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Third Generation

9. Barnaby MCKINNIE Jr.3,10,22 died about 1736 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.1 Bertie County, Deed Book A, p.59 11 May 1723 Barnaby Mckinnie "For love I bear my SON" 100 acres on S. side Moratuck to Barnaby Jr.

Edgecombe NC DB 1, p.251
1 Feb 1725 Lords Proprietors to Barnaby McKinnie Jr of county of Albemarle for importation of 1 person/50 acres. 180 acres in Bertie Prect on S side Marratock river, joining John McKinnie, a branch and the lower Elk marsh. Signed: Sir Richard Everard Bart, Gov.
10 May 1731 Barnaby McKinnie Jr to William Strickland. Assignment of a patent.
Wit: Barnaby McKinnie, Joseph Simmons. Reg. May Ct. 1738.

Edgecombe NC DB 1, p.17
4 Nov 1732 John Bunch of Edgecombe Prect, Albemarle Co to Banaby McKinnie Jr. 120£ 320 acres. Tract on S side Moratock Ri joining the Tuckahoe marshes being two whole patents. One granted 5 Apr 1720 to Wm Jones and lapsed and since granted William Pope on 1 Apr 1723 & by Pope transferred to McKinnie & by McKinnie sold to sd Bunch. The other patent to William Stephens on 1 Jan 1725 and sold by sd Stephens to John Bunch. Wit: Benjamin Winns, Barnaby McKinnie, John McKinnie. Reg. Nov Ct 1732.

Edgecombe NC DB 1, p.24
Line agreement between Maj. James Millikin and Barnaby McKinnie Jr. Surgeyed 15 Jun 1732 by Simon Jeffries. Wit: Thomas (X) Bryant, Henry (X) Jones, Robert Foster. Reg. Nov Ct 1732.

Edgecombe NC DB 1, p.117 10 Jun 1735 John McKinnie, planter, to Barnaby McKinnie Jr, Planter. for £10, 100 acres joining John Holley, Ledbetter & David Burns, same being granted by patent to sd McKinnie on 24 Jul 1728.
Wit: John Pope, R. Williams

Edgecombe NC DB 1, p.135 10 Jun 1735 Barnaby McKinnie gentleman to Barnaby McKinnie, Jr, planter £20 150 acres joining Col. James Millikin & Lamentation McKinnie part of tract granted sd Barnaby 22 ___ 1729. Wit: WilliM Maxwell, Benj Rawlings

Will dated 13 Oct 1736; proved in November Court. Daughters Mary and Patience to receive land. Others legatees: Barnaby, son of Joseph Lane. [nephew] Barnaby son of William MacKinne [nephew] Brothers: William, Robert & John. Also Joseph Lane, John Pope, James Howell, John Lane, Nathaniel Cooper. Wife & executrix: Mary. Original said to be missing, abstract made from copy #58 in Grant Book, #4.

Edgecombe Precinct/County, Deed Book 1, p.220. 6 Jul 1737. Mary McKinnie, widow, to her two daughters, Patience McKinnie and Mary McKinnie, her right of two young negro wenches, Pat and Doll: Pat & her increase to Patience and Doll & her increase to Mary, these two being part of the 5 negroes left to me by the last will and testament of my HUSBAND Barnaby McKinnie Jr.

Barnaby MCKINNIE Jr. and Mary [MCKINNIE] were married.10 Mary [MCKINNIE] was born (date unknown).

Barnaby MCKINNIE Jr. and Mary [MCKINNIE] had the following children:






Patience MCKINNIE.