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Fourth Generation

118. Lewis C. WALTERS9,58,172 was born (date unknown).

Lewis Walters said to have married Martha Scott on 9 Nov 1837. This Lewis? Second marriage to much younger lady?

1830 Census. Habersham Co, GA
p.35 Lewis Waters, 2m -5, 1m 20-30, 1m 70-80 [could this be Clement Walters? - this man would have a birth year of 1750-1760 and could possibly fit and Lewis was one of the witnesses to his will. One researchers believes this Lewis to be the son of Elijah, grandson of Robert & Joanna Walters and that he was first married to a daughter of Clement's who would have been his 2nd cousin.], 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40.

Census: 1840, Franklin Co GA, p.316. Lewis Walters. 1m -5, 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 30-40 [born 1800-1810], 2f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30.

A total of 18 children are listed in the Walters book as being children of Lewis Cobb Walters. They are listed as: Clement, Judith, Elijah, Sarah, b. 1835, Lucile b. 1838, Siddie, b. 1840, Asa b. 1841, Harriet b. 1842, Nancy b. 1843, Malinda b. 1845, Mary b. 1847, James b. 1849, Milcah, William C., Charles, Thomas, and Franklin.

To: 19 Oct 2002
I have some new information for you to work on re your Clement Walters. I may have found his father. There is a book on the Georgia Walters [also a number of other families, related to the author of the book] WALTERS, WATTERS, WATERS, by Bettye Steele Watters, self published in 1993, and a friend of mine has recently bought the book for Ms. Watters. She loaned it to me for a couple of weeks and I'll try to explain what I've found therein.
First of all, I imagine you may want to contact Bettye Watters and get a copy of this book. She is Bettye Steele Watters, 225 County Road 616, Hanceville, AL 36077. I have found a few errors in the book. Some of the marriages of children of Robert & Seletha McBee of Pittsylvania Co VA had been confused with those of the children or grandchildren of Robert & Joannah McBee of Franklin Co GA because of the similarity of names and ages. This isn't too surprising! But I'm confident the marriages that took place in Pittsy. were my line and not yours - I never knew a 19 year old lady of this time to marry much of anywhere but near her home, certainly not travel from Georgia to Virginia. It's a short list and I can give you the particulars about the errors should you decide to purchase the book.
When my friend recently purchased this book, Ms. Watters included some notes, family group sheets, etc. that she had been sent as corrections or additions to the book and this is where the information on your Clement, born 1828, was found. A Thomas Perry Waters, 420 Traverse, Ashdown, AR, 71822, had sent the information re Clement. His phone number in 1997 was 501-898-4741. Now the area codes have changed in AR this past year - some of my family lives there - and you'd need to check the area code for Ashdown.
Now here we go. Elijah Walters was a son of Robert Walters Sr & Joannah McBee. Elijah married Judith Cawthon [Cawthons are also in this book] and among his children was Lewis C. Walters. Now I missed Lewis completely in the 1850 census - he was listed as Lewis Water - when I did Soundex searches on "Walters" I got the Watters and Waters, but apparently without the "S" the name Water did not come up so I missed him. Disadvantage of working online and not being able to scroll page by page on a film.] My personal comments as usual will be in quotes.
According to Mr. Thomas Perry Waters, Lewis was Lewis or Louis Cobb "Waters" [that's how his spelling has been changed] was born 2 Jan 1801 in Franklin Co GA and died 10 May 1875 in Nevada Co AR, and buried Mt. Olive Cemetery there. All census records show his name as "Lewis" but the church, land records and show his name as Louis Waters and he was buried as Louis Cobb Waters. He was on the 1830 & 1840 Census of GA as living in Habersham Co. [this may be wrong, he was in Habersham in 1830, Franklin in 1840] The 1850 census he was in Franklin Co. [more about this census later]
Lewis C. Waters was married twice. His first wife is unknown [wouldn't you just know it] but there were 4 children by this marriage:
My Note: I believe the first wife was a daughter of Clement Walters and his cousin.
1. Clement Walters/Waters born abt 1828 and married to Rebeckah Smith 15 Jan 1849. In 1850 there was one child, Josephine, age 2 months. In 1860 Rebecca Waters was head of household with six children: Josephine 10, Martha E 9, William L 7, Samantha 5, Lyda [no age] and Jesse A. age 2 months. [I will insert a note here. My local friend is descended from Jesse - she has the papers on the settlement of Clement Walters estate and he died in 1858. Jesse appears NOT to have been a child of Clement. She has other papers that confirm Jesse's birthdate as 1860. So she's got a serious mystery, too. I have forgotten, if you ever told me, which of Clement Walters' children is your ancestor?] This researcher found no other information on Clement, nor does he state how he knows these children to be those of Lewis C. Walters.
2. Judith born 1830 and died 8 Dec 1875 in Nevada Co. AR. She married Thomas Perry Warmack who died 1886. Both buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery. [I found a Thomas P. Warmack in the Habersham census in 1850, but he's been indexed wrong and I could not locate the entry.]
3. Elijah prob born about 1832-3.
4. Sarah born 1835 and listed on the 1850 census with "Lewis Water"
Then Lewis C. Walters married Martha Ann Scott on 9 Nov 1837. She was born 29 Jan 1819 in Franklin Co GA. She died 3 Sep 1898 and Lewis C. died 10 May 1875. Both are buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery, Nevada Co AR. Their children were
5. Lucida [Lucretia in the 1850 census, age 12, b. 1838]
6. Siddia [age 10 in 1850]
7. Asa [age 9 in 1850]
8. Harriet [age 8 in 1850]
9. Nancy [age 7 in 1850]
10. Malinda [age 5 in 1850]
11. Mary [age 3 in 1850]
12. James [age 1 in 1850]
13. Micah [b. 1852 according to 1860 census]
14. William Cobb [b. 1853 according to 1860 census]
15. Charles [b. 1854 according to 1860 census]
16 & 17. Twins: Thomas Perry and Franklin. b. 1859. The twins were the only children born in Arkansas and Thomas Perry was the grandfather of the man who had submitted this information to Bettye Watters.
Lewis C. Walters migrated to Columbia Co AR in 1858. The county was later divided to form Nevada Co.
The notes about the 1850 & 1860 census are mine. Lewis Water is on p.292b in Franklin Co, District 32, Household 670. Sarah at age 15, child of the first marriage, was the eldest at home at that time. Martha was the lady of the household, age 30. Tabitha Scott, age 22, also lived with the Walters - probably Martha's unmarried sister helping out with all those children. And there was another child, Jane Dunn age 13, at the end. Maybe Martha Scott was the widow Martha Dunn and had a single baby herself when she married Lewis Walters. The next household at 671 was that of Robert Scott, age 67 and born in VA; the rest of his family born in GA. Mary age 61, Nancy 38, Matilda 23, Robert 21, Asa S. 20 and a female age 16 whole name is difficult to read but might be Hessa.
1830, Habersham Co GA, p. 35. Lewis Waters. 2m -5; 1m 20-30 [Lewis?], 1m 70-80; 1f 15-20; 1f 30-40. [Gee, I don't think this fits as well as I'd like to see. According to the information given there should be possibly a boy and girl under 5, or only a single son. But there seems to still be an extra boy in 1840, see next. No clue as to the old man since Elijah is said to have died 1829 [I believe it was Clement Walters], nor which lady was the wife.]
I think the man gave the wrong information about Lewis Walters being in Habersham in 1840 - I don't find him there but did find him in Franklin Co GA:
Census: 1840, Franklin Co GA, p.316. Lewis Walters. 1m -5 [Elijah?], 1m 10-15 [Clement age 12?], 1m 15-20 [?? maybe there were two small boys in 1830??], 1m 30-40 [born 1800-1810 so this fits Lewis], 2f -5 [Lucretia & maybe Jane Dunn?], 1f 5-10 [Sarah?], 1f 10-15 [Judith?], 1f 20-30 [Martha age 21].

Now 1860. Columbia Co Arkansas, p.20, Household 34
Thomas Warmock age 45. All the family b. GA. Farmer
Juda age 30
Lucy age 18
Lucitta 16
Lewis 14
Lorenza 12 [male]
Eliza 12 [twin to Lorenza]
Lenora 10
John 8
Nancy 3
Julia Houghton age 30, Physician b. PA
James Knight age 23, Medical Student b. MS
Williams Sorrells age 24, Farm Laborer, b. GA
1860 Columbia Co AR, p.223, Household 54
Lewis Waters, age 73, Farmer b. GA [aged him! All born in GA except Thomas age 1]
Martha, age 46
Sidney age 20 [female, "Siddia" from 1850]
Asa age 19
Nancy 16
Malinda 14
Mary 12
James 10
Mika 8 [female]
William 7
Charles 6
Thomas 1, b. AR [apparently his twin died]
As you can see what I was able to locate from the census certainly indicates the majority of what Thomas Perry Waters has compiled has validity.
Hope this helps.

Lewis C. WALTERS and [Daughter] WALTERS were married. [Daughter] WALTERS, daughter of Clement WALTERS and Sarah "Sally" SLAYDEN, was born before 1800.

1830 Census. Habersham Co GA. p.35 Lewis Waters, 2m -5, 1m 20-30, 1m 70-80 [could this be Clement - this man would have a birth year of 1750-1760 and could possibly fit and Lewis was one of the witnesses to his will. One researcher believes Lewis to be the son of Elijah, grandson of Robert & Joanna Walters and that he was married to a daughter of Clement's.], 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40.