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Third Generation

14. Susannah MCBEE1 was born on 17 September 1762 in Halifax County, Virginia.1 She died on 17 August 1850 at the age of 87 in Pulaski, Kentucky.1 She was buried in Flat Lick Bapt Church Cemetery, Valley Oak, Pulaski County, Kentucky.

Susannah is not shown as a daughter in every database. However, her parents were definitely located in Washington Co, TN at the time of marriage. It would seem likely she was their daughter, as other McBees don't seem to be in the neighborhood!

The database gave place of birth as Washington Co TN - impossible for 1762. As her siblings were born in Halifax County, it's probable she was also. She was in Washington Co TN at the time of her marriage, although it was then still part of North Carolina. She died Pulaski Co KY.

1810 Census. Somerset, Pulaski, KY
Jno. Barren: 4m under 10, 2m 16-26, 1m over age 45. 1f under 10, 1f over age 45.

1820 Census. Somerset, Pulaski, KY
Jno Barron: 1m 10-16, 1m over 45. 1f 10-16, 1f over 45
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Jas. Barron: 1m 26-45, 1f 16-26

A letter in the Pension file of John Barren, from Chattanooga,TN, dated 4 Nov 1926, states that she is looking for the widow's file 2987, John Barron, Revolutionary soldier born 3 oct 1749, Talbert Co, MD who married Susanah McBee, Apr 12 1781, in Washington Co, NC. His residence at time of enlistments was Montgomery Co. Applied for his pension from Pulaski Co, KY 16 Jun 1834. Barron died 14 Mar 1841. Two other files were requested. Signed Mrs. Rhoda S. Dudderar.

The above "find" on, alerted me to the Pension file of John Barron and his widow Susannah, W2987 - a large file. One card, entitling her to the pension, has the name as "Barrow". Her Pension issued 16 Jan 1849.

16 Jun 1836. Pulaski Co KY. John Barron, a resident of Pulaski Co, aged 84, made application. He was a resident of Montgomery Co VA when he entered the War in Jun of 1776 as a volunteer for six months, company of Capt. John Montgomery, Michael Dougherty, LT, and John Simpson, Ens. He was stationed at Fort Chezie in Montgomery Co to guard the public property deposited there. In 2 months they were marched to the Long Island of the Holstien Rvier and formed an army under Col. Wm. Christy. They were marched into the Indian County. About the 1st of December they were discharged and ordered home. He received no written discharge. Sometime in the year 1777 he served for one months under Capt Daniel Trigg to guard and range against the Indians. In 1778 he was drafted for one moth to serve in the company of Capt John Draper against the Indians and were stationed at Comptons Fort on Blue Stone River. He again served in the month of December 1780, then living in Washington Co of East Tennessee. He served in the company of Capt Ezekiel Smith, Regt. of Col. Sevier - they were marched to an Indian town on the Tennessee River and destroyed it [he describes several other destinations]. He has no written proof but can produce Isaac Shepherd, a resident of Wayne Co KY to testify to a portion of his service. He was known to Joseph M. James, a Clergyman living in his neighborhood and to Genl. John Griffin, who can testify to his character and their belief he was a soldier of the Revolution. He was born Tolbert Co, MA on 3 Oct 1749. He had a record of his age in a Bible given him by his father with from use & age is almost entirely destoyed. After the Revolution he lived in Washington Co, East Tennessee for seven years, then moved to Franklin Co, GA where he lived about three years. He then moved back to Washington for almost 3 years. In 1798 to moved and settled on Buckbrake now Pulaski County, where he has lived ever since. Signed: John Barron

Isaac Shepherd did dispose. He was aged 72 and well acquainted with John Barron. During the early part of the war he was a near neighbor to John Barron and knows that he was engaged in the Service at Fort Chizel. It was also understood in the neighborhood that Barron was serving against the Indians under Col. Christy and returned home with the regiment about Dec of 1777. He knows that Barron was drafted in March of 1778 to serve against the Indians in the company of Capt. John Draper. Signed: Isaac Shepperd

Joseph M. James, Clergyman testified he had been long well acquainted with John Barron; he believed him to be 84 years of age and that he had been a soldier in the Revolution.

20 Jun 1842, Pulaski Co KY. Declaration of Susanna Barron. She believed she would be 80 years of age on the 17th of September next. She was married to John Barron by John Duncum, a Justice of the Peace in what was then Washington Co NC (now Tennessee) on the 12th of April 1781. She knows of no living witness. There was a record in the Bible of her husband, but they gave their oldest son James Barron the old Bible and it has been destroyed. John died 14 Mar 1841 in Pulaski Co where they had lived since 1797. Her husband had been receiving a pension until his time of death. Some of his service, against the Indians, was rendered after their marriage. Signed with her own signature, Susannah Barron.

Susannah testified again on 18 Dec 1843, then age 81 years. She testified to the basically the same information - apparently additional proof of her marriage had been required. This time she signed with her mark. And a note states that due to bodily infirmity she is unable to attend Court.
Also on 18 Dec 1843, John Smith, age 66, testified he was raised in Washington Co, TN and was neighbor to John & Susannah Barron and they were recognized as husband and wife and he has been living neighbors to them in Pulaski Co for 40 years and knows she has not remarried since the death of John Barron. Signed: John Smith
James Barron also testified that he was about 52 and the son of John Barron, Dec'd and Susannah Barron. They lived together as husband and wife. There was a family Bible which had the marriage recorded in it in his father's handwriting with the date 12 April 1781, which has been destroyed. Signed: James Barron

There are several letters in the file to indicate tha she drew a pension from 1838 to 1843, and expected the pension in 1844, which never arrived. There are some cards marked "rejected" apparently under as act passed 30 Apr 1844.

6 Oct 1848, Susannah, now 86, again appeared before a justice of the peace, to make her application for pension under the Act of 2 Feb 1848. She did start receiving the pension again. John Smith and John Griffin both testified again.

Letters in response to inquiries give the dates as well as state that in 1842, the oldest child of Susannah was age 61 and that in 1843, James Barron was age 52. It's interesting that a couple of letters of inquiry received no results because they asked for the file of John "Barren".

1850, Pulaski Co KY
James Barron, age 59, b. TN [probably son of John & Susanna]
Mary, 49, b. KY as were all the children: David 22, James L. 21, Mathias 17, Sarah 15, Rachel 15, Elizabeth 11.

Susannah MCBEE and John BARRON were married on 12 April 1781 in Washington County, North Carolina. John BARRON was born on 3 October 1749 in Talbot County, Maryland. He died on 14 March 1841 at the age of 91 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. He was buried in Flat Lick Bapt Church Cemetery, Valley Oak, Pulaski County, Kentucky.32

FamilyTree on Amazon suggests his father was Joseph Elias Barron; mother was Anne Walker.