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Third Generation

16. John MABRY9,12 died in 1815 in Warren County, North Carolina.

When most of George Mabry's family had moved west into Rowan Co NC, John remained in Halifax Co, NC He is thought to have been born back in Virginia about 1713 - the family moved to NC about 1747. John stayed in Halifax Co until 1773-74 when he bought land in Bute Co NC, the part which became Warren Co in 1779. He died in Warren Co in 1815 at the age of 102, according to a newspaper account.

If indeed John was born that early, Martha Bradley, may not have been his mother. It is also true that age was often exaggerated in the very elderly.

John married Mary Delk, the daughter of Roger Delk of Surry Co VA. Roger wrote his will in Surry Co VA on 10 Feb 1773, it was probated 27 Apr 1773. Children named were William, Rodwell [a minor], Mary Mavery [sic], Ann Allen, Lucy Lancaster, and Elvirie Delk. Mary "Mavery" received the issue of the slave Kate. When Mary Delk Mabery died in 1793, these slaves were divided among her own children: John Mabry Jr, Delk Mabry, Matthew Mabry, Darling Mabry, a daughter who was the wife of William Myrick, and Mary the wife of Benjamin Bradley. A son Moreland had recently died and his infant daughter, Patsey Moreland Mabry received his share. There were at this time, a total of 24 slaves to be divided.

The 1790 Census for Warren Co NC reveals the following names as above: Delk Mabry, John Mabry [probably the elder John], and Matthew
Other Mabrys in Warren Co were Benjamin, Joshua, Repps, Charles, and Gray.
Joshua was the son of Hinchia, grandson of the immigrant Francis, hence a first cousin of John who married Mary Delk. Joshua was father of Repps, Charles & Gray.

In 1800, Delk, John and Matthew were all stil there in Warren Co NC.
The other Mabrys still in Warren Co were Benjamin, a James or another John - there's a blot in the middle of the name, Charles, and Gray.

Children are listed as in The Mayburys of Surry Co, VA, p.339f, from The Mayburys, by Donald E. Collins.

John MABRY and Mary DELK were married. Mary DELK was born (date unknown).

Mary was the daughter of Roger Delk.

John MABRY and Mary DELK had the following children:



John MABRY Jr. was born between 1740 and 50 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He died before September 1837 at the age of 97 in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

Tradition says that he married Mary Coleman but no record has been found. He moved with his parents and grandparents to Edgecombe Co, NC, later Halifax, between 1747 and 1757. He is probably the John Mabery who served under Capt Anderson Thomas, in South Carolina, during the Revolution. He apparently lived in Chester Co,SC, then Lincoln Co NC. In 1805, then living in Rutherford Co TN, he sold his land in Lincoln Co. He wrote his will 10 Mar 1837; it was proved in Rutherford Court in September.



[Daughter] MABRY (private).



Matthew MABRY was born circa 1759 in Halifax County, North Carolina. He died in 1836 at the age of 77 in Warren County, North Carolina.

Matthew married 23 Oct 1783, to Mrs. Sarah (Green) Long, widow of Drury Long, Warren Co, NC. Matthew & Sarah were executors of the estate of Drury Long - he dower was laid off Feb 1794, 80 acres.

May 1795, Warren Co Court ordered that certain of the slaves of Matthew & Sarah Mabry be allotted to Nancy, Betsy & Sally Long, according to the will of Drury Long, dec'd. So three daughters had been born to Saray & Drury.

The 1820 census shows Matthew living only, over age 45; Sarah probably deceased.

13 Oct 1834, Matthew applied for his revolutionary pension; he died two years later.

Matthew had a son Green Mabry, who received the estate of his unmarried uncle Darling Mabry.



Delk MABRY (private).



Moreland MABRY died in 1785 in Warren County, North Carolina.

Oct 1785. Inventory of the estate of Moreland Mabry was returned to court by the administrator, Mose Myrick.

Feb 1788, Mary Mabry was appointed guardian of her child, Patsy Moreland Mabry.

Moreland fought in the Revolution. His widow Mary received his pension.



Benjamin MABRY was born on 21 February 1755.

Benjamin is placed here on the basis of circumstantial evidence. He lived in the same neighborhood of Warren Co NC, appeared on tax lists, association with the other sons of John Mabry. He was not mentioned anywhere in the division of the slaves left by Mary Delk Mabry when she died. By 1808 he was living in Sumner Co. TN. He appeared before the Sumner Court to apply for his Revolutionary pension, 9 Feb 1829, at age 74.



Darling MABRY was born before 1763. He died circa 1822 at the age of 59.

Darling never married. The slaves in received in the 1793 division of the slaves of his mother were sold 6 Apr 1821, to his nephew Green Mabry, for $5 and love and affection. He wrote his will, 6 Jun 1821, leaving all his estate to his nephew, Green Mabry, son of Matthew.



Mary MABRY (private).



[Son] MABRY died before 1788.

There seems to have been a son who married Abby/Abigail by whom he had a son, John Dudley Mabry. After his death, Abby married James Bradley, brother of Benjamin Bradley that had married Mary Mabry.