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Third Generation

16. Sarah OVERMAN was born on 21 January 1722.2 She died about 1762 at the age of 40.16

Sarah OVERMAN and Samuel PIKE were married on 7 February 1737/8.17 Samuel PIKE10,18, son of SAMUEL PIKE and JEAN\JANE MCGREGORY, was born about 1705 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina.16 He died on 15 January 1774 at the age of 69 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina.

Samuel requested from the Pasquotank Monthly Meeting, certificate to move to Opecking VA, 1 Oct 1737. Samuel and family prodecued the certificate at Opecking 4 Apr 1741. On 2 Feb 1747, they requested certificate to go to Cape Fear; Sarah was granted a certificate on 2 Sep 1749. Samuel and Sarah and family requested a certificate from Duns Creek, 5 Jun 1760, on behalf of Carver's Creek Monthly Meeting, 7 Mar 1760. 4 Feb 1762, Samuel was granted certificate to remove to Cane Creek, but apparently did not go there. On 5 May 1763, Samuel and his second wife Tabitha were chosen overseers at Pasquotank. Samuel and family requested certificate to move to Northampton County on 20 Jan 1773, but the certificate was withheld because of unsettled affairs.

There were said to be eight children - seven daughters and a son. Pasquotank Monthly Meeting lists the children and their births:
Patience, b. 2-17-1738
Ann, b. 2-28-1740
Miriam, b. 12-5-1742
Elizabeth, b. 12-9-1747
Mary, b. 2-27-1749
Susanna, b. 5-23-1752
Rhoda, b. 2-22-1748
Nathan, b. 8-22-1760

His death date at Pasquotank was apparently the same as the day his brother John died in Orange Co NC.