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Fifth Generation

282. Elizabeth Ann MCBEE154 was born in 1834. She died on 22 February 1911 at the age of 77.154

Elizabeth is often seen as a daughter of Barbara Carlock, but based on the year of her birth as recorded in the censuses and the marriage record of William McBee to Barbara Van Bebber, she was the last child of his first wife [who perhaps died from complications of childbirth with Elizabeth]

Married Alfred Hopper, 24 Mar 1853, Claiborne Co. Hopper served in the Union Army, Co E, 6th TN Infantry, and died about four month after enlisting. FindAGrave has an entry for this man that is erroneous - it shows a death date in the 1880's which is not possible - he died 20 Jul 1862.

1860 Census. Tazewell, Claiborne Co TN, Hh 1480
Alfred Hopper, age 28, farmer, b. TN
Elizabeth A., age 25
Rhoda, age 5. Nathan age 4. William, age 2.
They appear to be living in a nest of Hoppers, In Hh 1479 is the family of Jesse Hopper who was age 72, and Hh 1481 was David Hopper, age 32. In 1850, Alfred Hopper, age 18, and David Hopper, age 21, were two of eight young people, all born in TN, in the household of Jesse Hopper, age 63, b. NC and Elizabeth, age 52, b. TN.

She married a second time, as Elizabeth A. Hopper, to Seth Collins, 3 Apr 1864, Union Co, TN and they can be found in the 1870, 1880 Censuses in Laurel Co, KY. In 1900 they were in Union Co, TN. Elizabeth Collins was a widow in the 1910, Union Co, TN Census.

1870 Census. McHarque Voting Precinct, Laurel Co, KY, Hh 8
Seth Collins, age 31, Farmer, b. TN
Lizzie, age 38
Rhoda A. 15. Nathan B. 15. William B. 11, Martha J. 9, Lucinda 6. Sterling J. 3, and Mary S. age 1.

1880 Census. Dist 57, Laurel Co, KY, Hh 284
Seth Collins, Farmer, b. TN as were his parents
Elizabeth A., 46, wife
William J., 21, son. [he was nee Hopper]
Lucinda, 14, dau. Sterling M, 12, son. Mary S. 11, dau. Robert S. 9, son. John H. 7, son, and Daniel, age 6, son.

In 1890, Seth Collins was counted on the Veterans Schedule, living in Fords Ferry, Laurel Co, KY. He had served as a private in Co E, 6th Regt, Tenn Inf. Gave his date of enlistment as 10 Mar 1862; discharged on 3 April 1865. Her served 3 years, 23 days. Notes: P.O. is Lynn Camp. Disability incurred: shot through abdomen & arm

1900 Census. Civil Dist 10, Union Co, TN, Hh 197
Seth Collins, b. Sep 1838, age 61, married 36 years
Betty, wife, b. May 1834, age 66, had 13 children - 8 are living
John, son, b. Nov 1872, age 27, married 6 years
Isabella, dau in law, b. Jun 1874, age 25, 3 children - 2 are living
Virgin, gson, b. Sep 1894, age 4
Lona, gdau, b. Aug 1848, age 1

1910 Census. Old Civil Dist 10/Civil Dist 6. Union Co, TN Hh 111
Elisabeth Collins, age 76, widow, had 13 children - 5 are living, she has a truck farm
Tilda, gdau, age 18 [b. KY]. William L., gson, 13. Sherly, gson, 9. [Boys born in Tennesse; all of the grandchildren: father was born in Kentucky, their mother in Tennessee.]

Based on the marriage to Collins, and dates from the Index to Pension Files, she may have filed on both husbands
One file lists her under the name of Alfred Hopper as Elizabeth A. Hopper, widow, with Seth Collins, guardian, and she may have filed for minor children - date of her filing is 31 Aug 1863; for the Minors, 25 Jul 1866.
another file was for Seth Collins
The Civil War Invalid's Filing was 25 July 1866 - the same date as for the Minor children of Hopper
The Widow's application was dated 2 May 1912.

Seth Collins served as a Private in the same company as had Alfred Hopper

Civil War Service Records,, show that Hopper & Collins served in the same unit and were mustered in on the same day.

Alfred Hopper's Muster-in Roll states he enlisted as a Pvt in Capt. Ausmus' Co, 6th Regt East Tenn, Infantry. He was age 28 and had enlisted on 6 Mar 1862 at Cumberland Ford for 3 years. He was mustered in at Williamsburg, KY on 22 Apr 1862. He died of disease on 20 July 1862 at Cumberland Gap.
A letter from the Adjutant General's Office, dated Washington, Oct 30, 1867
It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office, that
Alfred Hopper was enrolled on the 6th
day of March, 1862 at Cumberland Ford, Ky
in Company E, 6 Regisment of Inf. Tenn.
Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war, and
mustered into service as a Pvt. on the 22
day of April, 1862, at Williamsburg Ky
in Company E, 6 Regiment of Inf. Tenn
Volunteers to serve 3 years or during the war. On the
Muster Roll of Company E, of that Regiment, for the
months of July & Aug, 1862, he is reporte
"Died of disease July 20, 1862 at
[The signature is difficult to read, but possible Sam. Breck, A.D.Genl.]

Seth Collins, age 23 enlisted for three years at Cumberland ford, Ky, mustered in on 22 Apr 1862 as a Private in Capt. Ausmus' Co, 6 Regt. East Tennessee Infantry. A note on the Muster Card states that this Company became Company E. Wounded in action at Jenkens ____, near Chattanooga on 22 Sept 1863. A Muster Card for Nov & Dec of 1863 states that he has been absent on furlough since Oct 31, 1863 by order of Gen. Granger. [Sent home on account of wound.] In Mar & Apr of 1864, he was again present with his unit, but he left sick at Cleveland, TN on 4 May 1864. In Jan-Feb of 1865 he was noted as being sick in hospital at Knoxville. He was due $100 when mustered out at the expiration of his term of service.
Buried: Taylor Grove Church Cemetery, Union Co TN

John H. Collins, b. 25 Nov 1872, died 16 Jun 1944.
Son of Seth & Elizabeth Ann "Betty" McBee Collins
Wife: Isibell Rucker Collins, b. 6 Jan 1878; died 10 Aug 1904

Military marker without dates:
Seth Collins
6th Tenn Inf, Co E

Elizabeth Ann MCBEE and Alfred HOPPER were married on 24 March 1853 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Alfred HOPPER was born circa 1834. He served in the military from March 1862 to July 1862 at Co E, 6th TN Infantry, USA in Civil War. He died on 20 July 1862 at the age of 28 in Cumberland Gap, Claiborne County, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Ann MCBEE and Alfred HOPPER had the following children:



Rhoda HOPPER was born in 1855 in Tennessee.



Nathan HOPPER was born in 1856 in Tennessee.



William HOPPER was born in 1858 in Tennessee.



Martha J. HOPPER was born in 1861 in Tennessee.

Elizabeth Ann MCBEE and Seth COLLINS were married on 3 April 1864 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Seth COLLINS was born circa 1839. He served in the military in 1862–1865 at Co E, 6th Regt, TN Infantry in Civil War. He died between 1900 and 1910 at the age of 61 in Union County, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Ann MCBEE and Seth COLLINS had the following children:



Lucinda COLLINS was born circa 1865 in Tennessee.



Sterling COLLINS was born in 1867 in Kentucky.



Mary S. COLLINS was born in 1869 in Kentucky.



Robert S. COLLINS was born in 1871 in Laurel County, Kentucky.



John H. COLLINS was born on 25 November 1872 in Laurel County, Kentucky. He died on 16 June 1944 at the age of 71 in Union County, Tennessee.
Buried: Taylor Grove Church Cemetery, Union Co TN

John H. Collins, b. 25 Nov 1872, died 16 Jun 1944.
Son of Seth & Elizabeth Ann "Betty" McBee Collins
Wife: Isibell Rucker Collins, b. 6 Jan 1878; died 10 Aug 1904



Daniel COLLINS was born in 1874 in Laurel County, Kentucky.