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Third Generation

36. Ephraim MABRY16,22 was born circa 1725. He died in 1789 at the age of 64 in Wilkes County, Georgia.

1 Sep 1747. Hinchia Sr gave 100 acres to his son Ephraim.

Ephraim married Mary Poole, daughter of William Poole & Elizabeth Watson. He went to Fairfield SC about 1770 - some of her family had located on the Broad River in Camden District, SC.

Ephraim and sons Joel and Daniel are believed to fought in the Revolution.

In 1778, Ephraim Mabry wrote his will in the presence of Phillip Combs & Elizabeth Duke. He was still living 2 Nov 1785 when he bought land next to Adam Poole, his brother-in-law, but by April of 1787, the land where he had lived was described as land of Mary Mabry. When Ephraim died, the family had to locate the witnesses who had moved to Georgia, because the will was "lost during the late troubles". The two witnesses made their deposition in Wilkes Co, GA, 14 May 1789. After giving 10#'s to his married children and a cow & calf to those still at home, he left everything else to his wife to disposes as she saw cause. Mary was granted administration 14 Aug 1789.

Mary Mabry wrote her own will 22 Jan 1807 and died later that year. Son Daniel qualified in Fairfield Co as executor and also applied for letters of administration on his father's estate which was granted. There exists further evidence that as lated as November of 1819, thes estates had not yet been settled.

Ephraim MABRY and Mary POOLE were married. Mary POOLE was born on 15 February 1730. She died on 5 January 1808 at the age of 77 in Fairfield County, South Carolina.

Mary was the daughter of William Poole and Elizabeth Tapley.

Ephraim MABRY and Mary POOLE had the following children:






Susannah MABRY23 was born (date unknown).

Susannah married (1) circa 1769 to James Thomas, who died 1795; she married (2) to Robert Moorman.



Daniel MABRY.



Adam Poole MABRY24 was born on 24 January 1769 in Fairfield County, South Carolina. He died on 15 December 1817 at the age of 48 in Jasper County, Georgia?.

Adam married Elizabeth [or Mary] Parham circa 1790.



Sicily MABRY.



Margaret Hinchia MABRY25 was born (date unknown).

In 1807, Margaret was still unmarried.



Mary Poole MABRY25 died on 24 January 1848.

Mary married 4 Jul 1790 to Edward Mobley, Fairfield Co, SC.



Elizabeth MABRY25 was born (date unknown).

Elizabeth married Adam Poole. he was a first cousins, son of her mother's brother Walter Poole.



Ephraim MABRY26 was born in 1777 in Fairfield County, South Carolina. He died in 1864 at the age of 87 in Franklin County, Georgia.

Ephraim's wife was Luncey, surnamed unknown.

1850 Census. Franklin Co GA
Ephraim Mabry, age 73, b. SC
Luncey, age 69, b. GA
obviously a blended household with children and granchildren, all born GA
Sarah, age 35. Warren M., age 22. Mary 15. Francis [male] 11. Russel, age 9, Milton age 7.
According to the Mabry book, Sarah was the widow of Ephraim's son Mark - Francis, Russell & Milton, her sons. Warren was the youngest son of Ephraim.