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Fourth Generation

27. Archelaus Mitchell PERKINS was born on 6 July 1760 in New Kent County, Virginia.1,30,31 He was baptized on 4 August 1760.30 He died on 16 April 1849 at the age of 88 in Carrollton, Carroll County, Missouri.31

Marriage: Surety: George Payne. Wit: Fleming Payne
The Bible belonging to Isaac Otey Perkins, son, gives a marriage date of 7 Sep 1781 ???

[Found online at <> Military Warrant #2383 to Archelaus Perkins for 2,666.66 acres of land for serving as Lt. in the Virginia Continental Line, dated 3 Feb 1784. I do not know if this is the same person. No identified patents in Kentucky.
In "Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution" by Francis B. Heitman, c1914: , p.436: Perkins, Archelaus (VA). Ensign 5th Virginia, 11th Sept 1780; 2nd Lieut. 24th Nov 1781; retired 1 Jan 1783.

Goochland DB 14
p.20 Inventory of debts that appear on the books of Reuben Mitchell deceased.
Names include: Thomas Mitchell, Edmumd Mitchell, George Mitchell, Abner Mitchell, Archelaus Perkins, John Britt, John Perkins, Nathaniel Perkins, James Perkins, etc.
Inventory of Estate of Reuben Mitchell appraised, 12 Apr 1784
John Perkins, William Page, James Holman.
19 Apr 1784 presented in court.

p.122 Will of James Perkins.
Dear wife Mary Perkins all my estate real & personal during the term of her life and after her death to be equally divided amongst my children to wit: William Beverly & Handley Perkins, my Sons & Mary Olive Perkins my daughter. If anything should fall to me from my brother Nathl Perkins dec'd to be equally divided amongst my children. Brother John Perkins & wife to be Executors.
6 Sep 1784. Signed: James Perkins
Wit: Archs. Perkins, Peter Marter, Jno. Salmon
17 Jan 1785 Proved by Ar. Perkins & John Salmons.

p.237 16 Feb 1786 John Perkins to Archelaus Perkins. 5sh and for love & affection to his son. 263 ½ acres on waters of Lickinghold Creek. Begin corner of Benjamin Salmon & John Perkins; Robert Cardin & William Check; Chick's line; Stephen Sampson; Sampson & John Martin; prong of Lickinghole Creek, its meanders.
Signed: John Perkins
Ack. By John Perkins, 20 Feb 1786

p.426 Appraisement of estate of William Britt, dec'd 28 Feb 1787
13 Slaves, 4 horses, cattle, etc. Over 681 £.
Taken by Saml Richardson, Abraham Poor, Archs. Perkins
15 Jul 1787 ….ordered recorded

Goochland DB 16
Will of Benjamin (x) Salmonds, dated 26 Dec 1786
Wit: by John Perkins, Archs. Perkins, Grief Perkins
Proved by oaths of John Perkins & Grief Perkins on 17 Nov 1794

23 Jan 1800. Friends of Thomas Jefferson met in Richmond to decide on a course of how best to elect their candidate in the presidential election to be held in November.....county committees were formed. From Goochland, Thomas Miller, James Carter, Archlaus Perkins, Wm Miller, Smith Payne

Goochland DB 15
Goochland Sept Court 1788
Wm H Miller Gent, Geo Richardson & Archibald Bryce or any two to settle accounts of Archer Perkins the Guardian of Eliz Perkins, orphan of Nath. Perkins de'cd. [Nathaniel Perksin was Archer's uncle.]
Richardson & Bryce - 20 Oct 1788 - reported and ordered recorded
16 Jul 1789 Gideon Mims & David Alves to Jesse Mims. Tract of 100 acres on Lickinghole Crk. James Robards, Isaac Winstons, south side plumtree Crk, corner pin on Winston & Gideon Mims, on Riddles Road, Lewis Chaudoing & William James
Signed: Gideon Mims, David (x) Alvis
Wit: Archs. Perkins, Wm. Perkins, Greif Perkins
20 Jul 1789 Proved by Archs, William & Grief Perkins

Goochland DB 16
19 Sep 1791 James Robards to Archelaus Perkins. 290£. Tract on little Lickinghole Creek 254 acres. Begin on Robt Poyner, dec'd, William Pages, John Perkins line & said Archs. Perkins, Robt Cardin dec'd & Robt Payne dec'd. Signed: Jas. Robards
19 Sep 1791 Ack by Robards.
Mary, wife of James is unable to travel. Justices sent of 21 Sep 1791. John Hopkins & Thomas Miller rec'd her release 16 Nov 1791. Ret. 19 Dec 1791

20 Feb 1792 John Perkins, Archelaus Perkins & Sollomon Williams & Stephen Grainge or any three to appraise estate of David Layne dec'd.
Appraisal signed by John Perkins, A. Perkins, Stephn. Grainge. 7 Jul 1792
Returned to Court 16 Jul 1792

Goochland Co Court March 19 1792
John Britt, William H. Miller, John Perkins & Archibald [sic] Perkins or any three to appraise slaves and personal estate of Abraham Poor.

22 May 1792
Wm Johnson, Samuel Richardson, Thomas Michell, Stephen Granger, John Perkins, Archelas Perkins & John Thomas or any five view a way proposed for turning the road the way thro Solomon Williams plantation on a near way that the said Williams shall propose to them to lead from the little Byrd Creek to New Market.
Following are of the opinion that the new way proposed by Solomon Williams will be attended with no inconvenience to the publick and are of the opinion that the old way through the plantation will be attended with considerable disadvantage . 31 May 1792.
Said Williams obliges himself to open the said new way according to law.
Signed: Wm Johnson, John Perkins, Saml. Richardson, Thos. Michell, Archs. Perkins.
Returned 18 Jun 1792

20 Feb 1792 John Perkins, Archelaus Perkins & Sollomon Williams & Stephen Grainge or any three to appraise estate of David Layne dec'd.
Appraisal signed by John Perkins, A. Perkins, Stephn. Grainge. 7 Jul 1792
Returned to Court 16 Jul 1792

Ancestry has an Ohio Homestead/Cash Entry Patent for Archelaus Perkins. I know of no other Archelaus that would be of an age to take out this warrant. It was for 1000 acres, surveyed 18 Sep 1795; warranted 16 Jul 1798. It is not clear, but apparently Archelaus was the assignee of Walter Warfield.

1810 Census. Goochland, VA
Archelaus Perkins, 4m under 10, 2m 10-16, 1m 16-26, 1m over 45. 2f 16-26, 1f over 45.
16 slaves.

1820 Census. Goochland, VA
Archelaus Perkins: 2m 10-16, 1m 16-16, 1m over 45; 1f 26-45, 1f over 45. 12 slaves.

Archelaus Perkins has a bounty land file - S15570
BLW 1744, 200a as a Lieut. Issued Feb 22, 1799 to William R. Barnard, assignee
Papers in the file signed by Archelaus Perkins, from Goochland Co VA, dated 25 July 1828. He was in the Continental Line of the Army of Revolution and served to the end of the War at which time he was a Lieutenant. He received a certificate of commutation for a sum equal to the amount of 5 years full pay, instead of half pay for life under the Act of 27 March 1783.
One of the typical answers to a letter of inquiry gives more information. Archelaus of Goochland was appointed ensign on 11 Nov 1780; promoted to Lieutenant 24 Nov 1781. He was allowed pension on his application of 25 Jun 1818. He resided in Goochland until 1840 when he moved to Howard Co MO - in July of that year he was living in Glasgow, Howard Co. March of 1845 he stated his age as 84 years. He did receive bounty land of 200 acres.
Likely this file is available on Fold3.

U.S. Pensioners, 1818-1872
Virginia, Accounts of 15 May 1828
Archelaus Perkins, Liet. $160 half yearly allowance
Received payments beginning 1831-March of 1840 when he was "Transfd to Missouri"

A note in the Bible of Isaac O. Perkins, son, says that Archalus Perkins died in 1845, in Howard Co MO.

Find A Grave Memorial# 27969563. Picture of his grave marker - very old - Oak Hill Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll Co, MO. There is a bronze plaque honoring his service in the Revolution, placed by the Point of Fork Chapter, NSDAR.

Archelaus Mitchell PERKINS and Patsy Ann MITCHELL were married on 26 August 1784 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.1,19,31,32 Patsy Ann MITCHELL, daughter of Archelaus MITCHELL and Mary GREGORY, was born on 9 March 1766 in Goochland County, Virginia.16,31 She died in 1838 at the age of 72.16

Have also seen her parents as Archelaus B. Mitchell and Mary Gregory - seems quite likely given names in the family. Her birth date may be a Baptism date.

Archelaus Mitchell PERKINS and Patsy Ann MITCHELL had the following children:






Mary Gregory PERKINS.



Lucy M. PERKINS was born on 7 March 1788 in New Kent County, Virginia.1 She was baptized on 14 September 1788 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.33 She died on 14 September 1835 at the age of 47.16

Lucy may not have been a member of this family.



Archelaus Mitchell PERKINS II.






John PERKINS was born about 1795 in Goochland County, Virginia.1 He died in 1848 at the age of 53.16



Grief G. PERKINS was born about 1798 in Goochland County, Virginia.1 He died in 1842 at the age of 44.16



William H. PERKINS.



Isaac Otey PERKINS.






Thomas M. PERKINS.