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Fourth Generation

82. Calvin M. MCBEE36 was born on 6 October 1820 in Tennessee.36 He died between 1870 and 1880 at the age of 50.

The family Bible has 10 Jan 1847 for their marriage. Claiborne Co record has 27 Nov 1846 for the license date. Return by L. L. Harrell, J. P., says he celebrated the rights of marriage on 10 Jan 1847.

1850 Claiborne Co TN
Calvin McBee age 29, b. TN. Eveline 27. Sarah A. 3, Orleany 5 months.
Samuel McBee, age 78, b. VA is also living with Calvin.

Calvin is said to have married Emaline McBee. Children were Sarah, b. 1847, Orlena, b. 1850, James A. b. 1854, and William C. b. 1857.

Apparently the family lived for a few years in Arkansas between 1850 and 1860. Calvin's brother James H. died in Arkansas in 1853; son William's birth entry in the family Bible states that he was born in Arkansas in 1857; the county is there but unreadable.

1860 Grainger Co TN, District 14
p. 515 Calvin McBee, age 39. Eveline age 36. Sarah 13, Orlena 10, James A. 6 and Wm. C. age 3.

Both 1850 and 1860, living next door to Calvin is:
Eli McBee. In 1850 Eli was age 26, wife Almeady 21 and Nancy J. age 1
In 1860, Eli was listed as age 26 but probably should have been 36. Almeda was 31. Nancy J. 11, Andrew J. 8, Moriah 5 and Tennessee age 2.

I think it's possible that Eli could have been another son of Samuel. There were three males in both 1830 and 1840 that could have been Calvin, James & Eli. However, there is not a third son listed in the Bible record.

1870 Grayson Co TX, Precinct 1, Hh 1066
T. Merritt age 28, [all the household dittoed for b. TN]
Sarah age 23
Orville 4 and Oscar 2
McBee, Calvin, age 49
Evaline 47
Orlinn 21 and James H. 15

I believe that Calvin died between 1870 and 1880, because this looks like Evaline to me: 1880 Census.  Dist 107, Sugar Loaf Township, Marion Co, Arkansas Hh 324 James McBee, age 24, farmer, b. Tenn., parents b. Tenn. Margaret, 18, wife, keeps house, b. MO, her parents b. MO Eveline, age 57, mother, marked "w" for widow, b. Tenn., parents b. Tenn. 

Calvin and Evaline have a joint stone, Kessee Cemetery, Monarch, Marion Co, AR. However, the dates are incorrect based on what the censuses show. Calvin M. McBee is shown as born 6 Oct 1820, but died 1860. He was living in Grayson Co TX in 1870. Evaline is shown with a birth of 6 May 1822, died 1869, but she was in the 1880 Census, living with son James. The information on the FindAGrave website also has a different date for their marriage - as 27 Nov 1846. The Bible record had 10 Jan 1847.

Calvin M. MCBEE and Evaline MCBEE were married on 10 January 1847.31,36 Evaline MCBEE was born (date unknown).

Calvin M. MCBEE and Evaline MCBEE had the following children:



Sarah Ann MCBEE was born on 9 March 1847.36



Orlena MCBEE was born on 25 January 1850.36 She died in February 1935 at the age of 85.36

The Bible entry for Orlena's death lists her name as Orlena McBee White.



James Hamilton MCBEE was born on 25 April 1855.36 He died on 7 April 1939 at the age of 83.36

Undoubtedly named for his uncle who had died in 1853. Married Margaret Kessee.

Dist 79, Sugarloaf Twp, Marion Co AR Hh 182 James H. McBee, b. Apr 1855, age 45, married 20 years, b. TN, parents b. TN Margret, wife, b. Mar 1861, age 31, married 20 years, 6 children, 5 are living, b. AR, parents b. IN Essie, dau, b. Jan 1881, age 19 Violy, dau, b. Sept 1883, age 16 Walter, son, b. Dec 1888, age 11 Busby, son, b. Mar 1893, age 7 Willie, dau, b. June 1896, age 4 Osker Magness, servant, b. Jan 1878, age 22, b. TX
James H McBee, Keesee Cemetery, Monarch, Marion Co AR
b. 25 Apr 1855, d. 7 Apr 1939
Margaret McBee
b. 14 Mar 1861, d. 15 Apr 1936
Walter H. McBee
b. 22 Dec 1888, d. 10 Apr 1964



William C. B. MCBEE was born on 25 August 1857 in Arkansas.36 He died on 24 November 1869 at the age of 12 in Texas.36

It appears some of the family went to Arkansas for a few years, but returned to Tennessee. The Bible entry for William states plainly that he was born in Arkansas in 1857; his uncle James H. McBee died in Arkansas in 1853. However, this family is in Grainger Co, TN in both the 1850 and 1860 censuses.