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Fifth Generation

15. Hester MURPHY2,10,32 was born on 5 January 1814 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.1 She died on 25 May 1896 at the age of 82 in South Carolina.1 Hester married Noah Tendell Richardson on 7 Jan 1836.

1850 Census, Anderson Co SC, Eastern SubDivision, p.290b, Household 744
Noah Richardson age 38, Farmer worth $4000. Hester, age 36
John F. 14
Charles P. age 12
William E. M. age 10
Mary K. age 8
Mathias age 5
Albert N. age 3
Clark age 1.
John Richardson, age 42, a Trader, lived with the family; likely Noah's older brother.

Minutes of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Anderson Co SC:
Sep 1853 Listed as contributing to a collection to pay for minutes: Hester Ricahrdson
Dec 1859 Dismissed by Letter: Hester Richardson

1860, 5th Regt, Pickens Co SC, p.182; household 1158
Noah Richardson, age 50, $10,000, $23,000; b. Anderson Co SC
Hester age 48
Charles age22
Murphy age 20
Mathias age 16
Newton age 14
Clark age 10
Jefferson age 7
And, curiously, Charlotte age 12
[The last child seems to have a couple of errors. No child named Charlotte is named in Noah's will two years later. There was a Charity Emaline Richardson. In 1879 when a division of the estate was made there was a Charity Emmie McDaniel. The 1850 census did not have a child of this age or name. I believe the enumerator got both her name and age incorrect, or she's someone else entirely. Also Enoch and Frances are missing, and based on the 1880 census and the estate records, they were both also born before 1860.]

1870; Salubrity Twp, Pickens Co SC, p.493, Household 178:
Hester Richardson, age 56, Keeping House & Farming. Clarke age 21, Charity age 19, Enoch age 17, Thomas J. age 14 and Frances E. age 10. Next door is eldest son Franklin, age 33 with Nancy age 21, Ida C. age 2 and Bula J. age 7 months [born January]

By 1880, Hester was a widow, living in Liberty, Pickens Co SC; p.140b
Hester Richardson, age 66, b. SC.
Enoch B., son age 27
F. Elizabeth, daughter, age 21.
Others in the household were Sallie F. Richardson, age 24, and Marie age 1.

Hester's Estate file is #127-10 in Anderson Co SC. Her will was signed 21 Dec 1883 and probate was 22 Oct 1899. She named the following nine children: Mattais M. Richardson, Clark E. B. Richardson, Mary C. Hendricks, Enoch B. Richardson, Frances E. Hyde, Thomas J. Richardson, John F. Richardson deceased, Charity E. McDaniel, and A. Newton Richardson who was to be Executor. Omitted from this list that had been in her husband's estate division in 1879 was Charles P. Richadson. Hester also stated that Ada, Beulah, Carrie & Noah Richardson were to take the portion of their deceased father, John F. Richardson. Wit: G. G. Wells, R. T. Jaynes & J. K. Earle.
Hester wrote a Codicil on 6 Feb 1896 which divided her estate to her seven living children: Mary C., Newton, Thomas J., Clark, Mathais, Emmie and Frances. So Enoch and Charity were also deceased by this time. Witnesses to the Codicil: J. J. Watkins, J. L. Williams, W. B. Brooks.
There is a note that Charles P. Richardson had died in 1882 and left an estate - since he and any possible heirs are omitted here, perhaps he had never married.

Hester is buried Carmel Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pickens Co, SC, as his her husband Noah Richardson

Hester MURPHY and Noah Tendell RICHARDSON were married on 7 January 1836. Noah Tendell RICHARDSON, son of Mathias RICHARDSON and Mary TINDALL, was born in 1812. He died before October 1862 at the age of 50.33

Noah T. Richardson, File #64-691, Anderson Co. Will signed 18 Aug 1862 and probate 17 Oct 1862. Wife, Hester Richardson to be executor. Son John F. also an executor. Son Charles Richardson. Daughters Charity Emaline and Frances Elizabeth. All children to be equal when reach 21 years of age.
Division was made 26 Jun 1879 and named the following by initials only. Other records have provided their names:
Charity Emmie McDaniel, Albert Newton Richardson, John F. Richardson, Clark E. B. Richardson, Mary C.[or K., her middle name likely Catherine] Hendricks, Thomas Jefferson Richardson, Matthais B. Richardson, Enoch B. Richardson, Frances Elizabeth Hyde and Charles P. Richardson. Total of 10 children.

There was a child William E. M. named in the 1850 census, probably he died before his father. I did not find Charity Emmie in the census records, she was likely born in the 1850's.

Hester MURPHY and Noah Tendell RICHARDSON had the following children:



John Franklin RICHARDSON10,33 was born on 25 September 1836 in Pickens County, South Carolina. He died on 5 April 1878 at the age of 41 in Anderson County, South Carolina.

John was deceased when his mother wrote her Will on 21 Dec 1883. His children Ada, Beulah, Carrie & Noah were named.

1870; Salubrity Twp, Pickens Co SC, p.493, Household 178:
Next door to Hester Richardson is Franklin Richardson, age 33 with Nancy age 21, Ida C. age 2 and Bula J. age 7 months [born January]

An article about John's brother states that John Franklin "died a few years after serving as a Confederate soldier" and he was apparently deceased prior to the 1880 census:
1880 Census. Belton Twp, Anderson Co SC, p.256, Hh 129
Nancy K. Richardson, age 30.
Adian C., age 12 [female]. Beulah J. age 10. Corry age 7. Noah T. age 4
Ervin Smith, age 19, nephew.

He served in the 7th SC Infantry as a private. He is buried Carmel Presbyterian Church cemetery, Pickens Co, SC; FindAGrave Memorial #22081868. He was married twice - Hattie A. Bowers (4 Oct 1840-21 Aug 1864) and second to Nancy Kennon Breazeale (1848-1909). There were three children - a daughter Harrie Bowers Richardson who died 1 Sep 1864, age 2 weeks, 4 days - her mother apparently died in childbirth. Then two more daughters are listed on FindAGrave - the census show additional children. They were Ada (1868-1939) who married Nelson R. Green, and Corrie (1873-1913) who never married.



Charles Pickney RICHARDSON was born on 7 May 1837 in South Carolina. He died on 10 April 1864 at the age of 26.33

Although the Andrea collection had a death date of 1882 for Charles, an article about his brother Mathias, states that "Charles Pickney died of wounds received in the battle of Frazer's Farm".

It was his brother William who was mortally wounded at Frazer's Farm, or the Battle of Glendale, 30 Jun 1862.

FindAGrave has his death as 10 April 1864 and states that he served as a Private in the Palmetto Sharp shooters. He has a marked grave in the Carmel Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pickens Co, SC where his parents are buried.



William Ezekiel Murphy RICHARDSON33 was born in 1840 in South Carolina. He died on 30 June 1862 at the age of 22 in Battle of Fraser's Farm.

William does not appear in the list of children among division of the estate of Noah Richardson in 1879. Presumably he died before then.

An article about his brother Mthias states that William was mortally wounded at the battle of Frazer's Farm, June 30th, 1862. FindAGrave has a date of death as 2 July 1862. However, the page gives his birth as 13 Dec 1810 - which is an impossible birth, he was born 1840. He was buried Carmel Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pickens Co, SC. He served in the 4th SC Infantry as a Corporal.
Memorial# 22151722

The Battle of Glendale, also known as the Battle of Frayser's Farm, Frazier's Farm, Nelson's Farm, Charles City Crossroads, New Market Road, or Riddell's Shop, took place on June 30, 1862, in Henrico County, Virginia, on the sixth day of the Seven Days Battles (Peninsula Campaign) of the American Civil War.



Mary Caroline RICHARDSON33,34 was born in 1842 in South Carolina. She died in 1920 at the age of 78.

Mary's married name was Hendricks as evidenced by the estate files of her parents.

Mary was first married to Elisha Ferguson who was killed during the Civil War. An article about her brother Mathias states that her second marriage was to a James Hendricks, not a Mathew. FindAGrave has his name as James Franklin Henricks. They are buried West View Cemetery, Liberty, Pickens Co, SC



Mathias Bealy RICHARDSON33,35 was born on 14 February 1845 in Anderson County, South Carolina. He died on 9 October 1922 at the age of 77 in Anderson County, South Carolina.

Found in Garvin Twp, Anderson Co SC in 1880; p.187a:
M. B. Richardson, age 35, b. SC. Wife Sarah R. age 24, also b. SC. Emma age 9, William age 8, Lewis C. age 7, Annie C. age 5, John H. age 1. Children all born in SC. Brother Albert N., age 33, also lived with Mathias.

He served in Company A, 1st South Carolina Artillery, as a Corporal

History of South Carolina, edited by Yates Snowden, Lewis Publishing Co, 1920
p.122, has an article about Mathias Beela Richardson. He was born 14 Feb 1845 in Anderson Co SC. Said to be descended from one of three brothers who came from Wales, on settling in Massachesetts and two in Virginia, and all serving in the Revolution [this sounds a bit like the "three brothers fable"].
A William Richardson came to Anderson Co at a very early date, his son Mathias was born on Hurricane Creek near Pelzer SC and married Polly Tinnel [Tendell?]. They were the parents of Noah T. Richardson, born Anderson Co 1811, died 1862 in Pickens Co. His wife Hester Murphy Richardson was a daughter of Ezekiel Murphy, a son of Rodgers Murphy. Rodgers Murphy was an Irishman and a Revolutionary soldier and married Miss Wilson of Virginia. Ezekiel Murphy married a Miss Martin.
Noah T. Richardson children were described: John Franklin died a few after serving as a Confederate soldier. Charles Pickney died of wounds received in the battle of Frazer's Farm; William Murphy was mortally wounded at the same battle; Mary Caroline married Elisha Ferguson who was killed while a Confederate soldier and she remarried to James Hendricks; Mathias Beels wore the uniform of a Confederate soldier for two years; Albert Newton served nine months as a Confederate soldier as soon as he was old enough to do so; Clark was a prominent physician who died in Texas; Charity Emmaline is the widow of Henry T. McDaniel; Enoch B. is a prominent farmer & resident of Pickens Co; Thomas Jefferson is a Baptist minister living in Texas; Frances Elizabeth is the wife of Lewis L. Hyde of New York City.
Noah T. Richardson lived on a farm near Williamston in Anderson Co, moving late in life to Pickens Co.
Mathias B. Richardson married Miss Mattie Young in 1869. She was the daughter of Lewis Clark Young of Pickens Co. Their children were: Emma, William Murphy, Lewis Clark, Anna C., and a child who died young. William Murphy Richardson is a physician at Iron City, GA; Lewis Clark Richardson is a captain in the U.S. Navy.
After the death of Mattie Young, Mathias married Miss Sarah R. Newton who was the mother of John Henry, Effie R. and Sallie. She died and Mathias married a third time to Sarah E. Martin. They had six children: Nettie Hester, Mattie Eugenia, Lois E., Ruth, Helen, and Mathias B. Jr.
Mathias's brother Albert has always been associated with him in farming and business. They operate a plantation of over 1000 acres, one of the most productive in Anderson Co. Albert Newton Richardson was born 26 Mar 1847 and was very young when he joined the Confederate army. He never married.
The brothers are members of the Baptist Church and are Democrats.

He is buried Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson Co; FindAGrave Memorial #41011433. Wives and children are listed on his page there.

Col. M. B. Richardson
Anderson, Oct. 9 - Col. M. B. Richardson died this morning at his home between Anderson and Pendleton, after an illness of several weeks. He was born in 1845 near Shiloh church, and spent his entire life not far from there. When he married and left his parental roof he bought the farm where he died, and had never lived anywhere else. He was one of the largest land owners in this county.
Colonel Richardson was a good citizen and he did not aspire to any higher honor than this. He was a faithful worker for his community and always interested in the schools. He had served as trustee for many years. One of the hobbies was to have high schools established in the country, so that all children would have equal advantages. He had often said that he had rather have a high school in his community than any one thing, except his church. To this latter he was devoted, and was a member of the Lebanon Baptist Church.
In the Confederate Army Colonel Richardson was two years in Charleston in the First South Carolina artillery, and was stationed there until the evacuation of Charleston. Then he went with Johnston's army to North Carolina and was in the battles of Averysboro and Smithfield and surrendered there.
The first wife of Colonel Richardson was Miss Mattie Young, and there were four children: Mrs. Emmie Carpenter, Easley; Dr. W. M. Richardson, Iron City, GA; Capt Louis R. Richardson, U.S.N., and Mrs. Annie Wyatt of Easley. After the death of this wife, Colonel Richardson was again married, this time to Miss Sallie Newton. There were two children of this marriage, J. M. Richardson and Mrs. Sallie Underwood of Mooresville, NC. Again Mr. Richardson was bereaved when this wife was taken. Some years later he was married to Miss Sallie Martin, and there are six children by this marriage: Mrs. Nettie Ducworth, Anderson; Mrs. Mattie Thomas, Olanta; Misses Lois, Ruth and Helen Richardson and M. B. Richardson, Jr. The two youngest daughters are students at Limestone College, and M. B. Richardson Jr. is at Gainesville Military Academy. All of the children were at home before their father died, with the exception of Capt. Louis Richardson, who is now stationed at Mare Island, Cal.
The funeral services will be held at Lebanon Baptist Church Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, the service to conducted by the pastor, the Rev. W. B. Oliver. The burial will be with Masonic honors.



Albert Newton RICHARDSON33,35 was born on 26 March 1847 in Anderson County, South Carolina. He died on 26 February 1925 at the age of 77 in Anderson County, South Carolina.

In 1880, Albert was living with his brother Mathias in Anderson Co SC - their mother was in Pickens Co. Albert never married. He is buried Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery. His death certificate posted on, Memorial #43191462. He died of flu and pneumonia, age 77. Parents are listed as Hester Murphy and Noah Richardson. The informant was Capt. Louis Richardson of Pendleton, SC.



Dr. Clark E. B. RICHARDSON33 was born on 24 February 1849 in South Carolina. He died on 18 April 1902 at the age of 53 in Anderson County, Texas.

Clark was a physician and lived in Anderson Co TX by the time of the 1880 Census. A paper in the Estate file of Ezekiel & Charity Murphy gives his address as Henderson Co TX in 1886. He possibly married his first cousin Emily Murphy, daughter of Chesley.

Olive Branch Cemetery, Anderson Co TX
Noah Tinnel s/o C. and N. E. RICHARDSON Sept. 19, 1878 - Aug. 10, 1880
Chesley Clark s/o Dr. C. and N. E. RICHARDSON Aug. 31, 1880 - Sept. 30, 1881
Inf. s/o Dr. C. and N. E. RICHARDSON Aug. 23, 1884 Aged 1 day
Jacob s/o Dr. C. and N. E. RICHARDSON June 9, 1888 - Sept. 20, 1888
Willie Hester d/o Dr. C. and N. E. RICHARDSON Aug. 28, 1889 - Jan. 2, 1890
John Tucker s/o Dr. C. and N. E. RICHARDSON Mar. 29, 1895 - June 5, 1896
Next row:
Irene Bell d/o Dr. C. and N. E. RICHARDSON Oct. 6, 1892 - Jan. 13, 1901
Large stone: Dr. Clark RICHARDSON Feb. 24, 1849 - Apr. 18, 1902
Large stone: Lieut. James C. N. RICHARDSON Co. B 60th Inf. 5th Div.
Sept. 26, 1895 - d in France from Wounds received in action Oct. 17, 1918



Charity Emaline RICHARDSON33 died before 1896.33

Married a McDaniel as found in estate files of her mother and father. She was born after the 1850 census. Charity was apparently deceased by the time her mother wrote the Codicil to her will dated 6 Feb 1896.

An article about Charity's brother Mathias stated that she married Henry T. McDaniel.



Enoch Berry RICHARDSON33 was born on 28 October 1852 in South Carolina. He died on 21 June 1936 at the age of 83 in Liberty, Pickens County, South Carolina.

Enoch was not listed as one of the surviving seven children when his mother wrote the Codicil to her will dated 6 Feb 1896. Yet his death is on his grave marker as 21 Jun 1936. This is puzzling as he was certainly named in the will and he was continuously in the census records in Pickens Co. His wife was Sallie G., surname unknown. They are buried West View Cemetery, Liberty, Pickens Co, SC. A Masonic emblem is on his stone.

1930 Census. Liberty, Pickens, SC, Hh 5
Enoch B. Richardson, age 77, married at age 23, b. SC
Sallie F., wife, 68, married at 21 (which doesn't exactly add up if they married each other as their first marriage), b. SC

1900 Census. Liberty, Pickens, SC, Hh 196
Enoch B. Richardson, b. Oct 1852, age 47, married 22 years
Sallie F., wife, b. Nov 1855, age 44, 5 children - 4 are living
Marie A., dau, b. Dec 1880, age 19
Elizabeth, dau, b. Mar 1884, 16
Pearl, dau, b. Sep 1885, 14
Olga, dau, b. Mar 1890, age 10



Thomas Jefferson RICHARDSON.



Frances Elizabeth RICHARDSON33 was born on 3 January 1860 in South Carolina. She died on 17 June 1932 at the age of 72.

Married name was Hyde as per estate settlements of her parents. The article about her brother Mathias states that she married Lewis L. Hyde of New York City.

Frances is buried West View Cemetery, Liberty, Pickens Co, SC