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Third Generation

38. Joel MABRY16,17 was born circa 1729 in Virginia. He died in 1784 at the age of 55 in Greensville County, Virginia.

Joel married Winnifred Matthews.

Joel's father gave him a gift of 200 acres, 25 Sep 1750.

Winnifred MATTHEWS (private).

Joel MABRY and Winnifred MATTHEWS had the following children:



Braxton MABRY17,28 was born on 22 May 1750 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He died after 1840 at the age of 90 in Taney County, Missouri.
Braxton Mabry [1168.] (22 May 1750) was head of a household of five whites and six blacks in Pittsylvania County in 1782. Six white souls were in his household there in 1785. His wife was the daughter of Jeremiah White who left “the Negroes he has in his possession” and 200 acres on Horsepen Creek to son-in-law Braxton Mabry in his 1788-will in Pittsylvania County. & Braxton appeared on the 1800 tax list of Pittsylvania County. A veteran of the Revolution, he was later in Tennessee and Missouri.

Pittsylvania Land Tax Lists, 1782: Braxton Mabrie: 306 acres.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.371 May 4, 1784 between Braxton Mabry of P and Thomas Linthicom Senr of P for 150 pounds, a parcel of land containing 306 acres on the branches of Sandy and Shocko Creek
Bounded:  Hugh Henry’s former corner in a former line of David Walker, dec’d, along said Hugh Henry’s line, Williams’s line, David Gwin’s former line, crossing a branch, the old line
s/ Braxton Mabry
Wit:  Jere White, Thomas Linthicum jr, John White, Wm Clark
October 18, 1784

Caswell Co VA WB B, p.261, Jan Court 1789
29 Jul 1788 Bill of sale from Lewis Williams of Pittsylvania Co VA to William Holt of Halifax Co VA., sale of negro woman named Doll in possession of Richardson Owen. wit: James Brooks, Martha Parter, Braxton Mabrey.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 8
Braxton Mabry of Pittsy. For natural love and affection to my beloved children, Robert Smith Mabry, Polley Braxton Mabry & Jane Stanback Mabry. Sum of 5 sh paid by each. Slaves, to each a feather bed.
11 Feb 1790. Signed: Braxton Mabry
Wit: Wm White, J?? White, John White.
15 Feb 1790 Proved by witnesses to be the deed of Braxton Mabry. Came Robert Williams and entered a protest against recording the said Deed of gift.
Will. Tunstall, Clk

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.371 4 May 1784 Braxton Mabry of Pittsy to Thomas Senthicom Sr. 150#'s. 306 acres. Branches of Sandy & Shocko Creek. Begin at Hugh Henrys former corner; former line of David Walker dec'd. Along Henry's line. Willias's line. David Gwins former line. Signed: Braxton Mabry
Wit: Jere White, Thomas Senthicum Jr., John White, Wm Clark.
18 Oct 1784 Ack by Mabry.

Feb 1790 Pittsylvania Co VA Braxton Mabry made gifts of slaves to his children Robert Smith Mabry, Polly Braxton Mabry and Jane Stanback Mabry.

Sometime between 1788-1790, Braxton married a second time to Nancy Day.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.480 14 Sep 1792 Daniel White to Joseph Moreland of Dinwiddie Co. 500#'s. 250 acres part of a larger tract purchased by David Walker of Pittsy of James Terry of Orange Co appearing in records 4 Dec 1773. Conveyed by David Walker to sd Daniel White by deed. Along Motley's line, Along Walkers old line. Signed: Daniel White. Wit: ?. White, B. Mabry, Wm White, Wm Clark,
Proved by three of the wit 18 Feb 1783

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.60 28 Feb 1797 Richard Brown to Delaney Holder. 40#'s 135 acres Signed: Richd Brown, Elizabeth Brown Wit: Braxton Mabry, Hamilton White, Jephtha (x) Holder, John (x) Holder
17 Apr 1797 proved by three of witnesses

Son of Braxton:
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.273 4 Aug 1800 Robert Smith Mabry of one part, Hamilton White, 2nd part, Wm Clark, 3rd part. Robert Smith Mabry for sum of 30#'s 18sh is indebted to Hamilton White. Conveys to William Clark, one Negro man slave, Armstead. If Mabry pays before 1 Mar next to White or Clark the property shall again be vested in Mabry. Signed: Robt S. Mabry, Ham White, Wm Clark. Wit: Thomas Clark, Polley Clark. 16 Feb 1801 Deed of Trust ack by Robert S. Mabry
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.232 18 Feb 1805. William Clark to Robert S. Mabry. Parcel on Waters of Little Cherry Stone Creek 108 acres. Begin courthouse road, with his own line to William Thackers chopped line, Martins line, Seth Chalwells line, Griffiths line. Signed: Wm Clark. 18 Feb 1805 ack by Clark.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.453 21 Oct 1805 William Burgess to Robert S. Mabry. 50#'s. Tract on Sweating Fork containing by survey 100 acres. Signed: William Burgess 21 Oct 1805, Burgess ack and Judah his wife relinq dower.
p.515 19 Jan 1806 Robt. S Mabry to George J. Inge. 50#'s. Tract on waters of little Cheristone Crk 108 acres. Begin white oak on the Courthouse road, Order line, Wm Thacker's, Martins line, Seth Caldwells line to Griffeith's line, to the Order line. Signed: Robert S. Mabry, Rebecca Mabry. Wit: John Adams, Isham Benton, Nathan Adams. 20 Jan 1806, ack by Mabry.
This tract bought 18 Feb 1805 from William Clark.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.14 10 Jan 1806 Robert S. Mabry to Thomas Chambers & William Stratton. 90#'s. Tract on Sweetings fork, 100 acres. Patsy William's line. Signed: Robt S. Mabry
Wit: Wm Wimbush, James Butcher, Benja. Martin
Rebeca Mabry relinquished dower right. 17 Feb 1806
17 Feb 1806 ack by Mabry and Rebecca, the wife was privately examined.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 16
p.118 19 Sep 1808 Joel Adams & Jiney his wife to Robert S. Mabry. 40#'s. on Waters of Little CherryStone Creek, 50 acres, tract which was left by Nathan Adams dec'd to Joel Adams by will. Signed: Joel Adams, Jiney N. Adams. Wit: Dudley Farthing, Abner Farthing, Adam Moore 19 Sep 1808 proved by three of the witnesses

Braxton applied for his Revolutionary pension in Greene Co, MO, 1833. He stated he lived in Virginia until he was 58 [about 1808], then in Tennessee for 18 years. [Counted in the Cumberland Co KY census in 1820 - perhaps lived near the state line]. Lived in Chariton Co, MO about three years, Macoupin Co Illinois for four years, and then moved to Green Co, Missouri. He died after 1840, Taney Co, MO.



Rebecca MABRY.



Lewis MABRY29 died in 1798 in Montgomery County, Kentucky.



Sarah MABRY (private).



Frances MABRY (private).



Elizabeth MABRY (private).