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First Generation

1. WILLIAM MCBEE1,2,3,4 was born before 1700. He died before 15 March 1759 at the age of 59 in Halifax County, Virginia.1

This name is also seen as Mockbee, Magbee, and Magby. Many databases online state that he is the William McBee born to Mathew & Jane Mockbee of Queen Anne's Parish in Prince George's County, MD on 22 Dec 1704. Subsequent research shows that particular William to have died, still in Prince George's County in 1736, leaving no issue. He must have never married. His half-brother Mathew was administrator of his estate. The Jane listed as wife of Mathew is often interpreted to be Jane Brock, daughter of Edward Brock. This is also wrong as Jane Brock was Mathew's first wife but was deceased and Mathew had married Jane Tyler, widow of John Joyce, and she was the mother of William in 1704 and his brother James, born 1702. Jane Brock's parents attempted to get guardianship of Mathew & Brock Mockbee who were indeed sons of their deceased daughter. All of this is well documented by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman on her WorldConnect file found here as of June, 2012:

Matthew McBee arrived on the ship Katherine on November 8, 1678 [from the Maryland Land Office
1673-1679]. He was transported to Maryland by William Stevens of Somerset County, Maryland.

Here are some of the pertinent records concerning William McBee, son of Mathew & Jane:
Mockbee, William b. December 22, 1704 son of Mathew & Jane (b. p.6)
Birth from Queen Anne's Parish Records, 1686-1777, Prince George's Co. MD. Helen W. Brown, Prince
George's County Maryland Indexes of Church Registers 1686-1885, 2 volumes, (Westminster, MD: Family
Line Publications, reprint, 1988)
Calendar of Maryland State Papers - The Black Books p. 38
[Prince George's County] 1733 List of taxables in Collin Hundred, taken by John Smith Prather,
constable ...Brock Mockbee, Edward Mockbee ...
1733 List of taxables in Patuxent Hundred, taken by William Smith, constable ... Widow Mogbie,
William Mogbie ... John Joyce ...
22 Jul 1736. Prerogative Court Testamentary Proceedings MDHR 986 #30
1734-1738, p. 182. An exhibit from Prince George's County
William Mockbee his administration bond in common by Matthew Mockbee, his executor. With Stephen
Deavor and Robert Levett of Anne Arundel County as his sureties. L200 sterling. Wit: William
Rogers, John Warin.
William Mockbee 22.25 PG ?96.16.9 Aug 12 1736 Nov 6 1736
Appraisers: Jo. Harwood, Abraham Boyd.
Creditors; Elizabeth Reicketts.
Next of kin: Jane Mockbee (mother), Brock Mockbee, Jane Offutt, John Joice, Thomas Joice.
Administrator: Mathew Mockbee.
Prince George's Co MD Inventories Box 10, Folder 28, 12 Aug 1736 & 6 Nov 1736
Inventory of William Mockbee (Mackeboy)
includes 1 Negro man named Toby
Appraisers: John (or Joshua) Harwood and Abraham Boyd
Next of kin: Jane Mockbee, mother; Brock Mockbee; Jane Offutt; John Joice; Thomas T. Joice
Creditor: Elizabeth P. Ricketts
Inventory of William Mackbee 6 Nov 1736 Mathew Mackbee Admr. PD 1:336
This 1736 Inventory includes his
mother: Jane Tyler Joyce Mockbee
half brother: Matthew Mockbee
half brother: Brock Mockbee
half sister: Jane Joyce Offutt
half brother: John Joyce
half brother: Thomas T. Joyce

DNA tests, although only a few have been done, indicate that the William McBee of this research and his descendants do likely have some sort of relationship to the above Mathew Mockbee of Maryland. But the usual "assumptions" are incorrect. DNA tests cannot explain where the common ancestor is, only that there is one.

Another McBee found in Maryland that may have ties to this William is the following:
Birth records are from Christ Church, Calvert Co, MD
Register of Christ Church, Calvert County: James Mackabe, wife Elizabeth children: Rachel b. 17 Sep
1694, Ann b. 19 Jun 1697, James b. 10 March 1700, Thomas b. 8 May 1703, Laycey b. 4 Oct 1705,
Abraham b. 10 Nov 1708.
Prince George's Co, MD Court 1718 JAMES MACKABEE was absolved from paying taxes.

There is an earlier William "McBee" in Prince George's Co MD
From Orphan & Infants of Prince Georges Co MD is an entry dated
Nov 1698.
Mackeboy, William, servant to Mr. John Smith adjudged to be 14 years
If this were the William, later married to Susannah, he would have been about 75 years old at the time of his Will in Halifax, 1759. And would have been old enough to be a landholder in King George Co VA as early as 1719.

The first provable record for this Wiliam McBee is for a warrant of William McBee for a tract in King George Co VA on 3 Jul 1722. This was a fairly sizeable tract - 342 acres - and a man could not hold title to land until age 21 or married. So I believe we could safely say that he was born by 1700 if not a few years earlier.

County Formations that effect the records of William McBee:
Westmoreland Co formed 1653 from Northumberland
Stafford Co formed 1664 from Westmoreland Co
King George Co was formed 1721 from Richmond & Westmoreland Counties
Prince William formed 1730 from King George & Stafford Counties
Prince George formed 1703 from Charles City Co [original county]
Brunswick formed 1720 from Prince George, Isle of Wight & Surry
Amelia formed 1734 from Brunswick, Prince George
Lunenburg formed 1746 from Brunswick
Halifax formed 1752 from Lunenburg
Pittsylvania formed 1766 from Lunenburg

As is usual, William McBee was likely settled on the land in King George Co VA prior to receiving his patent. He was witness to the deed of John Brown of Northumberland to John Crump of the same for land in King George Co, both sides of the Marsh Run & both sides of Brown Run. This deed is found in King George DB 1, p.95-96, dated in 1722 and recorded 2 Nov 1722.
and even earlier:
Daniel Marr of King George Co, VA 260 acres in King George County
on Marr's Run adjacent John Bradford, John Marr, John Hopper,
William McBee. January 25, 1717/1718.

Virginia Co Court Records
Order Book Abstracts of King George Co VA 1721-1723
Ruth & Sam Sparacio 1992
p.21 1 Dec 1721 Grand Jury charges
We present William Mackbee and Johanna his wife for not going to Church the last month past.
p.26 5 Jan 1721/22
The Grand Jury Presentment agst William Mackbee & Johanna his Wife for not going to Church is ordered to be dismist with cost
Note: in 1728, William's wife Susannah signed a deed in King George. Perhaps her name was misunderstood in one place or another. Unless William was married twice.....
p.102 2 Aug 1723 Suit brought by Charles Seale agst William McBee, neither party appearing is ordered to be dismist.

VA Land Patents:
2 Mar 1722/3 Northern Neck Grants A, p.8
Lord Fairfax Grant to William McBee of County of King George. He did on 3rd July last obtain a warrant and further returned a survey, dated 15 Dec last, in said county. Land on both sides Marrs Run being a branch of Great Marsh Run. Begin East side of sd Marrs Run & extending thence South; Piney Ridge; two small oaks growing together; branch of the said Marrs run; land surveyd for Mr. John Coppedge, his line. 342 acres. The survey was done by Thomas Hooper.
These next two grants list William McBee as a neighbor:
25 Jan 1727/8 Northern Neck Grants B, p.107
Lord Fairfax Grant to Daniel Marrs of King George Co. 260 acres in King George Co. on branches of Marrs Run. John Bradfords line; John Marrs land; line of John Hopper; William McBee's line.
28 May 1728 Northern Neck Grants B, p.121
Lord Fairfax to Capt John Williams of King George Co. 85 acres in sd county. Begin corner to land of Wm McBee, along McBee's line; tract of Daniel Marr; land of John Bradford; crossing Marrs Run; again to McBee's line to the first Station.

This next grant to Thomas Stamps, Northern Neck Grants C, p.125, appears to have originally been surveyed for William McBee who then assigned the survey over to Stamps 9 Feb 1729/30. From the grant: Lord Fairfax to Thomas Stamps of Northumberland Co a tract of 631 acres in Stafford Co Not to entrench on Brent Town, joining land of Thomas Jarman on Walnut Branch of Cedar Run; corner of Thomas Jarman & Timothy Dorgan. Surveyor, John Warner. The grant does not mention the survey, but in ABSTRACTS OF NORTHEN NECK WARRANTS & SURVEYS, by Peggy Shomo Joyner, Vol III, p.169, apparently the land was surveyed for McBee but assigned to Stamps, William McBee having changed his mind regarding this land.

From the Joyner book, p.95, is also further mention of William McBee's original land patent in King George/Prince William Co. Mr. Richard Buckner of Caroline Co, 411 acres in Prince William Co adj William Macbee/Macboy, Joshua Butler, Mark Harding, Alexander Clements, Daniel Feagon now Crump's, Mr. Falker, Joseph King. Apparently surveyed 12 Oct 1730 and patented 12 Apr 1731. The Northern Neck Grant, book C, p.161, is basically unreadable so much of this information must have come from the survey. This grant also recorded in Gray's NORTHERN NECK GRANTS

Here are additional survey records from King George Co which mention William McBee's land.
12 Jan 1725 - 1 Oct 1726 Ralph Falkner, assignee of John McGuier, warrantee, 80 acres on Marrs Run, adj. James Warren, Joseph King, Mr. Coppedge, William McBee. Surveyor, John Savage.
11 Jan 1726-27 - 1 Sep 1727 Daniel Marr for whom survd, assignee of William McBee, warrantee. 260 acres on branches of Marrs Run adj. Jno Bradford, Jno Hopper, Jno Marr, Wm McBee. Surv. John Savage
9 Feb 1729-30 - 5 Aug 1730 Catesby Cocke, assignee of William Hawkins for whom survd, assignee of William McBee warrantee. 481 acres on branches of Elk Marsh Run & Tinpot, adj Hedgman, Garner, James Carter. Surv. John Warner.
28 Aug 1729 - 1 Jul 1730 Capt. John Williams, no warrant. 460 acres, three miles from Great Marsh of Rappa. adj. William McBee, Coppedge, Mercer, John Hudnall, John Hopper, Daniel Marr. Surv. John Warner
from Peggy Shomo Joyner, Vol. IV, Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys

Additional surveys from Vol III of Joyner's series. Some of these seem to refer to his original tract - he didn't necessarily still have to be the owner.
p. 112 23 Nov 1730 - 31 Mar 1731 Owen Greening for whom surveyed. Assignee of William McBee of King George who obtained warrant [this tract changed hands several times - see Catesby Cocke above] 481 acres on Broad Run, Carters Run, adj. Bryan O'Bannion [formerly Thos. Jarman's] near Parson Scotts, John Toward. Surv. John Warner
p.120 15 Nov 1730 - 25 Mar 1731 James McDonnell of Stafford Co, now Prince William. No warrant. 600 acres, branch of Kettle Run adj Mr. Barber [now Burgesses], William McBee. Surv. John Warner
p.130 3 Jan 1744 - 17 Apr 1745 Lazurus Taylor. No warrant. 149 acres on a drain of Marr's Run adj John Coppidge [now John Eustace's], Daniel Feagin, John McBee, William McBee, the Chapel Road, John Crump, Joseph King
Chain Carriers: Alexander Clements, William Winn. Surv. James Genn
p.133 26 Mar 1731 Prince William Co. John Warner of Stafford Co. [he was the surveyor] No Warrant. 792 acres North side Pignut Ridge adj. Dennis Conyers, William McBee, John Toward, John Fishback, Thomas Jarman [now Bryan O'Bannion], Samuel Nelms. Surv. John Warner.
William & Susanna McBee sold the land in King George Co:
King George Co DB 1, p.328
10 Jun 1728 William McBee of Hanover Parish of King George Co, planter, to Thomas Barnes of Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co, Merchant. 342 acres. Land in Parish of Hanover, both sides of Marrs Run being a branch falling into the great Marsh, granted sd McBee 2 Mar 1722. Wit: Abraham Barnes, John Graham, Wm Greenway, Elizabeth (X) Tracey [See above Northern Neck Grant dated 2 Mar 1722/3] Signed William (X) McBee [signed with his mark that appears to be a B on its face]
2 Aug 1728 William McBee acknowledged the above deed and Susannah the wife of said McBee relinquished her right of dower.

Prince William Co VA
Deed Book Liber A 1731-1732
Deed Book Liber B 1732-1735
Abstracted by June Whitehurst Johnson, 1982
p.7 Bk A, p.93-98 20 Oct 1731 Owen Greenon of Parish of Hanover & Co of Prince William to Wm McBee of same. 3000#'s tob. 200a on branches of Summerduck Run, part of 467a grant to Greenin dated 5 Feb 1725. Dividing line bet Greenin & Wm. McBee is Robt Duncans Mill Path, this 200a being the lower end of 467a. Deed of lease & release. Signed: Owin Greenin
Wit: Jos. Hudnall, Jno Allen.
Rec'd of Wm McBee the sum of 3000#'s tobo on Oct 21, 1731
Ack by Greenin on 21 oct 1731
p.28 Bk A, p.391-394 15 Apr 1732 William McBee of Hanover Parish, Pr Wm Co, planter to Jasper Billing of same for 2000#'s tobo. 200a, part of tract Owin Greenin held by patent. Br of Summerduck Run, up to Robert Duncan's mill. Deed of lease & release. Signed: Wm. McBee
Wit: Owin Grinan, Andrew Wilson, Nicklas (N) Nettel
19 Oct 1732 deed further proved.

Now did William McBee have a brother John who was also present in King George, later Prince William County? A brother whose descendants remained there even after this area became Fauquier Co? The following seems to be after William McBee had sold his land on Marr's Run, but often land retained the original owner's name long after he had gone.
The following is quoted as it appears on page 130, Abstracts of Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys, as mentioned previously: "Lazarus Taylor, no warrant, date from survey, 3 Jan 1744 -17 April 1745; 149 acres on ...Marr's Run. A drawing on plat labeled Jacobs _______, adj. John Coppidge (now John Eustace's), Daniel Feagin, JOHN MCBEE, WILLIAM MCBEE, the Chapel Road, John Crump, Joseph King. Chain carrier Alexander Clements and William Winn. Surveyor James Genn." This was in Prince William County, Virginia. This survey is also shown on page 14, Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Volume II, 1742-1775, compiled by Gertrude E. Gray, and is listed as dated 14 Feb 1746. There is also a grant for this tract, Northern Neck Grant F., p.264
Then there is said to be a deed in Fauquier DB D, 6-386, 1777 when John & Fanny McBee sold John Shumate 56 acres in Hamilton Parish willed him by his Grandfather.
This John married Fanny about 1765 - and died 1788 in Fauquier Co VA. They had children named William, Susanna, Benjamin, John, Nancy & Rachel.
Mary Marr, daughter of John Marr & Sarah Fishback was married to Thomas Kingcart Jr of Calvert Co MD. One daughter, Martha, was born to Mary & Thomas Kingcart. As Mary Kingcart, she received a grant of 125 acres from Lady Fairfax in the Northern Neck on 22 Sep 1715 - it was adjacent John Marr Jr & John Hopper on the Great Marsh. The widow Mary Marr Kingcart then married John Bradford about the same year. Daughter Martha married first John McBee by whom she had a son also named John McBee and then married 2nd William Kearns [ca 1749] in Fauquier Co VA. The 2nd John McBee married Fanny & is apparently selling part of the land [in 1777] granted his widowed grandmother in 1715.
9 Mar 1813 A grant in the Northern Neck - Gray's NORTHERN NECK LAND GRANTS, Vol III, p.61 still refers to the above McBee tract, Book B2-7
Simon Bradford 24 3/4 acres in Fauquier Co on Marsh Run adjacent McBee, Daniel Bradford, Eustace. Del'd Mr. Buckner on 24 May 1813.

William bought and sold another tract in King George Co:
28 Apr 1730 Deed from King George Co Thomas Riphley sold 259 acres to William McBee. 2000#'s of tobacco. All that tract of land taken up by Grace Riphley alias Butler, now wife of said Thomas Riphley, in the time of her widowhood, 14 Jul 1727. Land bounded by William Russell, Joshua Butler & Joseph King. Head of a savannah of Elk Run, Mark Hardins land. Wit: John Wright, Charles Morgan. Ack. 1 May 1730.
p.96 Bk 1A: 41 Deeds of Lease & Release 27 & 28 Apr 1730 Thomas Riphley of King George Co, carpenter to Wm McBee of same, planter 5sh to lease 259a taken up by Grace Riphley, Alias Butler, now wife of Thomas, in the time of her widowhood by deed dated 14 Jul 1727. Signed: Thomas Riphley, Grace Riphley alias Butler
Wit: John Wright, Charles Morgan. William Strother, by virture of power of attorney. Rec. 1 May 1730
Bk 1A, p.42 For 2000#'s good sound merchantable tobacco & cask at the Rowling house in this county. Bounded by William Russell, Joshua Butler & Joseph King. Rec. 1 May 1730
BK 1A p.43 P of A 28 Apr 1730. Thomas Riphley & Grace Riphley alias Butler, wife of sd Thomas appt their trusty and well beloved friends Capt. William Strother & John Bradford their attorneys to sell in their behalves deeds of lease & release together with the right of dower - 259 acres….confirming the said land unto William McBee.
Wit: John Wright, Chas. Morgan. Rec 1 May 1730

VIRGINIA NORTHERN NECK LAND GRANTS; compiled Gertrude E. Gray, 1988
Vol. 1, p.109
14 Jun 1731 C-161 Richard Buckner of Caroline Co, Gent. 411 acres in Prince William County adjacent William McBee, Joshua Butler, Mark Harding, Joseph King, Mr. Falkner, Alexander Clements, Daniel Feagin now Mr. Crump's land.

King George DB 1, p.100-102
This indenture made this 29th day of September in the year of Our Lord 1730 between William MCBEE of the County of King George and Colony of Virginia, Planter, of one part and Emanuel CUMBEE of the County and Colony aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the said William MCBEE for and in consideration of five shillings of lawful money in hand paid before the sealing and delivery hereof the receipt whereof the said William MCBEE doth hereby acknowledge thereof and of every part thereof doth acquit and discharge him the said Emanuel CUMBEE his executors and administrators by these present hath granted bargained sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the said Emanuel CUMBEE his executors and assigns a certain tract or parcel of land containing 200 acres, be the same more or less, situated and being in the County aforesaid upon a branch of the Marsh Run commonly known by the name of the Horsepenn Branch, bounded as follows; viz: [boundries duly set forth and bounded by]... William RUSSELL, Mark HARDINS, Joshua BUTLER, and Joseph KING, the beginning being part of 259 acres of land taken up by Grace BUTLER in the name of her widowhood, the deed thereof bearing the date of 14th of July 1727 and the reversion and reversions thereof together with all rents and services thereof to have and to hold the said 200 acres of land and all and every premises therein before mentioned and intended to be thereby granted bargained and sold with their and every of their appurtenances unto the said Emanuel CUMBEE, his executors, administrators assigns from the day of the sale thereof for during [sic] the full term of one whole year from thence next ensuing and fully to be completed and ended to the end that by virtue of these present and of the statute for transferring of the premises and be enabled to accept of a grant & release of the same to him the said Emanuel CUMBEE his heirs and assigns forever, in witness whereof the partys [sic!
] have interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and year above written. [signed] William McBee [his special mark that looks like a B on its face]
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of
at a court held for King George County the ___ day of November anno dom. 1730.
Then came William MCBEE and acknowledged this deed of release to Emmanuel CUMBEE to be his proper act and deed to be and cause to be uses in the said deed contained and James MCDONNELL by virtue of a power of attorney from Susannah MCBEE wife of the said William MCBEE relinquished her right of dower in and to the same which on the motion of the said CUMBEE is admitted to the record. [Susannah's release of dower follows - nothing informative about it; it's just the usual statement of release.]

Transcribed & published by Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne; Richmond, VA. Privately Printed. 1898.
p.340 Vadrey s. of Wm and Susana Macbie Born 23 Decemr 1734 Bapt 19 Apr 1735.
[Bristol Parish was primarily the area of Prince George Co]

There are a couple of references in Amelia Co VA Court records that are quite possibly this same William since he's shown in Bristol Parish in 1735.
12 Dec 1735 George Robertson Clark vs William McBee. I don't have this complete record but there is mention of the Court of Prince George Co. Judgement was awarded Clark for 6.2.1. The Sheriff sold the said McBee estate [this doesn't necessarily mean he was dead, just that some of his property was sold] for 8.10.11 and was ordered to pay Robertson
Also: John Nash vs William Mackbee. Judgement granted for 1.3.6 and the Sheriff was also ordered to pay out of the above sale after Robertson's debt was discharged. 10sh to Robert Stoker for gathering McBee's corn.
[It is difficult to explain the above unless McBee had simply moved away leaving property that was attached for his debts. He was a much wealthier man than this indicates. Of course he could be a different William McBee. From Danny A. McBee files.]

[This VA Land Patent shows that William McBee's original tract in King George Co, sold to Thomas Barnes in 1728, later was part of Prince William Co]
14 Feb 1746 Northen Neck Grants F, p.264
Lord Fairfax to Lazarus Taylor of Prince William Co [Prince William formed from King George and Stafford Counties in 1730] Land between the lines of John Coppedge, Daniel Feagan & John [sic] McBee. By a drain of Marr's run, corner to John Coppege now John Eustace and with Eustace's line; land of William McBee, with McBee's line [double white oak - see grant of 2 Mar 1722/3; Chapel Road; line of land of John Crump; corner to Crump & Eustace at the Chapel Road; along Eustaces line to the beginning. 149 acres.
[Note: Deeds sometimes list original owners even after they have long since sold out and moved on. The names, including that of John McBee, match the earlier surveys]

Drury Stith's ENTRY RECORD BOOK, 1737-1770, Chiarito
This book lists land entries in the western portion of the original Brunswick County - what is today Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin & Patrick. These counties were formed from Lunenburg which was separated from Brunswick in 1746. These are entries - statement of intentions to purchase.
p.10 28 Oct 1743 Wm Macby enters 400 acres both sides Midway adj Mich. Youngs upper line. Transferred to James & Mathias Macby.
p.20 28 Oct 1746 Wm Macby enters 400 acres joying Umphry's Line on Medway River. dated 28 Mar 1739. Signed Drury Stith.
p.32 23 Nov 1746 William Macby JUNR enters 400 acres begin at White Oak branded WM on North Fork of Medway R up both side.
Also 400 acres on South fork Medway R begin at lower end of an Isle then up and down both sides. [Medway became Birches Creek. If this is William Jr. son of William & Susannah entering land in 1746, he was about 10 years older than his his often seen estimated birth year of 1730.]
p.33 [Void] William Macby Junr enters 400 acres on S side of Birches Crk begin at Beach near a Spring branded with 2 letters supposed to be S.P. thence up and down.
[this entry follow one for William Macbee Senr which was also void]
p.33 23 Nov 1746 [Void] William Macbee Senr enters 400 acres on Double Branches of Birches Cr beg at the Great Spring thence up both sides.
p.34 27 Nov 1746 William Macby entered 200 acres of Land West side of Birches Creek joying Michael Cadet Young and James & Matthias Macby, to be alter'd. Survd. [See first entry for William Macby]
p.35 2 Dec 1746 William Macby entered 400 acres on Burches Crk known by name of Big Branch being first bold branch below Wm Umphry's line. Survd.
p.35 2 Dec 1746 Wm Macby Junr entered 400 acres both sides the lower Double Creeks begin at a White Oak branded WM thence up [appears to be same as the entry on 23 Nov 1746]
p.37 6 Dec 1746 Memorandum agreed on all sides that Capt Nicholas Edmonds is to have Wm Macbys Entry on the double Branches of Birches Crk and William Macby, Junr, his entry begin at a tree mark't S.P. [See p.33. This explains why the entry there was marked Void.]
p.78 6 Jul 1748 James Terry 400 acres begin at Wm Macby Junr his west corner on Birches Crk branches thence towards & on branches of Little Toby's Crk.

VA Land Patent
5 Jul 1751 Patent Book 30, p.479-80
To William Macbee, 800 acres in county of Lunenburgh on both sides Medway River [later Birches Creek in Halifax, then Pittsylvania County]. Begin Umphrey's corner beech [see Entry of 28 Oct 1746]; on Michael C___ Young's line
[This next patent shows that this land was later in Halifax]
5 Jul 1774 Patent Book 42, p.660-661
To Nicholas Edmunds tract of 150 acres in County of Halifax, both sides Medway River. Begin at William Macbee's pine, thence on his line, crossing the creek; Cartey's line.

LUNENBURG CO VA Deed Books 1 & 2 1746-1752
DB 2, pp.415-417 6 Apr 1752 William Magbe to Thomas Dickson. 40# 200 acres both sides of Midway R, part of 800 patented by Magbe. Signed: William X Magbe, Susannah X Magbe. Wit: Able X Lee, William X Aston, William Douglass. Rec. 7 Apr 1752

1753 Nov Court, Lunenburg Co VA. Godfrey & David Jones, surviving heirs of Thomas Jones, vs. William MacBay. Judgement for the Joneses for the sum of 3.6.1.
[Danny A. McBee files]

Halifax Co VA
Deed Book 1
p.90 23 Aug 1754 William Macby to Vardry Macby 10£ both sides Burche's Creek alias Midway River ...200 acres, part of a tract granted the said Wm Macby 800 acres patent dated 5 Jun 1751 Signed: William X Macby Wit: Sherd Walton, Peter Akin, Thomas Dickson ...19 Sep 1754 proved by witnesses.
Deed is signed with William's distinctive "mark". This is also proof that what had been called Midway River became Birch's Creek]
Halifax DB 1, p.238 17 Mar 1757 Samuel Harris, Gent. of Halifax Co VA to Daniel Williams, planter, of Halifax. 40£. Tract now in Halifax, formerly Lunenburg. 400 acres. Adj lines of Robert WATERS, William Mackley [Mackbey?], Harris' own line. Wit: Nathl Terry, Robert Wade Jr. & Thomas Spragon
This Patent awarded to Samuel Harris on 16 Aug 1756 in Lunenburg Co. [had already become Halifax Co] - adj Robert Walters and William Mackby Senr. VA PB 34, p.107
[Notice that Robert Walters was living adjacent to his father-in-law William McBee.]

There are some copies of this Will on the Internet which are incomplete. The often quoted transcript of the will printed in the book "Out of the Wilderness" is incomplete. This is my own complete transcript copied from the microfilm of the original Will Book.Will in WB O [Zero], p.55-57, Halifax Co VA.
I William Magbee of the County of Hallafax and Parrish of Antrim being in perfect health and in full Cense and memory and Whereas I know that it is Ordained of the Almighty for all Men once to die, I do hereby make and Ordain this my Last and Testement [Viz] first I Bequath My Soul to Almighty God that Gave it and also my body to be buryed at the Descration of my Friends. Item: I make and appoint my beloved Wife Susannah Magbee and My Son James Magbee and My Son Mathias Magbee my hole Executors of this my Last Will and Testement. Item. I Give and Bequeath to my Son Vardry Magbee two hundred Acres of Land lying on boath sides of Burches Creak it being the Lower end of my upper survey of Land on the said Creek to him his heirs or Assigns for ever. Item I gve and Bequeath unto my son James Magbee Two hundred Acres of Land lying on boath sides of the North Fork of Burches Creek it being the Upper end of the same Tract where I now Dwell to him his heirs or Assigns for ever. Item. I gve and bequeath to my son Mathias Magbee Two hundred Acres of Land lying on boath Sides of Burches Creek Including the Plantation where on I now Dwell To him his heirs or assigns for ever after his mother's diseaase. Item. I give to my Son Samuel Magbee one Shilling only. Item. I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Howard one Shilling only. Item. I give to my Daughter Johannah Walters one Shilling only. Item. I give to my Daughter Mary Austin one Shilling only. Item. I leave all the Rest of my personal Estate to be Equally Divided between my loving Wife and my son Mathias Magbee. In Witness whereof I have hear unto set my hand afixed my seal this Twentith Day of August one thousand Seven hundred and fifty Eight. William (his mark) Magbee, L.S.
[The mark of William McBee looks like a B on its face]Test: Richard Davis, Henry Farmer, Christopher Snead
At a Court held for Halifax County the 15th Day of Mch 1759 The within written Last Will and Testament of William Magbee Deceased was Exhibited in Court by Susanna Magbee Widow Relict and Executrix and James Magbee one of the Executors therein appointed (Mathias Magbee the other Executor therein also appointed being under the Age of Twenty one Years) and the same was proved by the Oaths of Christopher Snead and Richard Davis two of the Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded and the said Executrix and Executor having taken the Oath of Executor by law prescribed and with Robert Walters and Abraham Little their Securities entered into and acknowledged Bond on their Motion Certificate was granted them for obtaining a probate of the said William dec'd.
Test. Geo. Currie CHC
11 Aug 1759 a True Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of William Magbee Deceased.
and we found Thirteen head of Cattle, pewter, tin ware, wooden vessels, tools, potts, knives & forks, bell, cards, chest and table, tackling, bedstids, boks, bed and furniture, sheep, three horses, a cart. Total 57.15.6.
Given under our hands: Jno. Fredh. Miller, Henry Terry, Alexander Moore
At a Court held for Halifax County the 16th Day of Aug 1759. The within Inventory & appraisment of the Estate of William Magbee Deceased was returned and Ordered to be Recorded. Test. Geo. Currie CHC

No son named William or Gannum was mentioned in the above Will of William McBee, although both are listed as sons in some databases. I believe the name Gannum or Gainum actually entered the family after the marriage of the third William McBee and Mary Ann Cox [see their notes]. William who married Abigail did live near William & Susannah and he was referred to as a "Junior" in some of the records. However, that reference simply means he was a younger man. He may have been a nephew, even a child of an earlier wife, before Susannah Vardry and William McBee were married. He could also have been a son that previously received his inheritance and therefore was omitted from the will. DNA tests that apparently go back to William and Abigail do indicate a kinship.

WILLIAM MCBEE and SUSANNAH VARDRY were married about 1725.1 SUSANNAH VARDRY, daughter of John VARDRY and Elizabeth CAGE, was born in Prince George's County, Maryland.1 She died before November 1762 in Halifax County, Virginia.

The will of William McBee provided for son Mathias to inherit the part of his 800 acre patent that contained the dwelling, after his mother's decease. Mathias sold 170 acres on 15 Nov 1762 that was described as part of old William's 800 acres. Old surveys were often incoreect as to total acres. Either his mother had died or he was selling only a part of his inheritance. It's most likely she had also died.

The information I have seen on Susannah generally states that they married about 1725 I'm sure this is someone's best guesstimate]. I've seen that they married both in Prince George's Co MD and King George Co VA and that her father was a John Vardry.

This is what I found - from links on USGenWeb county pages and some general net surfing. Prince George's was formed from parts of both Calvert and Charles Counties, which were two of the original counties of Maryland. A John Vaudry [sic] lived in Charles County quite early. There are land records for 400 acres in 1660 [tract called Wilton] and another 100 acres in 1665 [called Tilney which was adjacent to Wilton]. There is said to be a deed dated 27 Aug 1670 when Ignatius Casuine sold 300 acres to John Vaudrey, carpenter, a tract called St. Nicholas. Just as a tidbit to offer - all tracts in Maryland were required to have a name when granted.

A WorldConnect/Rootsweb file has a timeline of research done on John Vardry, but it seems to have been basically copied from someone else. In this information John Vaudry is said to have married Mary Elizabeth Cage, daughter of John F. Cage by wife Ann Hall who was a daughter of William Hall of St. Mary's Co, about 1670. There is a note dated in 1671 that John Vaudrey & wife Elizabeth acknowledged their right to St. Nicholas. I also had seen previously that John Vardry's wife and Susannah's mother was an Elizabeth.

The land records where I found John Vaudry also show a John Cage in Charles Co. The tract Tilney had been surveyed for William Hall. This would seem to add plausibility to the above relationships.

Children born to John Vardry & Elizabeth are listed in birth order, but not specific dates. Anne, Elizabeth, John Jr., George, Philemon, SUSANNAH. John Vaudrey died 10 Jan 1722, a date which could be the date of his Will, proved 18 Sep 1723. He was still in Charles Co and the will is said to have named eldest son John, sons George & Philmon, daughter Susannah Vaudrey and daughters Anne and Elizabeth, both of whom married Wards - Elizabeth at the time was the widow of Benjamin Ward.

There is a note that John Vaudry Jr sold land inherited from his father, deed dated 2 Dec 1731, and he was still of Charles Co. Since by this time, Prince George's County had long since been formed, it's apparent that the Vardry residence was in Charles Co and remained so.

So Susannah & William McBee were not married at the time John Vardry wrote his will in early 1722. There is no mention of whether or not the Will of John Vardry named his wife Elizabeth. Given that one of the sons of William & Susannah was Vardry McBee, I think there's little doubt of her surname.

This had direct line implications for those of you descended from Joannah McBee & Robert Walters. I have a bit of a lineage problem with my husband's family since he descends from Thomas Walters and not Robert. Seletha McBee, wife of Robert, eldest son of Thomas & Lucy, was the daughter of another William McBee. A younger William, not the William McBee whose wife was Susannah Vardry; the younger William's wife was Abigail, surname unproved. Most researchers of the Thomas/Lucy Walters line have "assumed" the younger William to be a son of William & Susannah Vardry McBee. However, the will of this elder William McBee, although it names many children including Joannah Walters, does NOT name a son as William. The younger William McBee was definitely still living at that time. Many land records, entries and patents in Lunenburg/Halifax differentiate between a William McBee and a William McBee JR, but as we know in that time period the "Junior" simply meant a younger man of the same name and did not necessarily denote kinship, nor specify the kinship if there was one.

I might add here, too, that the children of William & Abigail introduce some different given names into the mix. They did have both a William and a Susannah, and nothing is known of Abigail so some of the names could have been from her side of the family.

There are some reasonable possibilities for the omission of a son William from the elder McBee's will. Primogeniture was still in effect meaning that the eldest son received any land not specifically designated in a will, so sometimes the eldest was left out of the bequests, knowing that he was provided for by law. [This can often be discovered by the eventual sale of the land and I certainly don't have all the land transactions of the the McBees.] Children who have received their bequests already are sometimes omitted and not mentioned in a will that provides for their siblings. [Elder William had given son Vardry 200 acres by deed, but he restated that gift in the will.]

It is quite possible that the William McBee whose wife was Abigail was not a son of William & Susannah - he could very well have been a nephew who simply joined his uncle in Virginia. He could also have been a son of a young first wife who did not survive.

There's room here for a lot more research in Maryland. My conclusions are few except that I do believe this

2. Susannah Vardry could have been a daughter of John Vardry [& most likely Elizabeth Cage] of Charles Co MD and the wife of William McBee of Lunenburg/Halifax.

3. The two William McBees of Halifax Co were in all probability related, the most likely relationships being father & son or uncle & nephew. [There aren't any records of any other men of this name in the area that cannot be assigned to one of these two.]

WILLIAM MCBEE and SUSANNAH VARDRY had the following children:






Samuel MCBEE3 was born about 1728 in King George County, Virginia.1

ENTRY RECORD BOOK, 1737-1770, Chiarito
p.79 6 Jul 1748 (Void) Saml. Macby, 400 acres Great Toby's Crek; begin at Burgess Walls upper line when run, thence up both sides. Refus'd to survey.

Samuel is thought to have gone to Spartanburg, SC



Elizabeth MCBEE was born about 1732 in King George County, Virginia.1

Named as Elizabeth Howard in her father's will.



Joannah MCBEE.



Mary MCBEE was born about 1734 in King George County, Virginia.1

Mary was named as Mary Austin in her father's will.

Found in a MyHeritage database - not likely this Mary, although some have placed her as a daughter of William - she's said to have been born in Pennsylvania and William McBee never lived in Pennsylvania. That would immediately eliminate any possibility. The proposed birth puts her out of the order of the children in William's will and they otherwise seem to be in birth order. She has been given a middle name and none of William McBee's other children had middle names. There is much conflict in almost all data about her, her husband, her children.

A Mary Susannah Crenshaw Austin, born McBee was born 8 Jan 1726 in Pennsylvania [possible if she was one of the oldest children but that's not the order in the will, but since middle names were virtually unknown and none of the other children of William McBee had a middle name - this immediately makes me question the accuracy - but this family is shown as living in Halifax and then Pittsylvania Co VA.]
She is shown as married to John Champness Austin II.
Children: John Champess III, b. 1746 [ she was certainly born say by 1730], d. 1815, Madison Co AL; Capt Stephen, b. 1755 [why so long after John?]; David b. 1756; Isaiah, b. 1759 in Surry NC, Thomas, b. 1761 or 1748. William, b. 1761. Hannah, b. 1763, d. 1813.. Margaret Mary, b. 1763 in Hanover VA, d. 1797.
This Mary Austin died in Sumner Co, TN, 15 Jun 1815



Vardry MCBEE.



James MCBEE was born about 1737.1

ENTRY RECORD BOOK, 1737-1770, Chiarito
p.10 28 Oct 1743 Wm Macby enters 400 acres both sides Midway adj Mich. Youngs upper line. Transferred to James & Mathias Macby.
[In 1743, James & Mathias, sons of William would have been only small boys. Could this have been other kin of William? Brothers? Sons?]
p.257 17 Feb 1764 James Mackbe. 400 acres on Suck branch of Birches Crk adj Wal.s [Walters? Wallers?] N line. Beg at white oak mark't [Capital I with cross bar for "J". M.]

Halifax DB 4, p.339
20 Jul 1763 James McBee of Halifax to William Owen of same for 50£. 127 acres on both sides the 1st fork of Burches Creek. Crossing the creek to Talmon Harbours corner and on his line. McBee's old line. Signed: James McBee. No Witness
Acknowledged 21 Jul 1763.
James was left 200 acres of his father's 800 acre survey by the will of 1759. Either he isn't selling all of it or the old survey was not correct.
Halifax DB 5, p.378
11 May 1765 William Owen to Moses Echols for 80£. 127 acres both sides of Little Creek belonging to Burches Crk. Talmon Harbours corner, his line, on Mackbees old line.
That this tract sold by James McBee to William Owen and then sold again by this deed is definitely part of old William McBee's 800 acres is shown by the fact that William Senr's survey for 800 acres was on Midway [later Birches] & Little Creek, dated 28-19 Nov 1746
Are these records of this James in South Carolina? He disappeared from the Virginia records:
24 Dec 1770 James McBee. 200 acres, S side Packolet River on Reedy Branch including improvement bout of Charles Park on 29 Apr 1768. 22 Nov 1769 - Surveyed for James McBee on S side North Fork Packlet adj Sam Young, Zach Bullock.
Wit: Jas. Howard, Alexr Kilpatrick
[Area of Spartanburg]
13 Sep ?179 James McBee of Franklin Co GA to Andrew Colley of Spartanburg. 400 acres on McBee's Crk on N. Pacolate River and on S. side S Pacolate river adj Saml. Young, granted 24 May 1770 to James McBee.
Wit: Wm Cawley, Isham McBee

1790 Reconstructed Census (tax list) Franklin Co GA: Robert Walters, John Walters, Moses Walters and Peter Walters. Charles Cawthon, Claborn Cawthon, and David Cawthorn. Mathias Magbe (McBee) and James McBee.

Deeds of Franklin Co., GA. Posted on

6 Oct 1794. JAMES MCBEE of Franklin Co. to John BROWN, ...30 pds.,...200 acres in Franklin Co. on headwaters of Shoal Creek, granted to said MCBEE 16 Nov 1793. [s] James MCBIE. Witness: Jno. SMITH, J.P.

6 Apr 1795 (recorded 28 May 1795). JAMES MCBEE of Franklin Co. to Randolph WALKER of same. ...30 pds...175 acres in Frankin Co. on waters of the north fork of Broad River... [s] James MCBEE. Witness: A. BLACKBURN, J.P.

30 Dec 1795 (recorded 12 Jan 1796). John CLARKE and wife Rebekah of Franklin Co. to Benjamin ALLEN...north side of North Fork Broad River....witness: MATTHIAS MCBIE, John SMITH, J.P., S. LANE....

13 Sept 1799 (no recording date). James MCBEE of Franklin Co. to Andrew COLLEY of Spartanburg Co. [SC]...400 acres in Spartanburg Co. on a branch now called MCBEE's Creek, of North Pacolet, originally called Plumtree branch, lying on south side of Pacolet River, granted to grantor 24 May 1770, by William TYRON, Governor of North Carolina.
5 Apr 1800 (recorded 10 Oct 1801). JAMES MCBEE and wife SARAH to John TEMPLES, all of Franklin Co....$250...185 acres in Franklin Co. on waters of Big Shoal CREEK, waters of Tougaloo River, adjacent PULLIAM. [s] JAMES MCBEE (Sarah's signature missing). Witnesses: Benjamin PULLIAM, Charles FORD.

31 Aug 1804 (recorded 23 Dec 1805). Joshua KENNEDY of Washington Co. GA, to JAMES MACBIE of Franklin Co. ...$100...200 acres in Franklin Co. being part of 800 acres granted to John HINSON...July 1788, and conveyed by him to the executors of Doctor Joseph KENNEDY deceased, who willed it to his two youngest sons, Joshua and Joseph KENNEDY. Witnesses: James BARR, SAMUEL (x) MACBY. Sworn to by SAMUEL (x) MCBEE before A. FRANKLIN, JIC, 19 Dec 1805.
[Note: I believe this is my Samuel MCBEE, but wonder if it was legal to witness a deed when 19 or 20 years of age - does anyone know? - Yes, one could witness at age 14.]

13 June 1805 (recorded 23 Dec 1805). Joshua KENNEDY of Washington Co., GA to JAMES MCBEE of Franklin Co...$30,...50 acres in Franklin Co. on waters of Beaverdam, adj. said MCBEE, being part ...granted to John HINSON.... Witnesses: Lem'l BEAN, JOHN MCBEE. Sworn to by JOHN MCBEE before A. FRANKLIN, JIC, 19 Dec 1805, that he and Lemuel BEAN witnessed the above.

10 June 1805 (recorded 23 Dec 1805). Joshua KENNEDY of Washington Co., GA to JOHN MCBEE of Franklin Co. ...$30,...100 acres in Franklin Co. on waters of Flat Creek, adjacent Thomas HULL, DYKES, ADAMS, JONES, being prat of ....granted to John HINSON.... Witnesses: Lem'l BEAN, Huky BROWN.

21 Dec 1805 (recorded 23 Dec 1805). JAMES MCBEE of Franklin Co. to Mical WILSON of same.... $500...150 acres in Franklin Co. on waters of Beaverdam Creek, adjacent JAMES MCBEE, John ADAMS,...Witnesses: Tho's RUTLEDGE, James HENDRIX, JIC.

7 Dec 1802 (recorded 13 Feb 1806). JAMES MCBEE and wife SARAH to John BROWN, both of Franklin Co.,...$100...96 acres in Franklin Co. on waters of Shoal Creek, surveyed for said MCBEE 6 July 1797, granted to him 23 Nov 1801, adjacent WILKINS, PULLIAM, CLEVELAND at time of survey, ...Witnesses: JOHN MCBEE, Benjamin (x) ROBERTS.
18 Oct 1805 (recorded 17 Oct 1806). Randolph WALKER and wife Sarah of Franklin Co. to Redfearn WEEMS of aforesaid...$100...47 acres in Franklin Co. on MCBEE's Branch, adjacent MCBEE, MCDONAL. Witness: V. GARNER, Thos. D. WEEKS.
[Here's the same deed again, I believe.]

18 Oct 1805 (recorded 17 Oct 1806). Randolph WALKER and wife Sarah of Franklin Co. to Redferring WIMS of aforesaid...$150...150 acres in Franklin Co. on MCBIE's Branch of North Fork of Broad River, surveyed by said MCBIE and conveyed by him to said WALKER, adjacent ROGERS. Witnesses Vincent GARNER, Thos. D.WEEKS.

24 Jan 1806 (recorded 16 Nov 1815). JOHN MCBEE of (Franklin Co.) to ALEXANDER STANDRIDGE [Note: Alexander STANDRIDGE moved to Franklin Co. Tennessee before 1812]...$30...100 acres in Franklin Co. on waters of Flat Creek, adjacent John HINSON, DYKES, Thomas HULL... Witnesses: Mannen GORE Jr., ISHAM MCBEE.

20 Oct 1807 (recorded 10 Nov 1809) JAMES MCBEE of (Franklin Co.) to Joseph CANTERBURY... $150...100 acres in Franklin Co. on a branch of Beaverdam Creek, being part of ...John HENSON... which wsa conveyed to said MCBEE by Joshua KENNEDY, adjacent John ADAMS, David FORD, M. WILSON. Witnesses: Mannon GORE, William SPRADLING.

8 Jan 1808 (recorded 22 Oct 1813). Joseph CANTERBARY of Franklin Co. to ISHAM MCBEE of aforesaid...$60...40 acres in Franklin Co. on a branch of Flat Creek, being part of ...John HINSON...conveyed to Mary GIBSON, adjacent John OWENS' land, now owned by Alexander BEARY. Witnesses: William SPRADLING, Michael WILSON.

The book Out of the Wilderness, by Janice Mercer, 1973, attempts to make a rather loose connection to this James. No proofs connecting the generations are offered. She states that Vardry and James, sons of William & Susannah, moved to North Carolina, but the boundary line changed and they ended up living in South Carolina. James said to have remained in South Carolina. A son of James's, a Thomas, said to have married Rachel Riley and moved to Ohio. They had nine children who left Canton Ohio about 1835, with their mother, and went to Missouri. Some of the family continued on Oregon about 1852; several members of the family died of cholera. Three of the sons remained in Missouri. This book is about this branch of the family. The book itself is unclear and has been further misrepresented in databases online. Given the fact that William McBee died in Halifax Co in 1759 and his other offspring left records in that area of Virginia, it seems likely that some mistake has been made. Thomas McBee married Rachel Riley, 21 Feb 1797 in Frederick Co, Maryland - they were not in Virginia, North or South Carolina. Other researchers online have traced this same Thomas as a son of Higgason/Hickinson McBee - son of James Offutt Mockbee of Maryland which seems much more likely. James Offutt Mockbee was a son of Brock Mockbee, grandson of Matthew Mockbee of Prince George's Co, MD.
There was apparently a christening record for Thomas, as a son of Hickinson & Rebecca McBee:
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD
Thomas Hickison, son of Hickison and Rebecca Macbee, b. 16 Feb 1777,
bp. 6 Oct 1778. Sponsor: Mary Nailor Frederick S. Weiser, Maryland
German Church Records, Volume 3, Baptismal Records of ... the
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Frederick, ... 1742-1779 (Manchester,
MD:.Noodle Doosey Press, 1987), p. 90.



Mathias MCBEE was born after 1738.1 He died in October 1817 at the age of 79 in Spartanburg District, South Carolina.

[Some databases list both a Mathias and a Matthew - this would be doubtful. Mathias was named in the will of William McBee.]
When William McBee's will was proved in 1759, Mathias who had been named one of the Executors, could not serve as he was not yet age 21.

ENTRY RECORD BOOK, 1737-1770, Chiarito
p.10 28 Oct 1743 Wm Macby enters 400 acres both sides Midway adj Mich. Youngs upper line. Transferred to James & Mathias Macby. [There is no date for the transfer but certainly Mathias was not of age until at least 1760.]

In his father's will, Mathias was given 200 acres, the dwelling and plantation of his parents, after his mother's decease. By 1762, he sold at least part of this land to James Legrand who also bought Vardry's share.
Halifax DB 4, p.171
15 Nov 1762. Mathias Machbee of Halifax to James Lagrand for 75£. 170 acres. Both sides Burches Creek called Midway. Patent granted to Wm Machbee, dec'd, on 5 Jul 1751 containing 800 acres. Corner in Vardry Machbees line. Signed: Matt Machbee. Wit: John Lee, H. Powell, Richard Finch, John Goff.
Either the survey was incorrect and Mathias did not get the full 200 acres, or he could be selling all but the home and surrounding property.

American Militia in the Frontier Wars, 1790-1796
Franklin Co Militia (GA) Ward's Mill Lt. Charles Gilbert's Detachment. May 5-Aug 5, 1794
Matthias McBee, Sergeant

1790 Reconstructed Census (tax list) Franklin Co GA: Robert Walters, John Walters, Moses Walters and Peter Walters. Charles Cawthon, Claborn Cawthon, and David Cawthorn. Mathias Magbe (McBee) and James McBee.

Whether or not this Mathias in Halifax is the same Mathias McBee later in Spartanburg, SC, is debatable, but it seems likely. His brother Vardry is thought to have moved to Spartanburg.
Last Will & Testament: (Recorded the 23rd of October 1817)
In the name of God Amen. I Matthew McBee of the State of South Carolina and District of Spartanburg, being very weak in body but perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God ) calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and First of all I give and recommend my soul unto the Lord, of almighty God that gave it and my body I recomment to the earth, to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors, nothing doubting but at the General resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as for my worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life,
I give and devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First, I give to my son Matthew McBee a part of the tract of land I now live on lying on Packolet River beginning on a Red oak in the bent of the branch above the fork of the branch running a straight line to his fence then a strait line to a big ded oak at the lower corner of the wheat patch fence then through the old fields with a strait line to the crab apple tree on the river. Also, I do give the other part of the tract to my son Jeramiah McBee. Also, I do give my daughter Rachel McBee a tract of land lying on the head of Horse Creek with a plantation on it. My household furniture I equally divide between my daughters Rachel and Anna at my wife's death. Also, I give all my plantation and working tools to my son Jeramiah McBee but nothing to be interrupted till my wife's death. I also leave my granddaughter, Betty Dodd one cow & calf & one feather bed. I give to my sons John, Elijah, and William McBee and James Dodd five shillings to be paid unto each of them out of my estate by my executors, Fanny McBee, John and Jeremiah McBee. My wife, John and Jeremiah, my sons, to be my executor of this my last will and testament. And I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke, and disannul all and every other testaments, wills, legacies bequeath and executor by me in any wise before named willed or bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this ninth day of January 1817.
Signed in the presence of us William Gore
Jeremiah McBee
Mathew McBee Matthew McBee (seal)
Recorded in Will Book 119 Box 140 Package 100
Recorded 23 October 1817 W. Lancaster
From the book Spartanburg Co. South Carolina Will Abstracts 1787 - 1840 compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S. Spartanburg co. Will Book A Pp. 119-121: L.W. & T. of Matthew McBee of Dist. of Spartanburg; rec 23 Oct 1817; to my son Matthew McBee, land I now live on lying on Packolet River; the other part of sd. tract to my son Jeremiah McBee; to my daughter Rachel McBee, tract on head of Horse Creek; divided between my daughters Rachel and Anna at my wifes death; to my granddaughter Betsy Dodd, one cow & calf; to my sons John, Elijah & William McBee and James Dodd, five shillings; wife Fanny and sons John, Jeremiah to be Exrs; 9 jan 1817; Matthew Mcbee. Proven by William Gore 6 Sept 1817. Exrs. qualified 23 Oct 1817