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Fifth Generation

163. Laban Lindsey WALTERS was born in 1811. He died in 1884 at the age of 73 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Son L. L. Walters, was born 1811 in Virginia. He married Martha Ann Marshall on 12 Jan 1834 in Williamson Co TN. She was the daughter of Gilbert Marshall and Martha McMullen. Martha was born 29 Dec 1815 in Franklin, Williamson Co TN and died 1855. I wonder if this death date is correct - she may have died in 1835. A divorce suit in Williamson Co reveals that children of the divorcing couple - Thomas P. and Sarah Carsey - included Martha J. Walters, wife of Laban L. There is a second marriage for Laban L. Walters, 17 Nov 1836, to Martha Carsey. His estate file in 1884 lists his wife as Mariah, maiden name McTish. Laban was apparently married at least three times. Martha's grave marker has her death as Jan 1859, but by the time of the census in 1860, Laban had married Mariah.

1840 Census. Williamson Co TN. Next to Eli A. Walters
Laban L. Walters: 1m age 20-30; 1f under 5, 1f age 15-20.

I have placed the children according to my best guess and gaps between their births. Louisa has listed different ages in the census - she could have been a child of the first wife, Martha.

1850 Census. Williamson Co TN, Dist 14, Hh 673
L. L. Walters, age 39, b. Virginia. Martha, age 27, b. TN
Louisa 14, Thomas 7, Eli 5, Sarah age 2.
1850 Slave Schedule.
L.L. Waters: male age 25, female age 25, male age 13, female age 13, male age 6 months.

1860 Census. Williamson Co TN. East Subdivision, Arington P.O. Page 215, Household 494.
L. L. "Waters" age 49. Farmer. Value of real estate $12,800, Personal Estate $19,940 [7 slaves, see later]. Born Virginia
M. G. age 30, b. TN. Female; presumably the third wife, Mariah McTish.
Thos. L. Waters age 19, Eli age 13, and Sarah age 11.
Slave Schedule, L. L. Warters: All described as Black. Male age 36, male age 27, male age 21, female age 60, female age 37, male age 10, female age 8

1870 Census. Williamson Co TN. 14th Civil District; Franklin P.O. Page 232, Household 151.
Laban L. "Waters" age 59. Farmer. Value of Real estate $8540. Personal $600 [Looks to me like he might have owned slaves before the war.] Born Virginia.
Maria age 35. Keeping House, b. TN [she aged only 5 years!]
May age 9, b. TN. Attends school.
Susan McNish, age 69, b. VA

Robert B. Walters wrote the National Archives for a copy of Claim # 19025, filed by L. L. Walters 10 or 11 Aug 1877 for reimbursement of property - mules and horses - taken by the Union Army during the Civil War. The claim was for $749; $500 was allowed and paid. L. L. Walters stated that he was 66 years of age and resided about 8 miles from Franklin in Rock Hill, Williamson Co TN. He was a farmer and lived there for 28 years. He was opposed to the war.

1880 Census. Williamson Co TN, 14th Civil District; Household 210
[This page is barely readable.]
Linsy L. Walters age 69, Farmer, born VA as were both his parents.
Mariah, Wife, now age 25 [good trick if you can do it] Keeping House; born TN as were both parents.

Laban Lindsey WALTERS and Martha A MARSHALL were married on 12 January 1834 in Williamson County, Tennessee. Martha A MARSHALL died circa 1835.

Laban Lindsey WALTERS and Martha A MARSHALL had the following children:



Gilbert Marshall WALTERS was born in 1835 in Williamson County, Tennessee. He died before 1885 at the age of 50.

Living with his grandparents in 1850 and Gilbert received a special bequest in his grandfather's will. Quite possibly he was the only child of the first wife and she died in childbirth.

The will of his grandfather gave to:
To grandson Gilbert M. Walters, son of son Laban L. Walters, Negro slave Alfred when he reaches age 21; horse, saddle & bridle; suit of clothes; one bed of furniture. This was to be deducted from his father's share.
When final settlement was made, the estate payments were in four equal parts to the four children of Laban Walters - nothing to have been distributed to Gilbert, nor deducted from his father's share.

Testimony during settlement of Gilbert's father's estate in 1885, indicated that his father had given him a male slave that he sold for $900. The implication was that it was a gift from his father - I suspect it was Gilbert's inheritance. Gilbert was already deceased when his father died.
In 1886, Maria Walters, his stepmother, stated that Gilbert had been dead for several years.

Gilbert M. Walters married Mary E. Irvin, 16 May 1855, Williamson Co TN.

1860 Census. Eastern Subdivision. Hh 167
G. M. Warters, age 25, male, farmer
M. E. Warters, 21, female
L. J. Warters, age 2, female
C. Warters, 1/12, male

Deposition by J. M. McPherson, 17 Sep 1885, regarding the estate of Laban/Lindsay Walters. Stated that Lindsay L. Walters' son Gilbert was dead, leaving two children. Other documents indicate the two children were Arno/Anne Walters, and a daughter married to a Mr. L. Williams.

A Repsey T. Waters married 24 Nov 1875 to Thomas L. Williams - could this have been a daughter of Gilbert?

A Mary Walters married 4 Oct 1885 to Price Redmon. Also Mary E. Waters married John A. Burke, 4 Apr 1868. I've never been able to find any of Gilbert's family in 1870 - perhaps he was already deceased and the widow remarried.

I did find John A. Burk with wife Mary E. in 1880 - she was then age 42 which is approximate for Gilber's widow. John Burk was 57 and they had three young children. No stepchildren in the household, but they would have been grown.

Laban Lindsey WALTERS and Martha L. CARSEY were married on 17 November 1836 in Williamson County, Tennessee. Martha L. CARSEY, daughter of Thomas P. CARSEY and Sarah [CARSEY], was born on 7 February 1822. She died on 19 January 1859 at the age of 36.

Laban Lindsey WALTERS and Martha L. CARSEY had the following children:



Louisa Ann WALTERS was born in 1839 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

In 1850, Louisa was age 14 - or born about 1836 - she could have been a child of the first wife. She gave her age as 19, or born about 1841.

Louisa Ann Walters married John W. Tulloss 7 Jun 1855, Williamson Co TN.

1860 Census. Eastern Subdiv. Williamson, TN, Hh 152
J. W. Tullosss, 29. L. A., 19
Ellen, 4. R. L., male, 2. J. L., male, 6 months.

1870 Census. Williamson, TN, Hh 92
John W. Tulloss, 39. Louisa, 32 [born 1838]
Ella 14. Robert 12. Joseph 10. Handy 8, male. Minnie 6. Willie 4. Samuel 2.

In 1880 they were in Williamson Co - he was 45, "Lue" was 41 [born 1839] - nine children between the ages of 23 and 3.
Robt. 22. Ella 23. Joseph 20. Hardee 18. Minnie 16. William 14. Sam 11. Eb. 7. Cleny, age 3, son.



Thomas L. WALTERS was born in 1841 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Thomas L. Walters married Margarit Harper, 19 Aug 1865, Williamson Co TN.

1870 Census. Dist 19, Williamson, TN Hh 146
Tom Walters, age 30
Margt. age 25
Willie 4. Mollie 2. and G. W. 4 months, male child

The following seems an improbable match for the family but the only one I found....
1880 Census. Dist 20, Williamson, TN Hh 2
Tom Waters, 47
Margaret 40, wife
Dora, age 17, daughter
William age 14, son
Charles 12, son
John 10, son
Laura, 6, daughter
Julia, 4, daughter
Sam, 2, son



Eli WALTERS was born in 1847 in Williamson County, Tennessee.



Sarah WALTERS was born in 1849 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Married F. Andrew Richardson.

Laban Lindsey WALTERS and Mariah MCNISH were married in 1859. Mariah MCNISH was born (date unknown).

Laban Lindsey WALTERS and Mariah MCNISH had the following children:



Alice May WALTERS was born in 1861 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Mary married James F. Burnett, 30 Mar 1878, Williamson Co TN.