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Second Generation

3. [Daughter] MURPHY was born (date unknown).

[Daughter] MURPHY and John FIELD were married. John FIELD, son of John FIELD and Anna [FIELD], died in February 1767 in Orange County, North Carolina.

REGISTER OF DEEDS, ORANGE CO NC 1752-1768 & 1793; Eve B. Weeks, 1984, p.35
13 Nov 1764 Herman Husbands to John Fields. 661 acres. Acknowledged.

The following will would not likely be the father of Anna Field Starnes, given that she was probably already in her 40's. It appears that her brother John has married a daughter of Roger Murphy, Sr. He is dying and leaving the care of one of his sons to his sister, the other son, Roger Field, in the care of the child's grandfather, or uncle, for whom he was named.

16 Nov 1766
ORANGE COUNTY NC; Will Book A, p.56
In the name of God amen, I John Fields
of Orange County in the Province of North Carolina, being of
perfect mind & Memory, make this my last Will & Testament.
First, to my son John I give & Bequeath one half of all my Land
& the other half to my son Roger. The Land to be Divided East
& West. & it is my Desire that my Youngest son shall
have the north part for his share & the house for his part
& it is my Desire that my wife shall live in the Plantation
until my Eldest son comes of Age. & after my Eldest
Son comes of age, & after my Eldest son comes of age it is
my Desire, that she should live on my Youngest sons
part of his land; her lifetime & in the time of her living on
my Eldest sons part. I desire that should not Cleare
any upon his Share of the land only what is Cleared already
and it is my Desire, that so much of my Effects may be
Sold as may discharge my Just debts, & my wife to have a
third part of my Moveables that is left & the rest to be
Divided between the two Boys, only the Eldest to have thirtye
shillings more than the Youngest & my wife to have the
Privilege of all till she marry again & then to move off
the land only having the third part of the Movables. & it is
my Desire that Abenezar Starnes & Ann Starnes his Wife
& Roger Murphry should have the Care of the Child in Case
the child should Marry [I believe he meant to say "in case the wife should marry"]
and if it are married to take it away
the Eldest to live at Abenezers Starnes & the Youngest at
Roger Murphrey's & if Roger Murphey Ser Sould Dye
then Roger Murphey Junr to have the care over the Child.
Confirming this & no other to be my last will & Testament.
In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & Seal
this Sixteenth Day of November in the Year of our Lord 1766.
John (X) Fields
Test: William War, James Morgan, Roger Murphy Junr, Rachel (X) Fields
At an Inferior Court of pleas Etc. begin & held for the County
of Orange at the Court house in Hillsborough on the Second
Tuesday in February in the Year of our Lord One thousand
Seven husdred & Sixty Seven Present his Majesties Justices
Etc the Execution of the afod. Will Duly proved by the Oath
of William Ward & Ordered to be Recorded.
Test: Francis Nash CC

John Field's two young sons did go to South Carolina with the Starnes and Murphy families. John Field and his wife Betty Ann lived adjoining Ebenezer Starnes by the 1780's. Roger Field was in Pendleton District after records of the two Roger Murphys appear there.

[Daughter] MURPHY and John FIELD had the following children:



John FIELD4,5 was born (date unknown).

Laurens Co SC Court Minutes

10 Mar 1788
John Fields appointed overseer of the part of the highway from Thomas Carter's old place to Swanceys ferry on Salluda.....same be kept in good repair for one year.

8 Dec 1788 John Fields was one of those drawn to serve as pettit Jurours at the next Court to be held the 2nd Monday in March.
A deed from John Fields & his wife to Roger Murphy for the Conveyance of 125 acres of land proven in open Court by the oaths of Ebenezer Murphey & George Maddin & Ordered to be recorded.

9 Mar 1789 Wm Sims is appointed overseer of the highway from Thos Carter's old place to Jas Sullivant's in the place of John Fields

10 Mar 1789 John Field served on the jury of three cases.
11 Mar 1789 John Field served on the jury of four cases this day.

Laurens Co SC Deeds
DB C, p.55 20 Oct 1788 John Fields and wife Betty Ann to Roger Murphy for £29. 125 acres on Ritcheys Branch of Reaburns Crk. Granted 5 Jun 1786 to Fields. Wit: Ebenezer Murphy. George Madden. Proved 30 Jun 1789.
DB D, p.208 8 Mar 1792 Samuel Wharton & wife Maudlen [Madeline] to Aaron Starnes. 58 acres on Reedy Rive bounded by Wm Goodman, Enos Stimson, John Fields, Ebenezer Starnes. Wit: Jno Findley, Roger Murphy, Stephen Wood. Proved 26 Jul 1792.
[John Fields living next door to his aunt Anna Starnes & her sister Elizabeth Stimson. Roger Murphy is likely his uncle, his mother's brother.]
DB F, p.127 12 Feb 1796. John Fields to Anna Starns for £10. 25 acres, part of 196 acres grant of 1786. Bounded on Anna Starns, Roger Murphy, said John Fields. Wit: Jno Starns, Jacob Paulk. Proved 19 Feb 1796.
DB F, p.534 8 Mar 1799 Wm Runnolds [Reynolds] to Henry Fuller for £80. 171 acres on Starnes Branch of Reaburns Creek, part of 196 acre grant to John Fields. Wit: Benj. Carter, Silvanus Adams. Alsey Reynolds released dower. [This would seem to be rest of the tract John had sold to his aunt Anna Starns. I did not find a deed for the sale from Fields to Reynolds.]
DB J, p.81 12 Sep 1807. John Fields, planter to George French, blacksmith for $424. 212 acres on Cane Crk of Saluda R granted to Wm Drew Senr dec'd on 23 Jun 1774, conveyed to Sarah Right Jr [Wright], then sold by her husband Stephen Wood to James Clemens, then to John Field. Wit: Moses Madden, Thos. Cargill, S. Adams. Betsy Ann Fields released her dower rights.



Roger FIELD was born (date unknown).

The first indication that Roger Field/Fields was raised by the Murphys is his mark as a witness on a deed in Pendleton Co. On 4 Dec 1806, Roger Murphy Sr sold to Levi Murphy for $50, 100 acres, part of 250 acres granted Charles Clements 4 Nov 1792. The land was bounded by John Murphy, Joshua Murphy, Charles Clements, Nall's line. Roger Murphy signed. Witnesses were Ebenezer Murphy, John Murphy, and Roger (X) Fields. John Murphy gave oath to Aaron Broyles, 20 Oct ____. Recorded 24 Oct 1808. DB I/J, p.274

The land of Joshua Murphy mentioned in the above deed was then sold to Roger Fields.
6 Dec 1811. Joshua Murphy to Roger Fields for $38. 100 acres, part of 250 acres on waters of Cherokee Creek, part of 250 acres granted Charles Clements 5 Nov 1792. This property bounded John Murphy's line, Tabitha Wilson's line, was near the spring, Charles Clements land, Robert Smith's line, ran up the HenCoop Creek, Peter Hall's land and back to John Murphy's line. Signed: Joshua Murphy. Wit: Moses Holland, Chesley D. Holland, George Hall. Chesly Holland made oath to Aaron Broyles QU on 22 Feb 1812 and recorded 26 Oct 1812, DB M/p.3

Roger Fields also bought 100 acres on lower Brushy Creek from Jeremiah Foster, on 28 Oct 1811. DB L, p.195 [I have only the index entry for this deed]