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Fourth Generation

44. Lemuel MCBEE was born in 1783.139 He died on 23 May 1843 at the age of 60 in Grainger County, Tennessee.

1830 Census. Knox Co TN
Lemuel McBee: 2m -5, 1m 5-10, 2m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 40-50, 1f 10-15, 1f 40-50.
G. C. McBee: 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30, 1m 30-40. 1f -5, 1f 20-30, 1f 70-80
[probably Lemuel's brother]
William C. McBee. 1m 20-30, 1f 20-30 [probably Lemuel's oldest son]

1840 Census. Knox Co TN
Lemuel McBee: 2m 10-15, 2m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 50-60. 1f 50-60
Gannum C. McBee: 1m -5, 2m 10-15, 1m 40-50. 1f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 30-40
W. C. McBee: 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30. 1f -5, 1f 20-30.

Wills and Settlements
Grainger Co TN 1839-1847
LDS #0464102
Lemuel McBee of Granger, TN, formerly of the County of Knox.
1st My beloved wife Sarah McBee all the tract of land I now live on together with the tract I bought from Samuel Gill & Diannah Y. Gill his wife with the exception of a certain part that is set apart for my son William C. McBee here after mentioned. The Two Tracts containing 539 acres. For her lifetime. And after her death to my youngest son James A. McBee. His mother to give him possession of the following part at the time he becomes 21 years of age or should marry, to wit: All the west end of said tracts, commencing at the meadow branch running with the branch a NE course.
I also give to my wife the following Negroes: James, Dick, Fill, Henry, Cloe, Lucy, Lize, Lindy, Mariah, Netty and Ross. To have for her natural life and then be equally divided amongst my heirs together with their increase. Also to my wife all grain and provender that may be on hand at my Death together with the crop that may be growing and all other provisions. And to keep all the negroes to finish cultivating and gathering said growing crop.
I also give to my wife all my household and kitchen furniture of every kind. My wagon & farming tools of every kind. Cross cut saw & cloth, thread and what ever raw materials are on hand to make the same.
I give her the following stock, to wit, her choice of 12 head of cattle; fifty head of hogs; five head of horses, and my sheep and poultry of every kind, and $200
The household & kitchen furniture to be at her disposal at her death. All other property that may be on hand at her death to be equally divided among my heirs. She to raise and educate my minor children until they become of age.

2nd To my eldest son William C. McBee, a piece of land, acres not known it being a part of the former mentioned tracts, included in the following bounds, to wit: Commencing at the mouth of the Spring Branch where William now lives; running into the lick branch, then running up the branch to the Spring so as to include the Spring, then with the dry branch to McKinney's Road, thence with the road to McKinney's Line, then running out towards Sally Hodges 15 acre field & the Carruther place; with Sally Hodges line until it strikes the lick Branch not far from the Beginning, thence to the Beginning. I likewise give William the following Negroes: Andy given to him some time ago and now in his possession and John at my Death together with $600

3rd To my second son Adam H. McBee the tract of land he now lives on containing 245 acres in Jefferson County together with one Negro Boy, namely Jeff given to him some time ago and in his possession.

4th To my third son Israel [later entries and the censuses indicate that this son was named Issac, not Israel] M. McBee, the lower half of a tract forming an Island in Holstin River bought of Pleasant Jarnagin, lying in Jefferson County together with Negro boy named Tom given to him some time ago and in his possession

5th To my fourth son Ganum C. McBee, the upper half of the above mentioned Island where he now lives together with a Negro Boy to be equal in value to one now in his possession namely Manual., or two small ones to amount to the same in value as. Manual now in his possession will have to be divided amongst the heirs of Wm McBee dec'd agreeable to a decree of Chancery Court at Knoxville.

6th To my fifth son Lemuel J. McBee a tract of land 206 acres bought of Thomas Hankins in Jefferson Co together with a negro boy named Jurdon, given to him some time ago and in his possession.

7th to my Sixth son, Milo McBee. Two Negroes, Joseph & Frank together with $1000 likewise the mare he now claims.

8th to my Seventh son Daniel M. McBee. All that tract of land bought of James Hankins, the said land lying in two tracts. One piece which is a part of an Island known as Davises Island belonging to Grainger Co, the balance of said land lying in Jefferson County. Containing in the whole 198 ¾ acres Together with a Negro Boy namely Jupater and a two year old Bay Colt, Nancy Fines' colt.

9th to my Eighth son Callaway McBee, one Negro boy namely Alfred together with $1000 and one yearling gray filly

10th to my youngest son James A. McBee together with the before mentioned land at the death of his mother, at my death one Negro boy namely Major and my rifle gun. My new case of Rasors & Mary's sucking colt

11th to my daughter Patsey, five Negroes namely Charles & Rachel given to her some time ago now in her possession and Rhoda, Hannah & Adaline at my death.

12th to my daughter Mary Ann the tract of land bought of Stephen Graves containing 150 acres the land she now lives on together with one Negro choice of any of the female slaves I may draw at the Division of the slaves belonging to the Estate of William McBee dec'd. which is to take place at Knoxville betwixt this and next October.

All the remaining part of my property to be sold by my Executors in any manner they may think most advisable and the proceeds to be equally divided betwixt my heirs. If any of my heirs should be dissatisfied with this my will and commence a Lawsuit, he or she or they shall not have the part set apart for them. If there be any such, to such I give $10 apiece and nor more and when they law that out I would advise them to quit.

Appoint my two sons Israel M. McBee and Ganum C. McBee executors of this my LW&T. Set my hand and seal April 21st 1843. Lemuel McBee

Wit: G. C. McBee, T. D. Thornton, Samuel Shield. Rec. 5 Jul 1843

Inventory of the personal Estate of Lemuel McBee, Dec'd
Cash gold and Silver $1986.97
Tennessee Bank notes $15.00
Alabama Bank notes $128.00
Total $2729.97

One note on hand on George Graves, Aaron Harbinson & Daniel Graves, due Sept 17 1841 for $561.80
One note on George Groves due 17 Sep 1842 for $37.53; credits of $10.50

Note on H. G. Lea, Joseph Jackson & Samuel Shield, due 19 Jul 1842 $143.00
Note on H. G. Lea, Joseph Jackson & Samuel Shields due 19 Jul 1842 for $144
One note on James Kennon, John McKinney, Joseph Jackson, due 11 Sep 1838 for $200; credited 31 Jul 1841, $83.00
Note on M. J. Parrot & A. P. Cardwell due 7 Apr 1843 for $105.00, credited 31 Oct 1842, $75.00
Note on James Clark & Joseph Jackson due 22 Aug 1843, $53 payable in current bank notes
Note on P. Lovelace & A.M. Shipe due 25 Dec 1843 $3710 payable in state bank notes
Note on D. McCollvin due 10 Dec 1842 for $19.00 specie
Note on Jacob Dick, due 7 Jan 1838 for $54.45; credited 19 Oct 1842 for $52.00
Note on Isaac McBee, due 21 Feb 1843 for $12.67
Balance of two notes on Joseph & A. C. Jackson $52.36.
Total $600.08

List of property
Four Negro men: James, Dick, Fill, & Henry
Four Negro women: Cloe, Lize, Mariah, Rose
One girl Lucy
Two children Lind & Netty
5 head of horses
50 head of hogs
12 head of cattle
46 head of sheep
One wagon and cross cut saw
All farming utensils of every kind & all poultry , all the cloth and raw material to make the same
Written beside above: Bequeathed to Sarah McBee, her natural lifetime

All the household & kitchen furniture of every description bequeathed to Sarah McBee at her disposal
Negro man John to Wm. A. McBee
Two Negroes Joseph & Frank, one mare as specified to Milo McBee
One Negro boy Jupater and one two year old colt to Daniel McBee
One Negro boy Alfred and one yearling filly to Calloway McBee
One boy Major, one Rifle gun, one case of Rasors, bequeathed to James A. McBee
One Negro woman Rhody, children Hannan & Adeline, bequeathed to Patsey

Undisposed of:
14 head of horses, various sizes
67 head of hogs, various sizes
One Negro woman Priscilla, 55 to 60 years
One negro girl Amanda, aged near 2 months
14 head of cattle, various sizes
One mans Saddle

The above is a true and perfect Inventory ….estate of Lemuel McBee Dec'd. July, 1843
Isaac & G. C. McBee, Executors
Rec. 19 Oct 1843, E. Tate Clk.

Account of Sale
A list of the property of Lemuel McBee, dec'd. 30 Sep 1843
Names of purchasers: Sarah McBee, J. S. Waters, John Nance Junr., A. H. McBee, C. B. Nance, Jacob Dick , Milo McBee, John S. Walters, L. J. McBee, James McBee, Silas Mynatt, Jacob C. Smith, Wm. C McBee, H. Crews [1 cow to settle account]
Total $433.70
The above in a true and perfect account of the Sales made on the 30th Sep 1843 of the personal Estate of Lemuel [copied as Samuel here] McBee dec'd after having given sufficient Notice of the Same. Signed: Isaac & G. C. McBee, Executors. Sworn to in open court, approved, Recorded 19 Oct 1843. E. Tate, Clerk.

Guardian Report.
Report of all the money & property which has come into my hands by viture of my appointment at a former term of your Court as Guardian of Calliway McBee one of the children and heirs at law of Samuel [sic] McBee Decd.
Cash and notes taken as cash. $1068.00
1 boy Alfred, age 16 years last March the 6th
1 gray mare, 3 years old last Spring
Rec'd of J. M. & G. M. Housley for hire of slaves $30
Amt of Interest rec'd and due on notes in my hands at this Date Aug 1 1845 $76.34
Amount of Disbursements for Ward $38.55
Which leaves in my hands 1 August $1135.82
Signed: I. M. McBee [initial written as “J” but it's signed as Isaac]
The above is a true account …as Guardian for Calliway McBee. August 1st, 1845.
Signed: Isaac M. McBee
Sworn before me, 6 Aug 1845. E. Tate Clerk
Recorded 12 Aug 1845.

An account of the Settlement made with Israel M. & G. C. McBee, Executors of the Estate of Lemuel McBee Dec'd done the 28th Day of September, 1846.
Amount of the Sales of the personal Estate sold under the provisions of the LW&T of said Dec'd. $433.70
Amount of Cash on hand at the time of the death of Lemuel McBee $2229.97
Amt of money collect by said Executors on notes due sd estate $1397.93
Amount rec'd from Estate of Wm. McBee decd $110.61

Notes returned in Investory as Doubtful & not yet collected. $92.53

Isaac M. & G. D. McBee, Executors etc. Credit by the following vouchers to me produced
1. M. J. Prrott, shff, Tax Receipt for 1843 $2.35
2. E. Tate, Clerks Receipt $2
3. Wm. C. McBee one of the Legatees recipt dated 8 Apr 1846 $68
4. L. J. McBee on of the legatees receipt dated 18 FEby 1845 $60
5. Sarah McBee the widow of sd Lemuel McBee dec'd Receipt dated 11 Aug 1843 $200
6. A. H. McBee, legatee, 18 Feb 1845 $60
7. Sarah McBee, widow, as guardian of James A. McBee, 25 May 1845 $41.14
8. Jesse Renew atts. Receipt, 30 Apr 1846 $5
9. Daniel McBee, 25 Apr 1844 $.50
10. L. J. McBee, Legatee, 15 May 1846 $41.14
11. A. H. McBee, Legatee, 15 May 1846 $41.14
12. John S. Walters who intermarried with Mary Ann McBee, legatee, 23 Jul 1845 $68
13. Lemuel McBee decd order to Jos. Jackson, 22 Dec 1842 $5.27
14. Milo McBee, Legatee, 3 Feby 1845 $1000
15. Robert Loyd, Shff Taxes for 1843 $17.50
16. Jacob Dick & Martha M. Dick, legatees 18 May 1846 $41.14
17. Israel McBee, guardian of Calloway McBee, Legatee, 19 May 1846 $41.14
18. Danl McBee, Legatee, 23 May 1846 $41.14
19. G. C. McBee, Legatee, 29 Apr 1847 $2.85
20. Jacob Dick who intermarried with Martha McBee, Legatee, 18 Feby 1846 $60
21. J. C. Smith, 14 Oct 1843 $10.75
22. E. Tate, clerk, 2 Oct 1843 $1.50
23. Wm. Murry, receipt for Tomb Stone, 1 Mar 1846 $44
24 Henry Crews, Feb 1844 $12
25. Sarah McBee, guardian of James & Daniel McBee, two of Legatees, 18 Feb 1844 $120

Total $1986.61

26. G. C. McBee, legatee, 18 Feby 1846 $60
27. Milo McBee, legatee, 18 Feb 1846 $60
28. James Sawyers, att. Fee $25
29. John H. Crozier, att. Fee 17 Feby 1845 $30
30. James C. Moses, Printer, 17 Feb 1843 $1.16
31. Wm. H. & J. S. Moffat proved accompt $13.28
32. A. Blackburn proved accompt $13.50
33. G. C. McBee, 4 Jul 1843 $39.46
34. M. J. Parrott, Coroner, 11 Dec 1844 $19.70
35. Wm. C. McBee, Legatee, 11 Aug 1843 $600
36. Isaac McBee, guardian of Calloway McBee, Legatee, 4 Feby 1845 $1000
37. G. C. McBee, Legatee, 18 Feb 1846 $41.16
38 John S. Walters & Mary Ann Walters, Legatees, 15 May 1846 $33.15
39. I.M. McBee, Guardian of Calloway, Legatee, 21 Feby 1845 $60
40 Milo McBee, Legatee, 25 May 1846 $41.14
41. Wm. C McBee, Legatee, 25 May 1846 $33.14
42. Israel M. McBee, Legatee, 25 May 1846 $41.14

By cash paid Harvey Goss, Minister of the Gospel $4
Amount due John H. Crozier $3
Amount of E. Tate Clerks fee for making this settlement and Recording the same $2.50
Amount of Executors accompt. For their services 75.00
Two notes not yet collected [Temporary Credit] $92.53

Amount of Credits $4274.48
Amount of Debits 4263.84


I find on settlement with Isaac M. McBee & G. C. McBee, Executors of the Estate of Lemuel McBee Dec'd that said Executors have paid and disbursed more than has come into their hands the sum of $10.63, all of which is Respectfully submitted. E. Tate Clerk
Recorded 22 Oct 1846.

Lemuel McBee is apparently buried near his parents in Eastern Knox Co TN in the McBee Cemetery.

Lemuel MCBEE and Sarah MEEK were married on 22 January 1806 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.31 Sarah MEEK139, daughter of Adam MEEK and Martha WALLACE, was born about 1787 in Tennessee. She died in 1864 at the age of 77 in Grainger County, Tennessee.

Sarah was a daughter of Adam Meek:
The first settler in Strawberry Plains [Jefferson Co, TN] was Adam Meek born in 1746. He left Derry, Ireland at the age of 19 and came to Charleston, South Carolina. He fought in the American Revolution and married Martha Wallace in Charlotte, North Carolina. Meek, coming from Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, made surveys in Caswell County in the State of Franklin as early as 1785. He built a cabin made of round poles covered with grass and bark. His family settled at the mouth of Beaver Creek on the Holston River in 1788 and built a log house. When problems with the Indians arose he and his family hid in nearby caves for protection. He died on July 8, 1828 and is buried along with several members of his family in the Strawberry Plains graveyard.
The first white child born in Strawberry Plains was Adam Meek’s daughter Sarah. She married Lemuel McBee. Adam Meek also had two sons, Daniel Meek and A.H. Meek who became leaders in the Strawberry Plains Presbyterian Church.

History of Tennessee; Goodspeed, 1887
"Adam Meek, Sr., ... is said to have been the first settler to build a house in what is now Jefferson County. He came to Jefferson Co. after the close of the Revolution, from over the mountains in Mecklenburg County [NC], and one account declares he was a native of Ireland." (Tennessee Cousins, p. 107.)
He married Martha Wallace on 23 Mar 1781 in Charlotte, NC (Marriage abstracts). She was born in 1766. She died on 21 Nov 1831 (Tombstone/bible). She was buried in Old Strawberry Plains cemetery. Adam Kennedy Meek Sr. and Martha Wallace had the following children:

1850 Census. Grainger Co TN, Dist 8, Hh 5
Daniel McBee [indexed as McLee] age 25, farmer. James A. age 21.
Sarah, age 63.
Marlowe McBee, age 24, Stu at Med [???? hard to read]
James Jones, age 20, laborer
In 1850, Sarah is shown as owner of 11 slaves, Grainger Co Slave Schedule.

1860 Census. Grainger Co TN, Dist 8, Hh 870
Sarah McBee, age 72, Widow, b. TN.
Daniel M. McBee, age 36, farmer, b. TN. R. Emaline, age 29.
Margaret A. 8, Samuel S. 4, Lemuel 2, James C. 9 months
James A. McBee, age 32, b. TN Rachael 26.
Sarah E. age 3. John R. 12 [probably meant to be a number of months, but only the 12 is there]

Lemuel MCBEE and Sarah MEEK had the following children:



Martha M. "Patsy" MCBEE was born in 1807 in Tennessee.

Married Jacob Dick.

1850 Census. Jefferson Co TN, Dist 13, p.392, Hh 880
Jacob Dick, age 50, b. VA. Martha, age 47, b. TN. She was about 43; the age in the next census seems more likely based on known data about the family. William 19, Martha 16, Catherine 15, Lemuel 13, Catherine Newman, age 3.

1860 Census. Jefferson Co TN, Hh 1540
Jacob Dick, age 60, b. VA. Martha, age 53, b. TN. Lemuel, age 23, b. TN.



Mary Ann MCBEE139 was born in 1808 in Tennessee. She died before 1854 at the age of 46 in Tennessee.

Married John S. Walters before 1846.

1850 Jefferson Co TN, 13th Dist, p.441b, Hh 1609
John Walters, age 44. Mary, age 42
Wm 23, Mary Ann 21, Isaac 17, Sarah J. 15, Martha 13, Emeline 10, Ellen 4, John 2/12 [two months]

Email from Annette May, 4 September, 2006
Just a few months ago I added Lemuel McBee (1783-1843) and his wife, Sarah Meek (1787-1864) to my family tree. I am a descendant of their daughter, Mary Ann McBee, who married John S. Waters. For years I did not know the maiden name of Mary Ann, John S. Waters' wife.
I finally learned John Waters' wife's maiden name from one of their daughter's death certificate. Martha Waters Troutman died in 1917 in Missouri and on Martha Waters Troutman's death certificate her mother is listed as Mary Ann McBee. Now thanks to you, I have verification that Mary Ann McBee's husband was John S. Waters!
After learning that Martha Waters Troutman's mother's name was Mary Ann McBee, I felt I could place Mary Ann in the Lemuel McBee family after I discovered that the John S. Waters family was listed on the same census page for the 1850 US Census in Jefferson County, Tennessee with Lemuel McBee's sons Adam, Isaac, and Ganum. They are all lined up like ducks in a row.
I am a descendant of John S. Waters and Mary Ann McBee's daughter, Sarah Jane Waters (1835-1917). Sarah Jane Waters first married Gabriel Morgan (1836-1868) and then Calvin Wright. Sarah Jane Waters remained her entire life in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Mary Ann McBee died between the 1850 census and 1854 when John S. Walters married Mary Ann Shipe in Knox Co, TN.

1860 Census. Jefferson Co TN Hh 1815
John S. Waters, age 52. M. A. age 43, female.
E. S. 13, female. J. N. 10, male. J.R. age 2, male
James Woodside, age 23, Laborer, b. NC



William C. MCBEE was born about 1810 in Tennessee.

William named as the oldest son in his father's will.

1830 Census. Knox Co TN
William C. McBee. 1m 20-30, 1f 20-30

1840 Census. Knox Co TN
W. C. McBee: 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30. 1f -5, 1f 20-30.

I could not find him in a census, unless he is this man in Missouri. It's the only William C. McBee, born in Tennessee, anywhere near the correct time age.
1850 Census. Dade Co MO, Dist 25
William C. McBee, age 40, b. TN. Susan, age 40.
Isac 17, Sarah 14, Jackson 11, James 8, Rutha 4, and William, age 2. Rutha and William both born in Missouri; the others were born in Tennessee.

Information from a descendant of his sister Mary Ann, has also come to the conclusion this is the correct man. He married Susan Hawkins, Grainger Co TN.

Grainger Co TN Wills, Nov 1833 - May 1852
Hawkins, Anna. Daughter Priscilla B. Hawkins, daughter Harriet L. Reeder, son Thomas J. M. Hawkins. My son's children: Elizabeth N. Campbell, Martha Brown, Sally Hufford, Henry S. Hawkins, Susan McBee, & William P. Hawkins.
William Brown, son-in-law who now lives in MO, sole Executor.
Signed: Anna Hawkins 31 Oct 1843
Wit: Samuel Shields, Harmon G. Lea
Recorded 24 Jan 1846
1840 Census: Grainger Co TN: Ann Hawkins, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30, 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30, 1f 60-70.

1860 Census. Linn, Cedar Co. MO, P.O. Stockton, Hh 593
William C. McBee, age 50, b. TN. Susan F., age 59, b. TN
Jas. K. 19, b. TN. Rutha O. age 14, b. MO. William S. 11, b. MO.



Adam H. MCBEE31 was born in 1812 in Tennessee.

In 1850, Adam, Israel, Ganum, and their sister Mary Ann married to John Walters were all found on the same page in the census. Lemuel on the next page Sister Martha married to Jacob Dick was only a few pages away. The will of their father indicated that Adam, Israel, Ganum & Lemuel all lived on lands, or inherited lands, in Jefferson Co.

Adam H. McBee married Mariah L. Dowlds, 29 Jan 1830, Jefferson Co TN

1850 Jefferson Co TN, 13th Dist, p.441b, Hh 1613
A. H. McBee, age 38, b. TN. Maria S. 39, b. TN
Margaret A. 16, G. C. 12, Sarah E. 8
Adam owned a single male mulatto slave, age 23, in 1850.

Is the son "G. C." another Gainum Cox McBee - it seems likely - born circa 1838.

Adam, or A.H., does not seem to be in Jefferson Co in 1860 but:
1860 Census Jefferson Co TN, Hh 2006
G. T. McBee, age 22, laborer, b. TN
S. E., female, age 21, b. TN

And there is a marriage record in Jefferson Co for Gainum T. McBee to Susan E. Mitchell, 28 Oct 1858.



Isaac M. MCBEE was born in 1814 in Tennessee.

Grainger Co Wills Nov 1833 - May 1852
Churchman, Elizabeth. Widow of Thomas Churchman, dec'd. Nancy Furgason, bedding; James Furgason, corn; Meredit Furgason, be; Nancy Collet, bed & bedding; Henry Furgason, son of Rhoda Furgason 1/2 of money; Thomas Furgason, son of James Furgason 1/2 of money. Isaac McBee, Executor, to keep money of Henry Furgason until he reaches age 21. Nancy J. Furgason, dau of William Furgason, dress; Julia Ann Furgason, daughter of Rhoda Furgason, dec'd. Executors: J. L. Talbott, Isaac M. McBee
3 Jan 1848 Signed: Elizabeth Churchman
Wit: Thomas Bradshaw, Henry L. Hawkins
Recorded 5 Sep 1848.

1850 Census. "Isaac" and G. C. McBee were living next door to each other in Jefferson Co TN. The names Isaac/Israel were confused in the estate settlement of their father. Perhaps this should have been Isaac all along. They gave their ages as the same - both age 34. Later census show Isaac to be older.
Jefferson Co TN, 13th District, Hh 1610
Isaac McBee, age 34, b. TN. Martha, 21. Alice, 22. [should this have been simply 2?] Lemuel, age 1
The Slave Schedule for 1850 shows Isaac McBee with 9 slaves.

KY Marriages: Isaac M. McBee to Martha A. Williamson, 14 Mar 1847, Grainger Co TN.

1860 Census. Jefferson Co TN, p.457, Hh 1811
I.M. McBee, age 46, Farmer, b. TN. M. A. age 31 [female]
A. O. age 12, female. L. E. 11, male. Wm. J. 8, male. F. 5, male. J. 3, male. Ida age 1.
Henry Woodsides, age 33, Labour

1870 Census. Jefferson Co TN, District 6, Hh 152
Isaac M McBee, age 56, farmer, b. TN. Martha A. age 41.
Lemuel A. age 21. William J. age 18. James 13. Ida 11. Lizzie 9. Eva 7. Fred L. age 4. John L. age 1.

1880 Census. Jefferson Co TN, District 6, p.398, Hh 50
Isaac McBee, age 66, Farmer, b. TN as were both parents
Martha, age 51, wife, b. TN as were both parents.
Elizabeth 19, daughter. Fredric 14, son. John 11, son. Allic, 7, son.



Ganum Cox MCBEE was born in 1816 in Tennessee. He died on 13 October 1863 at the age of 47.

The following is what Mayme Parrott Wood wrote about Ganum Cox McBee in the book Hitch Hiking Along the Holston River - Page 143:
(During the Civil War) "Lemuel and Sarah Meek McBee's son Ganum Cox, was taken from a sick bed out into a woodland and shot by 'riff-raff' who followed the army killing and robbing anything or anyone in sight. His clothes were taken off and stolen. One of the offenders was convicted by identification of the shoes which he was wearing. He served a term in prison. The terrors of this war are not to be forgotten." Gannum Cox McBee died 13 October 1863. The last few years of Gannum Cox McBee's life certainly were tragic. Between the 12th and the 16th of November 1861, three of his ten daughters died. I would imagine there was some sort of epidemic. Gannum Cox McBee married Malvina Lamar (b. 1820) and she was still alive for the 1900 US Census.

1850 Census. Jefferson Co, TN, 13th Dist, Hh 1611
G. C. McBee, age 34, b. TN. Melinda, age 30.
Sarah K. age 8, Mary Jane 6, Nancy 4, Eliza E. age 1
Eliza Douglas, age 21.
In 1850, G. C. McBee owned two slaves, a male age 24, and one age 9.

1860 Census. Jefferson Co TN, Hh 2052
G. C. McBee, age 44, b. TN. M. age 40, female.
E. Douglas, age 30.
S. C. McBee, age 18, female. M. J. 16, female. N. E. 13, female. E. E. age 10, female. H. L. age 7, female. A. J. age 2, female.

1870 Census. Jefferson Co TN, Dist 7, New Market P.O., p.401, Hh 4
Melvina McBee, age 48, b. TN
Sarah C., 26. Eliza E. 20. Amanda J. 12. Emma C. age 9.
Adam A. Douglas, age 35, b. TN.

[I never found Melvina in the 1880 census.]

1900 Census. Jefferson Co TN, Dist 7, New Market, Sheet 9A, Hh 153
William Callaway, age 40, b. Nov 1859, married 18 years, b. TN
Sarah C., wife, age 57, b. Jun 1842, no children
Melvina McBee, mother-in-law, age 79, b. Jun 1820, has 1 child living.



Lemuel J. MCBEE was born in 1818 in Tennessee.

1850 Census. Jefferson Co TN, Dist 13, p.442, Hh 1620
L. M. McBee, age 32, b. TN. Mary, 22.
Lemuel age 4, John age 2.
Lemuel J. McBee listed with 7 slaves in Jefferson Co in 1850.



Milo MCBEE31 was born in 1824 in Tennessee.

Milo McBee married Elisabeth McBee, 7 Jan 1854, Jefferson Co TN. Her name probably Mary Elizabeth, if she was his only wife.

1850, Knox Co TN
Subdivision 31, Dwelling 408, Family 412
Milo McBee age 26, Farmer, b. TN
Calloway, age 22, Farmer, b. TN
Elizabeth, age 20.
Sarah age 2. Elora, age 2 months.
The slave schedule for 1850 also shows that Milo owned two male slaves, one age 51, the other one age 20.

1860, Knox Co TN, 16th Dist, Strawberry Plains, Hh 96
Milo Magby, age 46. [he was 36] Mary, age 25
Milo, age 6. Mary age 4. Sarah age 12. Elnora age 10.

1870, Knox Co TN, 16th Dist, Knoxville, Hh 312
Milo McBee, age 47, Farmer. Mary E., age 35.
Milo Jr. age 15. Mary 12. Elnora, age 19. Elisabeth age 2.
Samuel Trent, age 12, Black, b. AL.

1880, Know Co, Dist 16, Hh 99
Milo McBee, age 59
Mary E., wife, age 46



Daniel M. MCBEE was born in 1825 in Tennessee.

1850 Census. Grainger Co TN, Dist 8, Hh 5
Daniel McBee [indexed as McLee] age 25, farmer. James A. age 21.
Sarah, age 63.
Marlowe McBee, age 24, Stu at Med [???? hard to read]
James Jones, age 20, laborer

1860 Census. Grainger Co TN, Dist 8, Hh 870
Sarah McBee, age 72, Widow, b. TN.
Daniel M. McBee, age 36, farmer, b. TN. R. Emaline, age 29.
Margaret A. 8, Samuel S. 4, Lemuel 2, James C. 9 months
James A. McBee, age 32, b. TN Rachael 26.
Sarah E. age 3. John R. 12 [probably meant to be a number of months, but only the 12 is there]
Cooper Bray, age 50, Laborer.

1870 Census. Knox Co.
Daniel & Emaline
Margaret 17. Samuel 15. Ellin 9. Mary 7. John 5. Almeda 3 [probably died as a small child - she isn't there in 1880]

1880 Census. Knox Co, Dist 4, Hh 320
Danniel McBee, age 56. Emmaline, 49, wife
Margaret, dau, 27.
Ella, dau 18
Mary, dau, 16
John, son, 14
Daniel, son, 10
Emma, dau, 8
Anna Casady, age 71, aunt, b. TN, parents b. VA



Callaway MCBEE31 was born in 1828 in Tennessee.

1850, Knox Co TN
Subdivision 31, Dwelling 408, Family 412
Milo McBee age 26, Farmer, b. TN
Calloway, age 22, Farmer, b. TN
Elizabeth, age 20.
Sarah age 2. Elora, age 2 months.

KY Marriages: Callaway McBee married Mary E. Nance, Jun 22, 1847, Jefferson Co TN.



James A. MCBEE was born in 1829.

1850 Census. Grainger Co TN, Dist 8, Hh 5
Daniel McBee [indexed as McLee] age 25, farmer. James A. age 21.
Sarah, age 63.
Marlowe McBee, age 24, Stu at Med [???? hard to read]
James Jones, age 20, laborer

1860 Census. Grainger Co TN, Dist 8, Hh 870
Sarah McBee, age 72, Widow, b. TN.
Daniel M. McBee, age 36, farmer, b. TN. R. Emaline, age 29.
Margaret A. 8, Samuel S. 4, Lemuel 2, James C. 9 months
James A. McBee, age 32, b. TN Rachael 26.
Sarah E. age 3. John R. 12 [probably meant to be a number of months, but only the 12 is there]

1870 Census. Grainger Co TN, Dist 8, Hh 43
James McBee, age 41. Rachel, age 36.
Female whose name is unreadable [not Sarah] age 13, Sarah age 6.