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Fifth Generation

243. Gainum Dyer MCBEE31 was born in 1838 in Tennessee. He was born in September 1841 in Tennessee.

Gainum fits better in the family as a 12 year old - in 1850. He has assorted ages after that and stated in 1900 that he was born Sept 1841 - many of the other births in that census are wrong.

1850 Grainger Co TN, Dist 15, p.133. Hh 1847
Robert McBee, age 52. Elizabeth, age 33. James Alvis 14, Wesley 13, Ganum 12, Rachel M. 11, Pryor L. 9, Tabitha 7, Fleming 5, Sarah E. 4. Thomas D. Savage, age 17, working as a laborer. Israel McBee, age 88, b. VA. Nancy Brown 52, and Frances M. T. McBee age 1.

1860, Union Co TN, Dist 3, Hh 304
Robert McBee, age 62. Elizabeth 44. Bitha 17, Fleming 14, Emaline, 13, Arminda C. 10, Caroline 8, John C. 6, Elizabeth 2, and Mary age 5 months.
Israel McBee, age 99 1/2. Revolutionary soldier. b. VA.
Hh 305
Wesley McBee, age 23. Metsey A. age 18
Hh 306
G. C. McBee, age 30. Mary 28. [This is puzzling because Robert's Gannum should be only about age 22. Online information also says that Robert's son was Gannum Dyer McBee which makes sense as his mother was Dyer. This entry appears to possibly be Gaynum Cox McBee - son of Robert's brother William Pryor McBee - except his wife Mary's Bible gave a date of their marriage in the year 1851.]
However, there is a Gainum McBee, age 20 in Claiborne Co. He is listed as a student and lives with other students in the household 1154, of Jehul Fugate, age 57, and Fugate's family. Probably that is Gainum Dyer McBee.

A Gainum D. McBee served in the Civil War as found on He enlisted 30 Sep 1862, in Morristown with Capt. J. C. Hodges for 3 years. He was a private, Company H, 60th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry.
Listed as G. D. McBee on a Roll of Prisoners of War paroled at Vicksburg, MS, captured on 4 Jul 1863.
Roll of officers and men of Genl. Vaughn's 2nd Brigade, paroled at Vicksburg July 4, 1863 and reported to Parole Camp at Jonesboro, TN, prior to 1 April 1864: J. G. McBee, Sergt. Co. H. 60 Tenn. Dated 5 Jul 1864.
Information from the Muster Card: The 60th, also known as the 79th and Crawford's, Regiment, Tennessee Infantry was organized 1 Oct 1862 with eleven companies, A to L. It was mustered into Confederate service, 7 Nov 1862, with ten companies, A to K, L not being accepted. The regiment was captured and paroled at Vicksburg, 1863, and after exchanged was assigned to Brig. Gen. Vaughn's Cavalry Brigade and mounted.
G. D. McBee, private of Co. H, 79th Regt Transfer, did sign the oath not to again take up arms against the Untied States, on the 6th day of July 1863 - siged with his original signature as "G. D. McBee"
A receipt for $88 is signed by G. D. McBee, at Jonesboro, TN, 4 ?Mch 1864.

A G. D. McBee married N. E. Mayet, 26 Dec 1867, Knox Co. This is how it's indexed, but her name looks more like N. E. Maget to me in the digital record.

1870 Census. Grainger Co; Hh 52.
Gainum McBee, age 30, farm labor, b. TN
Nancy E., 26, b. TN
William C., age 2, and Frasette, 2/12 [two months]
and in Hh 54
Calvin Magit, age 49. [Is this Nancy's father?]. Rebecca, age 23.

Note: I went back to 1860, Grainger Co and found Nancy E.'s family, living only two households from Sarah McBee, widow of Lemuel and two of her grown sons. Calvin "Maggot" age 39 with Elizabeth 35. Children were Nancy E. 16, Martha 14, Rebecca 12, Amanda 5, and Sarah J. age 1 month.

1880 Census. McNairy Co TN, Hh 166
G. D. McBee, age 40, Farmer, b. TN, as was everybody
N. E., 35, wife
W. E., 12, son
Flora E. 11, daughter
Robert C. 8, son
E. G., 6, dau
M. R., age 1, dau

1900 Census. Jackson Ward 3, Madison Co TN, Hh 307
G. D. McBee, b. Sep 1841, age 58, married 33 years, b. TN, Teacher
Clarence C. Prewitt, boarder, b. Aug 1870, age 29, married 5 years, brakeman, R.R.
Aurelia Preweitt, b. Mar 1877, age 23, 2 children - 1 living [child not enumerated]
Nancy E., wife, b. Apr 1845, age 55, 8 children - 7 living
Willie E., son, b. Apr 1875, 25, Compositor
Flora E., dau, b. Dec 1876, age 23
Robert C., son, b. Mar 1879, age 21, Telegraph operator
Lizzie J., dau, b. Oct 1880, age 19
Mattie R., dau, b. Oct 1882, age 17, at school
Alice V., dau, b. Mar 1885, age 15, at school
Minnie C., dau, b. Dec 1886, age 13, at school
Note: many of the births given are incorrect, Willie was only 2 in 1880, Flora, age 1, Mattie was already 1 in 1880, etc.

1910 Census. Jackson Ward 3, Madison Co, TN
Gainum D. McBee, b. ca 1847, age 63, own income
Wm. E., son, age 37, letter carrier
Flora E., dau, age 34, alterations dept. store
Martha R., dau, age 26, milliner
Alice V., dau, age 22
Minnie C., dau, age 21, widow - 1 child, sales lady, dry good
Eugene Roark/Roach, grandson, age 5
plus 8 boarders/roomers, most work on the railroad

Gainum Dyer MCBEE and Nancy E. MAGIT were married on 26 December 1867 in Knox County, Tennessee. Nancy E. MAGIT was born in April 1845 in Tennessee. She died between 1900 and 1910 at the age of 55.

Gainum Dyer MCBEE and Nancy E. MAGIT had the following children:



William E. MCBEE was born in 1868 in Grainger County, Tennessee.



Flora E. MCBEE was born in 1869 in Grainger County, Tennessee.



Robert C. MCBEE was born in 1872 in Tennessee.



E. G. MCBEE was born in 1874 in Tennessee.



Martha R. MCBEE was born in 1879 in Tennessee.



Elizabeth J. MCBEE was born in October 1880 in Tennessee.



Alice V. MCBEE was born in March 1885 in Tennessee.



Minnie C. MCBEE was born in December 1886 in Tennessee.