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Third Generation

18. George MABRY Jr.10,12,20 died in 1801 in Knox County, Tennessee.

This is the first record of George Mabry.
Edgecombe Co NC DB 3, p.204
16 Nov 1747 William and Mary Linsey of Brunswick Co VA to George Mabry of Brunswick. 20#'s. 200 acres, part of 400 acres sd Linsey purchased of Moses Siviney. Wit: George Mabry, Jr., Isaac Mabry, Joseph Mabry. Rec. May Court 1748. B. Wynns, Court Clerk.

p.205 17 May 1748 Samuel & Elizabeth Huckabee of Brunswick to George Mabry, Jr. for 16#'s. 200 acres joining the Spring branch, part of a patent to Moses Swaney on 15 Mar 1742. [obviously the other half of the property Linseys sold to George's father] Wit: Thomas Smith, Drury Harrington. Rec. May Court 1748
This 200 acres was sold back to George Sr. for 100 #'s, 19 Feb 1759.

p.242 16 May 1748 Giles Carter & wife to George Mabry Sr of Edgecombe Co. 34 #'s. 250 acres, joining the river at the mouth of a branch, part of a grant to Thomas Harrington for 300 acres on 2 Feb 1728. Wit: John Doyle, G. Mabry, Jr., Isaac Mabry. Rec. Aug Court 1748. Wife privately examined, but not named

By 1767, George Jr. with other members of the family had moved to Rowan Co, NC - he served on a jury the 15th of October. George & his brother Isaac served on a jury in Jan of 1768.

It is believed that George Mabry got mixed up the the Regulators, along with some of their family friends. George Jr. was accused of wronging Robert Jackson in an argument over a horse and fled the province. But there is a letter, 28 Jan 1771, asking the Regulators for permission for George Mabry Jr. to return home to bury his father.

There is a petition for judgment for debt against George Mayberry, Nov 1773, Pittsylvania Co VA. He is on the list of tithables there in 1775 - John Combs, a son-in-law was on the same list. Henry Co was formed out of Pittsylvania in Oct 1776 and George became a resident of the new county.

17 Feb 1777, Henry Co Court. "Money paid by Joseph Mabry for Hogg stealing to be retained in the hands of Abraham Penn Esq until such time it be called for"

30 Aug 1777, Joshua & Joseph Mayberry, sons of George, signed a petition refusing allegiance to King George III.

Henry Co DB 2, p.64
25 May 1780 Isaac McDonald sold to Jonathan Ison for 80£ 5 acres, fort of Rock Castle Creek, corner Benjamin Kinzey to line of George Mabry. Signed: Isaac McDonald.
DB 2, p.65
Also 25 May 1780. Isaac McDonald to Benj Kinzey Junr for 40£, 144 acres on North fork Rock Castle Creek. Joins George Mabry and the dividing ridge between the south and north fork to Jonathan Ison's corner. Signed: Isaac McDonald. Isaac's wife Mary relinquished dower.
DB 2, p.489
4 Mar 1784 Obediah Dickerson of Botetourt Co to George Mabery of Henry Co for 20£, 70 acres on Rockcastle Creek begin Walton's south line. Signed: Obediah (x) Dickerson. Wit: James Cutcham, David Kinzey, James Kinzey.

This George Mabry is found online in several places as married to a Mary, surname unknown, or to a Mary Lackey with no source given - his son of the same name is actually the George that married Mary Lackey. He has been "assumed" to be the George Mabry who died in Knox Co TN circa 1801 when his son George was appointed administrator of his somewhat meager estate. No one else is named - no wife or other children - and it is an intestate settlement. The deeds in Edgecombe Co NC, indicate that George Jr. was probably at least age 21 in 1748 when he bought a tract of land. This appears to be about the time the family moved to North Carolina. If George Jr was at least 21 in 1748, then he was born prior to 1727, possibly several years earlier since he can afford 200 acres. That would make him dying at least in his mid-seventies if he was the same man in Tennessee.

Some of this family seems to have been in Pittsylvania Co VA - Henry Co was formed from Pittsylvania: 1789 Aug, Henry Co. George Mabry, Jr in the amt of 100#'s and Henry Syms & James Poteell, Sr in the amt of 50#'s each gave security on condition that the sd Maberry be of good behaviour one year & a day & especially toward Mary Kinsey. (Order Book 5, p.63)

1801 Jul Knox Co TN
Inventory of Geo. Mabry returned by Geo. Mabry admns.: 1 Negro wench named Suckey; 1 horse saddle and briddle; 20 dollars worth of corn; 21 yards of linen; 1 dollar in cash; 4 head of cattle; 1 feather bed and furniture; 1 pot and Dutch oven and frying pan; 4 plates; 1 dish; 1 bunch of spoons; 2 pair pot hooks; 1 bailing hoe; 1 shovel plow; 1 log chain; 3 belts; 1 pitch fork; 1 trunk and the ____ papers therein; 1 large cotton wheel; 1 sow and 3 ghoats and 12 piggs. The deceased George3 Mabry was a son of George2 Mabry (Francis1) Source: Adm. & Settlements, Vol. 1, p. 82.

Another estate settlement in Knox Co TN is for a Joseph A. Mabry - who by all indications was quite well-to-do. His will was dated 17 Apr 1837, probate granted at the June, 1837, session of court. His wife was named "Alcy" probably for Alice. A brother-in-law, Maj. William T. Givins is mentioned in the will and appointed one of the Executors. In fact, Mabry requested land be purchased in Benton Co AL, next to Givins, for the use of his wife in her widowhood. [Benton Co AL was changed to Calhoun Co in 1832, but Mabry seems not to have been aware of that fact.] A George W. Mabry of Lebanon TN is also mentioned as having a horse in his possession, which Mabry bequeathed to him, and he was also appointed one of the executors. I believe this to be a different George Mabry, than Joseph Mabry's son of that name, because of the wording of the will. Possibly a brother. Children named in the will are sons George Washington and Joseph Alexander; and daughters Polly Parnett, Margaret Parlea, and Capernia. I suspect the girls have middle names and those were not their married names because of the 1840 census. Joseph A. Mabry does not say his children were minors but the census does indicate that - he did add a clause to provide for any child his wife might be pregnant with so she was certainly of child-bearing age. He also had a son by Sarah Ann Wells of Nashville, called James Ransom, that he directs his executors to provide for and educate.
George W. Mabry, William T. Givins, and James Cox were qualified as executors - bond was $150,000.
On 5 Jul 1837, Alcy Mabry filed her dissent to the will of Joseph A. Mabry.
The will was also filed in Tuscaloosa Co AL.
19 Oct 1838 - fifteen Negro slaves were sold for a total of $10,070. His estate inventory was presented to the Court as a bound book - no information is given in the court records.
The last page in the Estate Book 6, 1839, gives an accounting from Mabry's executors including numberous debts owing the estate, they believe to be uncollectable. There was a sale of perishable property on 24 Oct 1837, which netted $22,700. Land was sold for a total of $3475. The total value including cash on hand, notes, etc. was listed as just over $85,000.

The next estate book might very well have more information regarding the estate. There may be guardianship records regarding his children.

The 1830 census of Knox Co listed Joseph A. Mabry with a male child under 5, a male child between 5-10, and a male age 15-20, as well as himself, aged 30-40 [born between 1790 and 1800]. There are two girls under 5 and a female age 20-30. Since Joseph was no older than 40 in 1830, it seems unlikely that he was a son of the George Mabry, formerly of Edgecombe Co NC - he certainly could be a grandson.

The 1840 census of Knox Co has Alsey H. Mabry with 2 males age 15-20 that could be the two young boys from 1830. There is a female between 5-10 and two females between 10-15. Alsey appears to be age 40-50. The two boys and three girls match up nicely to the five children named in Joseph Mabry's will.

There is a George W. Mayberry, in Tennessee, of an age to have served as Executor of Joseph Mabry's will and about the same age as Joseph Mabry. He lived in Williamson Co in Middle Tennessee - there is no Lebanon in that county today that I can find. In 1840 he was age 40-50 with a spouse the same age and five children, most teenagers. In 1850, George W. Mayberry, age 49, born in Virginia, was still in Williamson Co, and only a girl Frances W., age 14, born TN, was living with him.

George MABRY Jr. and Mary [MABRY] were married. Mary [MABRY] was born (date unknown).

George MABRY Jr. and Mary [MABRY] had the following children:



Francis MAYBURY.



Joshua MABRY19,20 was born circa 1750.

Henry Co DB 3, p.15
23 Apr 1771 Geo Lumpkin of Pittsylvania Co bound to Silvanus Whitt of Chesterfield for 100£. Tract of land in Pittsylvania on Ironmonger branch of Horsepasture Creek, 300 acres. Wit: Joshua Mabry, John Childress, David Witt. Proved 26 Aug 1784, Henry Co.

Joshua'a wife was Mary. They sold land on Marrowbone Creek, Pittsylvania Co VA, 16 Jun 1771- the deed also recorded in Henry Co when that county was formed. Joshua signed a list of persons in Henry Co who refused allegiance to King George III, 30 Aug 1777. He moved across the line to North Carolina - Guilford Co, that became Rockingham. In 1790, he sold most of his land in Rockingham Co and disappeared. He could be the Joshua Mabry who bought and sold three lots in Milton, Caswell Co in 1818.

Henry Co VA DB 1, p.35
16 Jun 1777 Joshua Mabry & Mary his wife sold to Thomas Jamison for 90£ 134 acres on the waters of Marrowbone Creek, Abner Harbour's red oak, corner to fork of Marrowbone. Signed: Joshua Mabry, Mary Mabry. Wit: Edmd Lyne, Peter Saunders, John Cox. Mary relinquished dower.

Guilford County, Fred Hughes, The Custom House, 1988, p.111
"Muster Roll of the Guilford Militia" 26 Mar 1779
Joshua Mabry, Sgt.

He is also listed in North Carolina Revolutionary Army Accounts, Secretary of State Treasurer's & Comptroller's Papers. Jounal "A" (Public Accounts) 1775-1776, Wynette Parks Haun, Durham, NC. Served under Col. James Martin

Caswell DB S, p.184-5.
15 May 1818 Samuel H. Smith sold to Joshua Mabry and Charles Willson of Milton, for $1886, lot #39 in Milton, 1/2 acres on Bridge St formerly belonging to Col. Archibland Murphey Dec'd.
10 Jun 1818 Joshua Mabry & Charles Willson sold to John Shields of Pittsylvania Co and Thomas Boyd of Halifax Co VA, for $6500, 1/2 acres lot in Milton on Main St, Lot #39.
16 Jul 1818 Charles Willson sold to Joshua Mabry & Philip H. Inge for $440, part of lot #7 in Milton adj Warner Williams, Charles Lewis.
DB T, p.21
11 Jun 1818 James Holder to Joshua Mabry & Philip H. Inge for $1100, lot #2 in Milton with 60 ft frontage on Main St.
22 Oct 1818 Power of attorney from James Ridley, Abraham G. Keen, Joshua Mabry, Joseph Lewis, Charles Willson, William McKissack, & Woodson Daniel to Philip H. Inge and Stephen Dodson of Milton to execute deeds to lots in Milton purchased of them or to be purchased - land on State line adj Jeffreys Mill tract to Country Line Creek, William Moultrie acre lot near the bridge, George Conley; also lots 26, 23, 21, 20, 19, 18, 16, 10, 8, and 2.

Caswell Co NC WB I, p.33-34 Oct Court, 1821
Insolvents returned by George Williamson, sheriff for 1818, included Joshua Mabray



Joseph MABRY died in 1778 in Caswell County, North Carolina.

Joseph married Mary Cook, who married William Stubblefield after Joseph's death. he purchased 200 acres, both sides south fork of the Sandy River in Pittsylvania Co, 23 Sep 1773. His brother Francis bought 200 adjoining acres on the same day.

15 Jan 1774, Joseph sold the above 200 acres to Nicholas Perkins Leavins.

Henry Co was created from western Pittsylvania, Oct 1776. On 17 Feb 1777, Joseph was arrested in Henry Co for stealing "hoggs".

13 Sep 1777, Joseph signed an oath renouncing allegiance to King George III. Later that year he was involved in a squabble involving counterfeit money with Joseph, Benjamin & James Cook - probably his wife's brothers. On 19 Jan 1778, Joseph and Mary sold their 250 acres on Crabtree Fork of Snow Creek.

Apparently at this time, they moved across the state line to Caswell Co, NC. On 16 Jun 1778, the sheriff of Henry Co was ordered to take into custody the Cook brothers for threatening the life of Joseph Mabry.

8 Sep 1778, Mary Mabry qualified before the Caswell Court as Administratrix of her husband's estate.
Caswell WB A, p.61 December Court, 1778. Sale of estate of Joseph Mabery held 4 Dec 1778. Buyers included George Mabery, Mary Mabery, John Cook, etc.
On 9 Dec, Jere Poston, Esq. was appointed guardian for Mary Mabry and Joseph Mabry. John Williams, Esq. was appointed guardian for Elizabeth Mabry - the three minor children of Joseph.

WB A, p.75 March Court 1779. Another sale 12 Mar 1779. Buyers included Wm. Stubblefield and Saml. Bethel. Return was made by Wm. Stubblefield in right of his wife, admin. of said estate.



Winifred MABRY.



George MABRY19 was born on 24 October 1763. He died in 1817 at the age of 54 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.

George married Mary Lackey, probably in Henry Co, VA. They lived in a part of Henry on Rock Castle Creek that became Patrick Co.

Henry Co Va Deed:
DB 4, p.23
31 Aug 1789 Benjamin Kinsey Jr to George Mabry Jr for 100£, tract both sides Rock Castle Creek, begin north fort if Creek to top of Ridge. 150 acres. Signed: Benjamin (x) Kinsey.

On 30 Jan 1790, George bought 640 acres on the East for of Poplar Creek on the north side of the Clinch River in what would become Tennessee - the deed was not registered until 1797, which is about the time George and his father George Sr. moved from Virginia to Knox Co, TN, having sold their lands in Parick Co VA.

George was granted administration of the estate of his father, now George Mabry Sr. on 25 Jan 1801. Bond was set for $1000 - indicating a small estate.

George was involved in numerous lawsuits, some involving assault and battery. His descendants continued to live in Knoxville.