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Fourth Generation

72. William MCBEE was born on 21 July 1798 in Grainger County, Tennessee.153

1830 Claiborne Co TN
William McBee 2m -5, 3m 5-10, 1m 30-40. 1f 5-10, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40

1840 Claiborne Co TN
William McBee 2m 5-10, 4m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 40-50. 2f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 2f 15-20, 1f 30-40

Claiborne Co, TN Will Book A, p.300
Sam'l McBee and Wm McBee both noted as owing the Estate of D. B. Alexander, 3 Sep 1842. Samuel owed $1.14; William $4.20.
p.336 Inventory of John Evans, dec'd. Note on Wm McBee due 4 Jan 1834, said to be "Good"

1850 Claiborne Co TN
Hh 1167 William McBee, age 50. Barbary 46. Nathan 21, Dickinson 19, Elizabeth A. 16, Manerva J. 14, Martha W. 10, Isaac T. 6, and James H. age 1.

Hh 1160 Samuel McBee, age 28. Emily 26. Luize 8, Mary A. 6, Marleny 4, and Sarah Jane age 1.
Hh 1142 Houstin McBee, age 24. Lucinda 18. Martha J. age 1.
Hh 1150 William McBee Jr. age 22, Lilly J. age 16

According to a WorldConnect file William McBee first married Mary Ann Williams on 12 Oct 1817, Grainger Co. TN. He married Barbara Carlock 20 Jul 1835 in Claiborne Co TN.

Children by his first wife were: Sally b. 1818 who married Harvey Powell, Claiborne b. 1819 who married Samantha Hurst. Samuel b. 1822 who married Emily Van Bebber. Sarah born 1823 - may have died as a child - I would think this is actually Sally. Houston, b. 1825, married Lucinda Owens. William, b. 1827 who married Lillian Jane Owens. Nathaniel, b. 1829. Elijah Dickerson b. 1831, married Amanda McBee. Elizabeth Ann b. 1834 who married Alfred Hopper.

The births of the first five children were actually recorded in an old dictionary, now in the hands of a descendant.

Children by Barbara were Manerva Jane b. 1836, married Robert Roberson. Martha Washington b. 1839 who married Richard Roberson. Barbara b. 1842, likely died as a child. Isaac T. b. 1844. James Hamilton b. 1849.

Family Letter from William to his father:
Sept 16th 1855
   Dear Father I can inform you
that through the Wonderful mercies of
God We are all injoying good health at
present hoping that you are all injoying
the same Blessing   Dear Father on an
Examination of the deed from you to me I feel
Desirous to have a Small alteration in the
line from the beginning it Calls for runing
With the Various Courses of my fences
Which Will leave me Without any outlet
Which you will readily See   the alteration
that I Wish to be made if it Can be done is
to Extend the line Straight with the Vally
feel [field]fence to the road at Caswell's new g____
then running with the road up by my draw
Bars and then up the lane as it does    myself
and Caswell agree on that been [being] the line
between us this Spring   think on it and do
what you think is right betweene us
I have a nother request to make
I Want to Borrow fifty dollars in Money
from you   I Expect to need it before
long   I will give you my land in Security
until paid.    if you will let
me have it give me answer by Claibourn
When he returns.  If I Can git the Money
leave it with Brother Samll. or Come
by When you Start on your
Wm. McBee
Samll. McBee

My Notes re the above letter.
There is one word I cannot identify as it appears to be cut-off.  Again transcribed just as written.
I would say this is a letter from William McBee, son of Samuel & Anna Hamilton McBee.  He mentions Caswell - and he had a brother Caswell.  He mentioned a brother named Samuel so that is obviously a different person from the Samuel McBee the letter is addressed to - the letter is obviously directed to his father, also a Samuel McBee.  He mentions Claibourn - that was the name of William's oldest son, born about 1819.
The letter was written in 1855 and the 1850 Claiborne Co census does have both Samuels, Caswell, and William McBee as residents.
Probably the father Samuel had divided his land among his sons, deeding it to them as they reached adult status or married.  The way the land had been laid out, William had no direct access to the road.  Caswell & William have adjoining lands and had agreed upon a new division line, that would give William access.  William is asking his father to alter the deed slightly to reflect this new property line.
We don't know all the provisions of the deed in question, but it could very well have been a deed of gift for little or no money. William needs cash in the near future and has offered to let his father hold title to the land until he can repay the $50 loan - a mortgage as it were.  
The father Samuel would have been about age 83 in 1855 and one wonders what sort of journey he was planning.  Perhaps it was his final journey - he does not appear in subsequent records.

1860 Claiborne Co TN, Subdivision 3, Hh 316
William McBee Senr. 62, Barbra 55, Minerva J. 24, Martha W. 20, Isaac T. 17 and James H. 11.

William McBee age 33. Lydia J. 25. Mary E. 10, Sarah C 8, Rebecca 5, James M. 2, and Brunetta age 6 months.

1870 Claiborne Co TN, District 3
Hh 102 William McBee, 70. Barbara 60. Manerva J. 30, James H. 21.
R. T. Roberson age 26 and Martha, 26.

1870 Union Co TN, Dist 11
Hh 79 Samuel McBee, age 48. Emley, age 46. Luisey age 27. William 19, Barbery 17, Martha W. 15, Alice 13, Easter M. 11, and Ollie age 9 [female].

Note found in Family Tree on
1997 - William McBee was the first born son of Samuel McBee or "Elder Samuel" who served the Big Springs Primitive Baptist Church in Claiborne Cty, Tenn. (1825-1837) and his wife Anne "Anney" Hamilton. Her father was William Hamilton (1755-1825/29) and her mother may have been Elizabeth proof. Information came from Wm McBee Bible that was in ownership of descendant [Eric Quintrell]. He sent his research to the Archives of Tennessee (1995). Don't know if the Bible went too. His mother Hattie Quintrell was 100 years young on July 7, 1997. She is a direct descendant of William McBee and his second wife, Barbara Carlock VanBebber a widow of Gabriel Van Bebber
Thanks...for pictures of the old ancestoral church. (Big Springs Primitive Baptist) I dream of someday getting to the Cumberland Gap area and seeing the church, where Samuel McBee Sr. served 1825-1837. (He also served in the Lone Mt. Primitive Baptist church (Tenn) which is 5 mi from Big Springs Church and they believe it was his last church. No services were held at Big Springs.. from May 1863-1866 as the different sides of soldiers of the Civil War occupied this house. Services were held in a school house. No one knows where Samuel is buried....could be in one of the churchyards

William MCBEE and Anna WILLIAMS were married on 12 October 1817.36 Anna WILLIAMS died circa 1834.

William MCBEE and Anna WILLIAMS had the following children:



Sally MCBEE31 was born on 3 August 1818.36

Married Harry Powell, 6 May 1838, Claiborne Co TN



Claibourn MCBEE.



Samuel MCBEE.



Rebekah MCBEE.



Hughston MCBEE31 was born on 15 December 1824.36 He died on 25 March 1910 at the age of 85 in Cooke County, Tennessee.154

Although his name is found spelled as Houston, in the Bible record, it is recorded as "Hughston" He married Lucinda Owens, 9 Mar 1848, Claiborne Co TN

1870 Census, Jefferson Co TN, Talbott's Station P.O., Hh 88:
Houston McBee, age 46, farmer, b. TN
Lucinda, 39
Elizzie, 19
Josephus 17
James B 14
William F. 12
Rufus A. 9
Robert E. L. age 3.

Hamblen Co, TN in 1880 as a widower living with daughter Lizzie Croushorn.

He is buried Spring Creek Cemetery, Gainesville, Cooke Co, TN.



William MCBEE31 was born in 1827. He died on 6 December 1908 at the age of 81 in Pulaski County, Kentucky.154

Married Lillian Jane Owens, 5 Oct 1849, Claiborne Co TN



Nathaniel MCBEE was born in 1829.



Elijah Dickerson MCBEE was born in 1831.

I have seen in one place that Elijah married Amanda McBee - not confirmed, nor do I know which Amanda she might have been.



Elizabeth Ann MCBEE.

William MCBEE and Barbara CARLOCK were married on 20 July 1835 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Barbara CARLOCK154 was born in 1804 in Tennessee.

Barbara was married to Gabriel VanBebber sometime prior to 1824. They had at least four children, Emily b. 1824, Alexander b. 1825, Marlena b. 1828, and Granville b. 1831.

William MCBEE and Barbara CARLOCK had the following children:



Manerva Jane MCBEE154 was born in 1836.

Married Robert Roberson, 11 Nov 1877, Claiborne Co, TN



Martha Washington MCBEE154 was born on 14 November 1839 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. She died on 21 April 1904 at the age of 64 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

Married Richard Tolliver Roberson, 21 Nov 1869, Claiborne Co TN. In 1870, they were living with her parents.

1870 Claiborne Co TN, District 3
Hh 102 William McBee, 70. Barbara 60. Manerva J. 30, James H. 21.
R. T. Roberson age 26 and Martha, 26.



Barbara MCBEE was born in 1842.

Probably died as a child.



Isaac T. MCBEE154 was born in 1844.

One database suggests this is the Isaac that married Sarah Blancet - I believe that was instead the Isaac, son of Pleasant McBee and Nancy Kelly. That Isaac and his wife Sarah, with Blancet duaghters is in Claiborne Co in 1870, and then living with Pleasant McBee in 1880.



James Hamilton MCBEE was born in 1849.