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Third Generation

16. Abigail MCBEE was born about 1770 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.1 She died about 1825 at the age of 55 in Grainger County, Tennessee.1

Aby Magby to Obediah Walters. Sur: Robert Madding. Married by Rev. John Atkinson.

Abigail MCBEE and Obediah WALTERS were married on 20 December 1790 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.10,33 Obediah WALTERS1,20,24,34, son of THOMAS WALTERS and LUCY ?CLEMENT OR WALKER, was born in 1765 in Halifax County, Virginia.1 He died in 1836 at the age of 71 in Grainger County, Tennessee.1

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.411 20 Nov 1784 Chichester Mathews and James McMurdry of Pittsy to Thomas Walters. 100£. 200 acres. Begin at said Thomas Walters corner red oak. Pointers on a branch, down the meanders. Signed: chichester Matthews, James McMurdery. Wit: Archer Walters, Samuel Walker, Obadiah Walters18 Apr 1785 Deed with memoradum & receipt proved by oaths of the witnesses.

Married (1) Abigail McBee on 20 Dec 1790 in Pittsylvania Co VA and married (2) Polly Powell on 2 Jan 1829 in Grainger Co TN. Obediah & Abigail moved to Tennesse in 1796. He was a farmer and a Baptist.

Pittsylvania Co DB 10
p.171 20 Apr 1795 Thomas Walters to Robert Walters. Sum of 100£. Tract on branches of Double Creek, 185 acres. Begin Robert Walters corner tree in Atkinsons line, sd Atkinsons line to Robert Madding line; to sd Thomas Walters line, meanders of branch to Robert Walters line & his line to the beginning. Being the plantation and part of Tract of the Land Deeded from Chichester Mathews to said Thomas Walters. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters.
Wit: Othe Thorp, William Finch Thorp, James Thorp, Obadiah Walters, Jackson Walters, Walker Gooding.
Sum of 100 pounds rec'd from Robert Walters. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters
Wit: Othe Thorp, Wm Finch Thorp, James Thorp, Obediah Walters
20 Apr 1795 Ack by Thomas Walters
p.172 20 Apr 1795 Thomas Walters to Obediah Walters. 100£. Tract on branches of Double Creek. 175 acres. Begin on large Branch in Thomas Walters & Jackson Walters line, up the branch to Joseph Slaydons line and along same, corner near Nathnial Murrays old Field, new line to Jackson Walters corner in the fork of a branch, along his line to the beginning. Part of tract deeded to Thomas Walters from Richard Griffin. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters
Wit: Robert Walters, Betsey Walters, Jackson Walters, Walker Gooding
20 Apr 1795 Ack by Thomas Walters

Pittsylvania Co DB 10, p.353
12 Mar 1796 Obadiah Walters and Abigail his wife of Pittsylvania Co to Joseph Slaydon of said county. For 65£. Tract on branches of the double Creek containing 175 acres. Bounded upon said Joseph Slaydens line; corner tree binding on John Walters line, Nathaniel Murray's line, along John Walter's line, Jackson Walter's line, beech corner of Jackson Walters's line up the Branch to the said Joseph Slaydens line.
Signed: Obadiah Walters, Abigail (X) Walters
Wit: John Vaughan, Stokeley Slayden, William Sladen
18 Apr 1796 proved by Oaths of the witnesses thereto. Ordered recorded.
[This is the same as the property sold to Obadiah by his father Thomas in April of 1795. Thomas Walters had died by Feb of 1796 and his property is not here mentioned but the ownership could already have changed. This may mention the property willed to the grandson John, son of Thomas dec'd. Mervin Walters had a note that 18 Apr 1796 was also the same day of the Probate of Thomas Walters' will.]

Grainger Co TN DB A, p.209
25 May 1801 Needham Whitfield of Montgomery Co TN to Obadiah Walters of Grainger Co. For $500. 200 acres, granted to William Whitfield date 11 Jul 1788, #689. Conveyed from Wm Whitfield to Bryan Whitfield by deed of record. Lying in Grainger Co on West side of Copper Ridge on a prong of Bull Run, near Elisabeth Greens line. Signed: Bryan Whitfield, Needham Whitfield. Wit: Jesse Magbee, Samuel McBee, ___ Davis. Proved in open court & ordered to be Recorded.

Knox Co TN, Estate Book 1
Oct 1808
p.274 List of property of Samuel Cox sold by Matthew Tally & Prestly Buckner
Some of Names: Benj. Condra, Margaret Cox [probably the widow - bought households good, bedding, slave Tobias, furniture, etc], Dennis Condra, Matthew Talley, James Dyer, Moses Brock, Jacob Tally, Rice Buckner, Samuel McBee - 5 sheep & bell, Obadiah Walters - keg, one terrapin, dutch oven & hooks, Jacob Cox, Prestly Buckner, John Cox
Obadiah Walters and Samuel McBee are brothers in law. Presley Buckner was married to Nancy Cox, sister of Samuel Cox.

1821, Grainger Co TN. Obediah and William and Champlis Walters (probably his two oldest sons) were on a tax list. Obediah was listed earlier - in 1804. Early Tennessee Tax Lists, by Byron & Barbara Sistler, 1977

1830 Grainger Co TN
Obadiah Walters. 1m 10-15 [Isaac], 1m 15-20[Israel], 1m 20-30 [Lemuel], 1m 60-70, 2f 15-20 [Abigail has already died]
William and Thomas are also listed in Grainger Co.

20 Aug 1832, Grainger Co, TN. Obadiah Walters, aged sixty five years deposed that he was well acquainted with Israel McBee who was making declaration as a soldier of the Revolution to obtain pension. He stated he was acquainted with McBee at the time of his enlistment in Pittsylvania Co, Virginia. Some time after McBee returned, he saw in his possession his parole, from Col. Tarlton, a British Commander.
James Spradling also testified saying in part that he understood Israel McBee was taken prisoner at the Battle of Hanging Rock in South Carolina.

Grainger County, TN Wills Nov 1833 - May 1852
WALTERS, Obadiah, deceased. Wife (not named); 2 sons Israel and
Isaac to receive all his lands; Isaac to also have slave Phyllis and a mare & colt; daughter Mary to have feather bed and bedding, a cow and dresser; granddaughter Leete Jane WALTERS to have a year old brute and half of my sheep; wife to have two beds & bedding and the geese; son
Lemuel to sell my horse and pay all my debts and then have the balance of my property; the rest of all my children $1.00 to each with what I have partioned to them;
trusty friends James COLVIN and Lemuel WALTERS to be my Executives.
Signed Obadiah WALTERS.
Witnesses: George W. VITTITO, William P. McBEE, Israel WALTERS.
Recorded 8 Jun 1836, E. TATE, Clerk.

Wills and Settlements; Grainger Co TN 1839-1847
[Hand copied on lined paper]
LDS #0464102
An Account of the Settlement made with James Colvin and Lemuel Walters, Executors of the last Will and Testament of Obadiah Walters Decd. 24 Dec 1841
Said Obadiah Dec'd by his LW&T disposed of all his property both real and personal excepting one horse which was to be sold by his executors to pay his Debts and said horse being sold by said Testator before he died for the sum of $66.00 to William Donshee and the said Testator having received himself before his Death $36 the Balance of the price of said Horse come into the hands of James Colvin & Lemuel Walters the sd executors to.wit, the sum of $30.
The said Executors claim a credit for the following vouchers
1. Balance of Obadiah Walters note to John Hill & Clabourn Johnson & Co. $3.29
2. Obadiah Walters note to John Smith $1.56 ¼
3. E. Tates Clerks Receipt $2.00
4. Paid E. Tate, Clerk for making this settlement & Recording the same $2.35
$11.36 ¼ $18.64 ¾
Leaving in the hands of Lemuel Walters, the sum of $18.64 ¾ which by the Directions of said will belongs to him. Rec. 23 Jany 1842. E. Tate clk.

Abigail MCBEE and Obediah WALTERS had the following children:



Champless WALTERS.



William WALTERS.






Mary WALTERS35 was born in 1798 in Grainger County, Tennessee. She died in Indiana.









Abraham WALTERS35 was born about 1809 in Grainger County, Tennessee.






Isaac WALTERS35 was born about 1815 in Grainger County, Tennessee. He died in 1841 at the age of 26 in Grainger County, Tennessee.

Wills and Settlements; Grainger Co TN 1839-1847
[Hand copied on lined paper]
LDS #0464102
31 Jul 1841 An Inventory of the Estate of Isaac Walters Dec'd
Notes due: Daniel McPhetridge; John Carden & John F. Huddlestons; G. W. Vitteto; William Lays & Daniel McPhetridge; G. W. Vitteto & Williston Willis; Joseph Hill & Son; G. W. Vitteto; Solomon Wyrick, Thomas McMillan, James Colvin, Lemuel Walters, John Walters
1 Negro woman slave named Fellis, about 30 years of age
1 mare, 1 skillet, 1 pot & 1 pair of pot hooks, 1f adz; 1 pair of harness & traces and one singletree & clevis
One tract of land of 100 acres
The above is a true and perfect inventory of all the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the said Isaac Walters Decd which have come to my hands possession or knowledge or the hands of any other person for me to the best of my knowledge & belief the 31st day of July 1841.
Lemuel (x) Walters, Admr.



Abigail WALTERS.