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Third Generation

11. John MCKINNIE1,24,25 died about 1753 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.1 Bertie County, Deed Book C, p. 307 9 Nov 1730 John McKinnie. 200 acres to William, 150 acres to Mary "for love and affection to my COUSINS, son and daughter of John & Mary Brown decd. South side Moratuck River.

Edgecombe NC DB 1, p.17
21 Nov 1732 Henry Bozman to John McKinnie 20£ 30 acres S side Morotock rive and S side Quankey Crk, part of a patent granted to Stephen Dunmaiden and for want of an heir became due to Barnaby McKinnie on 15 May 1730 and by sd McKinnie transferred to Henry Bozeman. Wit: Isom Anderson, Nehemiah Joyner, Sylvester Dignum. Reg. Nov Ct 1732

Edgecombe NC DB 1, p.77 21 May 1734 John McKinnie of Edge. Prect. on Roanoke R, gentleman, to James Millikin, merchant. 16£ 640 acres, S side of Roanoke bounded as by patent to sd John McKinnie dated 28 Aug 1728 in Prect of Bertie, joining Robert Foster & the river. Wit: James Thompson, ____ Hodgson Reg. May Ct 1734

Edgecombe NC DB 1, p.117 10 Jun 1735 John McKinnie, planter, to Barnaby McKinnie Jr, Planter. for £10, 100 acres joining John Holley, Ledbetter & David Burns, same being granted by patent to sd McKinnie on 24 Jul 1728.
Wit: John Pope, R. Williams

Edgecombe Precinct/County Deed Book 1, p. 167. 28 Oct 1736 John McKinnie to Barnaby McKinnie my FATHER. Tract on south side of Morratock River formerly granted to William Brown and by him lapsed ...due to my father and by him made over by deed of gift to me. Joining the mouth of Walnut Fort gut, James Millikin, Barnaby McKinnie Jr and the river. Wit: Benjamin McKinnie, Joseph [x] Lane.

Northampton Deed from John Mackinne of Edgecombe Co to William Hurst 21 Feb 1742 ..for love to Wm Hurst who intermarried with my SISTER Christian. Witness: Wm Kinchen Jr & Richard McKinnie

Edgecombe Co DB 5, p.43
3 Apr 1742 John Hubbard & Montfort Eelbeck. Division of land of Emanuel Rogers, dec'd devised to his two daughters, Elizabeth & Mary, now the wives of sd Hubbard and Eelbeck. The several tracts of land to be divided by John McKinnie. Wit: John Mackinnie, David Mcoyen, Mary Mackinnie. Reg. May Ct. 1742
1 Apr 1742 John Hubbard & Elizabeth his wife and Montfort Eelbeck & Mary his wife to John McKinnie. £35 619 acres on Little Quanque, joining head of Falling branch, the river & Henry Simms. Patent to Emmanuel Rogers on 1 Dec 1727. Wit: Francis Jones, Thomas Boatwright, Mary Brown. Reg. May Ct. 1742
1 Apr 1742 John Hubbard & Elizabeth his wife & Montfort Eelbeck & Mary his wife to Francis Jones. £26 247 acres on E side Rocky Swamp. Grant to Emmanuel Rogers on 1 Dec 1727. Wit: Thomas Boatwright, John Mackinnie, Mary Mackinnie. Reg. May Ct. 1742.

Edgecombe Precinct DB 5, p.154 [Note: the Deed Books of Edgecombe are not numbered sequentially as the date given on the deeds]
13 May 1743 Thomas Howell to John McKinnie, Jr. 100 acres joing Peter Bruce. Wit: John Lane, Sr, John Lane. Reg. May Court 1743.
Note: Col. Barnaby also had a brother John, who in turn had a son named John. So there were three John McKinnie's. Obviously this one is a "Junior" as a younger John, but I'm not positive who this deed belongs to. Since the brother & nephew or believed to have remained in Virginia, I've placed the deed here.

Edgecombe NC DB 3, p.150
11 Aug 1747 Joseph Brewer of Granville Co planter to John McKinnie of Granville. 200 acres on S side Quankey Crk and is the plantation whereon the sd McKinnie now lives, adj Peter Jones, Thomas Mattis, Robert Wood. Part of grant to William Williams for 344 acres on 17 May 1730. Wit: William Reves, John Carperter. Reg. Aug Ct. 1747

Edgecombe Precinct DB 4, p.91
1 May 1751 William Hurst, gentleman, to William Richmond, merchant. For 270£ 540 acres joining Bunn and the Roanoke, part of a patent to John McKinnie in 1728. Wit: Montfort Eelbeck, Wm Churton. Reg. May Ct 1751.

Edgecombe Precinct DB 4, p.93
1 May 1751 Benjamin Wynns of Bertie Co to William Kinchin Jr of Edgecombe Co. For 53£ 640 acres, joining John McKinnie and the Roanoke Rive, grant to Robert Foster, 28 Aug 1782. Wit: Montfort Eelbeck, Will Mearnes. Rec. May Ct. 1751. B. Wynns, Court Clerk.

Edgecombe Deed Book 4, p.152 19 Nov 1751. John McKinne to Barnaby, Mary, Patience, and Martha Mackinne for love and affection I bear my CHILDREN ...several negroes.

John left a will dated 28 Feb 1753. Proved May, 1753. Named daughter-in-law (actually his stepdaughter in today's terms) Angelina Parish, son Barnaby, daughters Mary, Martha, Patience, and a child in esse (not yet born). Wife Mary.

Edgecombe Co Court Minutes revealed guardians for the children of John.
21 Feb 1758. Henry Pope was Guardian for Patience. An account of Barna. Pope's guardianship of the orphans of John McKinny was given the same day. Mary McKinny appeared in court & chose Joseph Montfort for her Guardian.
27 Jun 1758. Patience McKinny asked to choose guardian but consideration was referred until the next day.
26 Sep 1758. Joseph Montfort as guardian of Mary & Martha McKinny, returned an inventory of their estates. Barnaby Pope made claim to part of the personal estate of Jno. McKinny in right of his wife who was daughter of the wife of said John [refers to John's stepdaughter, Angeline Parish] William Lane, Administrator of estate of Joseph Lane, deceased, exhibited accounts for Joseph Lane who was guardian of Mary & Martha McKinny.

John MCKINNIE and Mary ??? PARISH were married.1 Mary ??? PARISH died in 1754 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.1 Will dated 13 Oct 1754. Named daughter Annjeleany Pope. Children John, Barnaby, Mary, Patience, and Martha. Barnaby Pope, Trusty friend and Executor.

John MCKINNIE and Mary ??? PARISH had the following children:






Patience MCKINNIE.



Barnaby MCKINNIE Jr..






John MCKINNIE was born about 1753 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.1 Father's Will mentions child not born. This is the only child named a year later in Mary's Will that was not in John Sr.'s Will. He died before 1767.26 Not named as a heir of father John McKinnie in deed dated 1 Aug 1767.