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Fourth Generation

21. Ann PIKE12 was born on 11 February 1735 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina.14

Ann said to have married Daniel Hough/Huffe about 1760 in Orange Co NC. He was the son of Daniel & Elizabeth (Dudley) Hough/Huffe. Daniel died about 1793 in Stokes Co, NC. There were four children. He may have had a first marriage to Mary Worley, 4 Mar 1741, Burlington, NJ.

The Cane Creek Monthly Meeting [established 1751, Orange Co, now Alamance] records, list the birth and birthplace of Ann Pike in the entry of her family. No marriage is listed. However in 1760 Ann Hough was reported as married out of unity. In 1772, Ann and her four children [not named] were listed as having been granted certificate, received from New Garden.

The New Garden records reveal a Michal Huff, or Hough. There are only three entries at New Garden:
1770, 9, 29. Mical received by certificate from Warrington MM, PA, dated 1770, 8, 11.
1772, 11, 28 Ann granted certificate Cane Creek MM, NC [agrees with receipt of the certificate noted at Cane Creek]
1786, 6, 24 Michal Huff dismissed

There is of course, no proof here that Michal Huff or Hough was married to Ann instead of a Daniel. The only other member of the Pike family that appeared to be at New Garden, was Ann's sister Ruth.

The available records are not at all conclusive that the correct husband has been identified for Ann Pike; the genealogies of the Hough family are inconclusive as well.

Ann PIKE and Daniel HOFFE were married circa 1760. Daniel HOFFE died in 1793 in Stokes County, North Carolina.

If the correct Daniel Hoffe/Hough has been identified, he has an interesting history. I descend from a Hough/Huff/Hoff family that originally came from The Netherlands according to Y-DNA results and my own FamilyFinder results. The same tests show that there was also a Hough family from England, many of whom were Quakers.

John Hough of Cheshire, England arrived with Hannah Rossell his wife, and son John in September 1683. [in one place this date was given as 9th month which in Quaker dating would not have been September] They sailed on the "Friendship" out of Liverpool. They brought five indentured servants - Thomas Hough [perhaps a kinsman], Nathaniel Watmough, George & Isabella Gleave and their son George Jr. The indenture was four years as payment of their passage, except for George Jr. who was indentured until he reached 21. The family settled in Bucks County, PA. They were members of the Falls Monthly Meeting in Bucks and four of their children's births were recorded. Daniel was born 14 Apr 1693, Isaac 28 Dec 1694 or 1695, Sarah 31 Apr 1701 [obvious error since April has 30 days], Joseph 14 Jan 1703. The dates would have been recorded as Quaker dates and have been altered - I have not seen the original.

Daniel, son of John & Hannah Hough, born 1693, is thought to have married Elizabeth Dudley. He may have married second to Margaret, widow of John Beverly Sr. This second Daniel died about 1771 in North Carolina. Some databases show that he lived for a time in Burlington Co, NJ, across the Delaware River from Bucks Co, PA. Children identified are another Daniel born about 1720 and a daughter Tamar, who married William Norcross. Some databases list as many as twelve children but without documentation.

The second Daniel, son of Daniel & Elizabeth Dudley Hough, said born in Burlington NJ. His year of birth varies from 1716 or so, up to 1726. He was apparently married more than one time. The first wife, and in many online databases the only wife, was Mary Worley. Some believe he is the same Daniel that married Ann Pike. A year of death is cited as 1793 in Randolph, now Stokes Co, NC [this is wrong and not the same place - Randolph was formed out of Guilford Co in 1779 and Stokes was formed out of Surry Co in 1789 - which had formerly been Rowan. Both were counties before 1793 when Daniel Hough is reported to have died. Both Guilford and Rowan had once been part of a huge Orange Co NC.]

Ann Pike was born in 1735, her birth recorded in Quaker records. She could have been a generation younger than the Daniel she's reported to have married depending on which birth year of his is correct. It wasn't unusual for an older man to take a much younger bride, particularly if there were children to raise; however, I believe there is at least some reason for doubt that Ann's husband has been correctly identified.

Ann PIKE and Daniel HOFFE had the following children:



John HUFF.