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Fourth Generation

7. William Ezekiel MURPHY2,10,12 was born on 25 December 1791 in 96 District, South Carolina.1 He died on 12 July 1867 at the age of 75 in Anderson County, South Carolina.1

I suspect the birth/death dates for Ezekiel are taken from a grave marker or other record from the Big Creek Baptist Church. Dates given for Charity Martin Murphy, his wife, are: born, 11 Apr 1793, died 19 Nov 1884.
ANDERSON CO CEMETERIES, VOL. 1, by R. Wayne Bratcher
The graves are listed on, See Memorial #21739285

The following history gives a maiden name for Charity which is apparently an error. Duckworth researchers have her as a daughter of Jacob Duckworth - this theory seem much more reasonable, as no Rountrees are found in South Carolina living near the Murphy's. See Charity's notes for more detail.
Taken from Louise Ayer Vandiver's history of Anderson Co, p.141:
"In 1779 Thomas Martin and his wife who was nee Hester Roundtree, left their home in Martinsville, VA to come to SC. They stopped over in NC for a time and then came to what is now Anderson Co [then Abbeville in 96 Dist) and settled near Williamston near Big Creek ...they were members of Big Creek Baptist Church. Their house was 2 miles from Piercetown. ....nine children: Jacob Martin married his cousin Catherine Martin of Edgefield Co SC, William Martin married Elizabeth Duckworth, CHARITY MARTIN married EZEKIEL MURPHY, Mary Martin married Thomas Welborn, Abram Martin married Ruth Duckworth, Frances Martin married Bayliss Watkins, Elizabeth Martin married James Wilbanks, James Martin married Mary Gregg of Newberry Co SC, Chesley Martin married Anne Duckworth. All of the children except the Wilbanks settled in Anderson Co SC."

13 Sep 1812, David Clark to Ezekiel Murphy. 200 acres on Hurricane Crk, adj David Guthrey and being part of 1000 acres granted to William Otwell. Wit: Thomas W. Rawlins, Luke Green, George Nash. DB M, p.71
[Ezekiel would be 21 years old. This is the first record found of him in what would become Anderson Co SC]]

1820 Census, Pendleton SC, p.176
Ezekiel Murphy 2m -10; 1m 26-45 [Ezekiel]
2f -10; 1f 26-45 [Charity]

9 Nov 1822 Online Database of the SC Dept of Archives & History has the following Petition: Inhabitants of Pendleton District, petition asking for the establishment of a certain road. Peter Hall, Thomas Christian, John Merritt, Archibald Nichols, Roger Murphy, James Telford, William Elliott, Joseph T. Rogers, Ezekiel Murphy, David Guthry.

1830 Census, Anderson SC; p.160 [online]
Ezekiel Murphy 1m -5; 2m 10-15; 1m 30-40 [Ezekiel]
2f -5; 1f 5-10; 1f 10-15; 1f 20-30; 1f 30-40 [extra adult female living with them]

Big Creek Baptist Church Minutes; LDS Microfilm #0022731
4 Aug. 1827: rec'd by experience Matildy, belonging to Ezekiel Murphy
2 May 1829 Ezeakel Murphy offered by Experance & was received and to be Baptised in June, next.
1 Aug 1829 E. Murphy to cite Sister Campbell to the next meeting
12 Dec 1829 Appointed E. Murphy & A. Barkley to go to Fork Shoal & carry a petition to that church.
3 Jul 1830 Charles P. Dean & Ezekiel Murphy to represent us in the Association.
2 Apr. 1831, Brother Asa Harper elected Deacon, over G. Horton, C.P. Dean, and E. Murphy. Wm. Copeland nominated C. P. Dean, and there followed a rift in the church
4 Feb 1832 Hester Murphy came by Experience & was received [probably Ezekiel's daughter]
1 Jun 1833 Ezekiel Murphey, Asa Harper & J. W. Bohannon - delegated to the Association.
Woodson brought over the question of washing feet before the church and it was laid over for consideration.
11 Dec 1833 Number of Members - 163. Count signed by John Gambrell, Ezekiel Murphey, & Hugh Wilson
4 Oct 1834 Granted more deacons and set forth for consideration: Bro. Murphey [and others] Nominated for two deacons: Ezekiel Murphy, L. Cooley, A. Barkley, and J. Harper
1 Nov 1834 concluded to elect but one in place of two and elected Brother Murphy in
place of Brother Wilson
4 Apr 1835 Bro. King, Bro. Barkley & Bro. Murphey appointed to attend union meeting at Zions Hill in Greenville on the 5th Saturday in May.
3 Oct 1840 Bro. E. Murphey applied for a letter of dismission and it was granted.

SC Land Grant to Ezekiel Murphy:
3 May 1837. 678 acres of land on the Hurricane Creek of the Saluda River in Pendleton, now Anderson. Surveyed by Matthew Gambrell. Most of the land already granted but resurveyed so as to include a portion of free land within the middle of this tract for which no grant has been found. Adj to Mr. McCallister, Mr. Durham, M. Richardson, David Guthrie, Samuel Maverick.

Pendleton Messenger, 28 Aug. 1840, appointment of Managers of Elections for
next general election, new places of elections: Calhoun--James Wyatt, Wm.
Telford, Jas. E. Allen; White Plains--E. Murphy, Wm. Wilborn, J. R. Gambrell

Pendleton Messenger, 18 June 1841, Notice of formation of Anderson Dist.
Bible Society: 42nd Regiment, 1st Batallion, Beat No. 2: John Golden, Rev.
J. Willson, E. Murphy, and Maj. ___ King

Pendleton Messenger, 23 July 1841, Meeting of Democratic party at White
Plains, 17 July 1841, to protest Whig politics. Meeting called by Ezekiel
Murphy Esq.; Chairman Henry Cobb Esq.; Maj. T. H. McCann, Sect'y; Committee:
W. A. Williams, Dr. C. L. Gaillard, E. Murphy, Robt. Pickens, Saml.
Williams, James Smith, John Gambrell, James McKinney, Charles Garrison, Maj.
Henry Smith, Dr. Symmes, Simeon Smith, Joseph Powell, David Spearman, Lewis
Owens, Baylis Watkins, G. T. Anderson, John D. King, James Mullikin, John
McElroy, Benjamin Guttery, Wm. Pickle.

1842 Online Database of the SC Dept of Archives & History has the following Petition: Inhabitants of Pendleton District. Petition asking to reduce the number of managers of elections by abolishing all polls except at beat compnay muster grounds and villages and to allow managers compensation. S. Bradberry, J. A. Moore, Ransom Hunt, A. Merideth, William Young, John Hastie, Thomas Christian, S. H. Verner, E. E. Harrison, William Sanders, C. B. Webb, James O. Sanders, John O. Gresham, W. A. Williams, Ezekiel Murphey, M. T. Miller, Elijah Owen, John B. Earle, James McLeskey, Samuel S. Cherry.

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Minutes, Anderson District SC, 1824-1830. Abstracted by Kim Wilson,, 5 May 2002. Following are my abstracts from Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives, Microfilm #1632, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church minutes and membership roll, Anderson County, South Carolina, 1824-1879. Mt. Pisgah is in the
Brushy Creek section near 23-Mile Creek.
Oct. 1840, Received By Letter: E[zekiel] Murphy and Mrs. Murphy from Big Creek
July 1841, changed assoc. delegates to E. Murphy & Moore, [Wm.] Pickle in case of failure.
June 1842, Assoc. delegates: G. V. Gambrell, E[zekiel] Murphy
Oct. 1843, Received By Experience: Diamond, servant of E[zekiel] Murphy.
Nov. 1844, charge against Dime/Diamond, slave of Bro. [Ezekiel] Murphy, for drinking and fighting; laid over
Oct. 1845, took up case of Dime [Ezekiel Murphy's Diamond]; excluded
June 1849, Assoc. delegates: J.D. King, E. Murphy, Simeon Smith, Joseph Smith

SCDAH #C1053, Anderson Dist. SC Inventories, Appraisements, and Sales, Book
1, 1839-1845, p. 345: [in file] sale 24 Jan. 1844, estate of David Guthry
[no slaves]. Small estate incl. blacksmith tools, shoe tools; many White
Plains buyers. E. Murphy purchased 40 acres of land @ $4.31, $172.50.

Anderson Gazette, ?6 Sep. 1844, Announcement of polling places and those in
charge, dtd. 10 Dec. 1843: "White Plains, one day.--E. Murphy, E. Welborn
and G. B. Gambrell."

Pendleton Messenger, 6 Aug. 1847. G&CRR meeting at Anderson C.H. Col.
Jesse W. Norris, chair; C. E. Broyles and Kennon Breazeale, Secretaries.
Speakers: J. P. Reed, Gen. J. N. Whitner. Commissioners to receive
subscriptions for Anderson Dist.: J. P. Reed Esq., B. F. Crayton, J. L.
Orr. Committee of fifteen to urge the RR to come through Anderson Dist: J.
P. Reed, Jos. Cox, R. N. Wright, T. H. McCann, D. K. Hamilton, Thomas
Burroughs, Archibald Simpson, A. N. McFall, Ezekiel Murphy, Henry Cobb, W.
A. Williams, G. R. Brown, James Gilmore, A. Rice, and James Mullikin.

Anderson Gazette, 2 Sep. 1847: C &G RR mtg. at Anderson, appointed
committees to sell stock in each beat company. White Plains: E. Murphy, Col.
J. D. King, Maj. Wellborn, J. T. Rogers, W. T. Carter.

1850 Anderson Co SC
Ezekiel, age 58, b. SC [b. 1792]
Charity, age 58, b. NC
Katherine, age 18, b. SC "Katey" [b. 1832]
Robert, age 16 b. SC [b. 1834]
Lucinda, age 14, b. SC [b. 1836]

Minutes of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Anderson Co SC:
Sep 1851 Alternate delegate to Association: Bro. [Ezekiel] Murphy
Daughter Lucinda and son Thomas & his wife Mary were received into the Mt. Pisgal Church in 1852.
Sep 1852 Agreed to repair the roof of the meeting house. Brethren W [William, father of a son-in-law of Ezekiel], T. Murphy & R. F. Wyatt to each furnish 100 boards. Brethren E. Murphy, J. Long & D. Kelly to put them.
Jul 1853 Rec'd by Experience. Nancy, slave of Esq. Murphy
Sep 1853 Took up collection to Pay for minutes. Names include Wm Pickle, T. Murphy, Hester Richardson, E. Murphy.
Dec 1855 Rec'd by Letter. Lucinda Gore, Elizabeth Pickle [daus. of Ezekiel. Lucinda had been rec'd in Sep 1851 before her marriage.]
June 1857 Rec'd by Letter Matthew Gambrell and wife Ruthy.
Dec 1858 Dismissed by Letter: Elizabeth Pickle
Aug 1859 Appointed Association delegate: E. Murphy
Dec. 1859 Dismissed by Letter: Hester Richardson

1860 Census: 42nd Regt, Anderson Co SC, p.318b, Household 976. Ezekiel Murphey age 68, Farmer, Real value of $4000, Personal prop value $14,000. Charity age 68. Martha Sherman age 25, b. SC, was living with them.

Anderson District, SC - Will of Ezekial Murphy [transcript from Cresop]
Item 1: to beloved wife Charity the tract on Hurricane Creek, 580 acres, slaves, livestock, farm implements, household furniture, etc.
Item 2: Residue of slaves, livestock & furnishings not selected by wife to be divided in eleven equal shares to:
Daughter Hester Richardson, wife of Noah Tendall Richardson
Dauter Nancy Welborn, wife of Albert G. Welborn
Son Thomas W. Murphy [b. 1818]
Son Charles Murphy
Daughter Polly Pickle, wife of Chesley Pickle [Mary, b. 1824]
Daughter Elizabeth Pickle, wife of Crawford W. Pickle [b. 1824 Elizabeth's age was wrong in the census - Mary "Polly" actually born in 1823, Elizabeth born in 1826]]
Son Chesley Murphy [b. 1828]
One share in trust for the use of daughter Ruth Gambrell, wife of Matthew Gambrell, not subject to debts of her present husband or any future husband and after her death to be divided among her living children or their issue
Daughter Katy Elrod, wife of Benjamin Elrod [Katharine, b. 1832]
Son Robert Murphy [b. 1834]
Daughter Lucinda Gore, wife of R. S. Gore [b. 1836]
After the death of wife, the property bequeathed to her is to be divided in 11 equal shares as above.
Daughter Ruth Gambrell is authorized to nominate new trustees.
Executors: Noah T. Richardson & Crawford W. Pickle.
Dated 4 Apr 1860. Signed: Ezekial Murphy
Wit: William Bennett, J. J. Acker, Chesley Rogers, Wm H. Mauldin
Proved by J. J. Acker and admitted to Probate 1 Aug 1867.
Recorded Will Book 3, p.271f

Copies of the estate file of Ezekiel also revealed a Codicil written the next year following the Will. Because he left a life estate for his wife Charity and daughter Ruth, the estate was not finally settled until 1913. The file is massive. At the time of the settlement following the death of Charity in 1884, many of the heirs were in Texas. Only children Hester, Thomas, and Ruth remained in South Carolina and some of their children had joined their cousins in Texas. A total of 43 heirs were named at this settlement in 1886. After Ruth's death in 1913, she had left six living children and five grandchildren, children of a deceased son, to share in the remainder of the estate of Ezekiel Murphy.

Additional information given on the children of Ezekiel states that Charles & Chesley and others of the family moved to Henderson Co [actually Anderson Co] Texas; Charles Murphy was a Veternarian in Itasca, TX. Elizabeth Murphy Pickle is said to also be buried at Big Creek Church. Hester & Noah Richardson possibly buried at Lebanon Church in Anderson Co. [I doubt this since they lived for many years in Pickens Co as evidenced by the census.]

William Ezekiel MURPHY and Charity Hester MARTIN were married on 27 April 1813.1,2 Charity Hester MARTIN1,13, daughter of Thomas MARTIN and Hester DUCKWORTH, was born on 11 April 1793 in Anson County, North Carolina. She died on 19 November 1884 at the age of 91 in Anderson County, South Carolina.

The Andrea Collection gave a year of birth of 1793, but if the Martin databases online are correct, Charity's sister Polly was born in Mar of 1793. Her grave marker also has her birth as 11 Apr 1793.

Charity was living with son Tom in the 1880 Census. Williamston, Anderson Co SC, p.289b. Age 88, b. in SC as were both parents.

Charity's parents were Thomas Martin and Hester. An article appears in a history of Anderson Co that gives Hester's surname as Rountree. Duckworth researchers believe she belongs in the family of Jacob Duckworth and his wife Charity - their research seems much more likely. The widow Charity had come with her adult sons, younger children and her son-in-law Thomas Martin to South Carolina after the death of Jacob. Jacob and Charity also had a son named Jacob [never referred to as a Jacob Jr in South Carolina as his father had never lived there] and many of the younger Jacob's records appear to me to have been confused because of the same given name. No Rountree families are found in this area of South Carolina but many Duckworths lived there near the Murphys.

Charity and William have grave markers at Big Creek Cemetery, Williamston, Anderson Co, SC.

William Ezekiel MURPHY and Charity Hester MARTIN had the following children:



Hester MURPHY.






Thomas Martin MURPHY.



Charles MURPHY2,14 was born on 15 October 1820 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.1 He died on 31 March 1880 at the age of 59 in Brushy Creek, Anderson County, Texas.1

Charles was a physician; he died as a bachelor in TX.

1870 Anderson Co TX: Charles was living with his brother Chesley and family. He was listed as a Physician with personal property worth $400.

Olive Branch Cemetery, Anderson Co TX
Dr. Charles MURPHEY b in Anderson Co., SC Oct. 15, 1820 - Mar. 31, 1880



Mary "Polly" MURPHY.



Elizabeth MURPHY.



Chesley MURPHY.






Katherine "Katy" MURPHY.



Robert King MURPHY.



Lucinda E. MURPHY.