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Fourth Generation

61. William Pryor MCBEE was born in 1803 in Tennessee.30

William P. McBee was bondsman for Samuel Waggoner to marry Sabinna Murry, 17 Nov 1823, Grainger Co TN.

William P. McBee married Nancy Dyer 7 Apr 1829. Benj. Nealy was bondsman. Grainger Co, TN

1830 Grainger Co TN
Pryor McBee 1m -5, 1m 20-30. 1f 30-40

1840 Grainger Co TN
Wm. P. McBee 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 30-40. 1f -5, 2f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30

Wills and Settlements; Grainger Co TN 1839-1847
LDS #0464102
p.921/336 Inventory of notes and accompts of estate of Rufus M. Scruggs.
1 Jul 1844
Names include: Isaac Beeler, John Beeler, Martin Cleveland, William Dyer, William S. Dyer, Pryor H. Dyer, Anderson T. Dyer, Isaac B. Dyer, Calloway Dyer, Thomas Dyer, James Dyer Jr., Israel Walters.
Judgements on Israel Walters.
Doubtful notes: Wm P McBee
p.975/357 Sale of property of Anderson T. Dyer, sold Oct & Nov 1844
Names: Pryer H. Dyer, Rachel Dyer, Owen Dyer, James Dyer Sr, Wm P McBee bought a cow and calf. Rec. 6 Feb 1845

1850 Grainger Co TN, Dist 14, Hh 1738
William P. McBee, age 47. Nancy age 40. Elmira 19, Tabitha 15, William 14, Susanna 12, Anderson 11, Harriet E. 9, Winny 7, Doctor C. 6, John H. 4, Sarah M. 2, John H. 5 months.

1860 Cape Girardeau MO, Apple Creek Twp
Tabitha McBee is living in the household of Jas. Williams. She was 25, b. TN.
In the next household, Anderson McBee, age 21, b. TN was living with family of Ellison Hall, working as a laborer. Hall's wife is said to be Sarah Elizabeth McBee, born about 1830 and found living with John Robinson & his wife Louisa in Grainger Co TN in 1850. She has not been placed in the McBee family yet.
Sister Elmira was with her husband Joel Hill, although the enumerator wrote his name as Joseph, and sister Winny was living with them.

William P. is also thought to have had a son Gaynum Cox McBee, b. 20 Mar 1829. In 1850, in Claiborne Co, a Gainum McBee, age 20, was working in the household of Green Palmer in Household 931, Subdivision 7.

Gannum is said to have married Mary Emaline Woods on 16 Oct 1851 in Claiborne Co. Her Bible gave his name and date of birth.
1860 Grainger Co TN, p. 440b, living next to Robert McBee's children is
G. C. McBee, age 30, and Mary age 28.
1870 Union Co TN
Hh 77. Mary McBee age 38. Mary A. 9, Sarah E. 7, Ganum C. 5.
Sarah Pary, age 18. Mary is living two doors from her brother John Woods - an Andrew Pary age 21, lives with John.
1880 Union Co TN, District 11
Hh 109 Mary McBee, age 47. Sarah E. age 16, daughter. Ganum C. 14, son. John E. age 5, son. Next door is Andrew Perry age 30 and his wife is Mary J. age 22. They have children - Matty E age 4 and Henry M. age 1.

William Pryor MCBEE and Nancy DYER were married on 7 April 1829 in Grainger County, Tennessee.31 Nancy DYER, daughter of James DYER and Caroline Elizabeth GARROTH, was born in 1810.

William Pryor MCBEE and Nancy DYER had the following children:



Gannum Cox MCBEE.



Elmira MCBEE was born in 1831 in Tennessee.

Married Joel R. Hill, 3 Oct 1852; moved to Cape Girardeau, MO

1860 Census. Whitewater Twp, Cape Girardeau, MO. Hh 1820
Joseph Hill, age 30, no place of birth given
Emira, age 25, b. TN
Hy, male, age 8.
Winnie Magby, age 18, b. TN.

1870 Census. Apple Creek, Cape Girardeau, MO, p.33, Hh 378
Joel Hill, age 37, b. MO
Elmira, age 39, b. TN
Children all born in MO. William, age 16. Tabitha, age 9. John, 5. Andrew age 1.
Anderson McBee, age 29, b. TN, Farmhand



Tabitha MCBEE was born in 1835 in Tennessee.



William MCBEE was born in 1836 in Tennessee.



Susanna MCBEE was born in 1838 in Tennessee.



Anderson MCBEE was born in 1839 in Tennessee.

Found living with his sister Elmira in Cape Girardeau Co MO, 1870.



Harriet E. MCBEE was born in 1841 in Tennessee.



Winny MCBEE was born in 1843 in Tennessee.

Living with her sister Elmira, Cape Girardeau Co MO, in 1860.



Doctor Cardon MCBEE was born in 1844 in Tennessee.

Married Virginia Hunter.



John H. MCBEE was born in 1846 in Tennessee.



Sarah M. MCBEE was born in 1848 in Tennessee.



John H. MCBEE was born in 1849 in Tennessee.

Yes, the census taker did write down two sons as John H. McBee - one was age four. This one was listed as age 5/52 instead of 5/12, or 5 months of age. Obviously there are errors.