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Seventh Generation

594. George Washington HOLDERNESS MD52,251 was born on 15 March 1867 in Prim Hill, Hopkins County, Texas.205,251 He died on 22 March 1945 at the age of 78 in Commerce, Hunt County, Texas.198

1890 Texas State Directory; Fannin Co. "The Towns and Businesses - Ladonia" includes George Holderness, Physician. He would have been very young, just starting out. There was also D. J. Thomas, Physician - a possible cousin on his mother's side?

Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 15, No. 301, Ed. 1, Wednesday, August 12, 1891
300 Votes for the Plucky Orphan
Black Jack Grove, Aug 10. Place 300 votes to the credit of Miss Willie Devall, and here's check to pay for the same. East Texas, look well to your laurels! Miss Willie should win this race by all means, as there is none more deserving, and she had the ability to reflect credit upon the state. Votes contributed as follows: Dr. George W. Holderness, 25 votes; R. N. Holderness, 12 1/2 votes.
This was a page in the paper devoted to a contest for art scholarships for ten Texas Girls

Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 15, No. 329, Ed. 1, Wednesday, September 9, 1891
Altar and Tomb
Dr. G. W. Holderness and Miss Millie E. Jones, Commerce, September 2nd.

By 1900, George was living in Commerce and listed in the census as a Physician. Hh 303.
George W. Holderness, b. Mar 1867, age 33, married for 8 years
Mollie E., wife, b. Nov 1871, age 28, one child
John R., son, b. Mar 1894, age 6

Dallas Morning News, 20 Aug 1900
Society Over the State
Miss Dee Russell, Miss Kate Holderness of Cumby and Mrs. R. W. Harris [Virginia - Kate's sister - Dee was their niece] are visiting the family of Dr. Holderness. [Dr. George W.-Kate & Virginia's brother.]

The Commerce Journal
, Commerce TX
17 Jul 1903, p.3
"Local Smiles" column
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Haden of Ladonia are visiting Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Holderness. Mrs. Haden is a sister of the doctor.
1 Sep 1905, p.5
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Haden of Ladonia visited Dr. Holderness and family recently.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Holderness of Cumby visited Dr. Holderness and family last week.
Mrs. Lucy H. [M.?] Holderness of Sulphur Springs visited Dr. Holderness last week.
18 Jan 1910
Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Harris and Mrs. J. B. Haden were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Holderness last week.

1910 Census. Commerce Ward 3, Hunt Co, TX, Hh 488
George W. Holderness, age 42, married 18 years, b. TX, parents b. VA. Physician, General practice.
Mary E., wife, age 36, 1 child, b. TX, father b. VA, mother b. TX
Russel, age 16, b. Texas

Fraternity (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 13, No. 12, Ed. 1 Tuesday, December 1, 1914
Newletter of the United Benevolent Association
Minutes of the 18th Session
List of delegates included from Commerce Lodge No. 49 - Dr. G. W. Holderness

The Commerce Journal, 31 Jan 1918, p.6
P. & M. National Bank.
Officers - J. T. Jackson, President. Dr. G. W. Holderness, Vice-President....
Dr. Holderness was also listed as one of the Directors of the bank.

1930 Census. George W. & Mollie E. Holderness. Commerce, Hunt Co. George gave his age as 62. Mollie was 53. He was a Doctor, General Practice.

1940 Census. Commerce, Hunt Co. Hh 319. Living at 1515 Monroe St., age 73
Mollie, wife, age 68. No occupation listed.

CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS OF HUNT CO TX, Vol. IV by Robert Lee Thompson & Kathy Lynn Penson, 1980:
Rosemount Cemetery, Commerce, Hunt Co TX, Dr. G. W. Holderness 1862 - 1945

Texas Death Certificate #12342A
George W. Holderness died at Allens Hospital in Commerce TX, after a 7-day illness. His residence was 1511 Monroe, Commerce. He died 22 Mar 1945 of uremia - he suffered from nephritis (kidney disease). Born 15 Mar 1867, Oakland, TX - father was R. C. Holderness, born in NC and mother ____ Thomas, born VA. George was married and Mrs. G. W. Holderness was the informant. Buried on March 23 at Rosemound Cemetery in Commerce.

George Washington HOLDERNESS MD and Mary Ellen "Mollie" JONES were married on 4 September 1891 in Commerce, Hunt County, Texas.198,252 Mary Ellen "Mollie" JONES213,251, daughter of William JONES and Eliza A. JACKSON, was born on 11 December 1870 in Texas.251 She died on 18 November 1951 at the age of 80 in Hunt County, Texas.

Mollie's mother was born in Virginia, her father in Texas, according to the 1900 Census. She had had only one child.

Obituary of Mrs. J. A. Morris reveals she is the mother of Mrs. G. W. Holderness. HOPKINS COUNTY ECHO, March 9, 1934. Mrs. J. A. Morris died in Childress, was a former resident of Sulphur Springs. She was almost 84 and the mother of Mrs. Allie Ferguson of Sulphur Springs and Mrs. G. W. Holderness of Commerce. Mrs. Morris was a Miss Jackson, sister to John Jackson and lived for several years in Black Jack Grove. Her husband William Jones & his brother, Dave Jones were in the mercantile business. Mr. Jones was accidentally killed on 23 Dec 1879 and is buried in Cumby Cemetery. She later married Mr. Morris.

From The Commerce Journal, 17 Aug 1917, p.6; "Northeast Corner Reviews Reunion"
An article about the annual reunion of Confederate Veterans held at Commerce Park on the 8th. After reviewing the events, speeches, etc.
"Mrs. Eliza Morris of Childress, the mother of Mrs. G. W. Holderness, we again clasped hands with, having known her many years ago as bright and beautiful Eliza Jackson, the belle of Hunt County."

CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS OF HUNT CO TX, Vol. IV by Robert Lee Thompson & Kathy Lynn Penson, 1980:
Rosemount Cemetery, Commerce, Hunt Co TX. Mary Ellen Holderness 1870-1951

Death Certificate:
Certificate #63511 [filed with December DC's]
Mary Ellen Holderness
Died Commerce, Hunt Co TX 1611 Monroe St - also her residence 30/50 yr
Died: Nov 18, 1951
Female, white, widowed. b. Dec 11, 1870 age 80y 11m 7d
Domestic. b. Hunt Co TX
Father: William Jones, b VA
Mother: Eliza Jackson, b. TX
Informant: Mrs. Lon Alexander
Cause of death: pneumonia [I think - hard to read]
Dr: L. D. Wallen, Commerce
Buried Nov 19, 1951 Rosemound Cemetery
Sheely Funeral Directions, Commerce

George Washington HOLDERNESS MD and Mary Ellen "Mollie" JONES had the following children:



John Russell HOLDERNESS MD52,226,228 was born on 1 March 1894 in Texas.251 He died on 8 June 1941 at the age of 47 in Commerce, Hunt County, Texas.

World War I Draft registration, dated 5 Jun 1917. John Russell Holderness was then age 23. His address was the Post Office at Commerce, Texas. He was born 1 Mar 1894 in Cumby, Texas. He was a physician, employed at Harper Hospital, Detroit, Mich. He was single. John is described as of medium height, medium build, with brown eye and dark blond hair.
He did serve in World War I - he is on a list of Commerce Men in Service, 11 Nov 1919.
And from the The Commerce Journal, 14 Jul 1919: Dr. & Mrs. Holderness left Monday for New York to visit their son Lt. Holderness.

The Commerce Journal, 30 Jan 1920, p.5
Dr. J. R. Holderness to Practice Here
Dr. J. R. Holderness has returned to Commerce to engage in the practice of his profession. He has been in the North for the past three years.
During his absence, he was employed in Harper's Hospital of Detroit and these places in New York City: Lying-In-Hospital, Broad St. Hospital, Willard Parker Hospital, Army Medical school at Rockefeller Foundation, and for the past nine months as medical examiner at the home office of the Equitable Life Insurance Co.
Dr. Holderness was reared in Commerce, and is the son of Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Holderness. The Journal bespeaks for him a hearty welcome in our midst.

I found a John R. Holderness living in Dallas in 1930, Lodger of Jack Mason He was age 36, a Doctor in general practice.

1940 Census. Veterans Administrative Hospital (Neurophsychiatric), McLennan, TX, p. 2A
John R. Holderness, inmate, age 46, b. TX - 5 years ago was apparently in the same place as all the inmates are marked as living Rural, McLennan, TX
Marked M, crossed out with 7 - indicated married but not living with spouse

CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS OF HUNT CO TX, Vol. IV by Robert Lee Thompson & Kathy Lynn Penson, 1980:
Rosemount Cemetery, Commerce, Hunt Co TX, buried with his parents. Lt. J. Russell 1894-1941.

Texas Death Certificate 28737, for John R. Holderness
Mclennan County, Veterans Administration Facility
Length of residence where death occurred - 9 years 30 day.
Residence of deceased - Commerce, Hunt Co, TX
John died 8 Jun 1941 - his doctor had attended him since 1932. He died of a coronary thrombosis, but Dementia - Praecox Hebephrenic Type - was a contributory cause
Dementia praecox (a "premature dementia" or "precocious madness") refers to a chronic, deteriorating psychotic disorder characterized by rapid cognitive disintegration, usually beginning in the late teens or early adulthood. It is schizophrinia of which three types were noted - paranoid, catatonic and hebephrinic. Hebophrinic is characterized by foolish mannerisms, senseless laughter, delusions, hallucinations, and regressive behavior.
His profession was Physician. Birth was 1 Mar 1894, Commerce, TX, son of George W. Holderness and Mollie Jones, both born in Texas. The information was "Records, Veterans Administration", Waco, TX. The body was taken to Commerce for burial

His grave marker at Rosemound Cemetery has:
Lieut. J. Russell
1894 - 1941