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Fourth Generation

73. Isaac MCBEE was born on 3 May 1800 in Grainger County, Tennessee.36 He died between 1870 and 1880 at the age of 70.

1830 Claiborne Co TN
Isaac McBee 1m -5 [Gainum], 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30, 1f 5-10, 1f 20-30

1840 Claiborne Co TN
Isaac McBee 1m -5 [John], 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15 [Gainum], 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50
1f -5, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40

Tennessee, Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008;
Will Book A, p.190f. Sale of personal property of John Evans, Jr., returned Jan Term 1841
Claiborne McBee bought a plow & singletree and an iron wedge.
Isaac McBee bought a razor strap & box
p.247 1 Feb 1842. Isaac McBee, Guardian to John, Isaac and James Grub, minor heirs of John Grub, dec'd made report.
Rec'd of John P. McDowell, former Guardian $229.88
Rec'd from same to 23 Oct 1841 $14.51
Rec'd from 23 Oct 1841 to 1 Feb 1842 $2.31
Rents rec'd for 1840 $12.66
Interest on rents. $0.87
Rents for year 1841 $6.88
Total recepts of $267.13
Various expenses including repairing fence and paying John Grubbs, for his full part which is received 23 Oct 1841, was $93.50 (87.80 was to John Grubbs)
Yet due to Isaac & James Grubbs, $173.60.
Feby Term, 1842. Isaac McBee, Guardian
p.365 30 Dec 1843
Settlement with Isaac McBee, Guardian to Isaac & James Grubb. Amount of income and expenses for the estate had left $193.78 for the heirs. Jan Term 1844
Isaac (X) McBee

1850 Claiborne Co TN, Subdivision 7
Hh 723: Isaac McBee age 49. Elizabeth 46. John 15, Sally 7, and Prior L. age 4.

Hh 1424 Gainum McBee age 21, wife Rebecca age 19.

1860 Claiborne Co TN, Subdivision 10
Hh 1307 Isaac McBee age 60. Elizabeth 56, b. VA. Sarah 18 and Lee 15. [Prior Lee].
Hh 1281 Gainum McBee age 32, Rebecca 24. Wm E. 10, James M. 8, Jeromy 6, Maritia 3 [female], and John J. 8 months.

1870 Claiborne Co TN, Subdivision 11, p.318
Hh 60 Isaac McBee age 70, Elizabeth 66. Samuel 8 [must be a grandchild]
Hh 61 P. L. McBee, age 25. Catherine 21. Vincent 1 and Isham L. 2 months.
Hh 51 Gainum McBee age 43. Rebecca 38. James M. 18, Marisa 13, John E. 11, Vina C. 6, Amanda 4, and Sarah C. age 1.

Isaac said to have married Elizabeth Sarah [or Sarah Elizabeth] Grubb about 1827. Surviving children included Ganum b. 1829 who married Rebecca Phelps 16 Jul 1849. John Wesley b. 1837 who married (1) Mary Ann Soard and (2) Mary Brown. Prior Lee, b. 1844 who married Katherine Meyers, 15 Dec 1867. Gareth and Lucinda are names seen for some of the older children but without any additional data - also a Jasper Lee b. 1846, but he must have died as an infant as he doesn't appear with the family in 1850.

Probably not a son of Isaac but who is he?
There is a Samuel McBee in Claiborne Co in 1850. He was then age 27 or born about 1823 - he would have been age 7 in 1830 when Isaac had an unidentified son age 5-10 in his household. Isaac was household 723 in 1850, this Samuel was household 730. Isaac's older brother William already had a Samuel who was born 1822 and married Emily Van Bebber - he is in this census in Claiborne Co near his father William. Isaac's younger brother Caswell also had a son Samuel, born about 1831, who was married to Nancy J. Lewis and he's next door to the mystery Samuel. The Samuel in household 730 was age 27, wife listed as Almeady age 20, and a baby boy, Prior Lea, age two months.

In 1860, there was still an unidentified Samuel McBee in Claiborne Co. He was by then age 37. Wife was given as Arminta, age 29; Prior L. age 11, was in the household. Robert L. or S. was age 8, Margaret A. 4, and Julia M. age 2. They were next door to Isaac in this census.

Isaac MCBEE and Sarah Elizabeth GRUBB were married on 1 October 1820.36 Sarah Elizabeth GRUBB was born in 1804 in Virginia.

Sarah Elizabeth was the daughter of John Grubb, b. 1769, Augusta Co VA, died 1 Feb 1843, Claiborne Co TN. John married Mary "Polly" Shelley, 20 Oct 1791, Washington Co, VA. Sarah was the 2nd of 10 known children. John Grubb's father was Abraham Grubb, born 1735, German, died about 1814 Sullivan Co, TN. Abraham's father, Christian Grubb, immigrated as Christian Kropf, coming from Rotterdam on the ship "Allen", arriving 11 sep 1729. The family lived first in Pennsylvania where son Abraham is listed as a member of the Coventry Brethren Church. Abraham received by will Christian's land on Sinking Creek, Holston River, in what is now Tennessee. Like the McBee family, they were in the disputed area of Virginia & North Carolina in what was briefly the State of Franklin, but eventually Tennessee in 1796.

Elizabeth outlived her husband.
1880 Census, Claiborne Co, TN, Hh 283
James H. Snider, age 50, b. VA
Sarah, age 38, b. TN, wife
Louisa, 24, b. VA, daughter
James, 16, b. TN, son
Macbee, Elizabeth, age 81, Mother in Law, b. TN, parents b. VA

Isaac MCBEE and Sarah Elizabeth GRUBB had the following children:



Gainum MCBEE.



John Wesley MCBEE.



Sarah A. MCBEE31 was born in August 1842 in Tennessee. She died on 6 January 1916 at the age of 73.

I have seen Sarah with the middle name Elizabeth - the only census that has a middle initial has an "A".

WorldConnect database says she married James Harvey Snider, 31 Jan 1867, Claiborne Co TN. She must have been his second wife. She may have had another marriage to Jasper Davis. Said to have died 6 Jan 1916.

1870 Census, Claiborne Co, TN, P.O. Tazewell, Hh 41
Snider, James H., age 39, b. VA
Sarah, age 27
Louesa 14, Mary E. 11, James age 6 [apparently Sarah was a second wife]

1880 Census, Claiborne Co, TN, Hh 283
James H. Snider, age 50, b. VA
Sarah, age 38, b. TN, wife
Louisa, 24, b. VA, daughter
James, 16, b. TN, son
Macbee, Elizabeth, age 81, Mother in Law, b. TN, parents b. VA

1900 Census, Claiborne Co, TN, Hh 211
James H. Snider, b. Dec 1830, age 69, married 33 yr, b. VA, parents b. VA, Farmer
Sarah A., wife, b. Aug 1842, age 57. No children, b. TN, parents b. TN
Campbell Minton, grandson, b. Jan 1881, age 19, b. TN, father b. KY, mother b. TN

1910 Census, Claiborne Co, TN, Hh 69
Jasper Davis, age 67, married twice, this last time for 2 years, b. TN, farm labor, working out
Sallie, age 67, married twice, no children [of her own], b. TN



Prior Lee MCBEE.