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Fourth Generation

24. Elizabeth PIKE21 was born on 19 January 1739 in Frederick County, Virginia.15 She died on 31 March 1816 at the age of 77 in Orange County, North Carolina.13

Cane Creek MM: 1759, 5th m, 17th d; Elizabeth, dau of John & Abigail, married Alexander Stuart. He was a son of Robert and Martha (Richardson) Stuart.

Elizabeth married (2) to John Doane, 14 Jan 1767, Cane Creek. John was the son of Joseph & Mary (Carter) Doane, born 30 Nov 1731, Middletown, Bucks Co, PA,died 6 Mar 1811, Cane Creek. She was his third wife.

Cane Creek MM
1768, 1, 14. John Doan, son of Joseph, Orange Co, married Elizabeth Stuart

Elizabeth had twelve children.

Cane Creek MM is considered the first Quaker meeting in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Cane Creek MM was founded in 1751, in what was then Orange County, and in the area that would become known as Snow Camp. In 1849, Alamance was created from the west half of what was by then left of Orange Co and Snow Camp fell with the bounds of Alamance.

Elizabeth is thought to be buried in the Cane Creek MM cemetery - graves were seldom marked.

Elizabeth PIKE and Alexander STUART were married on 17 May 1759 in Cane Creek, Orange County, North Carolina. Alexander STUART was born in 1737 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He died in 1767 at the age of 30 in Orange County, North Carolina.

Stewart Clan Tome C Sept. 1934 , pg. 75 - "Stuarts of Cane Creek, North Carolina" - by Anna R. Stewart, Tempe, Ariz.
Alexander (3) Stuart (Robert, (2), Alexander, (1), born about 1736 in Chester county, Pa., went with his parents to Berks county about 1746.

About 1756 his father's family moved from Berks co. to Fredrick co., Va., and Alexander presumably went with them. Mar. 3, 1758, he presented a certificate at the Quaker monthly meeting at Cane Creek, Orange county, N.C., (now Alamance co., N.C.) on the same day that his father, Robert Stuart, presented a certificate.

* He married at the Cane Creek meeting May 17, 1759 Elizabeth Pike, born Jan. 19, 1739, in Frederick co., Va., daughter of John and Abigail Pike. Alexander died in 1767. They had four children, Robert, Abigail, John and unborn son Henry Stewart.

The widow Elizabeth married Jan. 14, 1768, John Doane. (2) She was his third wife and had seven children by him. John Doane died Mar. 6, 1811, and Elizabeth died Mar. 31, 1816, in the Cane Creek community.

In the year 1927, the Cane Creek Friends erected a monument to commemorate these pioneering days, and to honor one Alexander Stuart, one of the first immigrants to arrive here. The monument was placed in the Cane Creek church cemetery.
The monument says:
Alexander Stuart

Elizabeth PIKE and Alexander STUART had the following children:



Robert STUART was born in 1761. He died on 21 July 1844 at the age of 83.

From post to Quaker-Roots-L Archives, 7 May 2009:

More information is available about Ann Hornaday, who was probably John
and Christian Hornaday's eighth child and third daughter. One of her
descendants, Anna R. Stewart of Mesa, Arizona, left a considerable
correspondence with R. H. Hutchison, the historian of Orange County, and
others interested in the Hornaday genealogy. This correspondence contains
the only reference we have to John Hornaday the elder as having been known
to his grandchildren. Writing in 1933, Miss Stewart said, "Carrie Abbey,
daughter of Ivy Stewart, youngest son of Ann Hornaday Stewart says her
great-grandfather was the first Hornaday and that would be Ann's father.
Now I make a guess his name was John because in the Stewart family,
Alexander, Ann's son named their oldest child John Clark and it was said his
two grandfathers were John" (6)

We are fortunate to have an existing Bible record for Ann, which its
present owner, Mrs. Martha Beel, generously copied for us. From it we know
that she was born December 12, 1766, married Robert Stuart on Saturday,
January 11, 1783, and died August 1, 1839, at the age of seventy-three (7)

Anna Stewart's correspondence shows that the Stuarts were a Quaker family,
which had come to Chester County, Pennsylvania, and on through Virginia to
Cane Creek, North Carolina, where they were living in 1758, Alexander Stuart
married Elizabeth Pike. Their son Robert, was born in Cane Creek on
December 23, 1760. Thus he was twenty-three and Ann was seventeen when they
were married.

The young couple remained in Cane Creek Settlement until the turn of the
century at least. They are said to have moved to Ohio about 1802 "or a
little later." It is quite possible that Robert and Ann (Hornaday) Stuart
were a part of the Hornaday group which came out in 1807 or 1808 to settle
in Miami Valley in Ohio. The Stuarts settled in the same region, in Warren
County (where we have already noted the the presence of Hornadays), Warren
County is perhaps 25 miles south and east of the Gratis-Camden-West Elkton
area of Preble County where Nathan Hornaday and his family settled. It lies
north of Butler County where the two John Hornadays established their first
farms. Anna Stuart's letters indicate that the Stewarts knew their Hornaday
cousins in Ohio, but that her father (an old man in the 1930's) had
forgotten the precise relationships involved (8).

In any case, Ann and her husband appear to have established themselves
near Oregonia, Ohio. This small settlement is close to Lebanon, the county
seat of Warren County, where local tradition proudly preserves the memory of
Charles Dickens's visit to the Golden Lamb Tavern. The Golden Lamb, the
oldest hotel in Ohio, is well worth a visit today, as it is one of the few
buildings that remain from the early nineteenth century in southwest Ohio.
We like to think that Ann (Hornaday) Stuart perhaps came over from Oregonia
now and then with her husband, and might even have stopped at the Golden

Robert Stuart outlived his wife. He died on July 21, 1844, five years
after Ann. He was eighty-three years old.

"The Hornadays, Root and Branch" The Unfolding of an American Family.
Copyright 1979 by Quinn Hornaday, Published by the Stockton Trade Press,
Inc., Los Angeles, CA. 90040. Pages 122, 123



Abigail STUART was born on 18 May 1762 in Orange County, North Carolina. She died on 26 May 1843 at the age of 81 in Alamance County, North Carolina.

Married Thomas Dixon (1753-1824)
Buried Cane Creek MM Cemetery, Snow Camp, Alamance Co, NC



John STUART was born on 30 January 1764 in Orange County, North Carolina. He died on 17 January 1856 at the age of 91.

Married Elizabeth Dixon (1771-1807) and perhaps (2) to Mary, surname unknown.
Father* Simon Dixon b. 12/10/1728, d. 04/__/1781
Mother* Elizabeth Allen b. 02/29/1728, d. 10/13/1793
Elizabeth Dixon was born on May 14, 1771. She married John Stuart, son of Alexander Stuart and Elizabeth Pike, on June 10, 1787. Elizabeth Dixon died on December 15, 1807 at Orange Co., NC, at age 36.
John Stuart b. 01/30/1764, d. 01/17/1856
Naomi Stout Stuart+ b. 7 Jul 1787
Dinah Stuart b. 13 Aug 1789, d. c 1862
Alexander Stuart b. 7 Dec 1794, d. 1888
Simon Stuart b. 10 Apr 1800
Hannah Stuart+ b. 13 Mar 1805, d. c 1881



Henry STUART was born in 1767.

Born after his father's death.

Married Mary Nelson.

Found on Google Books: Centennial History of Grant County, Indiana, 1812-1912, Vol. 2, Lewis Publishing Co, 1914
p.971 Bio of Ivy Luther who was then in his 80th year. He had married 28 Aug 1855, in Randolph Co, NC, Sarah Stuart who was born in that county, 21 Aug 1833. Sarah's parents were Jehu Stuart and Rebecca Hicks. Jehu Stuart was in turn a son of Henry and Mary (Nelson) Stuart, natives of Chatham Co, NC, farmers and Quakers. Henry Stuart was the son of Alexander and Elizabeth (Pike) Stuart, married in 1759. Alexander Stuart was the son of Robert Stuart and Martha Richardson, natives of Pennsylvania were they were married.

Elizabeth PIKE and John DOANE were married on 14 January 1767 in Cane Creek, Orange County, North Carolina. John DOANE, son of Joseph DOANE and Mary CARTER, was born on 30 November 1731 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He died on 6 March 1811 at the age of 79 in Chatham County, North Carolina.

1790 Census. Chatham Co, NC [alpha]
Thos Doan: 1-2-4
John Doan: 4-1-6
Joseph Doan: 1-2-3
Jacob Doan 1-1-4

1800 Census. Hillsborough, Chatham Co, NC
John Dons: 3m 16-26, 1m over 45. 1f under 10, 1f over 45.

1810 Census. Chatham Co, NC
John Doan, 1m 26-46, 1m over 45. 1f over 45.

John was married to Hannah Davis and Ruth Dixon before he married Elizabeth Pike.
Cane Creek MM
1751, 10, 7. Joseph Doan, rccf Budkingham MM, Bucks Co, PA
1753, 2, 3. John Doane rccf Buckingham MM, PA, dated 1752, 11, 6.
1756, 11, 25. John Doane, son of Joseph, Orange Co, married Ruth Dixon.
1759, 10,23. Joseph Doan, son of John & Ruth, born, Chatham Co.
1780, 11, 15. Joseph, son of John & Ruth Doane, married Jemima Vestal (daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Vestal, b. 5, 8, 1762.
1781, 6, 14. Hannah, daughter of John & Ruth, Chatham Co, married Joseph Davies
1812, 4, 4. Hannah Davis (formerly Doane) condemened her marrying out of unity

John and Elizabeth are buried Cane Creek MM Cemetery, Snow Camp, now Alamance Co, NC

Elizabeth PIKE and John DOANE had the following children:



Ephraim DOANE was born on 26 October 1768 in Chatham County, North Carolina.

Married (1) Sarah Stout and (2) Hannah Hinshaw

Cane Creek MM
1794, 4, 17. Ephraim, son of John & Elizabeth Doan, Chatham Co, married Sarah Stout.
1797, 12, 30. Sarah Doan, wife of Ephraim, died.
1819, 12, 16. Ephraim, son of John & Elizabeth, Chatham Co, married Hannah Hinshaw
1824, 7, 3. Ephraim & w granted certificate to White Water MM, Ind.
1824, 7, 3. Hannah (Doan) (with h) granted certificate to White Water MM, Ind.



Ebenezer DOANE was born on 26 October 1768 in Chatham County, North Carolina. He died on 8 September 1838 at the age of 69 in Mooresville, Morgan County, Indiana.

Married Elizabeth Stout and (2) Elizabeth Dicks

Cane Creek MM
1791, 4, 21. Ebenezar, son of John & Elizabeth Doan, Chatham Co, married Elizabeth Stout.
1808, 6, 9. Elizabeth Doan, wife of Ebanezar, died.
1809, 9, 2. Ebanezer granted certificate to Center MM to marry
1812, 4, 4. Ebanezar & w & part of his ch - Rachel, William, Sarah, Jonathan & Nathan, granted certificate to White Water MM, Ind.
1812, 4, 4 Elizabeth (with h) & ch granted certificate to White Water MM, Ind.

Children's births recorded at Cane Creek MM - all born Chatham Co.
Ephraim, 7, 15, 1793
Rachel, 10, 7, 1795
William, 3,7, 1798
Ann, 3,9,1800
Sarah, 2, 4, 1802
Mahlon, 1, 7, 1804
Jonathan, 3, 17, 1806
Nathan, 1, 15, 1811



Jonathan DOANE was born on 7 April 1773 in Chatham County, North Carolina. He died on 21 March 1847 at the age of 73 in Morgan County, Indiana.

Married Rachel Williams.
Buried White Lick Cemetery, Mooresville, Morgan Co, IN

Cane Creek MM
1793, 10, 5. Jonathan dismissed for marrying out of unity
1793, 11, 2. Rachel Doane, formerly Williams, dismissed for marrying out of unity
1794, 5, 4. Jonathan condemned his misconduct
1794, 8, 2. Rachel condemned her misconduct for which she was dismissed
1794, 10, 4. Jonathan & family granted certificate to Westfield MM, N.C.
1794, 10, 4. Rachel (with husband) & children granted certificate to Westfield MM, N.C.



Ruth DOANE was born on 21 April 1774 in Chatham County, North Carolina. She died on 13 May 1837 at the age of 63 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Married Isaac Marshall.
Buried Driftwood Christian Church Cemetery, Vallonia, Jackson Co, IN

Cane Creek MM
1795, 1, 22. Ruth, daughter John & Elizabeth, Chatham Co, married Isaac Marshill.



Martha DOANE was born on 15 October 1777 in Chatham County, North Carolina. She died on 7 February 1842 at the age of 64.

Married Abram Marshall. Thought to be buried Quaker Knob Cemetery, Rheatown, Greene Co, TN - no marker.

Cane Creek MM.
1795, 9, 10. Martha, daughter of John & Elizabeth Doan, Chatham Co, married Abram Marshill.



Elizabeth DOANE.



Mary DOANE was born on 21 November 1779 in Chatham County, North Carolina.



Jesse DOANE.