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Fifth Generation

222. Gainum MCBEE was born in September 1840 in Tennessee.

The 1850 Census shows him as age 8, but I believe he is the Ganum who is in Knox Co through 1900, married to a Nancy.

There are two Gainum/Gannum McBees born approximately the same year, 1829 - they were second cousins. Still a third Gainum McBee, this Gainum, lived in Knox Co TN and was born in 1840, son of Gainum C. & Sarah; he was another second cousin. Any of these three could have served in the Civil War. One of these is surely the Ganum C. McBee, private of 1st Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry who signed the Oath of Allegiance at Chattanooga on 3 Jun 1865. The card states "Roll of Rebel Deserters and voluntarily surrendered prisoners of war who took the Oath of Allegiance at Chattanooga". Ganum C. McBee gave his residence as Knox County, TN; he had dark complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, and was 6' tall. [Found on]
A look at the 1st Regt reveals that at least two of the companies, F and L, were organized in Claiborne Co, neither of which has an existing muster roll. Several of the other companies were organized in Knox Co.
Only one Gainum, the son of William Prior McBee, was known to have had the middle initial and family tradition does place him at Chattanooga near the end of the war. However, this youngest Gainum apparently did not marry until after the War and would have been a single man and apparently lived in Knox Co his entire life.

I believe the marriage record is this one: G. C. McBee married N. E. Sawyers, Oct 1865, Knox Co, TN. There is another marriage record of a G. D. McBee to N. E. Mayet in Dec of 1867, but the Ganum of 1870 and wife Nancy already have a three-year-old son.

1870 Census. District 4, Knox Co TN, Hh 115
Ganum McBee, 29, farmer, b. TN
Nancy E., age 26
William 3, James A. 1
John Little, 11, Black

1880 Census. Knox Co TN
Ganum McBee, 39. Nancy 37.
William 13, James 11, L. Robert 9, B. Sarah 6, Rachel 4
Henry Wirick, age 30, farm laabor

1900 Census. Knox Co TN 4th Dist, Hh 266
Ganum McBee, b. Sep 1840, age 59, married 34 years, farmer
Nancy E., wife, b. May 1843, age 57, 6 children - 5 are living [4 in household - Robert living in Hh 379]
James A., son, b. Oct 1868, age 31, farm labor
Sallie B., dau, b. Nov 1872, age 27
Ganum C., son, b. May 1882, age 18, in school
Lizzie E. Little, dau, b. Mar 1876, age 24, married 2 years, no children [she must have been called Rachel in 1880]
David Little, son-in-law, b. Jan 1873, age 27, farm labor
Carl McBee, grandson, b. Oct 1899, age 7 months [possible a son of eldest son William, who is apparently the deceased child]
Frank Wellings, boarder, b. Jul 1870, age 29, widowed, farm labor
Hh 379
Robert McBee, b. Jun 1871, age 28, married 11 years
Lunda E., b. Nov 1870, age 29, 4 children
Edgar L., son, b. Jul 1889, age 10
Ganum G., son, b. Oct 1891, age 8
William S., son, b. Feb 1897, age 3
Rosetta M., dau, b. Feb 1900, age 3/12 [3 months]

Gainum MCBEE and Nancy E. SAWYERS were married circa 1866. Nancy E. SAWYERS was born in May 1843 in Tennessee.

Gainum MCBEE and Nancy E. SAWYERS had the following children:



William MCBEE was born in 1867 in Knox County, Tennessee. He died before 1900 at the age of 33.



James A. MCBEE was born in October 1868 in Knox County, Tennessee.



Robert L. MCBEE.



Sarah B. "Sallie" MCBEE was born in November 1872 in Knox County, Tennessee.



Lizzie E. [Rachel?] MCBEE was born in March 1876 in Knox County, Tennessee.

In 1880, the McBees had a 4 year old daughter named Rachel. In 1900, their 24 year old daughter was Lizzie E. Little, married to David Little, and the married couple was living with Gainum and Nancy. Was she perhaps Rachel Elizabeth/Elizabeth Rachel?



Gainum C. MCBEE was born in May 1882 in Knox County, Tennessee.

1910 Census, Knox Co. Gainum C. McBee was 27 and married for three years to Amanda B., age25.  Reth E., daughter 1 year, 10 months,and James A. Jr., son, 5 months.  [JamesA. named for Gainum’s older brother]

World War I Draft Registration:
Gainum Cox McBee. Strawberry Plains, Knox C, TN, age 36, Born May 30, 1882
Farmer, own farm.
Nearest relative: Mrs. Amanda McBee, Strawberry Plains
Signed: G. C. McBee
Back side: Medium height, stout build, brown eyes, dark hair.
12 Sept 1918.