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Sixth Generation

426. Elizabeth P. "Bettie" WALTERS20 was born in April 1840 in North Carolina.184 She died in 1901 at the age of 61 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

1880 Census. Pittsylvania Co VA, Danville, Hh 128
C.G. Holland, age 45, Tobacco Manufacture, b. VA as were his parents
Mary C., age 40, wife, b. NC, parents b. VA
Willard, 21, son, clerk in tob. facty., b. VA
Walters, 18, son, clerk in tob. facty., b. VA
Kate Lee 16, daughter, at school, b. VA
Frank 12, son. Nellie 7, daughter. Gilmer 4, son. Bessie A. 1, daughter.
This was a household of multiple families. Listed next was Mary's sister's family.
C. M. Flinn, age 45, wife's bro-in-law, b. NC as were his parents
B. W., age 35, sister-in-law, boarder, b. NC, parents b. VA
Beverly, 3, son of last, boarder
A. G., 4 months, born in January, son of sister-in-law
Servants and their families listed next.

In the Danville City Directory 1888-1889, p.133
Flinn, Mrs. C. M., boarding house, h 418 Main

1900 Census. Pittsylvania Co VA, Tunstall Hh 449
William F. Walters, head of household, age 60, born Apr 1834, Widowed, b. NC
Martha M. Walters, stepmother, age, age 69, b. Jul 1830, Widowed, b. VA. She has had two children, both living.
Mollie B., daughter, age 40, b. Jan 1860, single
Flinn, Bettie W., sister, age 60, b. Apr 1840, Widowed, b. NC. She has had three children, two are living - apparently the first son did not survive
Assie [for Azariah?] W., nephew, age 20, b. Jan 1880, insurance agt.
Calvin M., nephew, age 17, b. Sep 1883, at school

Elizabeth Walters Flinn is said to be buried Green Hill Cemetery, Danville, VA.

Bettie Walters Flinn's bequest from her father:
To his daughter Bettie Walters Flinn was given the upper part of the "Broadnax Place" containing 500 acres lying on the Dan River in Pittsylvania Co., Va. joined on the lower side by the land given to his son Archie and on the upper side by land belonging to James A. Stone and his sister Mrs. Stokes. There was a lien (in favor of Stone) on this piece of property for $1600 which he hoped to pay off before his death.

Some of Bettie's inheritance was part of the following property
Land sold to Society of Christ Our King to make way for the Goodyear plant
The Register - 2 FEB 1967 p1 B
The six sisters of the Catholic order were served notices yesterday of the city's request for an eviction order from County Court in Chatham. (See separate story.) The city and the sisters have been at odds frequently since the city bought the Society's 200-acre home site for inclusion in the Corridor industrial development. The Society was given six month
notice to move last June...

I spent the morning in Chatham and found some of the answers. The Catholic sisters land was west of the road from Danville to Walters' Mill and along another public road to Gatewood (That would be Walter's Mill Road of today which is in North Carolina).
In June of 1941, Catherine Quinn, one of the sisters, came to court and deposited $75 dollars "being at least one tenth of the purchase price" for property in the name of Edward Holloway and Robert Holloway. Delinquent taxes were due for the year 1930. Quinn paid all remaining taxes, levies, etc. and on 20 Oct 1941 was given a deed to 112 1/2 acres on the south side of Dan River two or three miles from Danville "Beginning on the western side of the public road leading from Danville to Walters' Mill Road....then along the road from Walters' Mill to Gatewood... (lengthy description). Edward and Robert Holloway paid $1,600 for the land in 1912 (same description) from Douthat-Riddle Co.
This was a part of a larger tract of 555 3/4 acres (less 13 3/4 acres that went to A. W. and C. W. Flinn when their mother Bettie died in 1901). In 1904, Douthat-Riddle paid $7,000 for this land which adjoined A. E. Walters land from the Gatewood Road (North Carolina) to the Dan River.
The deed stated this land "being a part of the tract conveyed to Azariah Graves Walters by John W. Broadnax on 31 Dec 1858" which was devised to his daughter Bettie W. Flinn (Flynn) in the 9th clause of his will.
Apparently at some time the Sisters obtained more land to make 200 acres.

Elizabeth P. "Bettie" WALTERS and Calvin M. FLYNN were married.20 Calvin M. FLYNN was born in 1839 in North Carolina. He died on 2 January 1888 at the age of 49 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Richmond Dispatch 4 January 1888 page 2
Danville, Va., January 3 [1888] The funeral of the late Calvin M. Flinn took place at the Main Street Methodist Church this morning. It was largely attended by friends of the deceased and the Masonic fraternity.

Elizabeth P. "Bettie" WALTERS and Calvin M. FLYNN had the following children:



Beverly FLYNN was born in 1877 in Virginia. He died before 1900 at the age of 23.



Azariah G./W. FLYNN was born in January 1880 in Virginia.



Calvin Maurice FLYNN20 was born in September 1883.

An obituary for Mollie B. Walters, in 1922, stated that one of her cousins was C. Maurice Flinn - he must have been the only one of Bettie Walters Flinn's children still living.