Test: Samuel Wilson
Survey for James Armstrong Assignee of Daniel Murley assignee of Lemuel Stockton 50 acres in Monroe Co. KY Land Warrant #8352 lying on Kettle Creek and adjoining the land of said James Armstrong & Moses Davis. ...line of Moses Davis & corner to Armstrong ..with Davis line the line of Daniel Murley, thence with Murley line said Murley with another of his lines ...line of James Armstrong to beginning. May 18, 1822. Saml. Wilson SMC
John Coe & James Logan C.C. & H.K. Daniel Murley M.
Survey has sketch - property is L shaped
On back
James Armstrong crossed out and Arche Poindexter written in.
50 Acres. Recd 22 Jan 1844
For value recd. I assign the within plan and Certificate of Survey to Arche Poindexter Oct 26, 1833. James Armstrong Teste: Wm. H. Man/Meran
Robert P. Letcher Esq. Governor. Part of Land Warrant #8352 granted to Arche Poindexter assee of James Armstrong assee of Samuel Stockton. 50 acres surveyed 15 May 1822 in Monroe Co on Kettle Creek [same description as survey] 22 Jul 1844.
[NOTE: Likely Arche Poindexter was already deceased when this grant finally obtained, or possibly, this grant is to the son Archibald Pledge Poindexter who married Fannie Coe.]

Poindexter GEDCOM says he died Aug 1843. Pettit book says he tried to cross a swollen river in Kentucky and drowned. DAR application gives a death date of 21 Aug 1843.

ARCHIBALD PLEDGE POINDEXTER and REBECCA FLYNN were married on 12 September 1800 in Surry County, North Carolina.23,48 REBECCA FLYNN, daughter of LAUGHLIN FLYNN and ELIZABETH WRIGHT, was born about 1780 in Surry County, North Carolina.19 She died after 1830 at the age of 50 in Monroe County, Kentucky.19,77

The following Flynns are found in Morgan Co IL in 1830 along with Arche Poindexter, Dorothy & her husband Richard Jones & some of Richard's sisters and their husbands. I would speculate these are nephews of Rebecca: Zadoc W. Flynn, William Flynn, and Josiah Flynn, all between 30 and 40 years of age with probable spouses and small children.




Archibald Thomas POINDEXTER78,80,81 was born about 1802 in Surry County, North Carolina.8,82 He died in 1881 at the age of 79 in Celina, Clay County, Tennessee.8

Married (1) Fannie Coe b. 1808, d. 1844-1850, daughter of John Coe and Nancy Scott and (2) Lucinda Lollar.

John Coe was also from Rowan Co. NC - did he live at one time in Guilford? DB4, p.325. Robert Neeley sold two tracts of land to John Coe on 13 Jul 1778. Coe was already of Guilford and one of the tracts adjoined property he owned. The Will of John Coe of Cumberland Co KY was written 25 Nov 1853; proved June Court Term 1854 - it mentions there are seven grandchildren, children of his dead daughter Fanny Poindexter, who will receive $100 each.

By 1830, an Archibald Thomas Poindexter, "often called Thomas or Archie", was living in Overton Co TN.
Thomas Poindexter: 1m under 5, 1m age 20-30; 2f under 5, 1f 5-10 and 2f 20-30.
This census indicates three daughters born before 1830, of whom we have no record. And apparently another grown woman living with them & some of the children could have been hers]

An Arche Poindexter is also on p.67 of the Morgan Co IL 1830 Census. He and spouse both age 20-30 with 2 children under 5. This could be his brother, William Archibald, but if it is he moved to IL and then back to Monroe Co before moving to Dade Co MO about 1840.
There is also a young Poindexter (initial R? For Rchibald?) in the 1830 Monroe Co KY Census. He and a female both 20-30 with no children.

General Index to Deeds, Overton Co, TN 1806-1859; 1810-1865   WPA
Sampson Williams to Archibald Poindexter  C-279
Sampson Williams to ArchibaldPoindexter   F-376
Arche Poindexter to Ezekiel Jenning  L-341
John Sims to ThosPoindexter  M-118
Landon Armstrong to Thos. Poindexter  N-484

10 Oct 1836 Thomas Poindexter of Overton Co TN bought from John Coe of Cumberland KY [probably his father-in-law], 179 acres in Overton Co. $700. South side Cumberland River begin on north of little creek whereon the said Poindexter now lives.
Overton Co DB G, p.304

12 Nov 1836 Thomas Poindexter of Overton Co bought from Sampson Williams of Jackson Co TN, 100 acres in Overton Co. Begin at said Poindexter's NE corner whereon he now lives. Overton Co DB H, p.159

1840, Overton Co TN Census
Thomas Poindexter. 1m age 10-15 [John Robert], 1m age 30-40 [Thomas himself]
2f under 5 [Mary and ???], 2f 5-10 [Elizabeth and ???], 1f 10-15 [???], 1f 15-20 [???] and 1f age 30-40 [Fannie]
There are again several unidentified daughters in this family.

Overton Co TN Circuit court Minutes 1839-1844   Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn for the Overton Co Archives; 2000
p.92  Feb Term 1840   Grand Jurors presentments against overseers of roads – includes Thomas Poindexter.
p.138  Jun Term 1840   The State vs. Thomas Poindexter, Overseer of a Road.  Defendant says he is guilty.  Fine of $1 and costs.  William Donaldson, security for Poindexter.
[1848-1850   No Poindexters listed.]

In 1850 Thomas Poindexter was living just over the state line from Monroe Co KY in Overton Co, TN. He's on p.100b, Household 456 of that Census: Thomas Poindexter, age 48, b. NC, Farmer
Elizabeth 16, Mary 12, Josiah 9, and Thomas age 6. Fannie already deceased. Robert M., age 10, was living in Cumberland Co KY with the family of Calvin Johnson, but there was also a J. R. Poindexter, age 12, in the household. There was also a Sally R. Poindexter age 16, living with the family of Wm C. Smith. She could easily be one of the daughters from 1840, unmarried, but not living at home since her mother was dead. The eldest son, John Robert was married and living in Cumberland Co.

1860 Census. 4th District, Overton Co TN, Sweet Gum Plains P.O., Hh 1641
Thomas Poindexter, age 56, b. NC
Lucinda L., age 28, b. KY.

1870 Census. 4th Civil District, Overton Co TN. Martinsburgh KY P.O., Hh 52
Thomas Poindexter, age 68, b. NC. Lucinda J. age 37, b. KY
Oliver H., age 8. Helen M., age 5. Artimesy E., age 3, Dorothy A., 4 months old.

An Archibald Poindexter, born about 1833, has been placed in this family by earlier researchers. He doesn't appear with the family in 1840 or in 1850. There is an Arch, age 16, living with Samuel & Elizabeth Poindexter Smith and next door to Micajah Poindexter in Monroe Co KY in 1850.
This same Archibald may be In the 1860 Dade Co MO On p.41, dwelling 270 is an Arch Poindexter, age 27, born in KY, living with Margaret, age 26 b. TN and James R. age 2, b. MO. The Poindexter book lists a son of this age for Archibald Thomas and he married Margaret Pennington. The 27 year old Arch does not fit into the families of William Archibald or Zadock that had been in Dade Co since before 1850, as they have other sons named Archibald.
I think it possible this Archibald has been artificially placed in this family and does not belong here, but likely he is kin.

The PDA database also has a daughter Jemina Poindexter, born about 1830. Said to have married Thomas Jefferson Nevins about 1850. He was born Overton Co TN, 1827, the son of James Nevins and Mary Olive Walker.



DOROTHY AMOS POINDEXTER83 was born on 24 September 1805 in Surry County, North Carolina.19,84 She died on 24 November 1846 at the age of 41 in Pulaski County, Missouri.6,84

Found Dorothy's middle name in St. Francois Co MO Deed Book B, p.158. 13 Apr 1837. Richard Jones and Dorothy Amos Jones his wife sold their property in Murphy's Settlement of St. Francois Co.

Died at Dry Fork near the present town of Rolla, now in Phelps County.

If you wish to continue my Poindexter line, go here to connect with this page in the Poindexter file.,



William Archibald "Arche" POINDEXTER85 was born on 14 May 1807 in Surry County, North Carolina.82,85 He died on 20 August 1878 at the age of 71 in Everton, Dade County, Missouri.8

An Arche Poindexter is on p.67 of the Morgan Co IL 1830 Census. He and spouse both age 20-30 with 2 children under 5. Don't know if it's this William Archibald, who was called "Arche". His sister Dorothy & her husband Richard Jones were living in Morgan/Sangamon Counties in Illinois at this time.

Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database
< rch.html>
Arche Poindexter received two tracts in Morgan Co in Section 12, T26N, R9W - one on 22 Jun 1829 and the other on 31 Dec 1829.

Said to have left Monroe Co KY and moved to Dade Co MO between 1838 and 1840. It's possible there was a stop-over in Illinois given the above records.

In fact I believe the family moved back to Monroe Co in time for the 1840 census and then went on to Missouri.
The 1840 Monroe Co KY Census has an Archibald Poindexter, age 30-40
2m under 5 [George & Robert], 1m 10-15 [William], 1m 30-40 [William "Arche"
1f under 5 [Nancy], 2f 5-10 [Elizabeth & Rebecca], 1f 10-15 [Sarah] and 1f 30-40 [Mary Sallie]

This can't be the son Archibald, called Thomas because he is counted in Overton Co TN. M. Poindexter, age 20-30 in this census is likely Micajah - or is this Martin, son of James of the unidentified Poindexters?. Z. W. is in the census, age 20-30 - can only be Zadock Wright Poindexter. A Mary Poindexter, age 30-40, with six young children is next to Micajah - I don't know who she might be. A Franklin Poindexter lives some distance away from the others - he appears possibly 20-30 with an older couple in their 50's living with him - is this a son of James Poindexter?

A booklet "A History of Antioch Church" written by Erma R. Bishop and found in the Dade Co Library states the following: The history of Dade County couldn not well be written without placing the Antioch Church well in the front. Events will show that in 1844 five families had settled in this part of Dade County, coming mostly from Kentucky and Tennessee. And among those who were most prominent in the first organization are the following names: Willis, Mallory, Farris, SCOTT, Cox, JONES, COBLE, POINDEXTER, Gambill, LOLLAR, Hudspeth and Merrick.

1850 Census in Dade Co, p.289, Dwelling 380. Arche & Mary with the children from Elizabeth down through John. William, Sarah & Rebecca married and living in Dade Co as well.

1860 Dade Co MO Census, Polk Twp, p.41, Dwelling 266. Arche was listed as 53, Mary as 52. Only Josiah, "Kiah" and John T. are still at home. The other married children all still live in Dade Co, however. Arche & Mary were also counted in Smith Twp, p.40, Dwelling 251, with the same identical information.
1860 Slave Schedule: Arch Poindexter had a female slave, age 37, and what would appear to be her children: females, ages 7, 6, and 4, and a male infant, age 5 months.

1870 Dade Co MO, South Twp, p.112, Dwelling 98. Archie Poindexter, age 63, Merchant. Eliza J. age 45, Keepinghouse [This is perhaps were the name Elizabeth has come from - I believe the census enumerator misunderstood Eliza for Louiza.] Susan E. is age 1. John T. age 21, is living with them. Thomas Collins, age 18, b. MO, is also living there doing Farm Labor.

Arche Poindexter's will is recorded in Dade Co WB 2, p.48 and dated 14 Jun 1870.To wife Louisa J. Poindexter, two parcels of land, about 70 acres, to pass to youngest daughter Susan Elzada. Other children: William F. Poindexter, Sarah Scott [she had been deceased since 1863], Rebecca Steely, Elizabeth R. Mitchell, Robert F., George H., Nancy W. Rice, Josiah R., Kire F., and John T. Poindexter. Witnessed by Joseph F. Duckwall & Levin W. Shafer.
Codicil dated 16 Jun 1875. Additional bequests to Louisa J. and Susan Elzada Poindexter. Wife is to be the 12th heir, receiving an equal part of estate. Wit: Willis Dilday & W. B. Poindexter. Proved 7 Oct 1878.
[W. B. Poindexter

Arch and Mary are buried in Antioch Cemetery. Arch Poindexter 14 May 1807 - 20 Aug 1878
Mary Poindexter 14 Feb 1810 - 16 Feb 1863
Son John T. 1 Mar 1849 - 5 Dec 1875 [The book has his year of birth as 1819]
On the other side of Arch in Antioch Cemetery is Louisa J. Poindexter 26 Feb 1824 - 8 Nov 1904. She is also in the 1880 Census. Arch's 2nd wife is listed as Elizabeth some references but I think there may be an error. In 1880 Louisa J. Poindexter is in South Twp of Dade Co, living near Josiah, Robert & Kire. She is 56, which agrees with a birth year of 1824. She has a boarder Julia B., age 20, or born 1860 living with her which cannot be a child of hers and Arch's because they weren't married until 1864, and a daughter age 11 named Susan L. Poindexter. Louisa J. is obviously the 2nd wife of Arche.



Elizabeth POINDEXTER86,87 was born on 29 October 1808 in Surry County, North Carolina.8

Married Samuel Smith 12 Jul 1826. Samuel b. 21 Mar 1803 NC, d. 1 May 1868.

Family in 1850 Monroe Co KY Census on p.392, household 330 & next door to Micajah Poindexter. Samuel age 47, Elizabeth age 42 and probably 6 of their children. John 23, Rebecca 21, Arch'd 20, Jane 17, Martha 15, and William, age 5. Another Arch Poindexter, age 16 lives with them; he's possibly a nephew, son of Elizabeth's brother Archibald Thomas who was at this time living in Overton Co TN [this son not listed with his family in TN]

The Poindexter book lists two more children, George b. 1837 & d. 1844 and Sally b. 1838, d. 1840 who were not alive for the 1850 census. The child William, born 1845, isn't in the book.



William Micajah "Cage" POINDEXTER28,88,89 was born on 8 November 1811 in Surry County, North Carolina.8,82 He served in the military in 1862 at Co. C, 11th Texas Cavalry, Young's Regt in Civil War. He died on 24 September 1870 at the age of 58 in Grayson County, Texas.8 William was buried in White Mound Cemetery, Tom Bean, Grayson County, Texas.

Married (1) Sarah Gist, daughter of Henry D. Gist of Monroe Co KY; she was half Cherokee. (2) Mary P. Glidewell in Monroe Co. (3) Mrs. Susannah (Savage) Edge, born in MO in 1826 - married in 1857 & divorced soon after their marriage. (4) Mrs. Emmaline (Walker) Barnard on 18 Dec 1858. (5) Mrs. Serena P. M. (Williamson) Evans on 20 Dec 1865.

Micajah is on a muster roll of the Black Hawk War in Illinois; Zadock W., William & Royal Flynn are all shown as members of the Company of Allen F. Lindsey, most from Morgan Co, the Spy Battalion, 3rd Brigade, Illinois Mounted Volunteers, called into service 16 May 1832. Royal was a Corporal, the other Flynns were Privates. Isaac R. Bennet, husband of Mary Jones, daughter of Claybourn Jones, was 2nd Lt of the unit; he lost 1 Sorrel mare by forced marching.
Bennet's brother-in-law Usel Meeker, married to Isaac's wife's sister, Alla Jones, was another private in this unit. Meeker was one of only three men from Sangamon Co, IL.
Micajah Poindexter was listed as a Private from Morgan County, with the note, "Sick in tent. 1 horse Rendered unfit for service."
Note signed Alen F. Lindsey: This company organized 4th day of Jun 1832. Took up line of march for head Quarters 9th day June 1832 mustered into service 19th day of June 1832. Eight days Rations for Seventeen men have Been drawn for traveling purposes 16th Aug 1832.
The Black Hawk War 1831-1832, Vol I, Illinois Volunteers; compiled and edited by Ellen M. Whitney, Illinois State Historical Library, Vol. XXXV, Springfield, 1970.

Found in 1850 Monroe Co Census, p.392, Household #331, with 2nd wife Mary, his two sons by the first wife, and 7 of the children with Mary Glidewell.
Lived next door to his sister Elizabeth and her husband Saml. Smith and family.
Micajah was age 38, Mary 36. Benjamin 15, Archy 13, Robert 10, Narcissa 8, James 7, George 5, Gideon 4, Joseph 2, and Abraham age 6 months.
Later when descendants of Benjamin and Arch [the two boys said born to Sarah Gist], applied for enrollment in the Mississippi Choctaw rolls, they said their mother was Mary P. Poindexter. All applicants were denied because the Indian blood was said to have come from Rebecca Flynn Poindexter their grandmother. She of course could not be found on Choctaw rolls [she wasn't Indian], nor was their any evidence she had lived in Mississippi or Alabama [and she never had]. One of the descendants testified that nothing was known of Micajah's whereabouts when he was about age 16 to 24. It is possible that he did marry Sarah Gist, or perhaps lived with her, and these two sons who would have been very young, always believed, or considered, Mary was their mother. If that is so, however, how was the marriage to Sarah Gist ever proved in the family histories?

"Cage" moved to Grayson Co TX 1850/51.

Enlisted 28 Oct 1858 in the Texas Rangers under the command of James Bourland; discharged 28 Jan 1859. Served in Co. C 11th Texas Cavalry, Young's Regt in the Confederate Army. Was honorably discharged with a Certificate of Disability for bowel ulceration and chronic diarrhea.

1860 Census. Grayson Co TX, P.O. Sherman
M. Poindexter, age 43, farmer, b. NC. Emily, 21, b. KY
B. S. [male], age 27, teamster, b. KY
R. M. [male], age 21, teamster, b. KY
Jas. W., age 17, b. KY
G. A.,[male] age 15, b. KY
A. T. Poindexter, [male] age 23, was living with Henry Gist, age 34, and family, working as a farm hand.

1870 Census. P.O. Kentucky Town, Prec No. 4, Grayson, TX, Hh 258
M. Poindexter, age 54, Farmer, b. NC
Serena, 30, b. MO
Harriett Evans, 10, b. TX
Julia Poindexter, 10, b. TX
Charles, 4, b. TX
Rebecca, 6 months, b. TX

Micajah is buried at White Mound Cemetery, Grayson Co TX.

He has a military stone placed Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK.
CSA - Co. C, 11th Texas Cavalry



Miriam POINDEXTER90 was born on 4 March 1813.8 She died on 24 July 1862 at the age of 49 in Cumberland County, Kentucky.8

Married 23 Aug 1829 to Rev. Charles Wesley Smith, a Methodist preacher who was born 15 Feb 1810 and d. 21 Feb 1887 in Cumberland Co KY, son of John Smith & Elizabeth Speer. There were 10 daughters.

1850 Census. Cumberland, KY, Hh 549
Charles Smith, 40, Methodist Preacher, b. KY
Marium, 37
D. P., 19, female.
R. F., 17, female
E. J., 15, female
P. O., 14, female
S. R., 12, female
R. M., 10, female

The ten children born to this union were all girls and all born in Cumberland County:
1. Dorothy Cap b. 25 August 1830 d. 23 September 1864 m.18 August 1860 Calvin C. Hughes.
2. Rebecca Flinn b. 28 September 1832 d. - m.11 April 1854 James Pierce. Between 1880 and 1886 this family moved to Washington County, Arkansas.
3. Elizabeth Jane b. 23 March 1834 d. December 1919 m.10 March 1860 Eli Blankenship Pentecost. Mr. Pentecost b.13 June 1830 d.12 January 1872. Elizabeth Jane second m. Jonathan Smith and following his death she third m. Pleasant Earls and was again left a widow. She 4th m. Andrew Hunter and lived out the remaining years of her life near W. Plains, Missouri.
4. Mary "Polly" Wells (m. Lt. John Brown of Cumberland County, Kentucky)
5. Sarah "Sally" Radford b. 28 August 1837 d. 2 October 1862 m. 2 October 1858 William Capps.
6. Ruth "Ruthey" Marion b.16 June 1839 d. 19 January 1876 m. - (thought to have married a man by the name of Barger).
7. Patsy Miller b. 7 June 1843 d.10 September 1874 (or 1876) m. 6 February 1868 John E. Coope.
8. Nancy Wright b. 9 February 1874 d. - m. 18 June 1863 James Watson.
9. Manerva Lucinda b. 4 December 1849 d. 22 February 1930 m. 24 January 1881 Charles R. Smith. Charles died after 1870 and about 1873 Manerva moved to Evansville, Indiana where she married her widowed brother-in-law Thomas A. Smith. About 1888 this family moved to Collin County, Texas and lived there the remainder of their lives.
10. Louisa Thomas b. 26 October 1861 d. 9 September 1896 m. Hamilton Rutledge.
Three of the above listed sisters, Nancy Wright Watson Jordan, Manerva Lucinda Smith and Louisa Thomas Rutledge are all buried at Wilson Chapel graveyard east of McKinney, Texas.



Belinda/Malinda POINDEXTER was born in 1816. She died in 1875 at the age of 59 in Monroe County, Kentucky.

Married Daniel Combs.



John Thomas POINDEXTER91,92 was born on 3 January 1818 in Turkey Neck Bend, Monroe County, Kentucky.8 He died on 9 February 1893 at the age of 75 in Howe, Grayson County, Texas.8

Wife was Mary, probably Mary Embree, dau of Benjamin Embree.

Found in 1850 Monroe Co Census: John Poindexter, age 36; wife Mary age 35; children are Colby, age 5, Simeon age 4, and Thomas age 1. Benjamin Embree, age 18 and Sarah Embree, age 52, b. SC also live in the household.
The family moved to Howe, Grayson Co, TX, to live near John's brother Micajah.
John was in prison for two years during the Civil War.

He is buried Hall Cemetery, Howe, Grayson Co TX, as is his wife Mary. She was born 1 Jan 1815, died 26 Jun 1903.



Zadock Wright POINDEXTER93,94 was born about 1820 in Monroe County, Kentucky.82 He died on 4 July 1859 at the age of 39 in Dade County, Missouri.8

Son William Arche Poindexter's application to the Eastern Cherokee Rolls, Case #7282, stated he was born Dec 1843 in Crawford Co, MO, placing this family in Missouri some earlier that 1850.

Served in the Mexican War.
In 1850, Zadock and family lived in Dade Co MO. p.296b, Dwelling 486. He is listed as Rite [Wright] Poindexter. Sarah is present with the children as given here. Zebedee was 2/12 so probably born March or April of 1850. They were living near William Poindexter, his nephew, and Sarah Poindexter Scott, his niece.

Will from Dade Co WB 1, p.146 is dated 2 Jul 1859. Land to beloved Wife, 480 acres, less 10 acres deeded to Richard J. Poindexter. After her death or widowhood to be divided equally among heirs: Son James Robert Poindexter has $375 dollars in cattle which if sold and half given to estate is not to be charged to him. If he doesn't pay half, then the $375 is to be a portion of his share of Estate. Also he has had $100 which shall be a portion of his share and he is not to receive anything more until the others have received the same. Daughter Mary Jane Pollan has received $106. Son Richard James has received $140. Other heirs are William Arche Poindexter, Rebecca Flin Poindexter, Zeddock Wright Poindexter, and Zebidee Poindexter. Each to receive $120 when they reach 17. James C. Hooper to be Executor. Signed, Z. W. Poindexter. Witnesses: Wiley Irby and H. C. Finly. Irby states he died on or about the 4th of July, 1859. Proved 18 Jul 1859.

Dade Co MO Probate Records, Vol. 4; p.528
8 Sep 1870 William T. Scroggs, Public Administer for Dade Co was administrator of the estate of Z. W. Poindexter. He was asked for and been granted permission to place at sale the lands of Zadock totally 470 acres. Debts have not been paid.



Josiah POINDEXTER95,96 was born about 1822 in Monroe County, Kentucky.8 He died on 18 March 1866 at the age of 44 in Dent County, Missouri.8

Not a proven child of Archibald Pledge and Rebecca. Circumstantial by date of birth; does not fit other lines. He was born in Monroe Co KY; Archibald Thomas Poindexter named a son Josiah; Josiah moved to Missouri where at least two of the sons of Archibald Pledge Poindexter had moved.
Married Nancy Craddock on 8 Sep 1842 in Crawford, MO.

No Josiah was listed as a child of Archibald and Rebecca in William Arche Poindexter's application to the Eastern Cherokee Rolls, Case #7282. He did list a Joseph. However William A. also listed a Robert [there wasn't one] and omitted Archibald Thomas, Dorothy, Elizabeth, and John. I would say a very unreliable list.

1860 Census. Dent Co MO, Hh 520
Josiah Poindexter 28, b. KY
Nancy, 35, b. KY
Thomas 14, b. MO. George, 12, b. MO, Robert 10, b. MO. Margret, 6, b. MO. William, 6 months, b. MO

Josiah is buried Tune Cemetery, Salem, Dent Co, MO

Children listed in FindAGrave post are:
William Archie, b. 21 Dec 1859
Thomas W. (Joseph?) b. after 1842
George W., b. 1848
Robert S./F., b. 31 Mar 1851
John Bailey, b. 13 Aug 1853
Margaret A., 28 Mar 1856