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Fifth Generation

52. JOHN PERKINS64,65 was born on 14 February 1789 in Goochland County, Virginia.41,43 He died before June 1835 at the age of 46 in Logan County, Kentucky.64

Family tradition says from "Richmond, Virginia", but both of the marriages of his father took place in Goochland County so likely all children of William's first wife including John were born there.

He was stated to be between 30-40 in 1830 census. Born between 1790-1800. He died before Jun 1835. Actually probably died between Dec 1833 and Dec 1834 according to schedule of payments made on his land.

Will of William Perkins 13 Aug 1827: "I give and bequeath at my death to my son John Perkins lawful heirs a negro man named Jolly to them and their heirs forever." Will of father seems to skip over John to his children, and John is known to be living at this time. The other children of William receive a specific bequest of a slave. John's name is also included among the names of "my Ten Children who are at this time in Kentucky" and who are to divide the residue of the estate after the youngest child reaches her majority.

Logan County Court Records, Book 8 (1822-1828) LDS #0364563 p.5 Dec Term 1822 "John Perkins, Capt. Perry M___, John/Jess Page, & John A. Bell be and they are hereby appointed patrollers in this county." [First mention of John Perkins in Logan Co that I've found.]
p.286 Apr Term 1827 "On the motion of John Perkins and pronouncing his tax list in open Court which was sworn to, received by the Court and ordered to be certified to the.....Sheriff."

1830 Logan Co Tax List: John Perkins, 1 white male over 21, 2 blacks over 16, 5 blacks total, 2 horses.
1830 Logan Co Census: John Perkins 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 1 m 10-15 (sons-John, Grief, Benjamin, Frank) 1m 30-40 (John) 1m 40-50 ??? 1f -5 (MaryJane) 1f 5-10 (Judy), 1f 20-30 (Mary) 1f 40-50 ??? [If this is the right John Perkins as it seems to be, then who is the older couple living with them? Her parents are approximately 10 years older than this.]

Court Equity Case 17 Jun 1835. James Blakey, Adm for John Perkins, dec'd sues Benjamin Webb for a deed. James Blakey had cosigned with John Perkins who has died insolvent and owing two $150 yearly payments for 100 acres. Children, all under 21, are named. with ad litum guardian, Jos. B. Biggen. [ad litum guardian-named to serve in this one instance]

Logan Co Deed Book U, p.55f. 21 Sep 1835. Benjamin Webb by William E. Curd Commissioner to James W. Blakey. Decree by Logan Circuit court in suit in chancery, said Blakey vs. Benjamin Webb and the heirs of John Perkins dec'd. Land where John Perkins, deceased, lived to be sold. Highest bidder was Blakey at the price of $334.81. Description: begin on side of a knob, both side of an old road, corner to land owned by Reubin Ewings heirs, North side of the Christian road. 100 acres. Conveyed to Benjamin Webb from Isaac N. Robinson. Produced in open court by W. E. Curd on 13 Oct 1835. Rec. by M. B. Morton, 3 Nov 1835.

Dec 1837. Report of James Blakey Adm. of John Perkins concerning settlement of estate includes reference to Mary Perkins which is the only indication of name of wife.

Book 10, Monday 22 Apr 1839, p.27 maintenance of road "thence to Blakey's blacksmith shop, thence to James Blakey's old place, thence to John Perkins' old place" [would appear that Blakey & Perkins were next door neighbors before everyone went off to Missouri]

May 25, 1840, p.117 Samuel L. Perkins, Joseph Soyars, John Perkins and others are appointed as patrollers for the county. [Can this be the son John?]

JOHN PERKINS and MARY JANE "POLLY" DUNLAVY were married on 10 January 1815 in Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia.46,66 MARY JANE "POLLY" DUNLAVY2,66,67,68 was born on 14 February 1789 in Virginia.2 She died on 8 August 1849 at the age of 60 in Greene County, Missouri.2 She was buried in Brookline Cemetery, Brookline, Greene County, Missouri.

Traditionally said to be born on the same day as her husband.

Mary Jane was buried on the homeplace of her son Grief, but in 1981 her stone was moved to Brookline Cemetery.

Found the reference to her maiden name in letter from Joe B. Haden to Mary Alice (Haden) Womack which also says that both John Perkins and Mary Dunlavy were brought up in Richmond, Virginia. Also mentions that Mary Dunlavy Perkins was present in the great theater fire in Richmond "125 years ago" (from the 1936 date of letter). The Fire occurred in Dec 1811.

Typed note found in J. B. Haden's papers: "My maternal grandmother, grandmother Perkins, whose maiden name was Dunlavy, was in this theater at the time of the fire mentioned in clipping. In the excitement she was knocked down by the panic stricken people and trampled nearly to death. She was, in fact, thought to be dead, but recovered." Signed Joseph B. Haden. Ladonia, Texas, Jan. 12, 1931. An accompanying clipping from the Dallas Morning News, dated 10 Jan 1931 is about a violin in the possession of a man who lives in Dallas - the violin was rescued in 1811 from the fire of the Richmond Theater in which 73 persons died, including the Governor of Virginia.

Bob Dillard relates that the family moved to Greene Co MO in 1839, settled west of Springfield on the Mount Vernon Road. Mary's grave marker is in Brookline Cemetery, Greene Co, MO, although a note states the stone was removed from a local farm and placed in the cemetery; the remains were not moved. Several members of the family are buried here.

JOHN PERKINS and MARY JANE "POLLY" DUNLAVY had the following children:



John PERKINS64,69 was born about 1818.

Born after the marriage in 1816, as all children are listed as under 21 in 1835.
Possible marriage: 28 Nov 1850. John R. Perkins & Ophelia V. Rountree. Greene Co MO - this is most likely a different John Perkins.
There is mention of a John Perkins still in Logan Co KY in the early 1840's - John may have stayed behind in Kentucky when the rest of the family moved to Missouri.



William G. "Grief" PERKINS.



Benjamin C. PERKINS70 was born in 1822 in Kentucky.71

1850 Census. Living with his sister Olive "Judy" Perkins in Polk Twp, Greene Co MO. They were next door to their sister and her Haden husband.

1860 Census. This may be Benjamin living alone in Polk Twp, Christian Co MO:
B. C. Perkins, age 35, Farmer, b. KY.
He was three households away from Sarah Haden [daughter of William F. Haden] & her husband, Sydney L. Hudson.



Olive Judith "Judy" PERKINS.






Frank PERKINS64 was born (date unknown).

Frank likely died young as no other records of him since 1835, have yet been discovered.