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Third Generation

4. ROGER MURPHY2 was born in 1767 in North Carolina.2 He died before 23 October 1854 at the age of 87 in Cass County, Georgia.

SOME CAROLINA REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS, SAILORS, PATRIOTS & DESCENDANTS Compiled by Joseph T. Maddox & Marcy Carter. No year of publication given but certainly not a new book. This book gave no sources for their information though I suspect it is applications to various hereditary societies such as DAR, SAR, which themselves are often full of errors. On p. 109 was the following:
MURPHY, Roger Jr. [RS-Pvt-SC] 1767 - 1850
m. Nancy Wilson
[It is just possible that Roger Jr born 1767, could have served at age 15 or so in 1782 in the Revolution after the fall of Charleston. There is no authority except a single census for his date of birth so he could be a few years older. His father is known to have earlier been a Loyalist but many men changed their minds in South Carolina after the British atrocities. The question of which Roger served in the militia after fall of Charleston is still an open ended problem.]

1790 Census, 96 District, Laurens: [Have copy]
Roger Murphy Sr 4m over 16 - 2m under 16 - 5f
Roger Murphy Jr 1m over 16 - 0 - 1f [So he was likely married before 1790]

Estimate of marriage year based on birth of son Ezekiel.

Has the following deed as being indexed but unreadable. Deed was found in Andrea's data as he was likely there in the court house in the 1950's and read the original.
14 Dec 1799 Thomas Adams to Roger Murphy. 100 acres on Little Beaverdam Creek of Rocky River. Wit: George & James Anderson, Thomas Ware, John Green. DB F, p.132-133.
I believe this may very well be where Roger Jr lived throughout the time he was in Pendleton - in 1810 he was enumerated in the census next to Thomas Adams. On 30 May 1791, Thomas Adams had bought 200 acres on Little Beaverdam from Thomas Elliot. Here in 1799 he sold 100 acres to Roger Murphy & in 1803 Adams sold him another 50 acres. Leaving 50 acres for himself next door to Murphy. The 200 acres bought from Elliot was originally granted John Hunnicutt on 6 Nov 1785 and the survey is in the Abbeville Plat Book B, p.25: John Huneycutt as a Citizen, 425 acres of land above the Line on the head of Little Beaverdam Creek waters of the Savannah River, Bounding N on Joshua Saxon's Land, the other side Vacant when surveyed by Joshua Saxon, DS on 20 Apr last; recorded 13 Jul 1785. R. Anderson, CS.

1800 Census, Pendleton District SC, p.56
Roger Murphee 3m -10 [William, John, Charles]; 1m 26-45 [Roger age 33]
1f -10 [Bridget]; 1f 16-26 [Nancy, but she was abt 29 years old according to 1850 census]
from 1800 CENSUS OF PENDLETON DISTRICT, SC; compiled by William C. Stewart; 1963

3 Aug 1803. Thomas Adams sold Rodger Murphy 50 acres on Little Beaverdam Crk of the Rocky River. Wit: Joseph (X) Ducksworth, Obadiah (X) Ducksworth. Joseph Ducksworth proved deed 12 Mar 1804 DB H, p.11

Andrea Deed Abstacts, Anderson Co:
20 Jan 1806 John Evans and wife Alea/Alice, sold to Roger Murphy. 126 acres both sides Hurricane Creek. Wit: John Murphy, Thomas Waldrop. John Murphy proved it on 13 Sep 1813 and it was recorded 26 Mar 1816. DB M, p.513
John Evans had bought this land from Francis & Mary Nunn of Jackson Co GA in December of 1800. Owen Evans & John Wilson witnessed and Owen Evans proved it to James Welborn on 28 Sep 1805; but it was recorded on 25 Mar 1816, the day before the deed from Evans to Murphy was recorded. Then when Roger & Nancy sold this tract in 1814, it was not recorded until 27 Mar 1816.

This deed could be Roger Sr, however, it is more likely that of Roger Jr, given that he and his family lived on Hurricane Creek, and his son Ezekiel was a witness to the deed.
21 Oct 1809. Stephen Plant to Roger Murphy for $400. 210 acres on Hurricane Crk, part of 1000 acres granted Wm Otwell on 2 Jul 1792. Wit: Ezekiel Murphy & Thomas W. Rawlins. Ezekiel Murphy proved to James Welborn on 21 Oct 1809. DB K, p.11

1810, Pendleton SC [Available online] <>
Rodger Murphy 2m -10 [Charles & Moses]; 1m 16-26 [Ezekiel possibly married, so this is John]; 1m 26-45 [Roger age 43]
3f -10 [Mary, Lucinda, likely Elizabeth as I suspect she was closer in age to the other girls];
1f 16-26[Bridget] [Nancy omitted? She should have been 26-45]

This is the first purchase of son Ezekiel on Hurricane Creek.
13 Sep 1812 David Clark to Ezekiel Murphy for $300. 200 acres on Hurricane Creek, part of 1000 acres granted Wm Otwell 2 Jul 1792. Adj David Guttrie/Guthrie's old line, Up the creek to the Beaverdam Branch, Grahams old line. Wit: Thos. W. Rawlins, Luke (X) Green. Rawlins proved to George Nash JP, 8 Dec 1812. DB M, p.71
[Notice that this land was part of Otwell's grant as was the tract Roger purchased from Stephen Plant. I would imagine there's some confusion over the names Grimes/Grahams.]

11 Sep 1814 Roger Murphy and his wife Nancy Murphy to Nicholas Rawlins. 126 acres land both sides Hurricane Crk to include a grist mill. Signed: Roger Murphey, Nancy (X) Murphey Wit: Thomas W. Rawlins, James Anderson. Rawlins made oath to Henry Cobb JP on 12 Mar 1816 DB M, p. 519
[Andrea stated that this deed was Roger SR's which was an error. The deed states neither. He also said the land was adjacent that of Ezekiel Murphy which does not appear in the deed.]

18 Nov 1818
Petition from Thomas Adams a citizen of Pendleton District to the House of Representatives. Adams was possessed of a Negro woman who was convicted & executed for murdering her own child about age nine. She was valued at $300 and he is asking for compensation. The Negro woman, Dot, was tried on 17 May 1817. Sam Houston & Henry Cobb were justices; jury members were Benjamin Duckworth, Berry Slaten, Joshua Wisener, Roger Murphey, and Haden Slaten. She was found guilty & was executed by hanging near where the child was buried on 27 May 1817. They did value her aat $300.
Copy obtained from the SC Archives.

1820 Pendleton Census; p.185 [Have copy]
Roger Murphy: 2m 16-26 [Moses & Charles?]; 1m 45+ [Roger]
1f under 10 [Elizabeth], 2 f 10-16 [Lucinda & Mary?], 1f 45+ [Nancy]

Land for which I've found no deeds of sale:
100 acres bought 1799 from Thos. Adams on Beaverdam of Rocky River
50 acres bought 1803 from Thos Adams on Beaverdam of Rocky River
210 acres bought 1809 from Stephen Plant on Hurricane Creek
Total of 360 acres. Ezekiel had 200 acres that was next to or very near the 210 acres that had belonged to Stephen Plant. When Ezekiel Murphy died in 1867, he stated in his will that he had a tract of 580 acres on the Hurricane. If when Roger Murphy left Pendleton, he left all of his lands in the hands of Ezekiel, you can just about add up 560 acres without a problem. It is entirely possible that a deed was drawn up and Ezekiel paid his father, but since it was a family transaction, said deed was never recorded.

There was also a land grant - which I have seen only as an abstract - that seems to support the idea that some or all of this land was in close proximity:
SC Land Grant to Ezekiel Murphy:
3 May 1837. 678 acres of land on the Hurricane Creek of the Saluda River in Pendleton, now Anderson. Surveyed by Matthew Gambrell. Most of the land already granted but resurveyed so as to include a portion of free land within the middle of this tract for which no grant has been found. Adj to Mr. McCallister, Mr. Durham, M. Richardson, David Guthrie, Samuel Maverick.

DB P, p.233 Christiane Owen of Pendleton District for $100 sold to Nathan Bryant, a tract of 150 acres granted John Neil 1812 then in a grant of 250 acres, part conveyed to Joshua Harp and by Harp covey'd to Jesse McCallister and McCallister to said Christiane Owen. On waters of Big Beaverdam, waters of Rockey River. Bounded on the South by John Bryant Senr & Nathan Bryant and on the West by Widow Farmer's land & on the N.E. by Samuel Maverick. 6 Feb 1821. Signed: Christianne (X) Owen
Wit: Roger Murphey, Ezekiel Murphey
6 Feb 1821. Roger & Ezekiel Murphey made oath they were subscribing witnesses.
Rec. 24 Feb 1821.

Found online at "Spell Family History" <>
Deed, Pendleton District SC. 5 Nov 1822, John Wisner sold William Speed Jr, for $175, 150 acres at the head of Big Creek, down the Beaverdam, Joseph Duck's line, conditional corner betwixt Roger Murphy & Adams, and Slatter and sd Adams. Witnessed by Benjamin (B) Duckworth, father-in-law of William Speed.

9 Nov 1822 Online Database of the SC Dept of Archives & History has the following Petition: Inhabitants of Pendleton District, petition asking for the establishment of a certain road. Peter Hall, Thomas Christian, John Merritt, Archibald Nichols, Roger Murphy, James Telford, William Elliott, Joseph T. Rogers, Ezekiel Murphy, David Guthry.
Details from the copy show that the petitioners thought the road would be of benefit in trading with Augusta GA. They suggested a route that left the old Keowee road at Peter Hall's old place where Thomas Christian now lives, intercepting the road from Pickensville to Cambridge near Widow Foster's old place where John Merritt now lives. It would follow a high dry ridge and be easy to maintain. Appointed to survey were: Archivald Nichols, Roger & Ezekiel Murphy, David Guthry, James Telford, William Elliott & Joseph T. Rogers.
Signers of the petition included the above as well as John T. Lewis, J.B.Earle, Jacob Duckworth, Benjamin Duckworth, Patrick C. Duckworth, J. W. Rogers, Nedum Briant, George Slatten, Thomas Martin, Joshua Keyes, Adam Elrod.

Pact 10, Thomas W. Rawlins, Anderson Co SC.
20 May 1823 Thos. Rawlins of Pendleton Dist to Jeremiah Rogers for $600. 415 acres on waters of Big Creek & Hurricane where Rawlins now lives, adjacent James Simson, Pickens Adams. Wit: Roger Murphy, Moses Murphy. Proved by Moses Murphee on 15 Jul 1823. Polly Rawlings relinquished dower.

Roger and many of the children moved to DeKalb Co GA sometime after signing the November 1822 petition and by 1823. Grown sons that moved were Charles and Moses. Ezekiel and John remained in Anderson Co SC. The log house that Roger & Nancy lived in [with adaptations] was still standing in 1954. [I believe this is actually the house in Cass Co but there are conflicting statements.] One letter in the Andrea file states that nearly all DeKalb records from 1822 to 1842 were lost but there were some Court minutes in 182? showing Roger Murphy as a juror. According to Andrea there is a "History of DeKalb Co GA" that apparently contains bios of Roger and sons Charles & Moses, but he gave no author, publisher, or other information.

DEKALB COUNTY, Vol. 2, "Minutes Inferior Court Beginning 1823"
Jurors for Dec Term 1826 included Roger Murphy

Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church records [the church was in DeKalb Co], First Book: 24 Jan 1829 Roger was received by experience. Other dates in Andrea's notes from this church:
24 Oct 1831 Charles Murphy received by experience
21 Apr 1832 Nancy Murphy received by letter
24 Oct 1832 Mary Murphy received by experience [Andrea assumed this was Mary, dau of Roger & Nancy, but she was very likely already married by this time based on other records. Mary may be unrelated, or she may be the wife of Moses whose wife's name is not known.
22 Jul 1832 Eliza J. Murphy received by experience [prob Charles' wife since her name was Eliza; Andrea assumed it was the youngest daughter of Roger & Nancy but I'm not so sure, particularly since she left the church the same date as Charles.]
9 May 1840 Eliza J. Murphy dismissed by letter
9 May 1840 Charles Murphy excommunicated, joining Methodist.
13 Jul 1844 Mary Murphy dismissed by letter

1830 DeKalb Co GA Census, p.68 [Have copy]
Roger Murphy, 60-70
1f 10-15 [Elizabeth]; 1f 20-30 [Lucinda?]; 1f 50-60 [Nancy]

Apr 1833, Roger Murphy received a draw in the Cherokee Gold Lottery as a resident of DeKalb Co. He was in Says Military District and received Lot #253, District 1, Section 1. [Where was the land from the Lottery?]
Charles Murphey in Latimers Military Distrcit received Lot #1130, Dist 17, Sect 3
John Murphey in Rhodes Military District received Lot #111, Dist 17, Sect 4
[This could be Roger's son Charles. However, the son John was still in South Carolina, so I doubt if John is related.]

Sometime before 1840, the family moved to Cass Co [now Bartow Co] where they lived near Cartersville where Roger and Nancy are said to be buried. [This does not agree with the fact that tombstones for Roger & Nancy are in the Big Creek Church Cemetery in Williamston, Anderson Co, SC.] Son Charles remained in DeKalb Co.

1840 Census, Cass Co GA
Roger Murphy age 60-70, and female age 60-70, 6 slaves

1850 Census, Cass Co GA; p.186b
Roger Murphy, age 83, born NC, Farmer $180 value of property
Nancy Murphy, age 79, born PA
6 slaves [Andrea file]

Agricultural Schedule taken 11 Oct 1850 for Cass County showed son John and Roger listed next to each other. Roger had 50 acres of improved land, 110 unimproved. Estimated value of his farm was $1500 and $40 for farm implements. He had 4 horses, 5 milk cows, 2 working oxen, and 8 other cattle. 22 pigs. Total value of livestock, $336. His farming efforts that year resulted in 69 bushels of wheat, 350 bushels of corn, 50 bushels of oats, 2 bales of cotton, 30 bushels of sweet potatoes, and about 100 lbs of butter (this seemed to be the estimate for most all the farms). He had slaughtered animals worth about $70. Given the ages of Roger and Nancy, this is a rather remarkable harvest.

Roger Murphy's will was dated 16 Feb 1850. Names his beloved wife Nancy - all of estate for her lifetime or widowhood. Daughter Elizabeth wife of James White, to receive a slave. Daughter Lucinda, wife of Berry Harris, slave. Daughter Bridgett who had already received a portion, $5. Son Moses Murphy, $5. Daughter Mary, wife of William Rich, and her two youngest children, Jesse C. Martin and Sarah Martin. - slave & 160 acres in Cass Co, originally Cherokee Co [was this his draw in the Gold Lottery?]. Son Charles Murphy, slave. Remainder to sons Ezekiel, John & Charles. Witnesses: Ely P. Howell, Hugh Gaston Jr. Proved 23 Oct 1854. [Cass Co Will Book A, p.114f]
The estate was closed Dec of 1854; likely Nancy had also died between the time Roger wrote his will and that date.

Cass Co, is now Bartow Co, Georgia.

Roger and Nancy may have been taken back to Anderson Co SC for burial.
Anderson County Cemeteries, Volume One, by R. Wayne Bratcher, has the Big Creek Baptist Church listed. It covers pages 158 - 172. The following graves are all together - right next to each other.

Murphy, Ezekiel A., b. 14 March 1844, d. 28 Jan. 1862
Murphey, Samuel Marion, b. 30 March 1851, d. 17 May 1854
Pickle, Infant, s/o C.W. & E. Pickle, b. 2 Dec. 1851, d. 22 Dec. 1851
Charles P., s/o C.W. & E. Pickle, b. 5 Sept. 1850, d. 26 Dec. 1850
Elizabeth Murphey, w/o Crawford W. Pickle, b. 1826, d. 1867
Martin, Thomas, Sr., b. 1767, d. 6 Jan. 1830
Hester Roundtree, w/o Thomas Martin, b. 1770, d. 13 March 1855
Murphy, Charity Martin, b. 11 April 1793, d. 19 Nov. 1884
Ezekiel, b. 25 Dec. 1791, d. 12 July 1867
Roger, Jr., b. 1767, d. 1854
Nancy Wilson, w/o Roger Murphey, b. 1771, d. 1854

I have been told that Roger and Nancy also have raves in Bartow Co, Georgia. It's likely a descendant mistakenly put the markers in South Carolina. A picture of the marker on FindAGrave would indicate it is certainly not old enough to have been place in 1854. this is what it says:
In Memory of the Parents of Ezekiel Murphey
Roger Murphey, Jr. His wife Nancy Wilson
1767-1854 1771-1954
A Revolutionary Patriot Joined Big Creek Church 1803

Ezekiel A & Samuel are probably grandsons of Ezekiel Murphy [William Ezekiel, oldest son of Roger & Nancy Murphy]. Elizabeth who married Crawford Pickle was a daughter of Ezekiel. Thomas & Hester Martin were the parents of Ezekiel's wife Charity.

ROGER MURPHY and Nancy WILSON were married about 1790 in Laurens District, South Carolina. Nancy WILSON2,6 was born in 1771 in Pennsylvania.7 She died before December 1854 at the age of 83.2

I have no proof for the surname of Nancy. Probably married about 1790 in Laurens District, South Carolina. A letter from Mrs. John C. Robbins Jr in the Andrea file, dated 19 Sep 1955, states that a Richardson Bible gives Roger Murphy's wife as listed "Miss Wilson from Virginia". There are some Richardson Bible records in the file but not this one.

Comment by Andrea: "I was told by one of the older persons of Hurricane Creek area that one Roger Murphy married a Powell and the other Roger married a Wilson, but which was which they had no idea.

Big Creek Baptist Church Minutes; LDS Microfilm #0022731:
1 Jan 1803 Received into fellowship by Experience: Nancy Murphy.
31 Sep 1811 Br. Wm Stanton laid in complaints against Sister Nancy Murphy by reports he had heard circulating through the settlement that she had been angry & said bad words ...we appointed Bro Stanton to cite her to our next meeting.
5 Oct 1811 Case against Nancy Murphy deferred
2 Nov 1811 Case of Sister Nancy Murphy brought forward. Appointed Br. James Holbert & others to cite her to our next meeting to inform the church of her not attending our meeting with some other complaints.
1 Dec 1811 Sister Murphy ...confessed her faults and denied their report and was continued in fellowship.
1 Feb 1821 Dismissed Nancy Murphey by her own consent.
5 Sep 1829 Agreed to give Sister Nancy Murphy a letter of Dismission.

Nancy was received into the Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church by letter on 21 Apr 1832.

ROGER MURPHY and Nancy WILSON had the following children:



William Ezekiel MURPHY.









Charles MURPHY.



Mary MURPHY2 was born about 1801 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.6

Mary Murphy joined the Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church by experience on 24 Oct 1831. She was dismissed on 13 Jul 1844. [She is listed as Mary Murphy but she she would have been Mary Martin if her first son John was born 1830 - is this possibly the wife of Moses whose wife's name is unknown?]

She married first ??? Martin, prob abt 1828, and (2nd) William Rich who must have died between the time Roger Murphy wrote his will in Feb of 1850 and when the census was taken that year.

1850 Census [Gordon Co, GA]
Mary Riche, 49, born SC as head of household
John Martin, age 20, b. GA
Jesse Martin, age 15, b. GA [named in will of grandfather Roger Murphy]
Sarah Martin, age 12, b. GA [named in will of grandfather Roger Murphy]



Moses MURPHY6,8,9,10 was born about 1802 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.

A History of DeKalb Co GA lists Moses as having moved there with his father in 1823 from Pickens Co SC. Moses said to have later moved back to Pickens Co. [I think he may have been confused with an older Moses Murphree on 12 Mile Creek in Pickens Co; this older Moses also had a grandson Moses Murphy who was in the Pickens 1850 Census as a 25-year-old.]

1830 Census, DeKalb Co GA, p. 46
Moses Murphy, age 20-30 [born bet 1800 and 1810]
2f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 20-30

Moses was elected a JP in DeKalb Co in 1829 and was a Judge 1833-1836. Also said to have served in the Georgia Legislature.

1840 Census, DeKalb Co GA, Browning District, p.49
Moses Murphy, age 40-50 [born bet 1790-1800]; 2m under 16
4f under 16; 1f 30-40, 6 slaves.

Moses said to have moved back to South Carolina after 1840. If so, I have not yet found him. He appeared to be living at the time of his father's will.

A family tree on FamilySearch indicates he may have gone to Mississippi, not back to South Carolina, and I found this family in 1850, Pontotoc Co, MS, Hh 1046
Moses Murphey, 49, b. SC
Mary, 45, b. SC.
Children born in Georgia: Mary, 19, John, 17. Winefred 15 (Male-Wilfred), Charles, 11. Louisiana & Susana, both age 7.
Born in Mississippi: Elvira, 5, Vasco, age 2

1860 Census. Pontotoc Co, MS, Hh 899
Moses Murphy, 58, Farmer, b. SC
Mary, 54, b. SC
Born in Georgia: Jno F., 27. Charles, 23. Susan & Lusan, twins, 15.
Born in Mississippi: Sarah E., 12. Vasco, 10.

1870 Census. Lee Co, MS, Hh 4
Moses Murphy, 55, b. GA. Mary, 57, b. GA
Born in Mississippi: Susan, 21, Lucy A., 21, Elvira, 18. Basco 17. Charles, 25.

1880 Census. Beat 1, Lee, MS, Hh 223
John M. Echols, 34, b. Tenn.
Susan, 35, wife, b. GA
Agnes 3 and Cora 1, both born in MS
Charles Murphy, 43, brother-in-law, b. GA
Hh 323
Edward Flannegan, 33, b. Ireland
Elvira, 32, wife, b. MS
Mollie, 2, daughter
Louisana Murphy, 33, sister-in-law, b. GA

I found these records of a Moses Murphree in Pickens Co. He had children born around 1795-1800, approximately the age of the Moses, son of Roger Murphy. It is possible there is a connection to the families, but if so such a connection was before these families came to SC.
Murphree, Moses. 20 May 1843 Box 24 #284, Probate Judge Office, Pickens Co SC. Will of Moses Murphree of Pickens Dist. Son Joseph Murphree the tract whereon I now live, all that lies on East side of South fork of 12 Mile - 400 acres and slave Jack. Son William, his guardian to care for him as long as he may live, the property to be under his control and at his death to go to my son William. [To William?] the place where he now lives, 200 acres, being land I bought of him excep the part I sold to my grandson James M. Murphree and slave David. To son Isaac the place where he lives on West side of South fork of 12 Mile, begin at wagon road at John Clayton's, creek, to Jackson Galaspa line, containing 100 acres and slave Isaac. To son-in-law Herron Patterson and Annedine his wife a tract of land in NC on waters of Taxaway, part of the big canebrake, 25 acres. All property not disposed of to be sold and money equally divided among my seven daughters. Son William, Executor. Wit: David Blythe, Jeremiah Compton, A. G. Field. Signed: Moses Murphree. Proved by A. G. Field. 8 May 1846.
Murphy, William Equity #63. Clerk of Court Office, Pickens SC 1 Nov 1849
William Murphy died in 1849. Widow Mary Murphy. 8 Children: James M. Murphy, Sarah Stewart who is dead, Moses Murphy, John S. Murphy, Elizabeth Murphy, Benjamin R. Murphy, Jobes Murphy, Rebecca Murphy. The last five are minors over age of choice [14]. William Murphree owned 2 tracts of land, one on opposite side of 12 Mile River known as the Moses Murphree tract.
[Would appear that the brother Joseph who was dependent on William may have died since William had two tracts of land. His son James M. is the grandson named in the will of Moses Murphy.]

1850 Census, Pickens SC [all born in SC unless stated otherwise]
p.487; Household #529
Mary Murphree, age 48, b. GA [widow of William]
Elizabeth A. 18
Benjamin R. 17
Jobes M. 16
Mary R. [Rebecca?] 12

p.487; Household #531
Isaac Murphree, age 55 [named in Moses' Will above]
Lucy A. 18
Adeline 16
William R. 12
John M. 8
John G. Prince, 16, Laborer

p.502; Household 750
Moses Murphree age 25 [Son of William]
Louisa 22
Mary E 3
Cyrus 1



Lucinda MURPHY2 was born about 1804 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.6
Lucinda married Berry Harris.



Elizabeth J. MURPHY2,11 was born about 1806 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.6 She died before 1860 at the age of 54 in Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia.6

Elizabeth Murphy married James White.

Correspondence suggests that James and Elizabeth were married in DeKalb Co GA and moved to Mississippi along with 5 or 6 children. They moved back to SC and are buried in Indian Creek Cemetery [no indication of where this might be]. James White has a tombstone but Elizabeth's grave not marked. James White may have had an earlier wife whose surname was Hugbey.

This may be Capt James White of the War of 1812 who may have served in the same company as William Brown, husband of Bridget Murphy, Elizabeth's sister: Company Commanded by Captain Jacob Reed in the Regiment Commanded by Colonel Austin.

I did find the following listing in the 1850 Census.
Eastern Division, Chickasaw Co, MS, Hh 202
James White, age 60, b. GA, farmer. Elizabeth, age 44, b. SC
[children all born in GA except the youngest]
Harriet T. age 23. Clarissa J. age 19. James. L. 16, farmer. Martha A. 14. Wesley C. 10. Frances C. 8 [female]. Charles M. 6. Georgian N. age 3, b. Mississippi

DeKalb Co GA, 1860
James White, age 69, b. GA
Lucinda, 26, b. GA [deaf and dumb]
Wesley C., age 20. Connerley, age 17 [female]. Charles M. 15. Matilda age 12 [female]